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posted on June 02, 2020 by ericlippert

First off, a brief programming note: now is not the right time to continue with the usual topic of this blog: a lighthearted exploration of algorithmic complexity and optimization. We’ll get back to that at a later date. I have … Continue reading →

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4:46 AM
Ben Popper on June 02, 2020
We’re celebrating some big birthdays for Node.js and Javascript.
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6:05 AM
Goooood moorniiiiing CeeeeShaaaaarp! Have we heard from @SquirrelInTraining yet? Oh shit we have not, he's not even in the autocomplete list anymore!
6:40 AM
He starts his new job today
7:06 AM
Nice, wish he has a warm welcome.
7:34 AM
Every first day I can remember was really really dull
Spent a full day without explanation or someone to follow me and introduce me to the system
good morning
I got thrown into the experimental stuff that we still had going on but never really had any time for to do them
they often didnt require much knowledge of the existing system, so it was quite easy to get into the working environment and getting used to who does/knows what
and then immediately to maintaining the legacy stuff
stuff we still had but didnt want to keep for much longer
quite a change
7:51 AM
last place I was doing production stuff at the beginning. At Nokia we had mentor, 1 month training program, with a presentation you had to make. But there was no overview documentation of the area, and every senior who you could ask had no time to answer
in the 1 month program, you had to learn a 200+ pages documentation massively outdated
8:10 AM
oh, that will definitely boost your motivation
it was super low
my main goal was to get a desk next to a window, so I can play something...
than for training's sake I got to another area. It was much better
still no relevant overview documentation, but the mentor there was perfect
we dont have a lot of new members to our teams... and when we do, they arent new
we would have to invent stuff on the spot if we get an actual new member
that's a risk
8:14 AM
I am literally the newest new guy on the team
and I have been working there for... 4 years in september?
3.5 years now
the newer members of our team are already quite familiar with the systems and partners... because they come from business partners
I have been 62 months in company
@ntohl what would make it risky?
and what is the risk?
Damn. What was the eval again?
8:21 AM
The bus factor is a measurement of the risk resulting from information and capabilities not being shared among team members, derived from the phrase "in case they get hit by a bus." It is also known as the bread truck scenario, lottery factor, truck factor, bus/truck number, or lorry factor. The concept is similar to the much older idea of key person risk, but considers the consequences of losing key technical experts, versus financial or managerial executives (who are theoretically replaceable at an insurable cost). Personnel must be both key and irreplaceable to contribute to the bus factor...
@ntohl I think they started giving me documentation to read up on their frameworks (all custom made btw) and it was written like stereo instructions
it also would have been hella nice to actually see usage of these frameworks, but I kind of had to go off of pages and pages of outdated documentation
that's how I spent my first week
@Neil nice. Mine was like assembly instruction set with 1200 registers. All 3 letter
hmm... I guess that makes sense
8:23 AM
was it assembly? or was it some assembly-like language?
Lol if the one senior developer on our team got hit by a bus we'd have a serious problem for a few months. He's not only the senior developer on our team, he is also Employee#4. He is the one dev who was always here. He knows every one of our products. Even helps domain experts understand stuff or corrects them if necessary. I seriously hope that never happens.
first of all. All real life "stuff" was abbreviated into 3 letter stuff, secondly we programmed in TNSDL Nokia's own language which was cryptic on its own
@Squirrelkiller there's always that guy in every company imho
he's always super busy, and doesn't really want to take time to explain it, he just does it
and I suppose if he weren't like that, he wouldn't be that guy
not in AvenDATA
the boss in AvenDATA fired approx 1 person per week
it kept the number of "must keep" members low
@ntohl was there a particular reason for abbreviating it? I meant that wasn't machine code afterall
8:26 AM
Oh ours does take his time to explain stuff, because he gets so many request from literally all sides that he's always trying to get load off him.
@ntohl Dafuq was wrong over there?
