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1:38 AM
@RoelvanUden what happened to your profile pic?
1 hour later…
2:59 AM
Q: How do I properly test ObjectCache/MemoryCache in .Net Framework?

Euridice01I have this service that adds a byte array of a file to the cache if it doesn't already exist in the cache. I want to write a unit test for this caching and I'm not sure how to get it to work properly. Currently, nothing gets added to the cache when I'm unit testing. Here's how I am doing it ri...

3:36 AM
is there something called blind estimate?
4:04 AM
4:19 AM
@nyconing restart all those MSSQL* stuff?
4:58 AM
Accidentally renamed a count variable from MasterCount to MasterCu*t. Its all over my for loop.
connects (local) worked -.- not sure what the hell is going on there, shouldnt be (local)/instancename ?
and use refactor next time
@nyconing Indeed i updated everything.
> git checkout .
Maybe .\MSSQLSERVER also works
@nyconing ServerName\InstanceName is what it suppose to be unless you have it installed it in your local machine
5:29 AM
Thanks Microsoft
Level up!
All UWP apps are unusable now...
@mr5 No...
5:45 AM
posted on February 19, 2020 by Scott Hanselman

Four years ago I wrote how to BUILD (literally compile) Visual Studio Code for a Raspberry Pi ARM machine. Just a few months later in November, community member Jay Rodgers released his labor of love - nightly builds of VS Code for Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi. If you want to get unofficial builds of Visual Studio Code running on a Raspberry Pi (I know you have one!) you should use his instru

