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6:03 AM
Hi ! :)
Is there a good reason to use "out"?
If a have multiple return items I could also use a Tuple, right?
6:32 AM
6:48 AM
Good morning.
@kame An out parameter is more natural in most cases. A tuple is often very confusing with the Item1 Item2 naming. Unless you make a POCO instead of a Tuple, I'd always go for the out parameter.
@Hozuki Good morning and thank you :)
7:12 AM
@kame One more thing, the common practice when using out is to make your method return a bool. So your call becomes if (!GetPerson(out var person)) {} where you can handle the "No return data" gracefully.
I have yet to find a good use case for ref or out parameters... and especially in parameters
@Hozuki I don't understand when to use --> if (!GetPerson(out var person)) {}
what I would do in this case is make a function FindPerson() which returns an IOptional<Person>
the Optional, Option, Maybe, Nullable, etc is just a wrapper that tells that it might not have a value
Your method would look like this, for example:

bool GetPerson(string id, out Person person)

Then calling it would be like this, for example:

if (!GetPerson(id, out var person)) return NotFound()
FindX is what I use as common name for Optional returns where GetX would just throw an exception instead
7:17 AM
Of course, if you have just one return value, you could just return it directly. This pattern is for when more values need to flow out.
Optional has 2 values
sort of...
the boolean to tell if it is found and the value itself (in this case, Person)
Ignore Wietlol, he's just doing his own thing and not caring about conventions in .NET world.
@Hozuki I understood the code now. :)
Ignore me, I am just doing my own thing and not caring about what .NET wants to go to.
although, Optional and equivalents should be replaced by nulls... assuming nullable reference types worked normally
In C#8 with non-nullables you could use Person? FindPerson(string id) @Wietlol
7:19 AM
you could
but it has proven to be
1, not really telling you when you violate the null contracts (using roslyn compiler)
2, still not avoiding stuff from being null (still need to explicitly make non-null checks for non-nullable arguments and such)
3, not have a good api to work with
4, not work cooperatively with other language features
it would take them at least up to C#11 to fix the aboves
Last I tried, my code would show me a warning if I used a nullable w/o checking for if it is null or not.
Turning on 'Treat warnings as errors' would prevent me from running possibly faulty code.
it worked for simple examples, but when you get into more complex code, it wouldnt detect it properly
isnt that a resharper warning?
or is it fxcop?
Roslyn. Might be broken for complex situations, I haven't used C#8 at work yet.
R# used to try to do it, but in C#8, the language itself can... should tell the difference
7:32 AM
"dude" and "guys" are the unfriendly and sexist words?
what's happend?
Do you think C# is a good choice for NLP?
C# is a good choice for anything depending on how you use it
7:39 AM
@kame I dont see why not
if you can find a good library or just a remote service, you are ready to go
@Wietlol Okay I will try Catalyst then.
Right lads, I've got a conundrum
Is there a way I can tell dotnet build/ msbuild to "sign" (strong name) a project without having <SignAssembly> in the csproj? Or a way to delay sign it without having the DelaySign tag in there too
Alternatively, is there a way to edit the template csproj that OpenApiGenerator spits out so I can add those things
if a template cant do it, it is a bad template, and you should have a wrapper for it ;)
what we do is just have a project generator, which takes some example stuff, processes it and uploads it to the repository
it is very satisfying to just be able to do everything you can imagine
7:55 AM
It does do everything I need it to
it's just that the assembly isn't strong named so I can't use it in some projects
And I can't put it in the csproj because the csproj is generated as part of the build of the main service
even if it is generated, you should be able to add your stuff to that generation process, right?
8:08 AM
Hence me asking about editing the template it uses
But obviously I can edit it after it's generated, but I can't dop any manual stuff because as soon as the project is generated it's built and packaged
Anybody there? I'd like to know how to decide when is it useful to use multiple connections in parallel from a single client application to the same database server, all of them performing the same operation repeatedly (it can be either only fetching something or only writing something). Is it only when the operation on the database, be it read or write, has a high cost and can be parallelized? I won't gain higher network transfer rate just because Im using multiple connections, right?
