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1:54 AM
yo ho ho
3:02 AM
Little Red wearing a red cloak that keeps her from turning into a wolf in riverside of the iridescent river with winds through fairy town that tainted by the wildness of magic.
@nyconing You're weird, in a... weird way.
3:31 AM
3:56 AM
WPF are commercial so much. Compared to android and iOS...
Damn microsoft
so much commercial
4:10 AM
why is this even compilable: var nullList = { SomeEnums.A, SomeEnums.B }
it is anonymous type
var nullList = ( SomeEnums.A, SomeEnums.B ) are compile too.
this is tuple type
but it resolves to nullList == null. hence, it leads me to an assumption that it will create a non-null list
var nullList = { SomeEnums.A, SomeEnums.B }
are these really compiled?
oops. It was suppose to be something likes this:
class Something
    public List<SomeEnum> SomeEnums;

Something.SomeEnums = { SomeEnum.A, SomeEnum.B };
var nullList = new {A = SomeEnums.A, B = SomeEnums.B};// anonymous type
4:21 AM
Something.SomeEnums = { SomeEnum.A, SomeEnum.B }; this made me think that I could initialize a literal, non-null List of enums
2 hours later…
5:58 AM


General discussions about the c# language, Squirrels | gist.gi...
6:08 AM
morning :)
I'm reviving an old Xamarin project. Wish me luck
@mr5 good luck :D
anyone ever used the performance profiler in VS 2015?
gambatte go-san
arigato gozaimashita
6:19 AM
I just found out you can't start a solution that has a SQL connection w/o a locally installed SQL database. Even if your SQL server is on another machine.
Microsoft logic.
@RoelvanUden also called Micrologic or Softlogic. Same category as genderstudies
Bill Gate's logic?
I'm sure Bill Gate's doing some low level C in VS until now
@RoelvanUden What do you mean, "SQL COnnection"?
I've run solutions without SQL database installed many times.
6:26 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Just what I mean. Running our core service on a machine without SQL server installed complains that I can't debug it because there is no SQL installed. The SQL server is on another machine in this case. Oh well, guess I'll install SQL here, too.
@RoelvanUden Strange. SQL LocalDb is usually installed with VS, and has very little footprint.
"Failed to debug this project because no SQL Server has been installed on the local machine. Please set the debug connection string in the project properties page" @AvnerShahar-Kashtan
Is SQL Debugging enabled in the project?
Maybe it needs the SQL Server components to debug SQL. :-\
There's not even a SQL tab on the project.
6:32 AM
It's under Debug in project properties.
Yeah, but SQL debugging is disabled there.
Install SQL Server. Your corporate overlords demand it.
Oh, I got it.
There are two database projects in the solution. You have to point each of the database projects to the database. Even though the database project is only used for the DACPAC compilation.
International Programmers' Day - 13th Sep
@Jamaxack Holiday?
6:48 AM
Morning sharperinos!
@Jamaxack but in leap years its the 12th Sep ^^
(explanation its always the 256th day in a year)
wikipedia ftw
7:11 AM
I love the DAC framework
how about the 128th day? 64th, ...
Where 'DAC' stands for 'data-tier application'
@TomW D for "data tier". A for "application". C for "Crap, what do we do now?"
DAC = Dota Asia Championship
DAC = Digital Analog Converter
7:13 AM
@SebastianL Yeah, I always hated that acronym. It implies that you have an analog converter, which is digital.
Digital to Analog Converter :P
]urban DAC
@nyconing DAC Short for Digital-To-Analog converter, usually a computer chip that converts digital data into analog signals. A DAC is used in computer devices such as Grapic and Audio Cards, Modems etc.
7:37 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
Hey guys. When using EF, I have an entity with a property of type IUser (interface that has subtypes: User and TournamentUser). But after updating the database, the table does not have the column. Can't you use interfaces for that?
Which column?
Ah, the IUser.
What type would you expect this column to be?
    public interface IMyUser
        string Id { get; set; }
I kinda hoped EF would understand it. But I guess it does not then :P
I have a "Match" that should contains two users. Those users can either be real users (asp.net identity) or anonymous users (tournamentuser) that can't login. How should I model this then instead?
7:57 AM
is anyone have experience azure b2c
i have problem in azure b2c social account Login
My blood boils every time I hear Microsoft terminologies. They're too enterprisee
8:24 AM
FFS something works in Release mode on our live servers, but doesn't in debug mode locally, so I can't see how it's supposed to work :(
could not even find an official documentation for Facebook.LoginKit.LoginManagerRequestTokenHandler
@Metallkiller thats nothing unusual, sadly. our code needs about 10x more time to execute anything in debug compared to release.
