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6:00 AM
Morning sleepy beauties
6:37 AM
Good morning laddies.
6:57 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
7:12 AM
posted on October 08, 2020

I have been running this https://hanselman.com/blog for almost 20 years. Like coming up on 19 I believe. Recently it moved from being: a 13(?) year old .NET Framework app called DasBlog running on ASP.NET and a Windows Server on real metal hardware to a fresh and new .NET Core app app forked and improved by Mark Downie https://github.com/poppastring/dasblog-core and running under Linux on

so many feeds
Haz any1 of you ever "synced" an enum to the databse in ef code first?
So that you can look up what the values are wqhen you only are viewieng the database
enum Colors
  Red = 1;
  Green = 2;
  Blue = 3;
And in the datbaase we have the table Colors with like
we used to assign it with characters
ID  Color
1    Red
2   Green
3   Blue
enum Colors {
    Red = 'r';
    Green = 'g';
    Blue = 'b';
7:19 AM
But thats just an int isn't it?!
Or does it actually store as a char?
but eventually, we stopped doing that because we dont view the database directly
@Squirrelintraining depends on how you set it up
And that would only work until 26 :o
why 26?
why not 65536?
Oh wait
a - z, A - Z
my bad
although, I have never tested unicode characters in a char(1)
maybe the limit is 256
but there is absolutely no reason to be limited to alpha characters
9 minutes later, Jack notices
I don't know
8:02 AM
any guesses why my visual studio is broken?
and restarting it fixes this
sounds like normal Visual Studio behavior
rider doesnt support ashx from 1997
Microsoft.WebApplication.targets ? ... but restarting fixes it.... meh I dunno
Visual Studio version?
Check for upgrades?
latest latest
just downloaded
oh well screw it i'll just keep restarting
8:17 AM
Only other thing I can think of is mismatched assembly references. So some.dll requires some_other.dll ver 1.0 and other.dll requires some_other.dll ver 1.1
or references to the bin folder of another project, that causes also weird behavior
8:36 AM
Morning bois
morning Cap
^ when o7 isn't enuff
OMG, I am no a lawyer, but checking the laws just noticed that spanish laws do not consider general harashment as a a reason for disciplinary dismissal. The company should look another reason
They do cover sex harassment, race, ethnicity, gender...
Employees being harassed are not being correctly protected
I have seen the person being harrased be fired because of low productivity. IMHO that harrasment could have caused the low productivity
That's a valid point
It's unfortunately all subject to interpretation
I also don't think it would be correct for a person who gets fired to sue everytime they're "harrassed" for not having done the work
There are probably many legitimate cases, but you'd also get those unfortunate few who attempt to exploit the system
Wow, that dude was being harrased, it is a fact. Sadly did not complain about it
Coworkers confirmed it, but recently joined the company and was afraid to complain
And asked the labor union representatives to not act because of that fear
The harrasment started prior its productivity loss, for obvious reasons I can give not give further details
9:50 AM
Hi, shouldn't Replace remove the hyphen: "30-4A-20".Replace('-', '\0'), I know I can use string instead of character, but why it doesn't work, also it show different output in the console window than the debug tool. The console replaces - with spaces , but in the Text Visualizer show only 30!
that is because null is kind of special
in more ancient technologies, null is treated as the end of a string
so, having a null character half way through a string, can cause certain applications to look at it differently
I can highly recommend not trying any heresy of that kind :D
just replace it with an empty string
would look cooler that one can replace a character in a string with empty character
but empty characters dont exist
the closest you would get to is a zero width space
but keep in mind, there are still fundamental differences between that and an empty string
I would expect that "304A20".length == 6
||> "30​4A​20".length
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this bot needs a proper purging!
10:13 AM
is it possible to use Entity Framework together with Unity?
10:28 AM
kame, the short answer is yes. Many examples out there of Unity IoC w/ EF
@Alex okay, at the first moment it looks difficult
There's a learning curve for everything new. Stick with it. There should be examples out on google on what you need to do
If you're using it for MVC, look up examples for that specifically
And remember: nothing good is easy :)
@Alex Thank you
You're welcome, kame
10:57 AM
Any1 can help me with a download link for Rational Rose from IBM which isn't froma dodgy website
> Prerequisites

Verify that Rational Rose Enterprise is installed. You can do this by going to Start > Programs > IBM Rational > Rational Software Installed Product Information.
That's just a fx
So you have to have RR installed to isntall RR?
I can't find the downlaiod for thet fix that wietl0l posted
11:35 AM
you are loggen in?

