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4:00 PM
Turns out, for refernce, the mental health problems he had were ADHD and Bipolar disorder
wait hold up
@Hans1984 how do you have that hat
@CaptainObvious Don't think it's meant as a defense, he apologized, a.k.a. he admitted to it in court (I would think).
"poor impulse control" is basically saying "It was my fault"
Kricfalusi released an apology to the women and his fans for his behavior, which he said was motivated by undiagnosed bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as "poor impulse control".[101] Byrd and Rice [the accusers] criticized Kricfalusi's statement as a non-apology and an attempt to deflect the blame.[102]
blaming mental health is a classic though, and it's partially why I suspect some (many?) people are desensitized to other people citing mental health issues as explanations to some behaviors.
@CaptainObvious ye. But sarcasm aside if some were to tell me his behavior was shaped by a bad mental health it would be hard to argue . But correct, I should had added /s
@human As far as I know, and I'm far from an expert, ADHD will make your focus jump around, make it hard for you to concentrate, make it hard to do the same thing for a while. It will not make you harass women.
I have a very strong feeling about pedophilia . I think they should burn in hell
@MadaraUchiha totally
my opinion on pedophiles seems to be controversial: that they need to be rehabilitated
@AlRey Can they be?
4:07 PM
apparently these days it's bad to say pedophilia is a mental illness, rather than an inherent evil that can only be removed by killing the pedophile
@AlRey I admire your positivism but I'm not convinced it's even possible
people can be rehabilitated from drugs; the same can definitely be done for a love of children
It used to be the common assumption that gays could be "rehabilitated" as well. Not saying that they're the same morally, but I can draw similarities between the two from a biological standpoint.
@AlRey again, are they the same
no; drugs are even worse cause they screw with your brain
4:08 PM
Truth is, I don't know if being a pedophile is a genetic disposition, or a product of the environment or both. And neither do you.
@AlRey That way lies danger.
yeah I seem to be the rose-tinted guy who thinks anyone can be redeemed
@human That is one possibility.
Another is to fix the defect while the embryo forms, as we do with some genetic diseases today.
@MadaraUchiha I must take one step back. I have strong feeling regarding children abuses
I agree.
the only thing that truly boils me about this whole topic is that some people are trying to turn a love for children into a type of sexuality
4:11 PM
@AlRey If pedophilia were an abhorrent unthinkable evil, the world would have looked very different from what it is now.
Rather, if it took a truly alien mind to be a pedophile, rather than your next door neighbor.
Same for violent dispositions
We wouldn't need strict laws regarding violence if there wasn't some predisposition to violence in many people.
truth is the description of pedophilia itself evolve tough time. I'm not a big historian fan myself but I do know the guy who helped discovering america had a wife which was 12 years old .
Same goes for any outlawed sexual deviancy.
I mean I know Elvis married a 14-yo and that was weird
I'm referring to Samuel de Champlain
@human Yes, if you were to plot the age of consent over the years, you would find that it was only this high in western countries fairly recently.
4:14 PM
This is a very interesting conversation
And that it fluctuates wildly, too.
@MadaraUchiha we still have a long road to go before going for a true egalitarianism between man and woman
it was only recently that people decided 18 was mature enough to take on the world, and idfk man I'm 22 now and I don't think I'm mature enough xD
Right, I tend to agree with @CaptainObvious
So in the spirit of changing the subject
Has anyone done AoC day 10 yet?
I haVEN'T done any of them
4:16 PM
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?
@AlRey I googled that too hehe, still unclear
@AlRey Yes, exactly.
Advent of Code I believe you sexual deviants
AOC for president though whenever she's old enough to run (which I think will be 2024 assuming no impeachments?)
4:23 PM
hypothetical question: if I can't modify IE settings, am I right to assume IE still use the HOSTS file and that therefore if I point my homepage (which is an internal web app) to my localhost my server could receive the permission of a trusted site, therefore changing my security settings without actually modifying IE settings?
I believe the security settings IE uses are based on the hostname
So if your hosts file pointed google.com to your local machine, it would still run as an internet site and not a local one
Solution: Don't use IE
@CaptainSquirrel that's easy to say. Suffice to say; I don't have the choice
@human Microsoft's own Security Chief has said to stop using it
send whichever fool is making you do this, this
If you're fighting with IE's internet options, good luck
4:30 PM
@CaptainSquirrel still. I'm under a heavy chain of command and MS doesn't have a word in the conversation
@human Download chromium, skin it to look like IE, ???, profit
I think @human means: localhost
Not sure if that would actually work
Chrom(ium) ssues hte system settings anyway
Well localhost is done by the network driver
4:31 PM
pretty dope
You can't redirect localhost to another IP
I'm rebooting that baby, I will let you know
@CaptainObvious but there is a localhost record in the hosts file
It's commented out though by default because it doesn't actually do anything
ahhh, i may have forgotten that bit
4:46 PM
Rebooting babies is not advised.
