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\[**[𝘽𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙖𝙞 𝙉𝙖𝙢𝙘𝙤β§ΈβŽ β•±](https://discord.gg/PNMq3pBSUe)**] `
multilined codes
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3:35 AM
[mr5] @Hozuki did you just shut your YT Channel?
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4:55 AM
[kesarling] I have a button in my nav-bar in the _Layout.cshtml file, which I want to show only when the user logs in. I do not have a model for the _Layout.cshtml page to use the [Authorize] attribute. What else can I use?
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7:04 AM
@Botler What framework again? And how do you access your appstate?
Because I just put an @if(AppState.IsLoggedIn) around my LogoutButton in the razor markup.
[Hozuki Ferrari] @markiel One of them, yeah. I wasn't happy with the coding one, at all. I might or might not bring it back in a different form. The anime one is still up.
7:20 AM
@Squirrelkiller Razor Pages
@Squirrelkiller AppState not found :(
Am I missing something?
You missed my second question
In m example, AppState is something I built myself
And also something I might encapsualte away from the views, not sure yet
[Squirrel in Training] GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
[Li] Just become a programming streamer on Twitch Hozuki
7:43 AM
I can't imagine streaming my programming on twitch. "Why does this damn model not deserialize correctly?" "Let's google this" 20 minutes later "Wait what was I searching for I'm in a question about an esotheric language on stackoverflow"
[Ntohl] good morning
[Squirrel in Training] Mikght be a good chance to review your working habbits.
[Squirrel in Training] I am aboosing twitch to review my gaming starts a bit
Ha not a bad idea
I'm confused on the await pattern in C#.
  while (!_token.IsCancellationRequested)
        await Task.Run(async () =>
            var tcpClientTask = _listener.AcceptTcpClientAsync();
            var result = await tcpClientTask;
            OnDataReceived?.Invoke(this, new DataReceivedEventArgs(result.GetStream()));
        }, _token);
@Squirrelkiller thank you.
For example... The MSDN docs say "The await operator suspends evaluation of the enclosing async method until the asynchronous operation represented by its operand completes."
So if I am looking at accepting multiple clients concurrently... it doesn't make sense to await the Task here in the while loop.
7:59 AM
@FatalSleep You also have Task.WaitAll
The thread goes in, starts listening and lets the I/O-port wait for a client. When the await comes, the thread may go execute different code while the I/O-port waits. When a client connects, the thread goes back and executed the next code, until the thread encounters an await again.
@Cleptus What why there is only one Task
As soon as a client gets handled, the event gets fired and then the thread(/-pool) goes to the next client.
tbh I'm not sure why it's wrapped in another Task.Run, maybe somebody can explain?
But now... to continue processing all of the clients don't we need to spawn a thread or run an async call so that we check each client individually for data available on it's networkstream for reading?
@Squirrelintraining you like to build your websockets manually, why wrap the async thing in another Task?
@FatalSleep I think yes
I thought you would have an array of tasks, one for each client, and wanted to wait until they finished
8:05 AM
@FatalSleep Possibly. OTOH the threadpool may decide to just send another thread for your new Task anyway.
So after "await listener.AcceptTcpClientAsync()" I could use a discard and call a function "_ = ClientReadAsync(TcpClient client)" which would just run with a while loop until canceled by a cancellation token?
that code seems to be plain wrong
Then in the hwile loop you'd await the ReadAsync function.
@ntohl Tell that to this guy:
A: Asynchronous TCP server

t3chb0tThis is an ugly old pattern. Why don't just try the newer async/await? You already use Task in your tests anyway. In order to implement it the awaitable way you just need to use a different API, in this case AcceptTcpClientAsync and build everything on top of it. With the CancellationToken you c...

A: TcpListener: how to stop listening while awaiting AcceptTcpClientAsync()?

Robert VaΕΎanWhile there is a fairly complicated solution based on a blog post by Stephen Toub, there's much simpler solution using builtin .NET APIs: var cancellation = new CancellationTokenSource(); await Task.Run(() => listener.AcceptTcpClientAsync(), cancellation.Token); // somewhere in another thread c...

