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1:45 AM
4 hours later…
5:20 AM
Good morning
@mshwf It means that your CPU will not spin that thread in a circle while waiting for that HTTP call to return.
In fact the thread itself might choose to do something else while waiting for that call to return.
5:37 AM
and also, sync/async is not tied to HTTP whatsoever. It makes more sense to wrap it in async since it's an IO thing.
and also, I have grown up with no such manners. I don't greet people when I make calls. I just straight ahead with my objective.
TIL: if it's been awhile since you last talk to that person, you should greet them first.
TBH I'd love that
Peak efficiency
You know, as long as the same applies for ending the call
Do it movie-style "so yeah I'll see you tomorrow" click
"Yeah go ahead push it to prod" click
6:01 AM
hi All :)
how do i filter a list of objects to get another list
ie: the original list conatins many objects out of which one is a list of long
i just need this
So like, inputList = [3, "hello", [3, 5, 2]] and outputList = [3, 5, 2]?
ah .. no ...
Or are there potentially multiple List<long> in the outer list and you want all of those?
my question seems to be wrong ..
LPT: Write a unit test for this method and send us a gist
6:05 AM
original list = [myobj1,myobj2] ec
in myobj1 there is a property called myid
i need a new list of all myids
This is called mapping and is done iwht my favourite function
inputList.Select(item => item.myId)
okay :)
@Squirrelkiller i'm getting the above type error
can you please take a look ?
Although usually you can just use the IEnumerable instead of a List
2 hours later…
8:21 AM
@Squirrelkiller does your team mates do the same thing, like do you guys greet each other on call?
I don't feel confident doing that myself but I guess I need to learn that. I usually just straight away asks people, like what I am doing here.
I greet everyone on a call mostly to make sure 1) they can hear me 2) I can hear them
3) Give them a second to potentially throw in "just a sec I gotta [reconnect|rewire mic|throw out the cat|switch to other mic]"
[Captain Obvious] Makes sens
Is that an innate trait or you just learned it from others as well?
8:26 AM
I learned it from the ol' skype days
You do that as well, cptobvious?
When I try to counter greet people or initiate it, I'm getting a mini heart attack kek. Not really confident enough to do it.
8:46 AM
[Captain Obvious] I mean I wouldn't go in and immediately go why am I here
[Captain Obvious] Not at least before checking everyone is ready to start. That's the difficult thing about video calls vs real meetings, it's hard to tell if people are actually ready to start
[Captain Obvious] Generally say hi as you join if you're not the first, say hi to people as they join, when enough people are in the call to start somebody says something like "we all ready", a torrent of yes' come through, then you can go "great, why are we all here we have more important things to be doing"
Naked Schwarzenegger arrives Vy am I hea?
how do people confidently assume "we all ready"
1) We're at least 1 minute over nominal start time 2) Enough people are in the meeting that guessing if anyone's missing gets hard 3) nobody objects
At that point it's just a decision of "if there's still somebody missing now, they just fucked up and have to deal with it themselves"
then those who aren't ready yet will blame that guy who says "we all ready"
The guy who isn't ready after nominal start time just fucked up and can blame nobody else
If the start is 9:30, you're either ready at 9:30 or told somebody that you're not ready yet, but no communication is not a valid option if you want to be part of decision making.
If you don't vote, your opinion is not counted.
9:10 AM
[Captain Obvious] In that case the "we all ready" was a question
I have a table with N rows
[Captain Obvious] So usually the organiser will ask if everyone's ready to go before proceeding, and usually that'll happen either when everyone is there, or like @SquirrelKiller said, fuckem if they're late
I want each of those N rows to have 12 rows (one representing each column)
is cross join the way to go?
[Captain Obvious] Here we normally leave it up to 5 minutes for a 30min + meeting
[Captain Obvious] Shad I don't understand what exactly you're asking for
I have data with N rows
now I want like this
N x 12
9:16 AM
Your data has N rows?
You have 12 data objects?
Or your data has 12 fields?
Is your data already in a table?
my data has N rows yes @Squirrelkiller
What does that mean
my table has N rows xD
now for each row I want 12 rows
9:19 AM
Fortunately tables are mean to have a variable number of rows
one row for each month
table is
name age
shad 25
now I want
name age month
shad 25 january
shad 25 february
shad 25 march...
so cross join is the solution?
So we have two tables: Months and People
And you want People x Months
Yeah cross join seems to make sense
I'm in a maths lecture right now though so I can't reasonably build a good join right now
it's okay :)
Like, select name, age, month from people, months I guess
yes sir
10:23 AM
Hi all
Where can we go to get a room unfrozen?
mods prolly?
How do I flag one down?
no button for it?
maybe tag/ping them?
How do you do that?
@Alex 1) Find out that rob is a mod 2) ping him with an @ in front of his name
10:27 AM
@Squirrelkiller Thanks!
@Rob do you mind unfreezing the ASP.NET MVC room? Thanks
Why not use this room though? We do have that framework in our tag list.
Ohh. Believe it or not, hadn't noticed ;p
Thinking that room needs to just be merged in here
Change its description to that, make a message referring to this room, then let it die again^^
10:59 AM
Hi, I'm new.
Hello new
I have a class called "Services" which contains generic HTTP methods that communicate to the backend. And another class called "Agent" which is like the middle man between code-behind and "Services" class. Agent class extends the Services. Now I want to pass the uri from Agent to Services class. How can I do this?
11:30 AM
since Agent : Services
You don't need to pass anything if it's already in Agent.
But why do you have a Services instance and an Agent instance?
11:43 AM
Pass it in the constructor
So the Agent constructor looks like public Agent(string uri) : base(uri)
dont use extension here
^ you witty
you all so awesome, I can't believe
refactor to
how are you wietlol?
what is your mission in life?
public class Agent {
    public Agent(string uri) {
        this.Services = new Services(uri);
then refactor to
11:46 AM
you should be working in microsoft
public class Agent {
    public Agent(Services services) {
        this.Services = services;
my mission in life is survive to the next day
so far, I have completed almost all missions
I dont want to work at microsoft though
people coming from the microsoft bubble appear to have lost their common sense
11:48 AM
Nanosoft is where it is at
how do I become smart?
nothing seems to be working
watch rick & morty
lol I watched
My 3rd child was born last Friday, he weighd 4120g and is a very happy newborn :D
11:58 AM
hey congrats! <3
aww that's awesome!
would anyone like to share their daily routine?
I want to know how "winners" live each day
nice. pretty sure that is a heavy squirrel.
uhh my routine is...work for 9 hours and then draw/write a bunch once I get home, assuming I don't distract myself
@Shad thanks :D
Anyway i'm back in here in like 2 months
Seeing you :D
12:09 PM
Should drop bye in the discord more often :D
I see you in discord
the c# discord is one of the less active ones I'm in
[Captain Obvious] I'm back bitches
[Captain Obvious] orll ova tha place
"oh really over that place"?
is that the spooky top-10 list guy who speaks in the extremely annoying voice?
[Captain Obvious] Nah it's just typing with an accent
nope it isn't
12:31 PM
[Captain Obvious] All top 10 people are extremely annoying
I'm trying to remember the name of the guy who came up with #15 burger king foot lettuce...he's the one I can't stand
like someone once sent me one of his videos, I watched, and then I told them "haha nice... never ever send me another video with this ear-cancer again :D "
@Squirrelintraining congratz!
it's not that annoying lol
if someone talked to me with that tone of voice, I would use all my strength to bend their spine backwards and shove their own head up their ass where it belongs
now I shall wait for some wussy to put me in time-out because they can't take a joke
I dare you watch that part :D
12:43 PM
I can't watch youtube at work

