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2:22 AM
@Squirrelkiller I can feel a condescending atmosphere there.
2:43 AM
3:38 AM
@mr5 Its Zirak bot, but having many overhaul, the most features and plugin on original Zirak bot is broken, so I repaired most of it and implements some new plugins
4:28 AM
@nyconing is this the one used for Caprica?
yes. rlemon used zirak bot in caprica
quston: Does "I removed the offending text" sounds arrogant?
based on role
if you says it to president "I removed your offending words" sounds unrespect
if president says it to someone "I removed your offending words" sounds reasonable and professional
owner can do whatever he want to his own item
and anyone used the item from others should first respect the owner
we lives in the era that everything under the legal system
4:47 AM
hmm I'm also considering the culture. I think I've seen something like this from the github comments and the author was okay with it.
4:59 AM
Might because the owner appreciate the contribution, or they are friend
5:40 AM
Ben Popper on February 18, 2020
We try to climb the teetering tower of abstraction, examine a human readable magazine on computing, and prepare for Y2038.
1 hour later…
6:49 AM
@mr5 I'd suggest something like "Removed some words that might offend someone". Don't make it too definite.
Also what could someone put in a comment that could offend people?
@Squirrelkiller because he "doesn't like" what's written from the text so I removed it.
I assume he got offended from it lol
7:08 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
7:23 AM
today's lunch: bresaola, parmesan cheese, and lettuce wrap
What's on the menu for you?
Today's menu at one of the office cafes: chicken satay with steamed rice or calamari in tomato sauce and chickpeas.
well hello, Mr. Fancypants
Yes, yes.
The food situation here is insane. They told us that a new employee gains 7-10kgs in their first year.
7:38 AM
and it's all free?
well it wouldn't be free, but paid for by Google presumably
Yes, it's a company-operated cafeteria.
though I suppose if it were strictly owned by Google, the cafeteria would have no interest in going that extra mile
Good morning.
my guess is they're their own company, and they agree upon a price and then run a tab for each google employee
in that way, they'd want to draw in more customers because it would mean more profit
@RoelvanUden morn' o/
> Please update the update updater to update the application.
- Visual Studio
7:45 AM
And you get an update, and you get an update, and you get an update! -Oprah Studio
Ah, it's certainly a vendor operated by Google, yes, but it's not a franchisee, it's just a company contracted to operate the company cafeterias.
Do they track what you eat?
That's surprising.
do they have vending machines?
7:49 AM
Generally speaking no-one tracks your hours, your office supplies, your minor equipment requisitions (things like cables, power adapters, etc are freely available on a shelf to take without even going through IT). Take what you need.
They are just tracking without perceive
@Neil No. Snacks and drinks are available in the kitchenettes.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan can you take any device to home?
if people were generally honest, this would be ideal. There's no reason to track what you require for office supplies unless you, the employer, don't trust your employees
@Neil So a company like Google, which spends so much time and effort in selectively recruiting and can afford to be picky, can afford to trust its employees.
7:51 AM
and even if someone took home an extra power adapter for home use, not that big of a deal.. the only risk come from those who would smuggle them out by the hundreds to sell on the market, which is ridiculous to assume anyone would legit do that
@mr5 Am I supposed to? No. Will anyone track me? Also no. Will I do it? No. Because trust engenders trust.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan I think companies should trust their employees more in general
@Neil I agree, but of course, that's where people get in the way.
(And by people I mean managers, not employees).
well this is the reason why we can't have nice things
a lot of decisions that we just take for granted derive from a lack of trust in the employee
like working from home is only now starting to become a thing
I think too many people (especially common here in Israel) have a mindset where they're unwilling to feel like they lost out on something. They're willing to prevent 50 legitimate employee actions to prevent the one, potential illegitimate one.
7:54 AM
If you're a manager and you have to think about policy, nobody is going to fault you for choosing the more restrictive and less trusting decision for your employees
and there you have it. 90% of the reason why things don't change
@Neil Exactly.
People err on the side of covering their asses.
once upon a time when most employees were blue collar workers working in the mines, they were barely getting by. There was a good reason why you had to clock in, and why there was an overseer. It was because you had to guarantee that work was being done
At least for developers, it's about working smart, not working long hours as I see it
There was some guy who outsourced his work to several Indian developers, and he got away with it for a while. Heck, they considered him for promotion for all the hard work that he was doing.
When they found out, they fired him, and I was thinking.. wait a second.. the work was getting done.. you don't fire a guy like that..
Meh, the old factory/mine model was simply a form of slavery. It wasn't "required", it was simply more acceptable because poorer workers weren't expected to have rights and trust in the first place.
@Neil I've read about that case. The work was getting done but a shit-ton of classified company information was being sent out to unauthorized employees for years.
