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Good morning
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6:01 AM
Hey, How good is to have a windows service that run a batch file as a process.In this batch file I have an infinite loop.
Sounds like you want something in the task scheduler
Basically windows' version of cron jobs
So for production purposes: Usually not good, no. Unless you have more complicated logic as part of the service.
6:14 AM
What are the problems that can appear when I use "Topshelf " for windows service
What's topshelf?
Ha, never heard of it before
> .NET Framework
Can not recommend
> regulary test on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008RC2
This is abandonware
6:41 AM
> For the remote setup, which is just one time process only, I think the person in charge can just login to that machine either remotely or
guys, I need the antonym word for "remotely"
"in person"?
like, the machine is physically in front of him, so there is no need to use it "remotely"
[Squirrel in Training] GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
7:12 AM
I have a task scheduler that writes on a text file message "cat" . Another pc have the same program but he writes message"cat". How these pc can communicate each other.
in person seems reasonable, but sounds more like a meeting between people.
Maybe 'locally' or 'directly'?
The WCF is good for this communication?
@FilipResceanu Wait what's the use case you're trying to solve? I understand two computers are currently each writing 'cat' into a file. So? Why? Should they do something else? Why communicate?
Communicate to do what?
Could setup rest services that talk to each other
Kinda depends on the use case though
I want to create an WPF app that can tell me which pc writes "cat" or "dog"
Use a rest api that reads the file then and deploy it on each server
7:37 AM
[Hector] good morning
[Hector] man OCR is more complicated than i thought
8:00 AM
Hell yeah it is. You sure you really absolutely need OCR?
8:13 AM
[Captain Obvious] oh god why are you doing OCR
8:42 AM
[Hector] I want to cheat in a crappy mobile game
[Hector] they want me to camp a chat room and be the fastest clicker
[Hector] I refuse to waste my time, but they kinda made it so clicking there would be very important long term progress
[Hector] so my idea was having a bot wait there and click the link ASAP
[Hector] for that, I'd need to read chat, wait for a link to pop up, and click it if it's the relevant link
[Captain Obvious] Is it a browser game?
[Hector] a mobile game
[Hector] I'm using bluestacks
[Captain Obvious] I mean the Azure OCR is absolutely fantastic, that shit can read anything
[Captain Obvious] But it wouldn't be good for your use case where you're probably rescanning the screen regularly
[Captain Obvious] And with it being a chat room it's probably very readbale
8:57 AM
in-game chatroom?
Can you run it on an emulator and read network traffic or something?
would you be able to produce a debug version of the mobile app? if so, you can use UI testing framework to capture the exact control that displays the link.
another way is to use CheatEngine
Does the link always have the same wording? I've been working with AI lately, if you label enough images for me I might just throw it into a neural net you can use on mobile to do object detection. Inference time is like 40ms on the one I'm thinking about.
yeah, that too
run a screen scanner and delegate a tap response via adb
[Hector] Wow, okay, this is next level
[Hector] yes, the link always has the same format
[Hector] the only differences can be a mild background color change
@Squirrelkiller last time I was considering something like object detection, it would need some addition batteries.
9:07 AM
1) Many (100+) images in a folder
2) Label all of them in PascalVOC format (if you have python just pip install labelImg, then in your terminal call 'labelImg {pathToImagesFolder}')
3) zip it, send it, boop it, figure out how to integrate the neural net I will give you into whatever app you're using
Although if it's really just the background changing, I guess 20-50 images might be enough
Export would be a tensorflow model, I think they just call it "saved model" but I still can't accept that as an actual name for something.
And with just 50 images training is just gonna take a few minutes probably
[Hector] wait, I'm not quite following
[Captain Obvious] If the app is running the chat in a webview then you're in for an easy time
[Captain Obvious] Because you can just connect the Chrome/edge to the dev tools on the "device" and use automation on the webview
Maybe let's start with how you even connect the bot to the app
[Hector] I'm not sure how to check that, but I don't think that would be too far-fetched
Browser? Phone emulator? Android app on actual phone somehow?
How do you get an application that can click on another application?
[Hector] I have it running on bluestacks, which is an Android emulator
[Hector] on Windows
[Hector] I didn't overthink it, just teleport cursor to link and click
9:13 AM
And how do you program something to tell it "click on coordinates x/y"?