At my first job, there was a systems administrator which was seriously overloaded. You'd ask him about the thing you asked him a week prior, and he'd be like, "Oh god, I'm so sorry! Other things have come up.. I'll start on it right away.." and then he'll say the exact same thing about literally every other request
if you wanted anything done, you kind of had to keep asking him to do it, because he'd get easily distracted
he was a nice guy though, so I felt bad pushing him unless it was urgent
@Neil no. Just you couldn't name transceiver tower a transceiver tower. Could you? Duh, it's BTS of course.
@ntohl lol, sounds about right
@Squirrelkiller drugs, and personality. I was there for 1 year, and I was the 3rd most senior in the Hungarian office
8:42 AM
culture : cult
@Neil kek sounds like me
> In standard English, WWW is the TLA whose pronunciation requires the most syllables -- typically nine. The usefulness of TLAs typically comes from it being quicker to say the acronym than the phrase it represents; however saying 'WWW' in English requires three times as many syllables as the phrase it is meant to abbreviate (World Wide Web). Consequently, "www" is sometimes abbreviated as "dubdubdub" in speech.
how about "weee"?
you measure w's by time in seconds the person is holding up "weeee"
lol. I haven't heard dubdubdub except in a song, which I can't find
Fortunately, WWW is way shorter in german
yeah. No doppel vau for you
8:47 AM
I hear dubdubdub often, although I guess mostly in videos by microsofties or something?
is it d-d-d-d-d-dubstep?
"double-u double-u double-u"
I guess most people speaking english just omit the www from domains for that reason.
who even thought that was a good acronym anyway?
Well how else are gonna abbreviate World Wide Web?
8:49 AM
it's quicker to spell, harder to say
I undertood that the whole "wubba lubba dub dub" thing was Justin Roiland misinterpreting the script
it was supposed to be like what curly says on the three stooges
but it kind of turned into a thing of course
also it would seem soundcloud is having some sort of identity crisis..
wee wee wee, I gotta pee
btw, did anyone follow the conflict between Trump and Twitter?
@Wietlol nop
I saw a post coming across Imgur, and was like "hah, what an idiot" and didnt pay much attention to it, but it seems like he is pretty serious about it
9:36 AM
the one where got bunkered?
9:52 AM
Heard the news
Angry protestors at the fence of the white house. Secret service sent the president to the bunker
Trump is a child man
Not sure if there was a real danger of break in into the white house. Hard to get unbiased info
@Wietlol The twitter thing is when he got fact checked by twitter and claimed he wanted to regulate twitter to avoid being contradicted
the bunkering was unrelated to the riots?
@Wietlol nop. It was related.
the bunkering was unrelated to twitter?
The bunkering was unrelated to twitter
the twitter thing was related to mail voting, twitter fact checked him saying there is no proof of mail voting fraud, he got angry
10:15 AM
Sup Hans
sup man
I want to lower the difficulty level of my life.
10:30 AM
looks right
Im in easy mode
what country is in the middle of Europe tagged red?
cant tell
google can
10:32 AM
The Dragostea din tei land
Isn't it Moldova?
eh that's in murica
why do people here like collapsing their posted images
10:37 AM
you keep asking this
It's to make the chat take up less space
cuz they keep doing it
!~unonebox disable
@nyconing un-onebox disabled
I'm not part of that system!
here, no more collapsible widgets
10:39 AM
welcome to the cult nyc
!~unonebox enable
@CaptainObvious un-onebox enabled
it's just making my life more difficult when I back read
10:40 AM
The pictures are usually pointless
At least the ones that get collapsed
Which are usually posted by a bot
or me
all my posted pictures are worthy then
@CaptainObvious extra click duh
Feeds doesn't collapse xkcds
That's because feeds is garbage
Most of the bots written by users collapse their images just before the edit window expires
like this notorious one:
Which gets incredibly very annoying
10:52 AM
But luckily, by just after this message goes through, it probably will be collapsed
I am future seer
fuckign garbage stack
3 messages moved to Trash can
new format again?
just use mp4 just like what 9gag does. silly devs
> The idea behind gifv is to keep the convenience of a gif, but using an actual video format. Gifv is not actually a specific format, it's just a filename used to inform you that it's a video that's intended to be looped like a gif. A gifv is actually a WebM or MP4 video file.