I feel more safe by doing this
Stupid Windows Defender
its going to be friday
I really hate antivirus software, they all sucks big time!
ThreatName = [...]
   ERROR - file:\\[...].exe quarantined at ?2/?21/?2020 5:27:00 AM (UTC) cannot be restored. Error code = 0x80508014
Even stupid mpcmdrun -restore -all also not working
6:10 AM
0x80508014 on google:
determined the path back to the original location had been removed which prevented the restore process from working properly
Original location still there and always there
But it is a mapped network drive
verify it
mapped drive, did it logged in? and writable? access it with explorer and then try again
Anybody have tried Realm for .net?
Used realm on my xamarin.android app
Everything is working, I guess Windows Defender can't see that path when trying to restore
6:15 AM
How do you find Realm as compared to SQLite (EF Core, MonkeyCache/Akavache, native abstraction of SQLite)?
then remove that mapped drive, attach some physical removeable drive and assign same drive letter to it, creates required folder, and try to restore?
@mr5 realm.All<Customer>().First(x=>x.Code == "J0005")
I'm trying this, in the half way
This trick doesn't work
Even mapping a Everyone writable network drive, plus original folders also not working
6:41 AM
mpcmdrun -restore -all -path C:\ShittyFolder
This worked
7:23 AM
Good morning.
@mr5 I changed it?
Age of Empires 3 rocks
@nyconing <3
7:41 AM
Buenos dias
AoE in general rocks
I hope the don't fuck up AoE4
They might.
I heard
Either way, we've had AOE for what? 20 years now? We can continue playing it for 20 more.
They already broke the promise they made my teenage self with the collectors edition of AoE3 having "The Plan" for future AoE games.
Now they gotta at least make it good
If they follow the road of C&C we're doomed lol
7:48 AM
I can't actually find that image on google...
That was a lie.
I honestly would like one set in WW2-era.
Shit I guess I gotta install EE again soon
That whole picture in a single game. I loved it.
But then EE2 came and killed it
I think that was the original idea for Age of Empires
at least starting with 2
but they think making another one in the medieval period is better gonna earn them more money
to be fair, the medieval period is one of the most interesting for strategy games, but you need to bring in a few more elements than AoE 2 did
8:13 AM
The expired time for “access_token”.
Default is “28800”.
is that in ms?
28second per token?
I think the header value is in seconds
Should be in seconds
should be in years
Jack, kick Wiet
8:21 AM
Any idea why this might crash my Blazor Webapp?
Without it, it works. With it, it crashes with WASM: Microsoft.JSInterop.JSException: String contains an invalid character
After OnParameterSetAsync, but before OnAfterRenderAsync.
It's this line:
<button @disabled="@IsDisabled" @onclick="DoLogout">Logout</button>
HTTP/1.1 418 I'm a teapot
Oh shit you're right Wiet
I would still wack the compiler
Take that back, not right yet
8:27 AM
Strings are allowed to have every character
I rmeoved the @ and now it doesn't properly bind anymore
awana go howm olredi
(with the exception of null perhaps, depending on your runtime, which is still silly)
@Squirrelkiller but the compiler doesnt complain any more :D
you have to bind differently
Actually it does
"NULL terminated string\0"
8:28 AM
or escape @ or something
Before it didn't complain
@DKDhilip ye, those are silly
@ has to be the control character to bind to the property
This one works like a charm:
<button type="button" @onclick=@(() => showRegistrationForm = !showRegistrationForm)>
	@(showRegistrationForm ? "Go to Login" : "Register")
have you tried @disabled=@IsDisabled ?
or perhaps also use a method or lambda as workaround
F***ing recruiter just called me, can't they read "Currently not open to any career opportunity."?
8:33 AM
@DKDhilip "ye, but perhaps you are open for career opportunities but just didnt change your status"
"or, you know, you are always open for career opportunities"
@Wietlol This is the one in the paste
without the quotes?
Ah, no
Without the quotes copmiler screams at me imediately
the onclick on your button is not using quotes either
But I got it now
8:34 AM
or that
So this is the right solution, without warnings:
Without quotes, with @ only on the property but not the attribute
why cant they just be normal?
Who defines what is normal?
Of course
8:40 AM
kotlin-react is the most normal ui framework
I want the earth explode right now!
no messing around with bindings, weird html, silly syntax or duplication of effort
it just... works
Blazor is silly
That's like, the definition of javascript though
"It just...works"
Blazor is awesome
A frontend framework running on WASM
Javascript: "It just... works... at 'compile'-time"
at runtime, it never works
8:43 AM
If @Wietlol said Blazor is awesome then it is awesome, otherwise no
blazor is poop
@DKDhilip what ui framework do you like?
I bet it is also poop
I like nothing
Vanilla everything
that is also... wait...
8:45 AM
Me when people start siding with Wietlol:
vanilla is not a ui framework... is it?
Thanks for the help, but it's time to go on vacation now. Cya o/
Vanilla means plain and nice
No framework/UI library involved
so it means poop, way too much work, only works on your device and isnt supported by anyone so no one can help you?
that is a different level of poop
Who want to support poop devices
Only support the latest and greatest poop
8:48 AM
first time happened
if it is just greater poop, it is just a larger piece of shit
you have to evolve to "the shit"
At least it is a shinny shit
Gold plated great poop
8:54 AM
> Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (aka TomKat)
Not gold, but close enough
fuck i have a dead pixel in the middle of the screen
is this enough to request RMA?
Depends on manufacturer, product line, RMA policy
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' squirrelerinos!
9:10 AM
bought through Amazon so customer service should be A-OK