Oh I see
[Hector] I made a small script in autohotkey that would do just that using a library called graphicsearch
[Hector] but it didn't work
So you scan your whole desktop?
[Hector] I had a range defined to check, so I just made a corner of my screen the dedicated place for the emulator and ran it like that
For the AI solution, you'd have to figure out making each screenshot yourself, might be too much effort for this then^^
[Hector] the only problem I see with that is that I'd need the link to pop in chat and be there for a long time
[Hector] the other issue i see is that, over time, the requirement might change
[Hector] e.g. they stop showing these 2 and start showing another 2
9:19 AM
If you make a run twice a second, you'd have like half a second reaction time, which seems reasonable
[Hector] yep that's what I'm doing in AHK
Retraining the AI isn't too hard in itself, just the labelling is annoying
[Hector] I'v eno experience with AI or neural networks
[Captain Obvious] I definitely think AI is not the solution
[Hector] I'm open to any idea
[Hector] honestly, I thought this technology wouild be much more useful and developed than what it is
[Captain Obvious] AI doesn't do particularly well with lots of text in images from what I've seen
[Hector] OK so let me elaborate
[Hector] so we all have the example
Probably because many neural nets have crappy resolution
[Captain Obvious] I haven't used any offline OCR, but I assume the Azure OCR spirs out results in a similar way
[Hector] that's a screenshot of the game chat. I've marked one of the links
[Hector] when that teal link appears, you have to click it
[Captain Obvious] And that will identify text at exactly what position in the image
[Hector] you have about 3 seconds at most. I'd say sometimes 1 second tops
[Hector] this would be one more example
[Hector] so the idea is just scanning the bottom side of the screen and wait for a link to appear
[Hector] this is as much as I'd need to be checked
[Hector] The text for this scenario would be:
[Hector] Ripple Dimension-Ye Suhua
9:26 AM
On such a small image, AI works fine. For images > 640x640 you either need a bigger neural net (== longer inference time) or accuracy goes down.
Just label the "Ripple Dimension-" part and that's what it's gonna find
[Hector] Right, but the rest of the text is relevant too. I don't want to click on more than 2 names atm
[Hector] e.g. This one would be wrong
What why
Because it's called "Leon" without a second...name or something?
[Hector] because they are trash dimensions and you only are allowed to have 20 at a give time
[Hector] these drop like crazy, the other ones are rare
Ah I see
[Captain Obvious] From the first examplke
9:30 AM
Yeah but azure ocr isn't free, is it?
At least not when doing two calls a second
[Captain Obvious] Apparently it has some free
[Captain Obvious] Yeha not that much, but you can query the entire screen pretty instantly
Yeah if you can use it, Azure OCR is amazing
[Hector] hmmm could be an option, yes
[Captain Obvious] There's 5k free per month/20 per minute
So 1 call every 3 seconds
[Hector] I won't be running this 24/7
[Hector] I was expecting to turn it on/off
[Hector] just run it when I'm AFK
[Hector] but
[Hector] given it has to physically click the stuff and that means my mouse teleports away from what I'm doing
[Hector] I might have to think of an alternative
[Hector] see if I can do it without disrupting my work
[Captain Obvious] You can do the click over ADB
9:38 AM
Does bluestack offer a solution for that?
[Captain Obvious] So instead of clicking in the bluestacks window manually
[Captain Obvious] It allows you to use ADB yes
[Captain Obvious] It's just android remember
[Captain Obvious] A very fucked up android, mind, but still android
[Hector] well, bluestacks has macros and allows me to virtually click on the screen without mouse interaction, but it requires pre-recording
[Captain Obvious] That probably works over ADB
[Hector] hmmm
[Hector] true
[Hector] it's a virtualized environment anyway, should work just like a phone
[Captain Obvious] adb shell input tap x y
[Hector] OK so lets start from the beginning
[Hector] first of all, I gotta be able to capture a region of my screen and look for the text I need
@Botler In the console, yes. But in an application you run yourself? How does the application access the adb?
[Captain Obvious] Process.start("adb shell input 420 69"); shoudl do the trick
[Captain Obvious] fuck I forgot the tap
Don't you have to somehow specify...which phone to connect to or something?
