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12:45 AM
♦ Gallery: anyone may enter, but only approved users can talk
Nice privilege
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2:39 AM
I do picture C++ as some old guy trying to party with teenagers (modern stacks)
3:21 AM
Modern C++
6 hours later…
9:17 AM
@mr5 and who is COBOL? the old guy's grandfather?
how do you print in a console without creating a new line?
printing on the same line, like updates
Console.Write Line () ?
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right, Write() appends
i dont want to append, i want to update
ex: for(var i ,.... ) consoleWrite(i) *prints on same line
10:19 AM
it prints on same line, but I assume you want to overwrite existing characters
I think you can use SetCursorPosition for that
A: Can Console.Clear be used to only clear a line instead of whole console?

dknaackDescription You can use the Console.SetCursorPosition function to go to a specific line number. Than you can use this function to clear the line public static void ClearCurrentConsoleLine() { int currentLineCursor = Console.CursorTop; Console.SetCursorPosition(0, Console.CursorTop); ...

10:40 AM
@DKDhilip ten.dot kek
@Wietlol COBOL in this context are the dinosaurs
@DKDhilip Awesome
11:23 AM
Hi guys, some way to pass to Action's parameters as value?
11:42 AM
Q: Pass variable to action as value

NoxSo I need to build dynamically a set of Actions with a foreach, something like this: Action<object[]> actions; int index = -1; foreach(var item in itemCollection) { actionsParametersArray[++index] = aParameter; actions += x => Console.WriteLine(index); actions += x => DoAction((int)...

12:26 PM
12:53 PM
hi folks, I am learning Xamarin.Forms right now. I attempted to open a file on Android device as follows. How to solve the issue?
how to bypass the permission ?
i am not familiar with linux.
1:07 PM
Ben Popper on February 22, 2020
Why bother to learn a programming language when it will be out of date by the time I master it?
3 hours later…
4:18 PM
@Freerey Compiz is nice if used correctly
1 hour later…
5:40 PM
@RoelvanUden Thanks:
yesterday, by Roel van Uden
@MyWrathAcademia Now... let's imagine .NET forgets that your reference to a memory address is of the type person. What can it do with that instance of that object? Nothing much, it doesn't know more than that it is "some kind of object". That's what happens internally in Hashtable. It just made the reference to a memory address lose the type information. You still know where that instance it, you just don't know what it is. Does that make sense?
The above response and your other two responses make sense because they basically confirm my understanding is correct.
@RoelvanUden Now I'm confused about how control flow in an async method works when an exception is thrown in response to the async method being cancelled using the CancellationTokenSource.Cancel() method.
The example I am trying to understand is from here:
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.Windows;
using System.Windows.Controls;
using System.Windows.Data;
using System.Windows.Documents;
using System.Windows.Input;
using System.Windows.Media;
using System.Windows.Media.Imaging;
using System.Windows.Navigation;
using System.Windows.Shapes;

// Add a using directive and a reference for System.Net.Http.
using System.Net.Http;

// Add the following using directive.
using *.*; // awesome (/o.o)/
6:14 PM
@RoelvanUden At the statement cts.Cancel(); what happens to the remaining ProcessURLAsync(url, client, ct) async method calls that return a Task<int> to IEnumerable<Task<int>> when the cancellation token passed to the method call is notified of cancellation via CancellationToken.IsCancellationRequested being set to true and the exception OperationCancelledException is thrown in the GetAsync method?
6:40 PM
// Length of the downloaded website: 158856
// Download complete.
3. Or is only the first completed task returned to IEnumerable<Task<int>> downloadTasksQuery?
In other words, how are the rest of the downloads cancelled?
1. Do the remaining downloads, i.e. the remaining ProcessURLAsync async method calls, complete (i.e. the remaining Tasks return to IEnumerable<Task<int>> without throwing an exception) but are just not publicized since the Sample output is:
2. or is control transferred to another location (where?) when the exception OperationCancelledException is thrown?
@RoelvanUden can you help me understand what's going on in the async program I posted? Thanks.
Sorry, I don't know @MyWrathAcademia. I never really invested time in understanding cancellation tokens. I don't ever use them myself.
3 hours later…
9:53 PM
@MyWrathAcademia inside the HttpClient.Response.Content.ReadAsAnythingButStreamAsnyc(), there is a serialization loop. In this loop, you can "break" anytime and that's one of the thing how it can get cancelled. The data is stored in NetworkStream (not in memory, not in storage), and is lost once the connection have been cut then it throws an Exception.

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