well in many cases, it was the only form of work in a small city, so everyone worked in the factory/mine
Good morning
Starting off the day with some memes
7:59 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan I think they should have carefully evaluated what he should and shouldn't have done, and acted accordingly
@Neil In the 19th century you had large corporations building towns around mines and factories, and generally controlling everything about it. Workers would be paid in company currency that could only be used in company stores.
but he could have been put in charge of a proper formal outsourcing center
@Neil Where he would quite likely have also lied and and misrepresented his work.
thank god that practice ended. That whole idea was diabolical
@Neil I heard about some top-of-the-line dev who always delivered impecable work, with best practices and very efficient solutions, he was being paid in 6 digits. At some point they found out his work was being outsourced to a Chinese dev company
8:01 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan I'm just saying, however unconventional, he could have been quite useful. He had proven himself to be right up to the point where they wanted to promote him
@HéctorÁlvarez That may be the same case, I don't honestly recall if they were Chinese or Indian
@Neil No, he hadn't proven himself. He had lied and exposed to company to information leakage, potential lawsuits and other problems. The fact that the outsourced worker hadn't used his physical security key to leak other information was merely luck.
Well I don't mean to say that he was trustworthy, don't get me wrong.
merely that it takes talent to do something like that
8:17 AM
@nyconing "just woke up"?
8:45 AM
@Hypersapien what you are looking for is "the lack of static" and "discipline"
static basically means that fields/properties are shared between every instance
private means that you cant access it from anywhere else in your application
but other instances can still access the value from your instance when that code is inside your class
and there is no reason to make anything more private
for example, the equals function should be able to access those values
and you, as developer, are in control of what is written in that class/file, so you can decide if you want to access the properties of other instances
> struct Property<T, P> where P : IValidator<T>, new ()
this line can be split up in two parts
> struct Property<T, P>
this basically defines a struct named "Property"
it also has 2 generic types "T" and "P"
generics are basically a form of composition of types
for example, you can make a List implementation, for example LinkedList, but you dont want to make that implementation for every type that you can imagine, so you make a generic type parameter so you can compose the type at the call site
LinkedList<String>, LinkedList<Int32>, LinkedList<XDocument>, etc will all be that same class
just with a different api
the same counts for that struct
perhaps, it has a property of type "P"
the "where" part is a constraint on the generic types
> where P : IValidator<T>, new ()
Are you writing a book?
this means that the type "P" must implement IValidator<T> and must have a parameterless constructor
so, String, Int32 or XDocument will probably not be valid for this case
but your own model classes for example might be
you should look up generics and generic type constraints sometime, they are quite useful
@RoelvanUden dont interrupt me when I am writing a book
I'm sowwy.
@Sakthivel you need a sane implementation of the "Max" function
MoreLinq probably has one
if not, look up the implementation of Max and make your own overload for it
the implementation itself has a check if it is empty and throws an exception iirc
in your case, you probably want an optional argument with the default value that should be used if the collection is empty
reality is often disappointing
8:57 AM
in that case, you could just write
    .Where(e=>e.PositionInTable.Item2 == colIndex)
    .MaxBy(t => t.PositionInTable.Item1, rowIndex-1) + 1
the silly part is "rowIndex-1"
but I have to assume you dont have a Maybe<T> or Optional<T> in your libraries
Maybe<T> or Optional<T> would be the optimal return type for MaxBy
where you still have separation of logic so you can do the +1 only if it is found
How are you guys? :)
im fine :D
Miss you all! :')
@RoelvanUden @nyconing Im just looking through the chat I missed last evening/night and I am like "oh, a question... without a nice answer... lets fix that"
but now that the help desk is closed... lets go on a quest... :(
@Wietlol ... Do you mean DefaultIfEmpty? :)
.Select(a => a.PositionInTable.Item1).DefaultIfEmpty(rowIndex-1).Max();
9:07 AM
that is also a silly approach imho
does DefaultIfEmpty already exist?
if not, then just make the overload for a more sane MaxBy
It is a... very weird method, just humourous the name pretty much describes what you wrote :)
Why would it be MaxBy? More aptly named MaxOrDefault
Or just... Max
better not use MoreLinq then
MaxOrDefault would be a fine name, yes
I always suck at naming
for example, we use an Optional<T> in our codebase
and I wrote the methods for First and Single that return an Optional<T>
Probably called that because of ambiguity issues
Why are you always discussing C# when I look askance at the chat room
... named FirstOptional and SingleOptional :D
9:11 AM
It's just a Max with a comparer
now they are named FindFirst and FindSingle
It's not like this is an actual c# room, everyone knows the place is just a troll's nest
which I think are more appropriate names
@HéctorÁlvarez I can talk about html and css...
<span class="item">
  <span class="indent"></span>
  <span class="text">aaaggGGHHJEOPGKRVZXMFWFLoqkwfowpell!!!?</span>
.item {
  height: 30px;
  display: inline-block;