@galmeida As a general rule, don't try to manage connections yourself. The connection pool is pretty good. By all means do as many concurrent things as you like
So you can do it, and it's something which I do. I just have multiple threads pummelling the database on each one, works quite well
Also consider that the database might take forever because your tables may be badly configured, meaning a single query can take a long time (or maybe it's just a slow query), so the best option to get more out while you wait is open another thread and ask in that one
>>Also consider that the database might take forever because your tables may be badly configured>> Thats why i mentioned "has a high cost and can be parallelized". But what if the cost of the operation int the table is basically '0'? Do you still have a gain creating multiple connections?
8:25 AM
depends on the query, the server software, and the server hardware. since the network is relatively slow, probably yes.
really depends..if the lookup is fast, yes, otherwise maybe not.
perhaps you shouldnt be hitting the database so much?
As always, 𝓲𝓽 𝓭𝓮𝓹𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓼
Although I misread the question
Basically, if your bottleneck currently is data transfer, then opening more connections won't* help you at all
* unless your server sets bandwidth limits per connectino for some archaic reason
So like I said
.・゜-: ✧ :- it depends -: ✧ :-゜・.
8:42 AM
anyone knows if there is an azure sql connection string builder?
What's wrong with the normal connection string builder?
I didnt know it exists, the DbConnectionStringBuilder
thought there is only SqlConnectionStringBuilder
9:00 AM
Never feasr
Conundrum solved
Adding the shit I needed into the OpenApiGenerator template was simple enough
never feast
On a related note
if a template cant do it, it is a bad template, but if you then find out the template can do it, then it is a good template after all ;)
in what?
9:02 AM
@Hozuki named tuples is also possible now to lessen the confusion, but still the syntax sucks.
Mustache is a web template system with implementations available for ActionScript, C++, Clojure, CoffeeScript, ColdFusion, Common Lisp, D, Dart, Delphi, Erlang, Fantom, Go, Haskell, Io, Java, JavaScript, Julia, Lua, .NET, Objective-C, OCaml, Perl, PHP, Pharo, Python, R, Racket, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Smalltalk, Swift, Tcl, CFEngine and XQuery. Mustache is described as a "logic-less" system because it lacks any explicit control flow statements, like if and else conditionals or for loops; however, both looping and conditional evaluation can be achieved using section tags processing lists and lambdas...
> It is named "Mustache" because of heavy use of braces, { }, that resemble a sideways moustache.
oh I thought of the JS lib
Fucking hipsters
I wrote Whisper, which is also a templating language which was quite interesting at the time
but it scaled very poorly...
doing simple things as filling in names was easy, but doing branching, looping, etc would complicate things very fast
now... I just use Kotlin :D
It's finally strongly named
9:13 AM
did you marked it <strong> ?
what is "strongly named"?
Some weird shit to verify that an assembly is the assembly it's meant to be when you load it
a name that can lift
is that for security purpose?
it instead of loading Newtonsoft.Json.dll you load Newtonsoft.Json.dll but specifically version 12.0.1 and signed with the oublic key that it's meant to have
Strong naming alone isn't really a security thing
But it sorta goes hand in hand
If your application is expecting a strongly named <assembly> and you supply a weakly named <assembly>, an assembly signed with the wrong key, or the wrong version, it'll complain
ah, I see
9:17 AM
Basically good for verifiying ig you're loading <assembly> that it is actually the version of <assembly> you wanted to load
Just waiting 10 thousand hours to see if Devops builds everything happily
9:33 AM
@Shad wow thats a smart squirrel
far smarte rthan the squirrels in this room
they would just have died of thirst
Hey it works
@Hans1984 Miles smarter than the reader base of the daily mail
I cant tell
if you say so
9:56 AM
@Hans1984 smart squirrel? far smarte rthan the squirrels in this room? GRAAAAGRAAAA
I don't understand
Why is it fucked
@Squirrel.Downy lol who is you
I have literally the same code in two different projects
One of them works perfectly
One dies with Attempt by method 'PackingService.Connector.Client.ApiClient.Exec(RestSharp.RestRequest, PackingService.Connector.Client.IReadableConfiguration)' to access method 'RestSharp.RestClient.AddHandler(System.Func1<RestSharp.Deserializers.IDeserializer>, System.String[])' failed.`
Both using the same version of the same client library
10:14 AM
@Wietlol Strong named = Signed assembly with some certificate.
Ya I know
right, it ws wietol who asked
quick! to the edit!
is kinda faulty the strong naming process
edit to the rescue!
