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2:42 AM
Citizens in US refuses to treatment because it will costs too much
3:09 AM
> Those who took favipiravir cleared the virus in an average of 4 days. Those in the control group cleared it in 11 days.

The favipiravir group also “showed significant improvement in chest imaging compared with the control arm, with an improvement rate of 91.43% versus 62.22%,” report the researchers.
> Factors that cast doubt on the findings
For example, more participants in the favipiravir group were younger and leaner and had the treatment sooner after the onset of symptoms. On the other hand, fewer participants in this group had fever, for instance.
Clearly this outbreak would not go away anytime sooner, I badly wanted the situation to stabilize so I can finally fly to Japan and work there.
@mr5 ...Japanese are bad in english
Yeah I will study Nihonggo anyway
But I like their culture and behavior
for those wanted to go japan for education or working are encouraged to learn japanese
Yes. I have found a job opening there that accepts non-Japanese speaker. They also offer a free Japanese language course
i dont know filipino, but it might be hard
3:19 AM
Welp, my GF got her N5 within 2 months of studying...
what is n5
the only problematic for me I think is the Japanese characters especially those written in Kanji
Japanese Language Proficiency Test
N5 being the basic
which standard?
N1 is the master
kanji everywhere
3:22 AM
ehh even Japanese natives are having a hard time understanding it
kanji make chinese to learn japanese are super easy
it's just outdated school curriculum
You know some Kanji?
is it similar to Malaysian characters?
kanji are chinese character
My first language are chinese
majority of your population speaks and writes Chinese right?
no, malay are the majority
Malay 62%, Chinese 20.6%, Indian 6.2%, other 0.9%
chinese good at economy, malay good at unite, indian good at science ....
back to japanese, for leaners, kanji absolutely a nightmare
except chinese (they learned already)
3:29 AM
yeah I wish I have a photographic memory
according to Google, I only need to memorize at least 2000 Kanji characters to be proficient at it
In fact, the Chinese themselves do n’t know how they learn Chinese characters. There are thousands of fonts that sound crazy.
2000 only for proficient ?
Can I also use the translate feature?
! Pwede ko ba gamitin yung translate feature?
you maybe learned around 500 probably, already enough to use in daily
hmm... bot cant modify others transcript
so no..
@nyconing I think the translate feature would be a good addition to your bot :)
eh just make it a reply?
hehe, good for me, fix my bad english
!~translate Pwede ko ba gamitin yung translate feature?
Can I use the translate feature?
·from Filipino
Pwede ko ba gamitin yung
^ this is so long but only means 'Can I use' ?
3:37 AM
@nyconing do you inject the script in your browser every time you visit this chat or you are not closing this tab or you're using something similar to phantomjs?
yeah I paste the script into browser, F12 > CTRL + V
@nyconing yep but it's way easier to pronounce it.
I think our language was developed through picking the most less stressful way to deliver a word
they simplified the characters, into 平仮名
hmm I'm not sure what does that chart means
a => あ
ka => か
sa => さ
just a 2d table
3:56 AM
means 'reload' in our language
4:12 AM
奈良 => nara
4:26 AM
do you been japan?
how do you get the sum of a group by?
  var finalAllG = BARSDATALIST[0].ALLG.Where(x => x.Value.COUNT > 0).GroupBy(x => x.Value.COUNT)
                .Select(x => new {COUNT = x.Count(), RATIO = Math.Abs((x.Count() / x.Sum(x.Count()) - 1),NAME = x.Key })
                .OrderByDescending(x => x.RATIO).ToList();
'x.sum(x.count())' throws an error
'cannot convert,... to int
@nyconing yeah
groupBy is used on 'COUNT'
and the amount grouped == x.Count()
how do i get the sum of x.Count()?
select the fields in the group you wanted to sum
4:30 AM
{3, 3, 4, 3, 5, 4, 6}
you select the grouped results stored into anonymous type new{COUNT = x.Count()}
group by gives a count of '3' for 3, and '2' for 4
so finalAllG.Sum(x=>x.COUNT)
ah but i need it here though...