.indent {
  width: 22px;
  height: 22px;
  margin: 4px;
  display: inline-block;
Quest: Make the text vertically centered.
9:12 AM
that's not HTML
@Wietlol Oh, Thank you!
@Wietlol have you tried line-height?
if you do something like line-height: 1em; you should be able to use vertical center
also don't treat span as block tags, they are inline, and shouldn't be formatted as div blocks.
@Wietlol Ah, now I see!
@HéctorÁlvarez yep
wait... cant you share a jsfiddle any more?
9:17 AM
@HéctorÁlvarez it only has two seats
you don't think you'll need more?
@Neil that's very unlikely, given I tend to carry more than 1 people with me about 2 days per year
@HéctorÁlvarez well it doesn't come up often for me either, but it's nice to know you could
I've been driving for over 10 years now, I usually go alone everywhere
@HéctorÁlvarez I see no difference
why is html so hard?
9:24 AM
@Wietlol Use this, IDK how to share that
div {
  border: 1px solid black;

  line-height: 80px;
  vertical-align: middle;
<span class="test">HELLO THIS IS CENTERED</span>
change line height
and you can see it go up and doiwn
use updated version @Wietlol
basically if you tell your tag to vertical align without setting the line height it works, but line height defaults to as high as needed to wrap the contents
updated version?
I edited the CSS
2 mins ago, by Héctor Álvarez
div {
  border: 1px solid black;

  line-height: 80px;
  vertical-align: middle;
9:27 AM
that's the edited CSS
but I dont want 80px on the parent
if I change that to 30 and line height to 30, it isnt centered
set those as you need
but if div height is 23px you can't make line height greater than 23px in the span
unless you want to break stuff
ah, I found a solution
.text must be display: table-cell
use jumbotron!
and then vertical-align: middle
9:30 AM
if the div is 50px and you make line height 30px it works
or not even vertical align, just line height
.item {
  height: 30px;
  display: inline-block;
  background: red;