8:08 AM
Right, that's more so how I am doing it.
The problem then is how to process each client IO request(s)? Either a threadpool call or an async (w/o await) for concurrent reading?
await Task.Run(() => listener.AcceptTcpClientAsync(), cancellation.Token); looks dangerous
Just starts the task and...continues?
Wouldn't the enclosing task immediately finish?
TcpClient client = await listener.AcceptTcpClientAsync();
_ = ClientReadAsync(client);

public async Task  ClientReadAsync(...) {
    while(!token.IsCancellationRequested) {
        .... await client.ReadAsync();
^ this is why it seems wrong
Something like that?
@Squirrelkiller I've read that not all Task pull a thread from the ThreadPool. A Task may get executed on the same thread as to what they said. Calling the Task.Run forces it to run on another thread.
Tbh, at this point, whenever I encounter a CPU-bound work, I always wrap it inside Task.Run
8:13 AM
Oh I see.
@mr5 depends on the type of application you are running
This is very noticeable in Xamarin.Android for example.
web, wpf, etc
I build web applications lately, so CPU-bound work just happens on the same thread lol. Server doesn't have a GUI to freeze, and the web request takes the same time to return anyway.
and thats why its very noticeable in xamarin
8:14 AM
@FatalSleep I would do something like that
Yeah, if you do any Xamarin, you can clearly observe those Task getting freeze lol
the reviewer done something like this:
server.OnDataReceived += async (sender, e) =>
        var bytesRead = 0;
            // Read buffer, discarding data
            bytesRead = e.Stream.Read(new byte[1024], 0, 1024);
        while (bytesRead > 0 && e.Stream.DataAvailable);

