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3:33 AM
Man, this was from 1992 in LA. Same thing happening right now.
1 hour later…
4:49 AM
it has a good dynamic range, from 1992?
5:18 AM
What's the best fuzzymatching for string comparision in c# (nuget packages)
I think i should go for the fastest levensteine distance implementation
2 hours later…
7:01 AM
Buenos dias
This question has it all security wise!
- SQLi
- Plain text passwords
- Sending passwords over email

Lol who let that guy access a database
Also MS Access
Also I can see his email address
It's not
ya it is
7:11 AM
Oh, so it is
We've had no rain at all for like 2 straight weeks
Wait this shouldn't make me sad
Fuckin' Fullmetal Alchemist
Hey is an alchemist an alchemnist in british english?
Why would it be though?
Because someone working with chemicals is a chemnist
Have you been taught some weirdo rule which would make you think it is, and if so what is it?
what no
7:14 AM
Right i think I mislead my google translator just now
So where did I get the idea of a chemnist?
There must an english word that lost an n in the colonies
Not the worst I've seen
A couple of months back somebody posted his full database connection string, including password in hsi question. The credentials were his university creds so I could access everything related to his uni work
Ha I remember that!
Did you send him an email from himself?
He got back to me about an hour later and said he'd sorted it
7:46 AM
' OR 1=1; Drop table users; --
oh, wait, why nothing happens? why I cannot drop SO user table?
I think with how popular sql injection is these days, calling your users table "users" is a rookie mistake
oh, thanks, let me try "members"
' OR 1=1; Drop table members; --
Okey, stop joking
8:04 AM
@Squirrelkiller That could get you into trouble
Teams has finally been dragged kicking and screaming into 1999
"You can also double click the profile picture". This is not intuitive.
Oh wow
I didn't even see that, but it makes sense in the contact list bit
good morning
8:10 AM
But for some reason you can also doubleclick the picture at the top of the chat
oh fuck
OInce you've popped a window out, you can double click the profile picture in that one to (try to) open another one, and it does actually spawn another window before remembering
Better still
The popout window is a huge functinoality downgrade
Why? You can now spread your chats across multiple screens!
Also it looks like profile pictures don't actually work in the chat panel or window anymore
Also in a VR environment, you can put your chats everywhere and have it look really cool like in a huge data globe
8:58 AM
hey, pack sql file into my program is a bad idea?
If others use unpacking software to view the resource of my program, it may expose my database structure!
Or, is this concern totally meaningless? Because C# programs are easily decompiled?
If I want to achieve database interaction security, should all SQL statements be the stored procedures? Instead of leaving sql in the program hard code?
@Flithor no. Do NOT store proceduralize app. Use server side component
What kinda program? Desktop? Web? Client-Server using your own obscure framework based on WPF?
9:13 AM
if you want something to protect, than change the architecture to client-server
Yeah if for some reason you need to have an SQL connection from your public application, use stored procedures server side and lock that shit down hard
or don't use SP, just lock that shit down
Well if you're connecting directly from the client, I'd rather use procedures than raw SQL
uh... if my project is only work on the intranet?
9:16 AM
Because at least you can control what is being queried
Then in that case you can be a bit more flexible, depending on how well controlled the network is
EF is sufficient. You still need a "superuser", which is running on the behalf of EF/program
Most of my older applications do raw SQL right from the client
EF is not sufficient. In an ideal world you wouldn't be talking directly to the SQL server from clients
ugh. Ok. Mine were too. But I would avoid that nowadays. In that case stored proc is good
I know that if public any thing about private databases on the public network is extremely bad
only server talking with SQL in ideal world
9:19 AM
Yeah I'm trying to move over to API based data access, so clients ask an API which obviously has a very limited amount of things it can pull out
^ behind the API wall, EF is sufficient
Yeah that's totally dine
I mean once you've got the API limiting requests, you don't even need EF, as long as you're stopping injections you should be good
Well, luckily, at least that my team is responsible project don't need to be public on the Internet, we can save a lot of time and things.
Yeah same, all of my applications only work on our network anyway as all of the resources are on it, and nothing is accessible externalluy
Of course, protecting the database is good, but I don’t need to worry too much about my project.
9:31 AM
@CaptainObvious worst. chat. system. ever.
hovering on messages for react popup is so annoying
immersive reading behind hovering is a crime
chances of accidentally reacting on some messages when you back read is high
imagine blind people trying to hover over a message -> clicking on the 3dots -> Immersive Reader...
tried it.
it seems our language was detected wrong
idk what accent it is using.
there is a book icon on the right top
if you select your language, is it any better?
9:44 AM
lol it's funny
not working
Hungarian reading is working correctly. Anyway. If someone is visually impaired, there is no way to open that menu
there's one guy who came here. he claims he's blind but he can star and reply to messages.