I Fkkn swear i am hating this i can't find
@Wietlol I can see the download, but it's a fix for "Rose" not the "Rose" installer
maybe dont use that software?
I cgot bloddy "UML diagrams" (.mdl, .cat and .pty) which apparently can be opend in rose.
I have searched for alternatives and couldn't find jack crud.
God I am tilted
Somebody fetch me a beer

I think it's behind a paywall
>IBM Rational Rose Developer for Visual Studio 7.0 eAssembly (CR3P0ML)


Authorized users can download the 2006-06-06 release of eAssembly CR3P0ML 7.0 from Passport Advantage.
@CaptainObvious Indeed. Couldn't whatch how you completely destroy my original design.
11:59 AM
the text renderer of this chat/browser didn't display the character.
12:45 PM
they were considered a scarce resource needed to fight the pandemic
headphone strat: over 9000!
1:21 PM
Guys, a little help please
1:38 PM
@d4rk4ng31 you have wrong interpretation of mixing html with C# code.
With what?
I believe this code snippet:
private void RenderCardPage()
	<form class="form-control" id="CardForm" runat="server">

it does absolutely nothing when attached on click handler of button.
what you should do instead is, to invoke a JS code, because it's a client-side script.
it did nothing because you put class before id and runat reeeee
@mr5 This is completely true
Well, what I essentially want to do is to show a form when the user clicks on the appropriate button in the sidebar
@mr5 Of course it doesn't. There's nothing in it to render!
That is what I am asking
2:47 PM
I find the "runat" keyword counterintuitive and misleading. If you come from different tech that integrates their platform/library with html, you will most likely ask in your mind "how the hell Microsoft pull that shit up?"
while most of html generator I know only manipulates its content at client side.
the next time I get a call from CIO, I'm responding with "what part of 'I don't care' do you MORONS not understand?"
Chief Ixecutive Officer?
I have no idea
they're probably not even a real company as far as I'm concerned
just now they called from a "Sirius Computer Solutions" line
Information officer usually
@Freerey you communicate verbally with your clients?
2:55 PM
yes, so I know when someone calling is not my client
I know they're my client if they're a 4-digit number
So an extension then?
3 digit extensions ftw
they're basically sockpuppeting here...they usually call from a Japanese number
Phone number spoofing is super easy
Or it is here anyway]
Can I assume that my MemoryStream will remain open as long as I don't call Close() on it? I'm getting a Cannot access a closed Stream error that is resisting my attempts to diagnose
@Freerey how does a typical conversation between you and your clients going? Can you give example phrases if you don't mind?
3:02 PM
It's pretty casual tbh lol....no two convos are the same
I may say something like "So, let me see what I can do here...okay, I found out what's up, so give me a moment. Now if you refresh the page, does it work?"
@Kevin is the Stream object accompanied by a using enclosure? Are you accessing it within its scope declaration? Afaik, it wouldn't be close until you explicitly do so.
@Freerey kek. do you call your clients "sir"?
Yeah a memory stream should stay open as long as it's not closed by something else
I'm not currently using a using but I'm going to do so in the next version
Well if you do then it will close
Makes sense. I'll be sure to access it only within the enclosure.
3:07 PM
@mr5 nah, we're pretty chill
Thanks for the advice guys :-)
even when talking to the company VP a few weeks ago, I didn't call him sir
How big is the company though? Either in terms of revenue or employees?
@Freerey I'm always nervous when I talk to clients even it's just a chat. I always think of something along the lines of "if I fuck this up, our company will get fucked too". So I carefully chose my words as best as I can whenever I communicate with clients and even extending help across colleagues and the internet after I construct my sentences. In the end, it's still a messed up sentence and the client wouldn't get it.
to the point that I don't ever want to deal with them anymore and I just want to do backend stuffs at the background.
Just have internal clients, problekm solved
3:16 PM
eh, it isn't an IT solutions company anymoar.
Sep 24 at 12:43, by Freerey
I think the only time I nearly lost it was when somebody was having trouble navigating my website on their ipad and they kept asking me about "press home to unlock"
this will always be the worst client experience I've ever had
ok not really, but this one gave me a headache
little id they know, I was mouthing swear words from my end
by any chance, do you also promote your own website with your clients? "while we're at it, you maybe interested with Autor... slaps Freerey across the phone"
@mr5 the most my coworkers know about my work is that I sometimes draw stuff on napkins
reminds me of Interstellar movie.
now I want to watch another movie that's similar to it. Do you guys know any?
3:19 PM
@Freerey ah, micro advertising at its finest.
actually we have a chalkboard that I'm surprised I only drew on once
@Freerey I'm not into weird animes though
no need to buy it tbh because the entire thing is on Daft Punk's channel