@DKDhilip at least vanilla cant be as bad as ASP.NET Web Frigging Forms
Stupid ASP.NET Web Forms, design view is so unusable in Visual Studio
redirecting results in a ThreadAbortException, which you have to exclude in your catch clauses
the ThreadAbortException on async is considered an unhandled exception and redirects you to the error page
fucking firebase not working
you have to do trickery to actually do a redirect
9:19 AM
getting a replacement, yay!
thank you Amazon
the most idiotic thing is that async and non-async work differently as well
making you unable to use non-async functions inside async context
if you're inside an async Task and you also await on another Task inside it, would it use 2 threads?
not necessarily
one thread could do it
yeah but I am not in control
@DKDhilip Well... who uses Web Forms? And who uses design view? They're both crap :-D
9:22 AM
when you await an async task, does it just use the current thread to execute it?
or does the current thread sleep and a new one runs it?
Sometimes you have no choice but to use it
I mean, two threads excluding main thread
Task.Run, Task.Factory.StartNew
Holy crap, they even sent the replacement already!
I can wait until I get it to send back the faulty screen
So nice
In my place, it is so difficult to RMA stuffs
9:25 AM
<!>Adapter: Maximum execution time exceeded. CodeWorker may not running!
!~> "Hola"
9:27 AM
<!>Adapter: Maximum execution time exceeded. CodeWorker may not running!
Only Node.js still working
<!>Adapter: Maximum execution time exceeded. CodeWorker may not running!
@Neil we will never know
my codeworker is runned
9:28 AM
or is it a rhetoric question
just forgot to open after restart my pc
@mr5 surely the thread is given an id or there must be some way to uniquely identify the threads
@Neil that would be .Result
with .Result, you let the current thread sleep
and rely on other threads to finish the process
9:29 AM
Install it as Windows Service
with await, the current thread will continue processing the task
on a single threaded application, .Result should always result in a deadlock
while with await, one thread is essentially enough
well it wouldn't be single threaded at that point..
it could be
9:30 AM
wouldn't it create a thread?
so it has some arbitrary thread pool?
I think it uses the application threadpool
@Neil It depends on the task scheduler.
Your task has an associated task scheduler. The default task scheduler does nothing more than associating the task to an idle thread from the thread pool. If none is available, it waits for one to become available. If your calling code does an await, then that thread can get released back into the thread pool. Thus, there is a chance that your task runs on the same thread when you await it, but there's no guarantee. The continuation after the await also uses a thread from the thread pool.
It could be a different one than before.
The default task scheduler for WPF/WinForms is slightly different in that it respects that continuations of a UI thread run on the UI thread again rather than a random thread.
ahoy mateys o/
9:35 AM
@RoelvanUden iirc, running an async function always uses the same thread until an IO or wait operation occurs
@Wietlol I'm not sure. You might very well be right, and that would make sense, but from a design sense I personally wouldn't count on that behavior.
I wouldnt count on any behavior of which thread runs what
9:38 AM
Sometimes it is better to use sync than async method
for me, sometimes = almost always
only reason to use async is Task.Run()
I don't see many situations where sync is better than async.
running two methods in parallel
@RoelvanUden less code clutter
less headache
@Wietlol Because writing async/await is such a huge hassle?
Performance reason
9:39 AM
less implementation details and cluttering of interfaces
less problems with generics and variance
@DKDhilip For performance reasons, you should use async instead of sync.
Not always
less overhead as well
less coding more sleep
smaller margin of error
the only reason I have to use async is because library X forces you to use it or to use Task.Run to run 2 processes in parallel
9:41 AM
You two are weird.
(for example waiting on two net requests at the same time)
For example when using UDP socket to send/receive a lot of very short messages, sync is better than async
@RoelvanUden im not weird, I just use a different runtime environment
one where all the problems that async "solves" were already solved in a much better way
such as load balancing, ui responsiveness, etc
Oh yes, let's take a moment to tell us all how bad C# really is.
its still C#
9:42 AM
Use async when you have longer IO time
Then what do you use?
AWS Lambda
... that was the world's most stupid answer. You still have to deal with I/O there.
yes, but I only have to deal with I/O
For very short I/O, sync is better
9:43 AM
the reason to use async for IO is that while doing IO, you can use the thread for something else
project build with ❤ by Roslyn
awana go howm. does anyone feel the same way as me?
for me, there is nothing else I want to do
there is nothing else to do
@nyconing that one is cringy from github
the thread would be idle until the IO is done
so, it might just as well sleep for that time
9:44 AM
project build with 💢 by Roslyn
Oh well, it's your money.
Who use Roslyn? We should write our own compiler
well... its not my money
and my own AWS accounts are costing me a total of 14 cents per month
I am happy to spend that money instead of having my own dedicated server running in my appartment or renting a VPS at some hosting company
But you can't smell machines when using AWS :D
9:53 AM
@mr5 I'm home already
My bedroom is my office
Mine too
I struggle to work from home, too many distractions
you guys are work from home?
I'm jobless
9:59 AM
its considered a benefit in the developer industry, most big software places use it to appeal to potential employees

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