@misha130 seems interesting but I'm a bit lost trying to run whatever that's supposed to output
@Amy what about booting babies?
@human you can do somwhereelse.already.in.trusted.zone
I use that pattern in the hosts for vagrant machines
it'll fuck up your network sometimes if you don't take the ip out of the DHCP pool
Just use a really big dhcp pool
With lots of free addresses
4:51 PM
I think i might treat myself to new pc parts this christmas
but i'm not sure if i should go amd or intel
amd appeals to me because price
but that's about it
AMD should also appeal to you because performance
The new AMD chips are assblasting Intel
but if it by any chance it matches any network devices it's not gonna be fun until you remember the host thingy
@CaptainSquirrel go old school with old part and overclock that stuff to the max :)
Does AMD still run on the hot side?
everything runs hot now
4:53 PM
that's they're trademark
I got an R9 390
best purchase ever
AMD is better than they used to be, Intel is worse than they used to be
still kicking after a couple of years
my i7 4790 is still going stronk but i'm now slowly hitting the low end of the minimum requirements
@CaptainSquirrel I got that same one
I'm running a ryzen threadripper 1950X with (only) 16GB of ram and a Radeon VII GPU.
Also 1.5tb of NVMe SSD
4:54 PM
I would go full amd if I was building a new system
@CaptainObvious damn son
@CaptainSquirrel Which bits of you are you planning to replace with PC parts? :)
@BlackSquirrel mobo, cpu & ram
@CaptainSquirrel Go big or go home, there's not much point "upgrading" from that unless you're going to go high end parts again
whats the main purpose of your rig?
I've got a 1070 already
4:56 PM
GAYMES probably
and 3 ssd's
mainly games
I do some development as well
ha I see
threadripper seems the logical choice
or a ryzen 5
I've just had the cpu for upwards of 7 years i think?
depends on the budget, either way it'll feed that GPU well
I'd just go for a Ryzen 7 3xxx because that would be a good plan
4:57 PM
I was thinking of AMD Ryzen 5 3600
yeah games + heavy shit, ryzen 7
You should get the ryzen 9 3950X
if just games ryzen 5 is more than enough imo
@CaptainSquirrel I was suggesting, I had read your initial statement as meaning: You were planning to replace parts of your own anatomy with PC parts. :)
@CaptainObvious thats a $500> cpu
4:58 PM
16 cores, 32 threads, destroys intel
for gaming its totally not worth it
way overkill
@BlackSquirrel I mean....
I'm not not doing that
@Mr.Toxy so long as i don't need to upgrade again next year, i don't really care
3950X is overkill for everthing at the moment
intel I think has no good match ups on the price range of the ryzen
It's also out of stock everywhere, and the 1 or 2 palces which do have it are gouging like mad
5:00 PM
There is a doctor who does this I think … Well actually has self-implanted circuitry
I mean i'd like to stay intel if i can
3900X, <£500, 12C24T
Just because i can
intel garbage now
5:00 PM
But i think ryzen for pricing
Have you not been paying attention the last few months
There's literally no valid reason to buy intel now
Jack, shrug
Missus said i should treat myself with the extra on-call money i'll be getting this paycheck
@CaptainSquirrel there's no such thing as full future proof
5:01 PM
Alternativel,y ryzen 7 3700X is <£300
but in that case I'd got with ryzen 7
@Mr.Toxy true, a few years shouldn't be too hard
And that's 8C16T
I'm going home now
i may continue this convo later
at 3.6Ghz base
It is hometime
5:02 PM
that 1070 will love it
i'm lovin' it
pa ra ra ra
that was such a bad mc donald's outro
Dr. Kevin Warwick that's him
holy shit i just saw a squirrel drop 50 feet and move on
what is this creature
Very light
5:09 PM
i want to go out and ask the squirrel if its ok
doesn't seem to work
The IP I gave is made up, I trust you replaced that with actual IP of host running your internal site
Let's say trusted.com is already in the trusted zone in IE internet Options security tab, and you want to go to internal.com that's hosted on your LAN at so you put trusted.com in your hosts file, restart IE, now when you go to trusted.com you actually get the internal.com site and IE has the page in the trusted zone. This even works over https when you confirm the warning as the certificate will be for internal.com
@BlackSquirrel yes
Hmm dos your IE have a proxy setup?