I wonder what tools he is using.
the buttons are tooltipped well
the guy who wrote chat.so is very good dev.
imagine not being maintained for years and it's still working flawlessly.
And also probably not working there anymore
9:55 AM
I've just bought this earlier.
@CaptainObvious do you have any criticisms for this headset?
aside from it being made from China again.
I just can't avoid China products.
I was in a hurry earlier cuz there's a mandatory video conf.
for 74k LL... whatever it is...
hmm. Maybe teams is not that bad at all. support.office.com/en-us/article/…
10:13 AM
thats all i can afford
10:33 AM
10:34 AM
@Hans1984 did you teach nyc's bot with that command?
how did you know that command then?
So I just found this genius piece of code:
10:41 AM
Like the browser doesn't have enough problems with our 7MB frontend
i just did it because this bot always shows neko when it doesnt know the command
@Hans1984 shiba
i think someone used it a long time ago
thats were I saw it
@Squirrelkiller it does nothing?
10:43 AM
maybe it was herself
I cant remember
so i got gta5,civilization6 and borderlands2 for free
damn gta5. I spend PHP1.5k but I only play it 3 times.
and now it's free
I also bought it back then
but now i got it for free again
epic gifted those 3 games the last 3 weeks
playing the shit out of civ6
civilization is such a good series
always has been
do you play d3?
I did
but its a while ago
noone from my circle of friends and acquaintances know that game.
10:48 AM
only blizzard game i play regularly these days is sc2
Speaking of games, I've applied for jobs that asks if you play games, and it seems it's one of the reasons, I'm not selected for ¯_(ツ)_/¯
you re talking about diablo 3 right ?
mswhf, they won't hire you if you play games?
@mshwf you dont ?
I have to say these days I dont paly that much anymore
and there are only a few games that can grip me
even wfh?
10:50 AM
it used to be almost every good game back then
we have sooo much time now.
last few games i realy enjoyed
xcom chimera squad
and now civ 6
careful. google is now spying chat.so
10:51 AM
o/ avnir
@mr5 Silly you. Google were always spying. :)
but I have an ad block :(
@mr5 seariously? (I'm not a gamer) I thought gaming can be good to the programmer logical thinking
@mshwf You dropped this: \
10:52 AM
I remember a dream I had about... 10 years ago? I remember telling about it to my then-gf (now-wife) so I know approximately when it was. I remember walking around the city and being sad about something, sitting on a public bench, when a random person approaches me and tells me they're from Google, and they noticed I was being depressed online lately, and whether there was anything they can do to help.
Writing \_ will make the \ escape the _, so to unescape it you have to escape the \ by putting another \ in front of it.
@mshwf I once considered asking about hobbies and extra-curricular activities to be a legitimate in interviews. I've since changed my mind.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan lol wut
@mr5 Weird, weird dream.
I got Civ6 in the latest Epic store giveaway. Even bought the two expansions as well, since they were on sale and I had a $10 coupon. Still haven't played it.
Totally legit dream. And in a perfect world it might even be feasible.
10:54 AM
Civ3 is still probably in my top 5 most played games of all time. Played quite a lot of Civ4, and in the last couple of years I reinstall Civ5 every once in a while. I'll get to Civ6 at some point.
Also played a shitload of Civ1 back in the 90's. Not much of Civ2, though. I know some people claim it's better than 3, but it had the bad luck of coming out at a bad time, technologically, between Win3.1 and Win95.
civ6 is actually great
first I was kinda turned off by the new look
but once you get used to it you see what a great game it is
even a little bit better than civ4 imo
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan asking about hobbies is familiar in intreviews, but gaming specifically is weird.
I didnt play civ5
can you achieve the cyborg era in civilization game?
Civ5 is pretty good. I only played it with the two expansions, so I don't know how good the base game was (I heard people say it felt incomplete), but with the whole package, which adds a lot of mechanics (religion, world council/UN, and more), it's pretty good.
10:56 AM
I hate the time I spend to get into the game story line, it's boring seeing all these text just to justify the game intent
I miss Empire Earth :/
@mr5 Most Civ games end just a tiny bit after the current day, technologically speaking.
@mshwf Depends on the intent though. I like story games the same as books or movies. I just love stories.
they should definitely push the game to all posibilities of what an era can achieve
10:58 AM
When the story is good, it works. When it isn't... you click through a lot of text and ignore it.
that includes leaving the planet they originated from/
@mr5 You had Alpha Centauri for that.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan exactly
Leaving planet earth would make it a very different game.
but it's still part of the game name though
10:59 AM
@mshwf That's true for TV, books or movies, though, except that with books, if the story's bad you simply abandon it.
With movies, you might keep watching for the action or jokes.
thats oen reason why civ is so great
With games, you can keep playing for the... game part of it.
you play a civilization from stone age up until the current time
Civilization turns into StarCraft
StarCraft is the future of Civilization game.
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