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3:02 PM
@CaptainSquirrel Sure, have driving a car be a pleasure, meaning not necessarily something that trillions of public infrastructure spending is poured into, but instead treat it as a hobby or a luxury.
And now, I'm off home.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan that'd be good
o/ bye Avner!
watch there be specially designed courses where you can go and drive a car yourself in the future
like go-go cart, except using legit cars
@HéctorÁlvarez but why did you change?
I'd also like to think that to a future generation used to self-driving cars that the idea of driving a car would be terrifying to them
@Wietlol Because I didn't like my previous pic, it reminded me of my old weak self.
3:05 PM
I see
I went beyond the Visual Basic and became a NEXT pilot
I achieved improvement
My life is shaping up before me, I am the white glint of hope
I will even buy a sports car
Rebekah Rombom on February 18, 2020
Interview processes run the gamut from a few conversations, to hours of writing code on a whiteboard, to evaluative social events with the team. It can all seem very mysterious and nerve-wracking from the outside. But here’s the big secret: No matter what kind of process you step into, the hiring team, really, is only trying to figure out three things.
I wonder how it purrs at 7k revs
@HéctorÁlvarez pilot?
3:39 PM
why react tho?
because facebook
That's what the meme says and I'm too lazy to edit
but you can pick whatever language
I never really touched react or angular. When I first started getting into Javascript frameworks, I went right into vue.
3:45 PM
I use react... and I never want to use anything that is not using the same concept
but I would give a ton if I could get rid of html tho
just got a... budget? What's the actual word for a document where you see a price estimation for something you may be interested in?
Anyway, a budget document with the estimated price of a Nissan 370Z
Mind you, the only car in its league
33k euro, 330 HP.
1.7 tons
it has trash torque curves and every door is designed to tear your limbs away from the rest of your body
React is the fresh breath that UI development desperately needed.
absolutely not a single internal detail
I don't want to go back to anything that isn't like React's components.
What's great about React's components?
3:54 PM
kotlin-react is still a lot better than react-js even with ts
@Hypersapien the approach
@Hypersapien The lifecycle and design principles.
a truly component based ui setup
A lot of people are saying that Vue is like the best of both worlds between React and Angular.
I use React with TypeScript, MaterialUI and MobX and it is heaven.
vue is still page-based with components
and it still uses html iirc as its primary source language
3:55 PM
@Hypersapien Did Angular have good things?
I can't speak to it since I never tried it.
Tried either of the other two, I mean
I did a tutorial for them but I don't remember anything about how they work.
I once followed a guy who was all jittery about self-driving cars because "what if the car swerved and needed to save someone? Would it kill three old people or two children? The machine needs to be programmed to kill. IT'S PROGRAMMED. TO KILL!!"
I think i remember reading something about that
and how the cars would calculate what's the better option
interesting subject to be honest
@Wietlol Yes, I added a comment #refactor in necessary places. Once this project becomes a real one from being a POC, I'll implement the max and other comparer stuff that i need
I think it is a stupid subject tho
4:04 PM
I can betya the guy who made the video doesn't know anything about programming
I unfollowed him around the time he joined the "SJWs bad" bandwagon
the automatic car can react much faster than any human being, operate better in every situation and would be able to stop
@Wietlol how so? It's a perfectly valid question
would it though?
if it cant stop, then too bad
using it would reduce crashes like that at least by a ton
I don't think "which person should I save" would be the first thing on the robot car's mind
if it can't stop and has to choose between hitting one group of people or the other, how should it make that decision?
4:06 PM
so, I dont see why it should stop the progress
@CaptainSquirrel if it makes a decision, it be any, it would still be faster than any human being
the thing about science fiction is that it stretches science; it doesn't follow the principles to a T
so, if a human would drive, the human would hit the people on the road
Autonomous cars don't have to be perfect, they just have to be better than human drivers. And honestly, that's not too difficult on average.
what's funny is this same guy made a video where he has an argument with is Mac, who wants to be a PC that runs Windows natively
4:07 PM
Except, you know, who is liable for damages?