@BlackSquirrel yes
5:18 PM
Hmm screwed I think :(
Q: How do I get IE to use my hosts file when using a proxy .pac file?

James A. RosenI have the following line in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts: myapp.local When I open up a command prompt and type "ping myapp.local", I get a response from When I open up IE7, however, and type "http://myapp.local" into the address bar, I get a DNS error. I ...

good link thx, checking it now
meh. I used fiddler to force hosts and it's still blocked.
i get a 400
5:43 PM
i tried with ipv6, same thing; bad request 400
I have a 50 line Method that would like some refactoring advice on. Would it be appropriate to ask for advice here?
@SamuraiJack if its about refactoring there is a StackExchange dedicated site for code review
@human oh i was not aware of that thanks mate
@SamuraiJack np
5:58 PM
I'm out of idea to cheat IE settings . I need to trigger a ActiveX control on the computer. I think its activation is tied to a certain site. I would like to pretend to be that site to get that activeX to trigger. Any idea?
6:34 PM
Is this your real code? — Heslacher 8 mins ago
this is unfortunate that some user on SO and stack exchange don't have a open mind and are prone to blame
6:50 PM
what the hell did they mean by this
real code
so theoretical code is not to be refractored?
7:10 PM
posted on December 10, 2019 by Scott Hanselman

Now that .NET Core 3.1 is out jus this last week and it is a "LTS" or Long Term Support version, I thought it'd be a good time to update my main site and my podcast to .NET 3.1. You can read about what LTS means but quite simply it's that "LTS releases are supported for three years after the initial release." I'm not sure about you, but for me, when I don't look at some code for a few months -

I have a suggestion for the bot: disable gif after 1 run
7:44 PM
I'm thinking evil thoughts again....ughhhh
@AlRey invasive thoughts?
yeah....involving a certain person I've talked about in here
I now know where the dumbass lives because he updated a public facebook page (which I used to follow until recently) with his ACTUAL ADDRESS
if this is what the Christians are talking about when it comes to sinful temptation, then holy shit is it EXACTLY as strong as they said it was
you can either let that go or use OSINT technique to gather more information on your target
I don't even know what I'd do once I have all the information I want...
pardon the dirty subject matter, but having that kind of information and NOT doxing him is like having a pile of dirty images and not committing onanism
not acting on your pulse is hard but also rewarding
7:51 PM
I sure hope you're right
your knowledge is a weapon. Therefore knowing you have the weapon should be enough for your thoughts; you know you have it, you can feel it. Once you are satisfied with your 'weapon', don't pull the trigger and put it back in its folder.
make sense?
that's an interesting way to look at it
okay :)
thanks amigo
that's what I do for when I have those myself
you are welcome
7:57 PM
lmao wow and my mood immediately brightened up when one of my friends told me we should hang sometime xD
does Anyone use and like ODATA?
that sounds familiar
ok nope I was thinking of ODBC
lol. ODBC there's something I haven't seen in a bit.
I had to study it in one of my last classes :P
I'm working with this Odata driven app, and I can't really figure out why this would be used at any real scale.
8:02 PM
@Hans1984 I'm sorry officer, all speed limit stuff looks the same to me.
@HéctorÁlvarez Speed Suggestion signs?
what do you mean at any real scale?
I mean its just a standard for querying
I mean, millions of row, thousands of tables, many applications / databases.
the point is to standardize your apis first of all
I get that it's a standard but its so... dirty...
8:05 PM
the whole EF/OData thing carries with itself an overhead
I agree to be honest I just use the url convention standard part of it
I mean hold on, why would it affect million of rows, thousands of tables etc
/Customers?$filter=lastname eq Pope or lastname eq Smith
Not to effect (at least at once)
But that it's used over a ton of data / endpoint.
maybe you mean why would anyone trust this pipeline?
would you trust graphql?