he says, listening to the gt3 soundtrack
watch it at home
lame excuse
also, you must be alone and must be at night
man I really wanna complete gt6 and a bunch of other ps3 stuff before the store shuts down this July...
get all dem trophies
1:06 PM
hey guys, ever experienced .net framework webjobs to stop picking messages from the queues? just like they're stuck. any way of debugging that problem except application insights (which will require configuration and redeployment which I want to avoid)
it's almost like they poll every 30 mins, take a few messages of the queue and get stuck again
memory/cpu of app service plan looks healthy
1:28 PM
@Squirrelintraining AoE@twitch w/ baby when
1 hour later…
2:30 PM
Any ideas on how to parse through a text file to extract specific data from a column?
Yeah I think using regular expression is a start. I don't have the most experience with it but its seems like the right direction
and by text file you just mean a regular .txt? no .json or anything?
Yes just a regular text file. I will upload an example
Some of the data is arranged in a column form so might be tricky
does it have to be csharp?
quick and easy with python -> pandas
2:42 PM
Yeah I have to use C# cause it has to connected to a main project
Basically need the Company Name, Date, SourceID, and Amount Received.
Have to make it so it skips over everything else.
this looks like someone spat out a sql table
Is anyone here familiar with AspNetCoreRateLimit? I'm trying to get it configured correctly.
I set it to limit one specific API call to 1 call per user per 5 minutes, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.
It's not limiting it when I have the Endpoint set to * either.
3:12 PM
Ben Popper on April 19, 2021
April Fool’s may be over, but once we set up a system to react every time someone typed Command+C, we realized there was also an opportunity to learn about how people use our site. Here’s what we found.
[Not Li] I mean I have used it successfully before
[Not Li] but doubt I could help, I dont really understand it. it just works.
[Not Li] I guess make sure your middleware is setup
[Not Li] properly
[Not Li] other that, post your json ig
1 hour later…
4:47 PM
Are they going to release it on 2022?
5:06 PM
Just when I thought I'd close down the MVC chat, got a question today :)
But they're like once every week or two now
@Freerey have u watched the clip?
oof it's just ~1pm there lol
5:23 PM
Can anyone help with this?
Q: I can't get AspNetCoreRateLimit to limit API calls