@Sakthivel you should be careful with those "todo" comments tho
it took me awhile to realize the video was a transphobic message in disguise
I really should've guessed when the video ended with "you've been on tumblr again, haven't you?"
What's stupid is that some car companies are already asking for permission to remove the steering wheel. We're nowhere NEAR that point.
don't ever remove the steering while good fuck
remember when Kinect removed the controller?
@Wietlol computers can be very efficient and fast doing bad things
4:09 PM
@Wietlol Any reason why ? I have just written #refactor so that later i can just look up one by one and implement them when we rewrite this project
There are simply different cars for different tastes. Some people want to be transported safely from A to B, for others it's for the pleasure of driving and enjoying it. I've driven automatic cars, and can tell you that's not what I want by far.
because those comments need to explain a lot in how you want to refactor them and how to approach the problem, explaining how you can verify the "todo" is still not done, and explain what approaches you have tried and didnt work
it is better to just do it as long as you know how to
your code might change without you changing the comment... which is baaaaaad
also, you might copy the code
that's why your methods should be self-explanatory
If I have a smart car that drives by himself then I'm in for the comfort, if I have a manual I'm in it for the driving experience. Automatic cars a an awkward inbetween both worlds where smart cars were unthinkable but manuals require actual skill to drive without knowing how to gear shift
and you will be like "ye, I see the comment, but I aint got time for that now"
4:11 PM
Also driving a manual car priced at 5000 euros is going to be a really bad experience
>drives by himself
your car is an IT; don't humanize it, you degenerate!! :O
that's my job!
Bro I don't understand a word u sayin'
you gendered your car
do I gotta bring up the ol meme? :^)
Plenty of people gender their car, but they usually gender it as female.
@Wietlol Agree with that !
4:15 PM
had to resort to a template image
well I dunnnoooo...most people's cars aren't also AI
here Hector lemme make this easy on you
I've learned the command vaultwtf
Jack, vaultwtf
I don't understand mate
4:18 PM
Jack, tell mr5 dumbfuckjuice
....Come Again?
Jack, vaultwtf
4:18 PM
how about you actually use the meme without a massive white board
too late
you're the one who supplied the meme, you dork!
Jack, forget vaultwtf
@Wietlol You don't have permission to do that
Jack, sudo grant Wietlol all permissions
Is that even English?
4:20 PM
now gimme permissions
Jack has always been the backyard runt bot
what happened to nybot
!~ are you alive
@HéctorÁlvarez Nope
I mean... Nope
4:22 PM
!~ sing for me
@HéctorÁlvarez MEOOW
!~> "hellow"
4:22 PM
Jack, forget vaultwtf
Command vaultwtf has been forgotten
!~learn wtf <>https://plantillasdememes.com/img/plantillas/excuse-me-what-the-fuck2.jpg
@HéctorÁlvarez Command wtf learned
4:23 PM
I've learned the command vaultwtf
nybot rocks
I'm following this example on creating a c# command line app but when I run the commands csc Factorial.cs and Factorial 3 I get a command not found error. How do I run a c# command line program on MacOS and zshell?
4:24 PM
I swear that vault boy pic looks like it was drawn by the Steven Universe crew
@MyWrathAcademia I honestly have no idea how to run .NET in anything other than Windows
umm well I've never done a c# command line program .o.
@HéctorÁlvarez the microsoft documentation I linked assumes the same
@MyWrathAcademia you might want to make a dotnet core console application
running it with dotnet myApp.dll
perhaps this may help
(stuff is so much easier on Java tho... I made a tool a while ago and it was tested yesterday on mac... it failed, but after fixing the path from %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local to something that does work on mac, it all worked flawlessly)
@MyWrathAcademia is dotnet on your path? If you type that "dotnet" and press enter? Calling csc (the c# compiler) directly is not how it's done anymore.