RATIO = Math.Abs((x.Count() / x.Sum(x.Count()) - 1)
this is where i get teh errors
after all these months, why are you still not using Pascal casing?
4:32 AM
I noticed that
how do i RATIO = math.abs(x.count() / finalAllg.sum(x=>x.count))?
is it a runtime error?
RATIO = Math.Abs((x.Count() / x.Sum(c=>c.Count()) - 1)
yeah cause .Sum takes an input expression
error: ,... 'does not contain a definition for Count'
i tried that btw :/
this is a dictionary list
4:35 AM
anyone familiar with SQL Schema Comparison? Really need help on that. No one answers me in SQL room
the name Count does not exist in the current context
*scratches head
what if i put a method?
x.Count() / methodReturnsSumofCount
i dont understand what you want to do btw
RATIO = Math.Abs((x.Count() / x.Sum(c=>c.{your field here}) - 1)
x.Count() for say... [0] --> 2
let's say we have 3 items, [0] --> 2, [1] --> 3, [2] --> 2
x.Count() / sum(2 + 3 + 2)
BARSDATALIST[0].ALLG <- what is inside
concurrentDictionary<int, BarsDataTable> BarsDataTable.AllG
AllG is list<decimal>
btw i think i found the answer...
Math.Abs(finalAllG[i].COUNT / finalAllG.Sum(x => x.COUNT)));
im okay with having it down in the console.Write section
4:46 AM
no, wait
why is there index access inside linq
lei me find you a best solution, btw I cant reproduce your data
@Adan obviously it wasnt list of decimal
@mr5 im been there twice also, seen 8 worker on a small hole on a road, 4 on each side of blockade, 2 working inside a hole, 2 working on road repair. done in about few minutes.
me and my friend is shocked
cause they have no time for bullshit
most other countries will politicize first the issue
and they switch off the engine on every red lights, thought it might be hybrid engine
turns out it was switch off manually
5:27 AM
> First thing human should learn after walk, is to respect others, including animals and the natural.
I like what's written in your profile @nyconing
change the "natural" to nature
hehe, thanks
6:09 AM
@mr5 hey man
is a service layer necessary for xamarin forms mvvm pattern
or i can just all rom viewmodel to api
yeah you could
but it's a good practice to encapsulate your APIs in services
was thinking api from viewmodels
would violate the design and id have to do it later and
and mix things up
do you use any dependency injection library?
6:12 AM
@mr5 nope just the old fashioned pattern
Start using one then
you in the metro btw?
you will expand your knowledge if you use one right away while studying MVVM pattern
yeah. I'm in Alabang
6:13 AM
whats the simples one you an suggest.
god i miss fastfood
we just had our McDonalds for our lunch through grab food
Buenos dias amigos
@c0dem0nkey Are you using coreFx?
Because that brings DI with it already
Ah Xamarin, nvm
7:12 AM
!~wiki KLG (restaurant chain)
KLG (Chinese: 快樂雞; pinyin: Kuàilèjī in Taiwan; referred to as Kuai Le Gee in Malaysia, meaning "Happy Chicken") is a fast food chain in Taiwan, headquartered in Fengyuan District, Taichung.It is a fast food restaurant chain in Malaysia, Taiwan, and mainland China, which has several similarities with KFC. The lettering of KLG uses the same font and colour as KFC; the logo depicts a plump chicken wearing a bow tie. In Malaysia, there were several outlets in Ipoh, Penang (near Farlim) and Langkawi Island. KLG's menu is similar to KFC's, with fried chicken, french fries, chicken burgers and soft drinks...
So I need some explanation about git
Sometimes when I'm done with a feature, I rebase my branch onto develop to solve any conflicts before trying to merge
So just now, I cleaned up my commits, and then rebased: git rebase --onto develop
And then...all my commit were gone. I was AT develop level.
Why? How?