@Wietlol any updates on wietlang?
shows how brainwashed teenagers are in my country.
Twitter suggests me this while I only follow Elon, SpaceX and NASA
Whats blackpink
and bts
Korean group
(I guess not a hungarian transceiver)
11:07 AM
cringy koreans
Of course
oh I also follow phonebloks which happened to be not active anymore
and stackexchange status
Fun fact: The US police asked for videos of the riots, and the BTS community flooded them with music videos, if you call those groups "music"
us going to sht right now
and they have the worst possible person leading the country for that kind of situation
not looking good
They asked for videos of the riots? Can't they jsut open...any news website at all?
11:12 AM
Yup, people demanding justice, getting repressed, and the boss hidng in a bunker
This is the source I am refering to
well seriously
the only reason all these ppl are rioting is the corona situation
Dallas police department: "If you have video of illegal activity from the protests and are trying to share it with @DallasPD, you can download it to our iWatch Dallas app. You can remain anonymous."

Boy did it backfire
and they are using this black guys death as an excuse
to riot
except the ppl of his color of course
but all the others
in all fairness, US just happened to be a power house/popular and and a number of dumb people are rich which is why they are very popular in the internet. if things are the same with our country, we would overrule the dumbfuckery they produce everyday.
and the antifa guys are just looking for any reason possible to riot
11:16 AM
To mee I looked a real legit reason, I saw the video, that was police brutallity
its a scary mix
it does
but lets be honest all these white ppl wouldnt riot if there wasnt the corona situation
it just all adds up
I would join them
I have done in similar situations
of course some would
all im saying is there wouldnt be that many
its because of the whole corona situation and ppl are angry already
it just tipped the scale
It's the next best thing since they won't redo the french revolution.
@Squirrelkiller lol. Tho it's not hungarian specific. Nokia is dubdub.
11:19 AM
meanwhile trump is hiding in his bunker and demanding the army
Oh I thought that was the other company before Nokia
what a mess
Where I live with have a terrorist problem until a few years ago. Their juvenile was causing trouble in the rich area and they asked the major to more vigilance. He said "They must have done something to deserve that"

I did support them, I dislike those rich assholes, but you must defend/soppurt when there are unfair situations
omg... My brain is offline. "we had a terrorist problem"... "were causing"... "support".
Also *mayor
11:24 AM
Major is "the biggest/most important"
The major problem is the biggest problem there is
fireworks outside my house last night hahahha ….
The mayor is a person running a city. Kinda. Don't ask me about politics please.
@Freerey to kill corona?
11:26 AM
no, to keep protesters in check
@Squirrelkiller the major problem is the mayor there is
The mayor was not from the political party behind the terrorism, but another pro-independence party. Apple does not fall far from the tree
FFS it's really hard to find a good phone that is neither apple nor chinese these days.
17 mins ago, by Hans1984
but lets be honest all these white ppl wouldnt riot if there wasnt the corona situation
and the economic depression, and the political divide, and the police brutality, and the endless wars
yeah yeah excluding all you gay ppl
11:35 AM
@Squirrelkiller Depends on what you want it to be, mine is a Fairphone 2 and I am happy with it. It suits my usage
you always riot
ether way its looking grim for the US
oh yeah and there's also Operation Pridefall now, where lgbt people are getting doxed en masse
that wasn't the original plan of pridefall, but that's what's happening
what's doxed en masse?
yeah theres A LOT going wrong in your country
I'm looking for a mid range phone with a big battery I can use to occasionally play games on.
11:37 AM
@mr5 it means a lot of lgbt folks are getting their personal information leaked
And Fairphone unfortunately doesn't have good batteries as far as I can tell from reviews and tests.
@Squirrelkiller OnePlus or Google Pixel
oh what, did they finally unveil the fairphone 3?
Yeah pixel is one of the possibilities right now.
Gotta look at OnePlus
@Squirrelkiller what? I thought Samsung overtook the "good" in reality massively overpriced competition.