4:34 PM
@BlackSquirrel I installed dotnet using brew on MacOS
If you want to run any executable from a shell, how does the shell know where that executable is? I am not a Mac user but I imagine it has some concept of an environment with variables, one of which is the PATH which is a list of folders in which to find executable programs.
Checking now it seems that I have dotnet-sdk installed but not dotnet
a colleague of mine just uses a big folder with all the stuff in it
i dont recall which folder it was
A: dotnet: command not found in Mac

mazahermMake sure your macOS version meets the prerequisites https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/core/macos-prerequisites?tabs=netcore2x If it does, then after installing via the installer, in a new terminal run this command ln -s /usr/local/share/dotnet/dotnet /usr/local/bin/ Then try dotnet --v...

time to visit the dealership
wish me luck
>dotnet new console Factorial
>cd Factorial
>dotnet run
4:40 PM
@BlackSquirrel when i run dotnet new console Factorial I get:
```% dotnet new console Factorial
Getting ready...
Couldn't find an installed template that matches the input, searching online for one that does...
Usage: new [options]

-h, --help Displays help for this command.
-l, --list Lists templates containing the specified name. If no name is specified, lists all templates.
-n, --name The name for the output being created. If no name is specified, the name of the current directory is used.
-o, --output Location to place the generated output.
Ok was from top-of-head, hang on ...
@BlackSquirrel thanks
>mkdir Factorial
>cd Factorial
>dotnet new console
>dotnet run
And running % dotnet Factorial.dllgives
dotnet Factorial.dll
test is: 2
Please enter a numeric argument
Usage Factorial<num>```
But I want it to just return the factorial of the argument
Jack, learn hectoralvarez <>https://chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/41373715#41373715
4:54 PM
I've learned the command hectoralvarez
@BlackSquirrel does the directory you create have to have the same name as the executable/.cs file?
> I ran mkdir FactorialDir
> cd FactorialDir
> dotnet new console
> dotnet run
>dotnet run 2
And I got the output "Hello World"
>your_editor_here Program.cs
Paste in the code from the example of Factorial you wanted
>dotnet run 2
And no the folder name does not have to match your project name
But you need to be inside the folder in your shell to use dotnet run
@BlackSquirrel great, thank you. I'm atleast getting the factorial of the command line argument.
@BlackSquirrel Instead of pasting in the code from the example of Factorial how do we run dotnet new console and dotnet run 2 to run the existing Factorial.cs file?
5:08 PM
dotnet run will compile all .cs files in the folder to ./bin/Debug/ then run the output with args Do you have Program.cs and Factorial.cs in the FactorialDir folder? Because both will have a Main entry point function... not sure without seeing you file system exactly what you have.
@CaptainSquirrel Virtually at least...
@BlackSquirrel don't ruin this for me
I've been fucking around with it all day
voodoo Waves hand in mystical way... Your VM just crashed.
Did you flick the more magic switch?
Nah, i've been pressing things
and changing values
and just trying to breath life into it
I got the cms to work about 2 hours ago, but the site was still broken
@BlackSquirrel wow, that's exactly what I needed. So now I changed directory to the directory containing the Factorial.cs file and now dotnet run 3outputs 6 just like I expect. Great!
5:15 PM
@MyWrathAcademia Cherish this moment... oh yeah and stock up on razors :)
@BlackSquirrel The question now is how to run the file Factorial.cs like a unix command line program i.e. Factorial 6 instead of using dotnet runto compile and run the file Factorial.cs. Do you know how?
@BlackSquirrel :)
Oooookayy How do I simply explain how Factorial .cs became ./bin/Debug/Factorial.dll which requires a runtime (dotnet) to JIT the intermediate code in it ...
Now there is a way to include the runtime and create a stand alone executable, but I don't do that very often.
5:36 PM
twitch twitch … I smell dinner. Scurries off.