(10x is no exaggeration here)
8:42 AM
huh apple went with some face id for phone unlock?
why did they drop out the fingerprint? face scanning feels like a step down, its slower and more impractical
unfortunately, you wont be able to unlock it if your face gets into trouble
its not about that, the entire process seems more fluid with the fingerprint
I agree
(even though I don't even use an iPhone)
They completely removed the fingerprint scanner for that? But face unlock is just a software thing that they could implement anyway
Another 1cent saved per iPhone built
i read somewhere that they had some technical difficulties with implementing the fingerprint reader, however dont know if its the truth
8:51 AM
@Proxy have you seen the video where a guy adds a headphonejack back to the iPhone 7?
@Metallkiller lel
it's quite interesting and shows a lot of the internals
i have read about it @SebastianL
did not watch the video itself though
Perfect time for the internet historiean!
@SebastianL While I appreciate the nerd-factor, it should not have been necessary.
9:07 AM
@RoelvanUden that is true
9:36 AM
hello guys, anyone have an idea about a good reverse engineering tools for c#
ILSpy works well.
dotPeek as well.
Resharper automatically integrates dotPeek into Visual Studio, which is easiest.
does it have the featuer of drawing class diagrams ?
@Kob_24 My tool of choice is dnSpy. It looks and feels like dotPeek, but is as capable as ILSpy
i especially like the IL edit feature
thx man
@Kob_24 for class diagrams you should use dotPeek, it can export it as VS project so you can generate your class diagrams there ^^
9:41 AM
thanks for information :)
am installing it now :)
10:01 AM
@Proxy Iris ID on the Microsoft Lumia 950XL is very fast.
It's still annoying though, I'd like to be able to unlock my phone without having to be staring at it.
@Kob_24, I can vouch for dotPeek as well, works very well. And when I found a piece of code that wouldn't decompile and crashed the program, they fixed it very quickly.
This was back when it was just released though, I'm guessing you won't stumble on many bug like that now.
i still like dnSpy more :P because i can cheat in all .net games, by replacing methods, which would return money or something, with some high value and a couple of nops without changing the signature ^^
Never tried it, I can only recommend what I have. :P
But I'll definitely give it a look sometime.
It's great that more and more games are being made with .NET.
I've been working on a modding framework for an x86 game for years. It's a lot more work.
By modding framework, I mean reversing the assembly and injecting my functionality.
"devenv.exe - Error
Unknown Hard Error
@WilliamMariager uhhh nice. I tried that, but failed injecting anything miserably ^^
I'm using EasyHook to handle the injection. It works flawlessly.
10:12 AM
Single player games should simply have a console built-in for things like that.
I mean, if I want to give myself more money or lives, in a single-player game, that's my business.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan but it's no fun doing it in the console :D
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Just complain about the game being too easy afterwards :P
Had to make a few detours manually and implement a way to allow FastCall from .NET
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Sadly only few people realize this. It's kinda silly. I see it in both game development but also modding for games like Minecraft.
People deliberately hardcode settings because they think they know best what people like.
while trying to inject code, i came across so many dangerously fun things ^^
REing is an addiction ...
10:15 AM
I'm playing through the Mass Effect trilogy again, and now, in ME3, I just enabled the console and maxed up my money. Because it's such an irrelevant part of the game anyway. It doesn't do much except give you access to weapon upgrades, and I play in Casual difficulty anyway.
thx @SebastianL @WilliamMariager @AvnerShahar-Kashtan it works perfectly!
good to hear
I used to RE games when I was a kid, before saved game editors were everywhere. Was fun, using hex editors to edit binary files.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan i do this till today, and write my own savegame editors ^^
I develop software by day and pick it apart by night. :D
10:19 AM
the most awesome thing i did (while REing) was creating a process without a file, by creating a suspended empty process and writing an entrypoint + code in it manually. after resuming it ran perfectly well.
I love stuff like that. :P
I'm still pretty proud of my FastCall in .NET system. Considering FastCall is blocked by the framework.
it's dangerous as F, because no AntiVirus will ever notice what it does, the heuristics of 99% of them will scan the file of the process instead its memory
they cant afford to delay a process by multiple seconds ^^ (noone would buy it then)
@WilliamMariager what does FastCall do?
Calls functions with the __msfastcall signature.