10:17 AM
In theory is secure, but internally in the GAC windows stores a shadow copy of the file and it can be altered
// Signed Assembly in a nutshell:
if (assemblyName != expectedAssemblyName)
If you are crazy enough, you could patch .net framework assemblies to alter framework calls in a transparent way
I read a paper looong time ago on the subject, 8+ years, not sure if they patched windows or not
and upload it in some NuGet server
Someone from Android community did just that. The developer who uses a reputable library discovered that there's a network activity running as what the logs were reporting. Turned out the lib is a fork and added an additional letter to its name.
10:36 AM
AND THEN THEY FU... oh wait, that makes no sense now
10:50 AM
I blame .net standard
11:03 AM
i blame
11:15 AM
lol my phone only takes emergency calls now wtf
I'm gonna hope there was just some kind of outage in this town
your phone just knows whats important and whats not
I can't upload my fancy new icon
so your in this chat on your phone ??
i am adding a existing project to my api solution. But when i do check-in the code to GitHub, the newly added project is missing. For this do i need to have that project added explicitly in GIT?
@Hans1984 the image is on my phone
11:25 AM
I see
but it's also my twitter pfp, but I can't get it because twitter is blocked
Fuck sake
It's still fucked
11:28 AM
where are all the squirrels ?
lazy facks !
I... ate them :D
nom nom nom
anyone heared of ING (pure online bank)?
ING isnt purely online
11:35 AM
why does it look albino, but with black eyes?
a rare breed
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
damn this looks like the devil
in the form of a rodent
It is like Trump, it will paint itself brown later
You racist!
11:38 AM
it also has horse feet
cant you see
@bradbury9 funfact: Brown is a synonym for nazi here in germany
--> Paint oneself brown could be interpreted as "pretend to be a nazi"
You germans are weird
Should have said "tainted brown"?
yeah but atleast we dont vote an total idiot as our leader
look whos weird now
I am not US citizen xD
11:40 AM
how dare you
I decided you are an us citizen
end of story
i dont think trump will get re elected this time
Lol, now I can claim I deserve to rule the world
its looking real bad for him
@Hans1984 not sure about that
I think he might still get it
do not understimate fanatism
obama would probably have done better with this corona situation
heck almost any person would have done better
11:42 AM
there is one thing Trump is really good at, which is making people vote for him
Obama gave him a AAA response team, he then disbanded
yeah he through them out one by one
if they werent dancing to his beat
when Trump say "we have the greatest X in the world", everyone will believe him... it is not true, but people will vote for him because he is the only one that says it
As long as he still controls the media, he still have chances to win. Its core support is still there
@Wietlol have you used it before?
11:44 AM
ING is my bank
I mean... I dont own it, but it is where most of my money is at
how much?
can you use it to pay flights?
You can use any bank to pay for anything... If you have enough money
mr5 needs to get away fast
and someone has to pay his escape flight
11:47 AM
gotta make a nigerian prince acc. asap
Last week my bank called me and asked what of their services I used. They asked me about their phone app:
- Me: No, I am not installing bank related shit in the phone
- Bank dude: Why no? It is very usefull
Me: If my phone gets compromised, the 2FA SMS mechanism would get the atackers everything they need to enter my account
+ The bank website account has a very poor password policy
So does every bank
People forgets that cell phones get hacked
my bank app is protected with a 5 digit code...
nothing more
but you cant just choose it to be 00000
no fingerprint?
11:50 AM
Some months ago my father got his android phone with malware, sending SOS SMS to their contacts
no fingerprint :D
face detection?
My bank is even weaker
and its ING?
11:50 AM
using any of those mechanisms would require people to accept that the app would use their camera or finger scanner
Nice! I was about to transfer all my funds there.
Android or iPhone?
it is quite safe...
android for me
dont write the code on your phone cover
Don't use one of those new fintech things
11:53 AM
I am quite confident about the fingerprint thing as compared to 2FA
> Financial Technology
I thought it refers to tech that comes from Finland
I am on the paranoid side, I only install apps after checking its privileges, if they demand full internet access I dont install them
@bradbury9 is there a non-full internet access option?
I do have a roommate like that before. He doesn't want to connect to the internet, has no social media, always uses proxy and incognito mode.
Fingerprint is 2FA, 2FA is a combitanion of two types of factors:
- Something you know <-- Usually passwords
- Something you have <-- Cell phone
- Something you are <-- Biometrics
11:56 AM
He hates the idea of connecting to a public WiFi because he always thinks of the idea of total government control.