.indent {
  width: 22px;
  height: 22px;
  margin: 4px;
  display: inline-block;
  float: left;

.text {
  line-height: 30px;
  display: table-cell;
there are no tables :D
only table cells
table-cell converts your tag into a table cell
actually... the display didnt do shit
just the float left on the .indent
9:33 AM
that's like doing while(true) if (foo<3) break; instead of while(foo>=3)
its html tho
you cant do while(foo>=3)
whatever you want to do, the answer is flexbox
I want to not clutter my dom
the browser does not care
I guess the answer is not flexbox
9:35 AM
what do you want to do?
display ui
how can I ignore the 'pull' in git? I want this new commit to be the head of the current branch
Hello everyone
ohai michelangelo
I wanna crawl Html after render by js. Any solution? :)
9:38 AM
remote controlled browser?
.item {
  height: 30px;
  width: 100%;

.indent {
  width: 22px;
  height: 22px;
  margin: 4px;

.text {
  line-height: 1em;
  width: fit-content;
  margin: auto;
by code, dll. something like HttpClient, Webbrowser
Does this looks like the orange got strayed from the current branch right
9:40 AM
@nyconing nice try, but no
I have a working solution now tho
@mikenlanggio Selenium
22px body + 4px margin top + 4px margin bottom = 30px
are you bad at design?
@mr5 I told you already, if the div height is smaller than the span, then you break the DOM
it should be 30px tho
9:45 AM
make sure the container is bigger or equal in size to the max size of their children
neh just remove explicit height: 30px at .item
sometime children height are variable, according to browsing screen
@HéctorÁlvarez uhm what?
@mr5 DOM is short to write
don't pay attention to the detail
I was in a hurry
surrender to your doom
9:51 AM
it's the end of days, I tell you! DOOOOMMM! DOM TO US ALL!
> AJAX traversal manipulation,
event handling, and animation,
provide you with versatility!
An API with extensibility!
JQuery is something you can't ignore,
write less... do more.
The song of DOM
so, my problem today is a wpf one. for some reason, textblocks have a white foreground color
but its never set to that value anywhere else
snoop just says that its inherited
ahoy mateys o/
@HéctorÁlvarez It's Wiet that's asking about DOM
you're confusing me with Wietlol
9:59 AM
good morning
you sure ?
@mr5 you should change your name and icon :D
@mr5 No I answered your ping
27 mins ago, by mr5
Does this looks like the orange got strayed from the current branch right
How is this related to DOM?
10:09 AM
@mikenlanggio PhantomJS
@Wietlol ew
embrace the confusion!
@mikenlanggio github.com/puppeteer/puppeteer this is also good
I'd recommend puppeteer over PhantomJS, just because phantom isn't active anymore
I smell burning web...
...and burning crawlers
Morning children
10:19 AM
it's 6:18PM
GMT+8 here lol
Butler is on another dimension lol
aaaaaaaaaaaay wana go howm olredi
Your office is your 2nd home, so you're already home
this will never be like home
10:27 AM
This remind me of my ex-colleagues, they said: WHY STORE UTC DATE TIME IN DATABASE????!!!
10:38 AM
when the client asks you to do something that's simply not allowed, and when you tell them it's not allowed, they get angry with you..
@nyconing lolol
the client is ALWAYS right
even if hes wrong
Right wing?
10:46 AM
@DKDhilip lel i actually enjoed that
@DKDhilip "Oh, sis I'm driving right now! I'll call you back in one month!" "But you don't even have a car!"
@Neil ya good quotes
10:51 AM
Original, highest quality but no subtitles...
Do you guys at least have some common letters in Korean @DKDhilip ?
@mr5 Totally different...
They just invented their own writing system
don't you notice any similarities even a single character?
theres none
hangul is totally different from other languages
10:57 AM
howd you know hans?
because i ve been studying korean for almost one year now
but i hardly find time since japanese takes all my attention
hangul is easy its just a couple of signs like latin alphabet

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