Docs say FastCall is not supported. But a bit of assembly fixes that.
Obviously, my FastCall stuff only works for x86. I wonder if I can in any way ensure it isn't compiled as x64.
@WilliamMariager check for the marshalled size of int
if it's 64 return
10:27 AM
That doesn't sound right.
if it only works on x86, then isnt it pretty much useless soon?
works in C and C++ so why shouldn't it in C#
Oh, in compilation?
@SebastianL Because types have fixed sizes.
It's literally called Int32 :P
Not IntAsNeeded
@WilliamMariager try to get the size of a pointer
10:28 AM
@WilliamMariager Yeah, but System.IntPtr is system-dependent.
Pointer could work yeah.
@Wietlol Knowledge is never useless ;)
IntPtr has a static Size property.
And now I'm looking at my reversing stuff :P This isn't what I should be doing!
@WilliamMariager shhhhhh, give in to the temptation... let it consume you... it wont hurt... just a little more...
10:38 AM
@WilliamMariager a program that cannot run under any circumstances is something I call useless :D
@Wietlol you still can run 16bit programs duhh
> cannot run under any circumstances
You do realize a 64-bit system can run 32-bit applications right?
Obviously, my FastCall stuff only works for x86
yea, i misread it as it can only work for x86 machines
It does. It just so happens that your x64 processor comes with all the x86 instructions too.
Interestingly, AMD is the reason we have these hybrid processors.
If I recall correct, Intel initially made pure x64 processors while AMD made the hybrids.
Resulted in Intel falling way behind on sales and had to make their own hybrid processor as well.
It's funny how AMD help keep Intel on their toes from time to time. :P
10:43 AM
@WilliamMariager why was fastcall needed in your program?
Yeah, Intel originally released the Itanium processors with the IA-64 instruction set.
They could emulate x86, but slowly.
@SebastianL It's injected into Visual C++ program which uses fastcall in a lot of places.
AMD, meanwhile, release x86-64 which was backwards compatible, and, you know, didn't require rewriting everything.
Was there any downsides to the 64-bit architecture? Or was it just a case of it not being feasible to update everything?
I've only ever read one account of 32-bit being preferred and that was by CCP the people that made EVE Online. Their servers would switch to 32-bit when possible to conserve resources and improve performance.
i think the basic advantage is the ram
i think the solution became the basic downside
its a tradeoff :D
10:52 AM
Yeah it is. 64-bit architecture is a bit slower when jmping, but it can handle much more memory.
11:06 AM
@WilliamMariager Sure, memory requirements and certain operation speeds.
When every pointer becomes 8 bytes instead of 4 bytes, applications that don't need the 4GB+ RAM are actually using up more memory than strictly necessary. That, plus as you mentioned operations like jmp'ing can be a tad slower, makes for not too much motivation to go to 64-bits when you don't need it.
The reason Visual Studio still runs as a 32bit process, according to MS, is that it will increase memory usage, slow down some operations, and provide little meaningful value for the sort of operations that VS performs.
That makes sense when you think about it. VS doesn't need 4GB RAM. Hopefully.
@RoelvanUden I've run into issues when opening memory dumps larger than 1.3gb or so.
@RoelvanUden Meanwhile in MS: "Just wait a little..."
11:10 AM
That's a good case to present for 64-bit :P
But the way VS is currently architected is by splitting into multiple processes.
Language services, build services, etc.
So all they need to do is spin off the dump file manager into an external, 64bit service and have it communicate with the main process.
I don't feel like dealing with your shit today InDesign ...
@WilliamMariager inject some dlls and make it work as you like ;)
1 hour later…
12:18 PM
Looks like people actually have to work today :P
performance analyzing stuff ...
not very interesting, but time consuming
work work work work
Fixing bugs found in production. Always fun.
12:24 PM
Dealing with InDesign weirdness
The only place to fix bugs
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan isn't that what early access is meant for :P
I'm not sure the client feels that way.
dealing with devex bug
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Ahhh Ubisoft and EA are doing it, so it can't be wrong, right?
12:33 PM
@SebastianL Ubisoft and EA are letting you play pre-release games for free. We're asking for multiple thousands of dollars per installation.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan yeah i know how that feels. Btw. i was being sarcastic, because even when those two release games, they're buggy as hell even with a day one patch
dunno how it is where you are working, but i had a salesman promise something to a client, which was in alpha stage and he said something like "It should be ready to use in about two weeks or so" ...
without consulting our department or projectmanager at all
i had about 100h overtime in those two weeks
oh and he got fired
that felt pretty sweet
12:51 PM
100h overtime?
much exaggeration?