I have a lot of issues with it actually. One, it puts way too much logic into the UI (or service consumer). And I'd need more time with Graphql to be honest
8:10 PM
well to be honest I agree
graphql has the benefit of having multiple queries in one request and was basically made cause people wanted to request a bunch of things together
graphql seems better though, even if you over burden the front end, the logic is JSON and appears legal to that spec
this multiple request benefit kind of became redundant because of how http2 works so...yea...
just like do normal good old rest and thats it :^)
I actually came to vent and get new perspectives on it. I'm also frustrated with it's HttpStatusCode handling. And it appears its changed a lot from Full Framework and core.
they gave the same options actually before in .net as they are right now in core
its just what people liked (I think)
Agreed. I'm on full, and the default statuscode was 404, in core it appears to be a 204 (more what I want) I've written around it, but it's just always something not quite 'normal' with this stack lol
8:18 PM
how can it be 204 on core? something doesn't seem right
What do you mean?
only a return NoContent(); would give out 204
204 is NoContent, which typically means Good request, but I have nothing for you.
if routing doesn't find an action its 404
On the version I have if there is not a "result" it throws a 404
8:22 PM
Oh, I see what you mean. I prefer the newer behavior, but can see how that would definitely trip you up.
because null is not found
oh i see
as if you were searching something and it wasnt there
I just always IActionResult and directly return
Turns out, in all 3 cases, out-of-the-box behavior of MVC is to produce a 204 No Content response.
Yes, you and I want the same thing! I want either a 200 or a 204 when everything worked but there wasn't a result. I went with an IHttpActionResult too. But that just to me breaks part of the point of having the OData as a standard, because the consumer must treat SingleResult<T> and a List<T> completely differently.
That like is for Core, which I am not on. It's what I wish our current version had...
I have an asp:LinkButton that deletes a row, do I have to use something client-side to add a delete confirmation?
8:53 PM
Nope you can reload the page like 1999
Reload like it's 1999!!
sorry, I'm bad at words
what's the best way to add a delete confirmation after the fact?
it's already deleting the row and refreshing the page
9:18 PM
@Jay I can help you. What you need to do is close the project and delete the project folder and never use WebForms again.
I need to make a bot that prefaces everything I say in this room with "I did not choose to use aspx, I work on what they tell me to work on"
You should suggest to them that they migrate to a Microsoft technology that Microsoft is still supporting.
I've tried
my bosses reply was "What we have works."
they're intranet pages and I don't make these decisions
I imagine you've been looking for a new job. I know the market kind of sucks.
I haven't actually, this is my first proper web developer role
job before this was all things Microsoft Access 2003
9:24 PM
* eyetwitch *
yeah they built everything with it at the time and have been adding to it ever since
What area do you live in with all these companies using obsolete technology?
just these two hopefully, dunno how I got so lucky to find both of them
the problem here is, webforms keep working for their needs
but at least I'm getting some actual frontend experience here
webforms is an upgrade from my last job ^_^
they don't see a need to learn anything newer because it keeps working, and I'm the new guy just here for some experience
I'm not at the snapping point yet
Can I tell Jack what to say?
9:36 PM
dunno how to be honest
@JackSparrow say hi
....Come Again?
@JackSparrow /say hi?
Is that even English?
9:39 PM
what, no
@JackSparrow Jack!
Is that even English?
Jack, shrug
Jack, say hi
I don't understand mate
9:49 PM
Jack, commands
I know the following commands: commands, learn, tell, echo, save, info, forget, ban, unban, c#, kieran, panini, lenny, shrug, KieranSpelling, funfriday, kieran2, Treason, Treason2, treason3, WhyIsCapGone, nyan, slänt, trap, mcve, whoDaBest?, nutz, java, Wietlol, elephant, tumbleweed, wietlol2, >freerey, WhyIsHansBanned, Hans, italwaysworks, wietbot, hayzoos, haha, black, meow, TheRumIsGone, status, why, fine, PayRespects
Jack, why
Dec 5 at 16:07, by Héctor Álvarez
"Why X" --> "Read Y"
Jack, echo helloooo
9:52 PM
boom, there we go
Jack, echo I did not choose to use aspx, I work on what they tell me to work on
I did not choose to use aspx, I work on what they tell me to work on
10:04 PM
Jack, sandbox
oh for Wietbot's sake!
10:30 PM
Jack, learn sandbox "Please go and play in the sandbox"
I've learned the command sandbox
Jack, sandbox
"Please go and play in the <a href="https://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/1/"></a>"
darn. this bot have a bad attitude
10:58 PM
I've understood that [MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.AggressiveInlining)] doesn't inline at compile-time, but at runtime through the CRLVM. Isn't it? Does that mean it doesn't increase the size of the build file?
11:10 PM
Ignore that ^. Just figured out.

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