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1:35 AM
Noice. Congrats in advance dude!
2:22 AM
Anyone drink nespresso capsule
thinking about compatible capsule while next stock up, like starbucks or rc
3 hours later…
5:06 AM
[KidKai25] Hey all hope you all are doing good :0
4 hours later…
8:47 AM
[Captain Obvious] <@815332199737327626> good luck
2 hours later…
10:37 AM
[Captain Obvious] damn its quiet today
jap jap jap
10:52 AM
[EdGzi] Thanks!
[Captain Obvious] When is it? did it go good?
3 hours later…
1:48 PM
[Hector] good afternoon
[Hector] man, morning flew by
2:06 PM
Guest Post on May 26, 2022
Lists are useful data structures, but sometimes you need to show the context between items.
1 hour later…
3:22 PM
Anyone a JS promise ?
Every time I do data.Text() it console logs the whole promise not the payload
@juanvan What is data.Text()?
If it returns a promise, you need to await it. Or use data.Text().then(value => { /* do whatever */ })
3:49 PM
ya it was missing the await key, that was the problem, added it and it worked.
1 hour later…
5:04 PM
posted on May 26, 2022 by Chris Hardy

This week we had Microsoft Build 2022 and there were some announcements made in Amanda Silver’s Theme session and multiple breakouts that are exciting for Visual Studio users, like you. We released the .NET Multi-platform App UI (a.k.a. .NET MAUI), announced Microsoft Dev Box, The post Visual Studio at Microsoft Build 2022 appeared first on Visual Studio Blog.

5:48 PM
Any idea why dapper ignores the Column attribute? data annotation
6:00 PM
[EdGzi] Went really well.. thank God
6:28 PM
for .net core API,
Is there a way to get the swagger json updated?
Should be updated every run
You getting an error @Bassem
I mean with deployment
How can I get the updated one because it seems with deployment, the file not updating
rename the json see if it recreates it
yea will try
is there a way to access it from service layer?
redirect the json pointer?
6:35 PM
not redirect, I need the json file to send it somewhere
need to send the updated swagger json to different api doc
ya to a new location, pointer sorry :)
.SwaggerEndpoint still around?
don't get it
6:55 PM
Can I have a method in one of APIs controller called GetSwaggerJsonFile()
and it should return a json of the swaager file
is that possible?
7:15 PM
I don't think so, it would have to be called in the startup config?
posted on May 26, 2022 by Salini Agarwal

Summary of your post, shown on the home page next to the featured image The post .NET Framework May 2022 Cumulative Update appeared first on .NET Blog.

@juanvan so there is no way to read the json content from any API Controller?
or can I save the json file to cloud storage and then read it from the controller
3 hours later…
10:46 PM
posted on May 26, 2022 by Salini Agarwal

We are releasing the May 2022 Cumulative Update Preview Updates for .NET Framework. Quality and Reliability This release contains the following quality and reliability improvements. WPF 1 Addresses an issue where DWM failures can cause WPF’s render thread to fail. An app can opt-in to the behavior of ignoring all DwmFlush errors by setting a regkey in HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftAvalon.Graph


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