On the app storeyou can see the privileges they demand
ING app would be something you have and something you know
so, it is MFA :D
2FA can be a number sent through your SIM
a Sudoku app does not need internet access, some developers need it to get the ads to the user, so you can find games that demand internet access
a banking app probably needs internet access :D
but are there different layers of internet access that you can accept or deny?
11:59 AM
@mr5 Indeed, unless your SIM was cloned, it is something only you are supposed to have
Yes, there are different level of permissions and some shit called "content providers" developer.android.com/guide/topics/permissions/overview
I read that as
But I am not an android developer, so I cannot say what is safe and what is not
Yes, there are different level of permissions
and some shit called "content providers"
@bradbury9 wut?
the permission thing came late when I started to develop Android apps. Pre Android L, I can use camera and sneak on any users who installs my app.
Unfortunately, it only have 3 installations. Nothing serious and used for trolling purposes only.
There is some weird things now that allow much control on what the app does access to

12:13 PM
which statement?
There is a huge list of permissions and you can craft you app so other apps dont have full access to it creating a content provider
Obviously security goes to hell if the user roots the phone
Medi Madelen Gwosdz on July 20, 2020
Traditionally, linters make sure your code is clean and easy for teammates to read. They check for errors, bugs, style, and more. While they are more prevalent in dynamic/interpreted languages, they are not limited to them. Getting code as tidy as possible is the goal, but linters can also take some time getting used to, be a distraction, and might even be impossible to introduce to old, large code bases. We look at why they might still be worth your time.
12:40 PM
Linters are in my way feeds!
When i develop and hit ctrl+s
Also I don't know how to handle them
screw linters !
@Hans1984 Germans metal state right there.
why do you have linters as errors lmao
1:03 PM
is the jwtbearer token going to be the same every time someone logs in?
1:15 PM
when I save my files, linters will automatically be applied
at least most of their actions
1:32 PM
Are they positive when they don't have to do a lot
1:46 PM
hey everyone
quick question - what does elasticSearchProject mean in this context?
1:57 PM
No idea @Thaenor
Glad I could help you tho
Anyone seen anything like this before? VS is refusing to build this project because these packages aren't compatible - except none of these packages are installed and there's no reference to them anywhere ...
@Squirrelintraining No problem mighty Squirrel! You've been a great help! If nothing else, motivational!
@Thaenor o7
yeah I've had that happen before
usually when it does, I just change the framework I'm on
2:01 PM
@BobTway I had similar issues, restart VS should fix.
If not, restart you computer.
If even that doesn't help, than reprogramm it with an axe, all the ladies dig that!
I thought chicks dig giant robots
@Squirrelintraining OK. I tried restarting VS but not the machine. Will give it a go once this meeting is finiahed
@Freerey what do you think robots are made of?
@Freerey Will try that first
my tears
2:02 PM
Thats why robots are so salty..
2:13 PM
@juanvan no
each jwt bearer tokens are different every authentication request
Why is Nest's documentation so terrible?
google nest?
dragon nest?
elasticsearch's nest
2:40 PM
posted on July 20, 2020 by ericlippert

Let’s crisp up the problem from last episode. The problem for today’s episode is to write a method that takes these nine 2-quads: Computes these sixteen 1-quads: And returns these four 2-quads: Those four 2-quads form a 3-quad; I haven’t … Continue reading →

where are the bots to tell this thing to stfu?
patiently waits for Jack to ... wait... Jack didnt respond to previous Feeds message either
@Freerey to be fair, it is better this way
but I miss seeing someone get murdered with a boom box
@Wietlol how did you even register to the app if you didn't allow camera permission? It forcefully asks for one even before showing any UIs
I assume we are talking about different ING banks...
but on the other hand, I am a member for over 20 years now, back then, we didnt have cell phones with our bank accounts on them
2:45 PM
This is the one I installed: ING app I supposed it's the same company that operated yours.
it is
wait... I did allow camera permissions probably
because with the app, you scan a QR code to do payments automagically
so, it needs access to the camera
how did ING operate before? considering they are claiming to be completely online bank.
I guess no physical bank centers?
you can use it completely online
but they still have offices
so, it is not a purely online company
It's "pure" and not "completely". My bad.
I guess each country have their own implementation of the app.
and the one we have now f*cking sucks
ING has more apps than Google Play can show on 5 pages
@mr5 why so?
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