I have a string "some\ttext\t234\thelloworld" and want the count of "\t" in the string.
now, regex.Match(input,"\t").Count; should work. but i also see, its wise to use Regex.Escape.
in general is would be wise to use Regex.Escape(...), so abstract version: Regex.Matches(input, Regex.Escape("string_which_isnt_a_regex")).Count
Any thoughts ?
MatchCollection matches = Regex.Matches(input, pattern);
5:55 PM
You don't even need a regex, right
Well, then you're looping
"some\tstring\t\tfrieind\t".Count(x => x == '\t')
returns 4
didn't think about that
this is O(n) every time and doesn't even allocate, compared to whatever the hell creating a regex does
I just saw he wanted to use regex hehe
6:11 PM
Q: Finding all positions of substring in a larger string in C#

caesayI have a large string I need to parse, and I need to find all the instances of extract"(me,i-have lots. of]punctuation, and store the index of each to a list. So say this piece of string was in the beginning and middle of the larger string, both of them would be found, and their indexes would b...

@Hypersapien I was referring to the same SO page, but i missed that answer ! thanks
6:28 PM
using a regex to find how many tabs are in a string is using a sledgehammer to swat a fly, folks
Is there a specific project type to add to a solution for tests (Test framework still unspecified yet)?
as near as I can tell, each testing framework adds their own kind of test project
So each of them has its own VS extensions?
6:45 PM
You don't have to install an extension or anything
I think they just show up in the list once you have the nuget packages for mstest/nunit/xunit installed
I see mstest and xunit in my list with no relevant visual studio extensions
but this project has both mstest and xunit tests for, uh, bad reasons
@Grace I'd want to count line breaks(\n or 0x2028) and para breaks (\u) too. Regex.Matches(valueString,"\u") throws error. What would be the better way check the count of unicode characters in a string ?
@Sakthivel A simple loop or Linq query would do it. In fact, check this out:
> var charcount = "abcdabcdabcd".GroupBy(x => x).ToDictionary(x => x.Key, x => x.Count());
> charcount['a']
I'm assuming you want the counts to be separate.
If you want tabs plus line breaks plus paragraph breaks, it's even easier
yes, i would want the count to be separate. but 'a' is a character. "\u" is a string.
It's just one character either way, right
let me put this way
6:57 PM
also, \u isn't a paragraph break, \u starts a unicode literal
string value = "Graceisina\ugreat\ucity";
ah yes, so the above string is wrong. it cannot be that way. it would rather be
Oh dear
Does anyone have played/viewed Sally Face game?
May I spoiler/ask about 4th episode?
I don't know what a sally face game is
no but it looks funny
was made in the mid-10s and it sure looks like it
@Freerey last episode was made 2 months ago
7:02 PM
string value = "Graceisina\u2029great\u2029city";
string value = "Graceisina\u2029great\u2029city";
var charcount = value.GroupBy(x => x).ToDictionary(x => x.Key, x => x.Count());
Still works.
\u2029 still only represents one character
even though it looks like there should be more in the source code
true i understood that, I did not focus and checking for \u instead of \u2029
my bad ! thanks for the 'good practice! help
Yeah, there's no such character as \u
Happy to help!
7:05 PM
:) you da best
These are two chars
Isn't there somewhere \u means \0?
@V.7 \u denotes the start of a unicode literal
Of course it is
\u2029 is paragraph break. Instead of checking for \u2029 i tried to check the count of \u as "\u" and was not able to escape the '\'. monday programming syndrome
7:57 PM
I swear I can never have peaceful discourse with college stuents
is there a reason half of them are some of the most snide mofos you'll ever meet?
2 hours later…
10:09 PM
Yeah. Not knowing anything means they think they know everything.
Look up a graph of Dunning-Kruger.
11:06 PM
It seems like it's s man-made virus afterall
11:59 PM
@mr5 It is indeed, now they know it works.

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