I can imagine if you and butler were in the same company, he will constantly bully you while you're doing your weird stuffs, and I'll be that weird guy from the corner who will enjoy watching that scene ^^
3:23 PM
I actually already know a guy like Butler at work lol
maybe it is me
maybe it's maybelline
🤞 I so wish I can onboard Lóreal onto my system
put some makeup product in the database quick!
now it made me think, why it isn't called 'biwich' instead
Oh mate I would
3:49 PM
@mr5 i know
4:14 PM
So. Is it possible to refer to a dynamically-versioned assembly in a web.config? Using wildcards perhaps?
4:26 PM
This is starting to feel like an XY problem... What I really want is to add information to my log file pertaining to the assemblies my program is using. Sometimes the deployment team accidentally deploys out-of-date dlls and I want to confirm the version number or creation date of the dll.
2 hours later…
6:46 PM
So Im looking to stream music from a server to multiple clients in C#. I have very little idea where to start on what kind of libraries I should use for the music. Ive started to look at MemoryStream as it seems it can be used for this, but Im not sure if thats a good place to start playing. Looking to build an app and learn while doing it. Any direction would be cool!
easiest would be to create a local file routing in your server and serve the binary file (mp3) statically.
now, in client side, assuming you have a media player capable of streaming music over the internet (doesn't matter since audio files are relatively smol and can be downloaded in few seconds)
Well my long term goal would be to have 1 server that handles X amount of clients and can play a song to some of those clients and another song to other clients. Basically a server streaming to speakers kind of thing.
I would love to get the mp3 from spotify's api or some other streaming service on the server itself.
...all you have to do is point the media control source to the internet address of that binary file.
my example can do that.
@ZackTarr first thing is to figure out what a good audio format is for streaming purposes
now when talking about server scalability, I'm no expert on that subject but typically, a single server instance can handle multiple client requests.
6:53 PM
Gotcha, so basically the server would download the song then play it from memory. I suppose thats how apps like spotify do it on your phone as well.
(where you can play the audio while it is still receiving the remaining data)
so you shouldn't worry about that yet.
maybe mp3 is sufficient, but best to check it
then, you should find out how you want to play it
build a sample app and stream from disk
Yeah Im not sure on the format. mp3 was my best guess
then, make a server and move the streaming from disk to the server
then, find out how to properly parallelize it
6:56 PM
Will do. Thats a good way to approach it Im sure. Its like I have this idea of what I want but no idea how to get there. But steps like that may make it easier to flush out
afaik, mp3 categorizes as progressive download, which means, it can be played chunk by chunk
@mr5 "progressive download" is getting added to my notes. Didnt even think about that as being a reason behind the file type.
and I rarely stumble on an mp3 that is longer than 6 minutes.
you see, in file formats like m3u8 (chunked mp4s), you don't stream mp4 but you wait for it to get completely downloaded before playing the next frames, so you should set aside worrying about streaming mp3 atm.
the only format of which I know the streaming capabilities is .gif and .mp4
gif is not streamable, mp4 is
that is why imgur converts many video resources to mp4 if they are longer than x seconds
even if you upload a gif
I figured out why my MemoryStream was closing without my permission. It's because I passed it to a StreamWriter, which closes the underlying stream when the writer is disposed. This is inconvenient.
7:10 PM
the true reason was that they can't accept the fact that it's pronounce as "gee-ay-ef" rather than "jiff"
Is it possible to tell a StreamWriter not to close the stream, or to reopen the MemoryStream after it's closed?
why do you have two streams?
I'm not sure what you mean by two streams. StreamWriter isn't a stream, is it?
it is though
Shrug. In any case, thanks for finding the leaveOpen parameter for me. I was looking at the class's properties, when I should have been looking at its constructors.
7:27 PM
@mr5 Maybe I have an extra layer of abstraction that I don't need. I'm trying to write a csv file to memory, so I more or less copy-pasted from stackoverflow.com/a/22997765/953482. Could i do this with fewer than three usings?
I believe CsvWriter comes from joshclose.github.io/CsvHelper/api/CsvHelper/CsvWriter if that's not evident
7:39 PM
I never wanna hear you say
Which Backstreet Boy is gay?
We're all gay ❤
i wish?
The Backstreet Boys can love whoever they want, but in the interest of equal representation I insist that they write love songs addressed to "Girl"/"Boy"/[indeterminate] in even proportions
8:23 PM
SHA1 produces a hash of output 160 bit, but RSA.SignData produces 128 byte hash!, surely there's something I'm missing!

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