11:40 AM
Ya Samsung is the Apple of the android world
Also tehy fuck you over with ads every way they can
plus they get worse with every new phone :D
If my smart tv showed ads on the home screen, I'd return it
iPhone got worse too
yep; they both have that in common lol
Samsung was great some years ago. Galaxy Edge was a giant step for them. But then they just...rode that wave and did more science about how to fuck over people.
11:41 AM
like wtf is this bixby thing and why does it need its own button? stfu Samsung!
remember when Samsung tried being cutting-edge by making it so you could look down and the page would scroll automatically?
Lol yeah. Right up there with speech recognition that can actually accomplish shit.
Only they got better at speech recognition, but still not as fluid as it has to be to be used effectively.
well. Speech recognition got pretty decent, even in Hungarian
It's jsut nice to go "alexa play this'n'that song".
too bad google's own voice thing for android is still an unholy abomination that never works
alexa play despacito
I like Apple though if I can afford it.
11:45 AM
@Freerey nah. It works decent
@Freerey I only use it for recognizing a song or setting reminders lol
@Squirrelkiller that's all it's good for
otherwise "ok google" only works when it feels like it
I can be screaming the phrase and it still won't understand
Yeah mine isn't active anyway, just when I touch the mic in the search bar
if google assistant would always be active, it means it will be constantly listening to its surrounding.
Alexa does that and people doesn't seem to care about the privacy they're leaking.
^ yeah. That was scary that someone complaining about why their phone is not listening all the time
11:51 AM
Alexa has a seperate chip listening to the activation phrase though that doesn't do anything else, and the actual "smart" listening chipset is only activated when that front listening chip activates it.
"sais iPhone expert"
Alexa != Siri
Unless I misunderstood that
if textSays("alexa") {
    // it doesn't really "trigger" anything
I thought the phone was already listening all the time
11:55 AM
if they just upload the source code for that chip trigger, also with a video of embedding the binaries into the ROM, I would believe them.
But yes, it triggers something. The front chip only "records" for a very short time. Not the whole sentence. When it recognizes the activation phrase, it activates the actual chips. While the chips activate, it uses its limited buffer to record the next bit of sentence. Once the actual chip is activated, it gets the buffer from the front chip and then records the rest of the message being said.
@mr5 and a checksum :)
buffer = new string("alexa".length + 1_000_000)
yeah and that
@mr5 That still wouldn't mean that video shows how the actual machines build the actual echo devices being shipped though.
and the /* in the beginning, and the */ at the end
12:45 PM
I dont really get the big deal
a bot reacts when you say their name
how would that work if they are not listening all the time?
So our application supports some specific file types for a feature. These will probably not change soon. Also probably won't be changed for specific customers (we have lots of other stuff because some customer want custom stuff). Where to store it? web.config appsettings? Doesn't relly change per stage. Base config that is then overridden by specific customers for customization? Not sure either because well, it won't change per customer. Hard coded in the frontend where it's used? Hard coded...
would the sound waves cause a very particular vibration, which changes a mechanical switch to turn on the microphone?
@Wietlol Yes please go build that thank you on behalf of the EU.
And that's why you don't voice assistants in your home.
1:01 PM
I had an idea for the trigger word(s) where if you trigger it accidentally and just tell it to bug off, it should use that information and use ML to adapt
and on the other hand, if you keep trying to trigger it and it only works on the third time, it should consider the speech before that to potentially have a broader trigger word
it could then automatically learn accents and stuff
but yea, I look at it with a more fully automated form of solution
since I dont really have a ton of employees in my basement to actually listen to recordings
1:46 PM
how to copy object to object in foreach like this
public class Test
public string Name {get;set;}
public Test1 test1 {get;set;}

public class Test1
public string Age {get;set}

List<Test> tests = new List<Test>();
Test1 xyz = new Test1(){Age = '20'}

foreach(var test in tests)
test.test1 = xyz;
test1 = xyz does not copy values once loop is finished the values are null
Show your actual code, that 1) won't compile and 2) has no elements in the list
3) Format your code using ctrl+k
Hey All, I just started using the .NET Core 3.1
2:01 PM
Nice, now you can use Blazor!
