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12:28 AM
Yes, but that has nothing to do with scoping. Scoping is about name resolution.
5 hours later…
5:19 AM
seems everyone is on vacation?
in bed
or traveling to work
as I would be doing if there weren't a release to production this morning
6:15 AM
good morning
6:34 AM
I'm used to my projects being built into bin/debug/
Why do some get built into bin/debug/[FrameworkVersion] ?
I have a server running WCF, and a client that communicates with it. Now, from research when connecting to the server from the client one should always dispose/close the the object when its done with the request. What would be the consequences by not closing it, and reusing a global one for each request?
I am doin that right now, and i have emulated around 500 clients, and everything seems to work just fine
guys. let me decide. should I go now or tomorrow?
everyone is going home and I'm just soo lazy to do it right now, plus, it's kinda late to go home and hot outside.
@mr5 tomorrow
Without understanding the context for that question
6:48 AM
I'm away from home, where my relatives are. I'm at my apartment lol
this is too relatable
Peele: "First round's mine"
Key: "Oh no! Oh no! There will be no rounds! It's gonna be a fucking street fight!"

It's like I had this conversation with my GF until we videochat and realize I completely misunderstands her :D
7:08 AM
Once you keyed in, you can't peeled out
I was about to take a shower now I'm stuck watching K&P
your eyes are Peeled
2 hours later…
9:16 AM
Take 1 day to realize fullchain should taken instead of cert.
Hey, lately I'm coming here probably too much often searching for help, but well, you can always just ignore me xD
9:34 AM
how do you do, select then group by in linq?
10:03 AM
I have a form with many input file elements and some select elements and input text forms. Anytime I click on the submit button and the actionmethod hits at the breakpoint, the IFormFile value for each input file element returns null
PS - using NetCore MVC
my form -
<form asp-action="Client" asp-controller="MyController" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    //some input text files and select here and there

    <input type="file" asp-for="GeneralUpload.GenPassUpload" name="genPassUpload" class="uploadlogo"/>

     <input type="file" asp-for="GeneralUpload.GenSigUpload" name="genPassUpload" class="uploadlogo"/>
My model -
public class ClientViewModel
        //other values here

        public  GeneralDocUpload  GeneralUpload{ get; set;}
        public ClientViewModel ()
            GeneralUpload = new GeneralDocUpload();
    public class GeneralDocUpload
        public IFormFile GenPassUpload { get; set; }
        public IFormFile GenSignUpload { get; set; }
My action method -
public IActionResult Client(ClientViewModel model)

10:55 AM
>It's because I don't like you.
@Lemonade1947 I dont care about you, sorry.
Your transparent to me cuz i dont even know you
11:22 AM
Do people actually google "string format for urls"? I've now found this on so many places in the code I'm maintaining right now: String.Format("<a target='_blank' href='{0}{1}'>{2}</a>", "--base url--", "query", "display text")
Or what are they searching for to get that template?
11:34 AM
Hi all,
I am facing some issue when accessing the PART_EditableTextBox (of a ComboBox) from the Dependency Property Change event. I am calling ApplyTemplate() method even though, the Template is still not loaded.
Its in WPF application.
11:50 AM
@GK why do you want to do that?
12:04 PM
Its a common style and in the Depdendcy property change I am accessing the TextBox and binding TextInput change events. The problem is when I am trying to access in a dummy application it works fine and I am able to acces the textbox. But when I am trying to access in the my actual application, the Template is not loaded.
I am little confused on how does it behaves differently in two different places.
@GK I'm curious to know what library are you using that's mixing up naming convention to the highest level
One application is common library contains all the styles and it is used in the application.
In library we also have pages to display of each control.
Is that answer your question
12:25 PM
Since its not a custom control, I don't have a chance to Override OnAPplyTemplate method. Its a common static class where I have my dependency properties.
12:47 PM
No. I mean, the name of that library you're using.
Or which platform is that?
1:13 PM
I don't have any external libraries. Its all default WPF controls.
@mr5 No, that's exactly the naming that the WPF control templates components use. On the WPF scroll bar for example, the actual grabby part which scrolls is a rectangle called PART_Track IIRC
@GK However, have you tried applying the template through the xaml?
1:49 PM
Can anyone 1-up me on warning count?
Doesn't look like anything to me.
@CaptainObvious are library warnings allowed?
How about errors?
nm, only reaching 5.8k anyways :)
@CaptainObvious - did you try this solution ? (stackoverflow.com/questions/22388119/…)
I've a grid with following definitions:
1:57 PM
@CaptainObvious applying the template through the xaml means?
@Squirrelkiller What did you do
#wrapperShop {
    display: grid;
    grid-template-columns: 416px 220px 220px 220px 220px;
    grid-auto-rows: minmax(20px, auto);
Switched teams. This new team doesnt have good coding conventions (read: none, "we jsut do what resharper says"), and no team-shared rules.
I'm working on putting everything in the .editorconfig
basically most of this stuff is wrong variable name
its first cell is 416px wide
And you put styling issues as errors?
1:59 PM
Not all of them
what if I want to set all remaining cells on the grid with 220px width?
Last team was building something completely new, so we made really strict rules
How can that be achieved
How/why is this guy still suspended? stackoverflow.com/users/6447712/jogi
> The suspension period ends on Dec 2 '18 at 2:35.
That's interesting
2:06 PM
This guy is me ...
Not sure if you're serious or not but if you are I wouldn't go around announcing the fact that you're evading a ban.
Would it be evasion though if it's been "lifted"
I personally don't care so long as you're not doing anything ban-worthy now but moderators might see it differently.
It looks like from his activity he has been active since then anyway, handing out a bunch of votes on December 25th
That's alright .. stackoverflow and none others like it can ban a user from all possible aspects
you can always create a new email id and get back on server
This account I'm using is on temp email
2:22 PM
I am using some common code from Azure Webjob as well as WebAPI. Is there a way to detect who is calling? If webjob is calling or web api?
3 hours later…
5:01 PM
Hey yo
Everyone at lunch or what?
I have a Detail view that calls a partial for some related records, and the partial view has a dropdown populated by one of the elements of the Detail's view model. I have created an HttpPost method for the Detail but I can't seem to get the DropDown selection passed into it.
The detail view model is called UserComposite and the method looks like this
public async Task<ActionResult> Details(int? id, [Bind(Include = "groupId")] UserComposite userComposite)
everything in userComposite is null, including groupId. the Id is passed in fine but I don't know how, lol. Sorry, MVC is new to me and I really suck at it, apparently.
Any assist?
2 hours later…
7:14 PM
Ah, I got it. I just had the wrong parameter identified in the dropdownlistfor. What's up with this forum today though, it's DEAD!?!?
It's the evening before easter...practically weekend.
And I'm just here, sitting on a train for another two hours, trying to learn and implement auth in dotnet core
uhhh yes
i think
i just wanna login
7:17 PM
I'm basically trying to put a login service in my asp.net pipeline
Yea, the default project template - when the proper option is selected - contains a complete implementation.
oh, nice. Guess I'm gonna make a new project. Thanks for the pointer.
8:11 PM
Any reason to NOT .UseHsts() on aspnetcore?
No idea how it works, but it seems it's a no-brainer
Like, just put the line there and boom my app is more secure now
Like, just put the line there and boom my app is more secure now
3 hours later…
11:42 PM
I had a small question
Class X {
void A(){
 B() // or doing this:- X ob = new X(); ob.B();
void B(){

What is the difference in the above 2 approaches in calling B()?!

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