[Captain Obvious] Not if there's only one connected
9:43 AM
Ah nice
[Captain Obvious] ADB is magical for doing all sorts of weird shit on android
In case you wanna do the AI thing, reqs for best results are in descending order 1) aspect ration of training and real data should match 2) not bigger than 320x320 or 640x640 (smaller image for faster results) 3) aspect ratio 1:1 gets you a few % more accuracy
Also for specific names 50-100 images per name
[Captain Obvious] like this lol
[Hector] xD
[Hector] nice
Haha nice, car battery on a phone :D
[Hector] @Squirrelkiller I have no clue tbh
[Captain Obvious] Apparently if you set a value too high it overflows
[Hector] In my head it sounds like it should be much easier than that
9:49 AM
Ya there's probably an easier OCR solution somewhere
Is that just a really big *negative number?
[Captain Obvious] I set it to 1234567890
Gotta connect it directly to a power plant to use it
[Captain Obvious] However
[Captain Obvious] Different parts of the system handle it differently
[Captain Obvious] I'm not sure where the 2 00 on the end came from, or where the 8 went
9:53 AM
The 2 zeros seem like a result of percentage-conversion
1 == 100%
Hector have you looked at tesseract ocr? I think there's even a nuget package or something.
[Captain Obvious] oh not I realised it's the right amount of digits
Hey is the H in Hector silent? It just occured to me that you people don't usually pronounce an H.
[Hector] @Squirrelkiller I was using that yesterday
Oh lol
[Hector] it is silent indeed xD
9:58 AM
I have correct my inner voice then lol
[Captain Obvious] wait really
[Captain Obvious] damn spanish is whackj
[Hector] xD
[Hector] That's one of the good things Spanish has
Is all my inner voice has to say about that now
[Hector] all letters are always pronounced the same way
[Hector] so you see a weird word written down, you immediate know exactly how to pronounce that
[Hector] you hear some weird name in a movie, you immediate know how it's written
10:02 AM
Like hell they always are pronounced the same way I'm on my way to my honourable doctor just to understand when the g is and actual g and when it's silent or even it's a German 'h'
[Hector] No more shit like hearing "Scanlan Shorthalt" for the first time and having to turn on subtitles to understand wtf that was
Or mister "Strachan" with 3 silent letters. That was an awkward English lecture.
same with Hungarian. You exactly write what you hear. With a ton of explicit exception, but it's not a guess game
for example weird names, there is no silent letters for Hungarian names
and one definitive way to write down on pronunciation like> ektor for 'ector
10:17 AM
@CaptainObvious looks like a float
7 accurate digits
890 rounded to 900
10:28 AM
hmm maybe
Botler, cs 1234567890.0f
cs> 1.2345679E+09
Botler, cs 123456789.0f
cs> 123456790
10:36 AM
why a windows service can't run a process in background
can you tell me an ideea
[Captain Obvious] Process.start
I try this but the service is block in starting mode
[Captain Obvious] Windows services are really weird. Make sure you've followed this guide and you udnerstand what exactly is going on docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/core/extensions/windows-service
[Captain Obvious] Note that a windows service may not be what you're loooking for
10:43 AM
Could just statically host that file in IIS lol
[Hector] I think I'm gonna invest some time in figuring out if there's a way to intercept these chat messages
[Hector] because reading the screen is turning rather stupid
[Hector] I have to do so much shit just to be able to read, and then I have to figure out how to parse stuff
[Captain Obvious] Yeah the intercepting would be better
[Hector] so, the way would be a sniffer?
chat messages?
[Captain Obvious] You could try to Fiddler the emulator to see if you can extract the chat stream seperately
[Hector] damn, fiddler classic vs fiddler everywhere?
@FilipResceanu you mean the windows service should be the background process itself? Or spawn yet another one?
[Hector] why are there so many versions
[Captain Obvious] Classic is real fiddler
[Hector] coolio
10:52 AM
oh and don't you dare using anything else than sc.exe to publish it.
windows service has a process which is a batch file
string result = String.Empty;
            string path = @"C:\Data\exemplu.bat";
            ProcessStartInfo startinfo = new ProcessStartInfo();
            startinfo.FileName = path;
            _process.StartInfo = startinfo;
            _process.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false;
            _process.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = true;
            _process.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = true;
            while (!_process.StandardOutput.EndOfStream)
Use a TextReader on the _process.StandardOutput. Then you can ReadAllText in the specified encoding (important), then WriteAllText.