I heard that EF InMemory went unstable in 3.1
hey all, I would stop working in Xamarin starting from July.
I copied some code from the internet, and it seems that the .NET Core application defaults to using "appsettings.json" as the settings configuration file. I have Program.cs and a Startup.cs files.
how do I change the application to use a different appsettings.json file(i.e., appsettingsVersion2.json )
With the configuration builder
You can also use custom commands from the VS I believe.
2:04 PM
Also you can have appsettings.release.json to be used when you build with ocnfiguratino release
like dotnet build -c Release would use a file appsettings.Release.json
Which is what we're using to use a custom Info.plist and AndroidManifest.xml which is not documented anywhere.
Hol' up
@crazyTech Please use real version control
Just in case that example was something you were plannig to do
Do you guys think this is the best time to get unemployed? I have some savings which can make it through up to 6 months I believe but I'm only planning to go unemployed for 2 months.
2:09 PM
its the worst time to get a job
job market is looking grim over here
and it will only get worse
a lot worse
agree with @Hans1984
What do you mean grim recruiters still text me on Xing about how they still do interviews in these trying times
a lot of companie seem not to have realized how serious the situation is
this will go on for months
the worst is yet to come
the sick and dead will be the least of our concerns
the economic damage is brutal
However, i suppose computer software IT jobs have a relatively brighter prospects than other jobs because people in the computer software IT can remotely log-in and work
Idk, I'm too confident in our field that I could get a job within a week - max.
2:12 PM
better than some other jobs thats for sure
but even the IT will get hit hard
its just delayed imo
but people are relying more on the internet, which means higher demand, which results into catering the services, which means hiring...
I want to pause for a moment because I want to change my lifestyle. I know to myself I may or may not achieve it during that 2 month period but I might have a better understanding of what I really wanted next.
its always got to take those breaks and reconsider things
did this a lot in my worklife so far
and of course everything changed and will change because of corona
so its probably a good time to reconsider anyway
did it give you any sense of fulfillment?
for sure
or do you think you made a more right decision?
2:17 PM
I cut down my hours for example and doing more hobbies instead of thinking about work 24/7
of course that means less money
you cant have everything
but the bad thing about me is I don't want to do my hobbies anymore.
then find some new hobbies
that give you something
we've got a week break and all I do was gaming and didn't improve anything to my lifestyle. It only got worsen every time I have so much free time.
well you need more than one week to set your mind free
thats why vacation usually doesnt help
you really need to step away from things
do different things
2months should be enough though
atleast to get some idea
I'm still hesitating to pass a resignation letter.
I'm not sure what would their reactions would be.
2:25 PM
its a big step for sure
only you can decide
but its good that you have some savings
to survive for some time
Boss: "Finally! We've all been waiting for you to quit. It's too hard to get you on-board"
their reactions might not be very kind
but in the end its about you not about their feelings
I'm not a charismatic person and have a little to no interpersonal relationship with our admins.
So I'm expecting a chirp chirp reaction from them.
Every time I hop in the social train, everybody seems to start to get awkward.
nah it's all in your head c:
yeah I know.
2:33 PM
btw you never answered my discord question about Patbot
I just interact when I really need to. Hard to make initiation on things you don't have a skill.
were you still wanting to put him in my server?
where's that
the Autorise Domain server
I'm not sure. Maybe I could take a look at it after I pass my resig
why do you have a weird techy name website though?
2:37 PM
why not? :P
it's a story about androids; it should sound techy
just found out there's an open source beta stack
well ok I knew about it, but I didn't realize it was still relatively new
I still find discord very cluttered.
Not a beginner friendly.
yeah that's what drew me away from it for about a year...was annoyed I couldn't easily snap it to the side like Skype
3:02 PM
Anyone here good with wpf?
Can't get this method to work.
Here is the demo
Trying to have the ContentControl show outside the constructor.
It loads and shows, in the ctor.
But if I move the same code to a Button ViewModel Method, it only loads the ActiveItem, and shows a "Cannot find view for.." in the other ContentControl
4 hours later…
6:58 PM
anyone here ever made a fillable PDF form on an .aspx page?
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