@Proxy sadly not much we had to work 10h a day even on the weekend to get it done, in a way which was acceptable for the client, so after 14 days it was 80h
then came the bugfixing
this was one of the reasons i quit there ^^
seems like a nice place
@Proxy it was okay, not too bad, but they were a little ... demanding? :D
i just call that goal oriented
there were only two more reasons i quit: i moved 200km away and got a better offer ^^
1:05 PM
oh what part of germany are you even in?
@Proxy I study/work in Aachen which is right beside the Netherlands and Belgium (West Germany)
cool when i was a kid i was once in Dusseldorf. that is also the only time i have left the country :D
@SebastianL So you know Dutch. Everyone there knows Dutch.
Or are you Dutch? I don't even...
@RoelvanUden its more like i can understand it then i can actually speak it ^^
1:50 PM
1 hour later…
3:01 PM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan @RoelvanUden @KamilSolecki @KendallFrey any of you online?
i got an interesting sorting problem
i have to sort based on a different array
That's basically just IndexOf
public static A[] OrderBy<A, B>(A[] data, Func<A, B> dataMapper, B[] order, IComparer<B> comparer)
need such a function
put the Ids inside a HashSet, iterate over order: check for presence in the set, push the elements inside the result list
3:06 PM
Or just write your own
i will most probably write my own
but i dont really have a good idea how to do it properly
order by indexof
@Html.DropDownListFor(m => m.Department., new SelectList(Model.DepartementInfo, "Value", "Text"), "--Select--") i am getting value but need text how to change?
@milleniumbug how would the hash set approach work?
It'd use a dictionary instead of a set
3:14 PM
yeah, dict makes more sense (realized while trying to implement this)
im so pissed off at passport,js
its unbelievable
@Wietlol note that the order of the elements left at the end is unchanged wrt the input, which is what you may or may not what
I prefer the end not being changed
it doesnt matter much as it will only be like that once
help me guys
3:24 PM
Int32... Really?
@milleniumbug i just wanted to sort it by a generic function
@ntohl :D
I prefer writing those with generics
String, Object, Boolean, Int... Int32
oh, the latter "what" was supposed to be "want", heh
same as for calling static functions and getting static properties/fields
3:25 PM
meh, vOv
I use short names always but it's in the eyes of the beholder, I guess
I think Jaba generics are way better compile time
C# generics suck
Java generics are notoriously idiotic
3:27 PM
don't you dare try to trigger us
runtime they are
compile time they arent
Haskell generics > all
there is literally one advantage of Java generics over C# ones: all the classes which were written before generics were introduced could be adapted, like Class<T>
take that example
3:29 PM
OTOH C# is stuck with non-generic Type and Enum
now, I can provide an IDictionary<object, object> and everything will be fine
but I cannot provide an IDictionary<String, Int32>
because String and Int32 are not Object
yeah, well, duh
in Jaba, I do Pair<?, ?>
IDictionary is not covariant
in C#, I have to do IDictionary without generics
3:30 PM
try IReadOnlyDictionary
but then, I cannot do a foreach because the foreach is giving me an IEnumerator<Object>
instead of a non-generic IEnumerator<KeyValuePair>
@Wietlol That's a limitation of the Dictionary, not C#
that is C#
Yes, but the limitation isn't C#'s
also not sure what is that example going to prove
3:32 PM
It could easily be overcome
because I cannot provide it a KeyValuePair with an upper bound of Object
such that ANY KeyValuePair is good
foreach (var keyValuePair in dict) problem sloved
in Jaba, Pair<? extends Object, ? extends Object>
and in the case of Object, Pair<?, ?> is enough
in C#, Pair<? extends Number, ? extends CharSequence> has literally no equivalent
nor any workaround
I'm guessing that's because Java doesn't restrict what can be assigned to it at runtime
its not hard to implement the bounds though
3:34 PM
So you could fuck it up by assigning an invalid value to the kvp
C# tries to fix it with the in/out keywords
but it sucks
No, it's awesome
its much shorter, I do have to admit that
You're just butthurt that Dictionary isn't covariant :P
its not Dictionary that is the problem
its KeyValuePair
3:35 PM
Well both
IOW what you're trying to say is that use-site variance is better than declaration-site variance
Dictionary could choose not to use KVP
also, covariant wouldnt fix the issue when you are passing functions around
because then you need the opposite
that's where contravariance comes in
3:37 PM
Hi all
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