I thought it's supposed to put my commits on top?
ehh rebase?
why not just merge?
Because then I have other commit on top of my commits
I want my commits in order
7:24 AM
do you use CLI or a GUI git?
(And also we made this process mandatory in our team)
you can fast forward though
Depends. I use cli for most things.
FF only works if the commits are actually on top of dev
So to put them there, I rebase before merging into dev
@Squirrelkiller eh isn't this commit supposed to be the merge commit message?
The merge commit is always there anyway, yes
I mean commit from other people
When I'm done with my feature, there are usually like 10-30 commits in develop that aren't in my branch
7:27 AM
I am using SourceTree and I often stumble in this buggy non-committed code even though I have already merged my feature branches. If you're using a GUI git, it might probably be just another UI bug
oh do you follow the GitFlow pattern?
And also I despise SourceTree
Most of my colleagues use it, because it was used as an example when gitlab/git was introduced, so it's the defacto standard
Whenever they have problems, I usually go "The solution is to delete sourcetree"
@Squirrelkiller have you tried git reflog?
brb Daily
"On prem doesn't scale" they said
Meanwhile, my system is experiencing 300% increase in usage over the last week or so
7:47 AM
@Sakthivel does not have to be
you can set values to null in the array, and treat null as an "empty cell"
7:58 AM
good morning
@CaptainObvious how to scale on prem
It is not a good morning
step 1) don't max your environment to begin with
Write good code apparently
step 2) keep some resource free
step 3) go back to step 1
8:02 AM
Actual usage has barely moved though too
what is prem?
On prem
on premise
ie on premises
Ie not the cloud
ah software
8:05 AM
Cloud is just other ppls computers
another jargon I wont understand for the next years
We use Gitlab on prem i.e. host a Gitlab instance in our own datacentre
But why
Because it's free of course!
And also we have a datacentre
Because we sell SaaS
8:59 AM
9:32 AM
Now bits of the system are too fast and are stepping on eachother
@CaptainObvious add Task.Delay(x) x being how many times you wanted to have a salary raise.
@CaptainObvious That's a really positive way of thinking. Instead of some part of the system are slow to process
what would be the antonym for the word "grant" in the context of "authorized request"
yeah but now I'm battling against the windows disk flush
ah "revoke"
10:01 AM
is it wrong of me for getting angry at someone for including the phrase etc. in a change request
@Harry I'm picturing in my head you mean like this: Added X because Harry said "pLeAsE adD tHiS"
no its more like can you add x, y, etc.
do you mean the "etc." word?
we don't even care about commit messages
10:10 AM
no this is someone askign me to change something
unless you're the one doing the code review
they left a ticket askign me to change x, y and etc.
without telling me wtf etc. means
ah. lol. I'm misunderstanding what you said. I thought you're referring to commit message :D
haha. that's really annoying
I would be a little bit annoyed and probably just leave a message "wdym?"
10:12 AM
nah if it was a pr itd be fine cause i could go back and check
@Harry if it doesn't have all the info in it, push it back with a "wont do: not enough information"
or ask them to specify exactly what they want doing
and if they dont
only change what's included in the ticket and then hand it back
oh yeah thats what im gonna do
im simply asking if its wrong for it to be making me angry
commit message "change something and etc. to this and etc."
@mr5 Revert
@Harry no
that'll go in time and it'll just become resentment
protip: users are fucking stupid
10:18 AM
15 days more to go
but I think lock down would be extended since we have the most stupidest people ever
where are you? phillippines?