HypersapienI installed AspNetCoreRateLimit and am trying to get it configured properly, but It's not having any effect on the API. In Startup.cs, in ConfigureServices() I added this #region AspNetCoreRateLimit // needed to load configuration from appsettings.json services.AddOptions(...

> If EnableEndpointRateLimiting is set to false then the limits will apply globally and only the rules that have as endpoint * will apply. For example, if you set a limit of 5 calls per second, any HTTP call to any endpoint will count towards that limit.
I have it set to true, and the only rule I currently have DOES have an Endpoint of "*".
I found that earlier today
Setting EnableEndpointRateLimiting to false doesn't help, either.
5:41 PM
no way I have an asp question, too πŸ™ƒ
Q: Bootstrap container content does not center when window is shrunk

FreereyI am in the process of developing a BootStrap wrapper for an ASP.NET website that works with almost everything I have used in it -- with the only exception being that content in the main panel does not center itself properly when shrinking the browser window's width, despite the header and footer...

the squirrels are sleeping already. please comback again tomorrow
css. meh
javascripto it
5:56 PM
why do audio files have varying loudness and it barely respect the current OS volume level?
why are you awake at almost 2am?
you mean 2pm?
@Freerey Thinking you need the class justify-content-center on your div: stackoverflow.com/a/48424659/177416
ffs I forgot to chang that back
still doesn't work but ty
6:12 PM
BREAKING NEWS: Visual Studio 2022 will finally be 64-bit!
well it's not pinned
It is now
Any suggestions?
6:15 PM
I'd probably write my own parser for that case
but don't you have any control on how it's generated?
Yeah I can manually edit the text file to save some time
you have a control on how it's generated?
No. But we are allowed to edit it
is it going to be a single file?
if you can edit it, then just make it in a JSON format.
sounds like hw
Yeah its homework haha
Its a single file only
6:31 PM
I would suggest then to take the hardest route and don't modify the file. make your own parser.
Any good resources on how to get started?
6:57 PM
I've never run outta memory with VS. Imagine that's a problem with some users with gigantic solutions. Current dev.exe can go as high as 3GB or so at times. Then it needs to be restarted
7:16 PM
How do you retrieve the options from a MemoryCache entry?
Or change the value without resetting the options?
someone's asking me to make a jsfiddle of the thing I posted earlier
yes, because an asp.net example is totally reproducible through jsfiddle
that'll be better yeah
but I almost want to ask what's the point anyway; if I put my code on the page, then you already have a minimal, reproducible example!! 😠
@Freerey Was going to ask for that too :)
Makes it so easy to mod it and see what works
+1 on your question
JS fiddle makes it easy to just mod the HTML/JS/CSS and see the results right there
It takes the server out of the equation
oh... well ty for the +1
I'm gonna work on a dotnetfiddle in a bit anyway
well.....at least I would if dotnetfiddle weren't broken and actually let me sign up
now it works
7:32 PM
Hey Guys, in WPF do you know how to add opacity to background or border brush inside a <Style>
Because Setter Value seems to only take one item I can't specify Border brush color and opacity on the same setter
I have a custom dataannotation that I want to set to be active for all controllers in a project. Is there a way to do this without actually putting it in each file?
8:33 PM
I have a custom dataannotation that I have set on a controller. Thing is I have it set a second time on a specific action with different parameters, and it's being called twice with both sets of parameters. Is there any way for the one on the action to override and replace the one on the controller?
9:10 PM
Folks, should every asynchronous method be suffixed with Async? How about the case in which their containing class implements an interface but the interfaces methods have no such suffixes?
3 hours later…
11:57 PM
hello. Why the Split overload referred in 1st example of c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/mahesh/split-string-in-C-Sharp does not even work in my case? Is my compiler out of date?
even if I force the cast
", " as string
it won't work

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