Or better yet. _process.StandardOutput.CopyTo(<Text writer stream on file>)
also you should Redirect StandardError too when redirecting output
if there is a line stuck in the error, it can halt the process
also, while + write all text doesnt work
each line would overwrite the previous
flush needed at some point
oh. That too
11:19 AM
@ntohl this is my question stackoverflow.com/questions/72361178/…
@CaptainObvious > no u make botler better
I'd rather revive Wietbot
@Botler Nowadays, I'd expect fiddler to only see encrypted traffic and no actual chat messages though.
I have _process.StartInfo.WindowsStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden also. I don't know if this adds or removes anything
11:43 AM
Hello, anybody can help me?
[Squirrel in Training] Doesn't look like a percice question to me
[Hector] BTW guys I'm trying to figure out how to sniff Bluestacks from Fiddler
[Hector] It's taking me a long-ass time
@SafaTunç you can always query the table schema
@FilipResceanu if the constructor doesn't finish in time windows services declare they are dead
careful with how much time it take to startup a windows service
@mr5 but how can I match the stored Entity Names on the database with the Changed Entity Name?
@SafaTunç how would you know if the entity that has been renamed? Why would it be renamed?
I think I did a mistake at work, maybe not a mistake but probably something I would regret later. The company is hoping that I should give them set of roadmaps or features to take in the following years. I didn't asked them what leads them into thinking why I should be the one to do that...
11:59 AM
Congratz you're project manager now
[Hector] Can't sniff the damn Bluestacks through fiddler... reddit.com/r/BlueStacks/comments/rd7q95/…
12:15 PM
[Captain Obvious] Can you edit the android settings and edit the "wifi"/ethernet adapter
[Captain Obvious] Or do they hide it
@mr5 what makes you think you are the only one that was asked?
12:49 PM
@Wietlol we were discussing about a big feature and I think it come to a point where they are unsure if we the business really need it for the current year. I am being unclear or they seem to believe I am not capable of doing that so they let me think of other features we could discuss
[Hector] I managed to configure it through ADB
[Hector] but now it can't connect to the internet
I would guess you connect your device using tcp?
adb tcp ...?
1:19 PM
[Hector] ?
[Hector] no idea
[Hector] what's the protocol for ADB?
[Captain Obvious] USB by default
[Captain Obvious] or emulator
[Hector] then that's is
[Captain Obvious] and TCP is optional
[Hector] it's an emulator, so virtual bus
[Hector] I changed the proxy and now i can see stuff in fiddler
[Hector] but it won't connect
[Captain Obvious] Have you got fiddlet enabled for non-local addresses
[Hector] good question
[Hector] the installation is verbatim
[Hector] I'm not familiar with fiddler
[Hector] haven't used it in 4 years
[Hector] that worked for chrome
[Hector] alright that was it
[Hector] cool man, you're a beast
[Hector] chat messages aren't popping as sessions
[Hector] people have figured out how to embed code into messages tho
[Captain Obvious] Make sure you enable SSL decryption too
[Captain Obvious] Although it's entirely possible it's just using a websocket
[Captain Obvious] I think you can do some websocket stuff with it but I'm not sure
Websockets should be visible in fiddler too, they're just using tcp/udp too there's nothing special on a transport level
[Captain Obvious] Yeha but they use an existing connection, fiddler mainly works on a per-http transaction basis
[Captain Obvious] And once the socket is open fiddler by default just goes 🤷‍♀️
Do you see unencrypted data though? I expected everything to go through tls
[Captain Obvious] You can if you enable decryption
Guess then you need wireshark, it gives you each individual package
1:29 PM
[Hector] there is definitely some http chatter here
[Captain Obvious] I'm not sure wireshark can do tls decruyption though
[Captain Obvious] Enabling Decrypt HTTPS Traffic is helpful
[Hector] i reinstalled all certs
[Captain Obvious] Although you have to hope that the client isn't expecting a particular certificate otherwise it'll fail
[Captain Obvious] Because it basically makes fiddle a man in the middle
[Captain Obvious] Hence the fiddler root certificate being called DO NOT TRUST etc etc
[Captain Obvious] Fiddler is fun to just run while working to see what shit apps are calling home about
[Hector] interesting
[Captain Obvious] Like that's perfectly reasonable
[Hector] hmmm looks like someone is using lightshot
[Hector] may i suggest sharex instead?