this is a global brainwashing
btw theres world war z for free on epic launcher right now
its very fitting given the current situation ;)
supermarkets actually came up with the idea to force people to use the cart thingy stuff
10:22 AM
@Harry yeah. land of the rebels and the idiots
which is quite smart since it forces people to keep distance
and yes, they force it! there is one employee at the entrace who will not let you in until you take a cart with you
as a respecful person, they do assume you keep using it tho
but since the other options are gone... you might just as well use it
considering our average IQ is below the global index (86 for the record)
we are doomed
@Hans1984 is it the same as this movie:
its based on the movie
HI all, anyone know if its possible in webforms to get the contents for a custom control ie <my:tag>this bit</my:tag> because I have been searching and cant find anything on it
you cna play it in coopand multiplayer
we can make a c# clan
and play together
those zombie are actually ppl trying to buy the last bag of toilet papper
10:30 AM
so you have to stop them
the video is referring to motion sickness isn't it?
its nothing
this seizure thing is shown for every single game you play
10:31 AM
I experienced it when playing the old half life (2005sh)
and fornite
ah I'm referring to motion sickness
you had seizures ?
epic launcher is taking too long to load
evtl it will load
10:34 AM
I get seizures from minecraft
but yeah it takes some time
the sheep are just too scary
@Wietlol cart handle is very nice way to spread the virus
@Wietlol do you know any problem that would require you to look for a cycle of numbers in a collection?
I didnt ask them how they clean them tho
you deliver the cart back at the supermarket, but it doesnt immediately go back into the line of the carts being used
cycle of numbers?
[0, 1, 2, 3, 2] ?
and 2 is cycled?
10:39 AM
so... find duplicates?
all of our carts you have to put it back to the line here
basically, a problem you would use the Floyd's hare and tortoise
I wouldnt immediately use it actually
memory complexity and time complexity is keep in mind
10:40 AM
I would just use a hash map or hash set
yeah. me too
so I was wondering what scenario I would use that algo
mostly because we can often compute this hash collection before noticing the problem
hare and tortoise is an approach where you need the result on the spot
when you are dealing with larger collections of data, you want to avoid such approaches
you want to pre-compute the thing that would get you the result many times faster on the spot
the only case I can come up with is fighting corona using a computer virus
wdym "on the spot"?
and even then, pre-computing the hash set is a much better approach
on the spot is basically like the following
you create a new account in your system
but you want to avoid duplication of whatever (say username or email address)
you could, at that point, load all the values from the database and add the new username/emailaddress to it and find out if there are duplicates
or... you could instead have a pre-computed hash map using the username/emailaddress as key and check if an item with that key exists
where's the hare and tortoise?
10:45 AM
using sql databases with a unique index or just a regular (non-clustered) index, there is a special kind of collection that already contains a much faster approach to finding the duplication
> you could, at that point, load all the values from the database and add the new username/emailaddress to it and find out if there are duplicates
using the hare and tortoise
because the hare and tortoise is a solution you do on an unsorted list
how do you build the nodes in that algo?
on a sorted list, you would use a binary search for the key or a single windowed iteration to find duplicates
in a hash map... you just dont have duplicates
I dont build nodes :)
I mean, how would you construct the input for the hare and tortoise?
I have once attempted to create my first snake game using linkedlist
hare and tortoise doesnt detect duplicates tho
I actually did not managed to create it
10:51 AM
a hare and tortoise node is quite simple tho
a hare and tortoise node is quite simple tho
public interface Node<T>
    public T Value { get; }
    public Node<T>? NextNode { get; }
Value is the Value of the node
Current would imply an iterator or enumerator
and current often means change
and change often means a very sad majestic green flaming lion
does the linkedlist have the lowest time complexity?
among the list, queue, stack?
in terms of adding
stack, queue and linkedlist have O(1)
array list has best case: O(1) worst case: O(n) (depending on if it must increase the capacity of the underlying array)
O(1) means it's constant regardless of the size of the collection right?
10:57 AM
of course it depends on the stack and queue implementations
@mr5 yes
O(n) means time complexity is linear to its size?
oh thank god
I learned something today
those are the things I missed in school actually
Pretty sure that knowledge is mostly academic
I would like to say that it doesnt really matter, but it actually kind of does
10:59 AM
I mean, it doesn't really matter that you know how hte big o notation works, but as a developer it's helpful to know that a loop inside a loop is gonna be called lots of times
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