[Hector] look at how easy it is to blur stuff among other things
[Hector] it records gifs and shit
[Captain Obvious] hmm, I'll take a look
[Hector] no more drawing concentric rectangles!
en-NL? English of the netherlands?
[Captain Obvious] it's so annoying trying to fill in boxes
[Captain Obvious] Yeah I'm not a fan
[Captain Obvious] it's way too complex
1:46 PM
Try greenshot. Comes with blurring, highlighting, drawing arrows and uploading to imgur
[Captain Obvious] I don't want every screenshot ever saved to disk, and I want the ability to draw on it immediately
[Captain Obvious] overall LS seems much faster and does the job with less fuss
[Captain Obvious] Lets give that one a go
despite all my rage, I am still just nicholas cage
[Hector] it does take a little bit to get used to draw first and then select the area to save to a screenshot
[Hector] I think they could make the icons in a better place
[Hector] aside from that, sharex just works better
[Hector] the time you save with blur is already enough to make up for the lack of QOL features
Desktop is perfectly fine default IM
1:54 PM
[Captain Obvious] I don't like my desktop being full of shite
[Captain Obvious] Thsi is all of the icons on my desktop
Usually I just either upload the thing to imgur to share online anyway, or I copy it to clipboard and share it in whatever app I need it like teams
Also ew sourcetree
[Captain Obvious] Yeha I only use it to get a decent look at the tree when I fuck somethign up
[Captain Obvious] Not a fan of greenshot either. Better than the ShareX, but I have a muscle memory w ay of doign screenshots and it's very simple
\[**[Captain Obvious](https://discord.gg/PNMq3pBSUe)**] [ALT]+[S]
Draw region
(if needed) annotate region
Guest Post on May 25, 2022
With so much hype and hate around Web3, let’s take a measured look at what it is and what it can do.
2:11 PM
[Hector] just goota press the print screen button, F, draw whatever, and then the not-so-cool part of clicking the rectangle area
[Hector] but you can also take round pictures
[Hector] And other shapes
[Hector] you ain't getting that out of LS
Wait you can just screenshot any shape?!
That's pretty nice
Can it take spherical pictures though?
[Hector] of course, see 2nd pic
[Hector] oh wait, spherical as in 3d?
[Hector] it can't bend reality yet
[Hector] maybe next version
[Hector] well well well, now I just gotta figure out how to sniff in-game chat
[Hector] through C# that is
2:56 PM
figure out which address they use to connect
setup your host file to direct that host to localhost
host a proxy locally that they can connect to and do a forward to the original IP
I never tried it with websockets, but it shouldnt be too difficult
iirc, you can use wireshark to get the hostname and ip
but it is a pain to navigate
3:10 PM
posted on May 25, 2022 by Sayed-Ibrahim-Hashimi

In Visual Studio 2022 17.3 Preview 1.1 we added support to port tunneling (forwarding) to your ASP.NET Core web projects. Port tunneling enables connections between machines that cannot directly connect to each other. Port tunneling is also referred to as port forwarding, The post Introducing private preview port tunneling Visual Studio for ASP.NET Core projects appeared first on Visual Studio

3:20 PM
I wonder how this impacts hybrid apps. It only currently supports desktop but I feel the mobile OS support is coming soon
[Captain Obvious] @Wiet congrats, you just invented fiddler
I remember when installing wireshark, it installed another tool with it that actually intercepts the traffic and wireshark connects to that tool and processes the intercepted packages. Maybe you can do the same.
@Wietlol oh is that possible?
how about if you change your DNS into something you control? Would it do the same thing?
i.e., forward the host to your preference
question: how are you handling SSO redirection for mobile: via in-app browser? external browser? inside webview? using SDK?
3:38 PM
Just login before starting the proxy, after that you already have a token and it just works?
3:52 PM
I mean, this login page/identity provider can be owned by other company, how would you do that?
what I observed in few of the apps I'm using is it's launching an external browser, and it redirects back to the app (I'm guessing via custom schemes)
but I was hoping to see a login that would come from in-app browser, but haven't seen one yet.
say for example, if you have an access to the cookie jar (contains auth tokens per domain), you can definitely validate if a user is logged in on that domain... what I am not sure about as well is how would the UX be designed in case you have these access on your app.
4:55 PM
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