        // Simulate long running task
        Console.WriteLine($"Doing some heavy response processing now. [{Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId}]");
        await Task.Delay(3000);
        Console.WriteLine($"Finished processing. [{Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId}]");
So then the async discard method is preferable to the task.run() because then it awaits I/O requests rather than forcing a new thread call?
@misha130 yep. in web, this is not really noticeable.
Makes me think how TaskScheduler handles all those Task that's get exectued on the same thread and make it seamlessly asynchronous.
will this run 3 sec> await Task.Run(async () => await Task.Delay(3000));?
8:18 AM
First step to switch from one branch to another in the project I am in is... Restore from .bak 12 databases.
And I know it is accurate, I documented that process
so the Java guys could setup an enviroment for that branch
@ntohl I think so. Why not?
awaiting the Task.Run is not clear for me, if awaiting creating the thread, or even awaiting the inner lambda
The inner task awaits for the delay, then the outer task awaits for the inner task's completion?
8:25 AM
It awaits both.
@Squirrelkiller ?
I just tested it.
if that's the case..
let's say by task completion, it also accounts for the thread creation.
than the reviewed code is correct
8:27 AM
Alright I think I'm on the right track then.
2 hours later…
9:59 AM
full stack debugging. things you can only do in .NET
10:54 AM
what do you mean with "full stack debugging"?
With Blazor, you can debug both frontend and backend
can you step through network calls?
<sarcasm>The debugger can attach to any process on my machine? Holy crap I never knew</sarcasm>
I mean, with blazor you can debug your browser code, I expect
but you also host a back-end server, which you can debug
I think you could do this with a remote service too if you had .Net remoting enabled on it.
11:01 AM
but is there any special form of integration between the two?
And since a Blazor WebApp will usually use a .NET WebApi, which you can debug with VS too, you debug the full stack.
but is there special integration between debugging both projects?
if not, I can say that .NET is not the only one that can do that, and I wont be impressed
yeah, this is specific for web only though. you can debug client script and server code since both of them are in the same clr each of which run in different environment.
it's in the video from the link I shared: client (browser) request resource from server (asp) and both triggers a breakpoint.
sounds like stuff I have been doing for 3 years now
11:20 AM
@Wietlol but you debug inside VS though, not in browser.
@DKDhilip looks like this is from our country =P
I debug in IntelliJ, not in browser
also, keep in mind, I am not speaking of Javascript
which other client script can run on browser aside from JS and C#?
looking at the video, the Kotlin integration works smoother
it doesnt rely on starting edge with a specific set of arguments
you just add the plugin to your favorite browser (except tor maybe... and frigging IE 6) and then just start your website
@Wietlol if you skip for the next 10 minutes of that part, they show an alternative without doing those.
also, does it work with Chrome? does it work with Firefox?
11:27 AM
I didn't know you can execute Kotlin in browser.
you cant...
that I don't know of.
but you cant execute C# either in the browser
you execute wasm
Edge is using the same engine as Chrome, maybe possible there too?
Edge might use the same html/css/js engine, but it is still a different application
its starting command line arguments and VS debugging options might differ... by a lot
11:31 AM
@Wietlol Kotlin gets transpiled into JS?
JS is older
probably has more support and stuff
I mostly use JS as target because of React
not sure how React works with WASM
but for me, I dont really mind
the difference for me between JS and WASM is performance at best
^ what is the state of Kotlin WASM?
> So all works on wasm support in Kotlin/Native
oh, that is new for me
11:33 AM
if Kotlin gets transpiled into other language, and you're able to debug it, then basically, it's the same stuff that VS do to debug C#.
you can put breakpoints in the kotlin code and when that code is executed, it hits the breakpoint
and you can step over/into/out/etc
there is one thing it doesnt have...
I remember in C# you can hit a breakpoint, then edit the code and then continue with the new code
although, despite it being impressive, I cant recall ever wanting to use it
which is not working in 70% of the time
oh yea, also the cases where it didnt work...
@Wietlol edit the code or the value?
edit the code itself
editting values is easy
11:36 AM
I think editing the code works only in Windows. Can't do that in Xamarin.
value edit works 100%
but yea, adding classes for example didnt work
adding functions maybe neither
but adding a line or a variable did work iirc
adding properties probably doesnt work either
I wouldnt want to build that feature :D
so from what I can gather here, if a debugger has a support for server-side code, and there exist a tool to transpile the same language into client-side code, it can do full stack debugging?
not really
if you want full stack debugging, you also want to debug the client side code
and for that, just transpiling is not sufficient
yeah, that's what I mean by full stack debugging.
11:40 AM
you can easily make a compiler plugin and just spit out js based on the C# code
but you still wont be able to debug until you communicate back to the IDE
of course. the compiled code should be reversed engineer to map into proper lines so the illusion that you're debugging your actual code looks real.
but yea, if that is full stack debugging, I have been doing that for years
and not using .net
it is a fine achievement for .net, but dont think .net is revolutionary by doing so
oh well. it seems it's not that popular for us.
I mean... there is always JS
since you can debug node.js in WebStorm and debug your website in WebStorm, you also have full stack debugging
I suppose that is the first
that's not wasm debugging. Can you really debug kotlin wasm? Is kotlin wasm a thing?
11:43 AM
Kotlin wasm was a thing...
but that link you posted tells that they stopped continueing that path for Kotlin's LLVM part
and as far as I understand, they continue with wasm for... a new build target?
> We are working on a dedicated Kotlin to WebAssembly compiler backend.
I suppose that the wasm support will improve because you dont have the abstraction of "any platform"
Kotlin Native builds to LLVM and then
- wasm for browser
- x86 for desktop (maybe ARM as well)
- jvm for android
- whatever for mobile
- etc
but that does mean that the code itself if platform independent, and you would have quirks for doing common browser stuff
I thought they would add an option to KotlinJS to build parts of it as wasm
but I would have to look up on if that actually got accepted
that LLVM is really cool. I haven't had the chance to learn more about it when I just started to hear about it because I just landed a job
it is cool... and I think... I now found a fine community to abuse... I mean... ask questions about it
LLVM supports all kinds of existing VMs right?
12:05 PM
LLVM is not MSIL
if that's the question
LLVM is a VM and MSIL is a language, kinda hard to compare them.
LLVM is not actually a VM
LLVM is a collection of tools and designs
LLVM IR is a language
[Bacteria] Hello
(there is also a binary version of LLVM IR, but not sure what it was called)
ew we got bacteria in here
12:09 PM
so... LLVM IR might be comparable to MSIL
@mr5 LLVM has tools to generate binaries (and other files) for various environments
[Squirrel in Training] to much llvm inm here latelky
I needed an LLVM community... why not make my own?
converting this community to LLVM works like a charm :D
May 5 '16 at 15:17, by BoltClock
[Bacteria] A little question about SignalR, does anyone know how I can define a group for my client connection in the .net core console app that is connecting to the external Hub?
12:13 PM
@Wietlol that must be hell a lot of task. Does LLVM supports older instruction sets also like this mcu?
LLVM does not need to support all machine instructions
only the ones it needs
hello all
hello HR!
i missed this morning's interview as I had a server fail
so i still do IT too, occassionally
so the candidate that accepted the position has withdrawn, back to the start lol
hence why ive not been here for a few days, too busy HR'ing it up
oh and my Graphic Designer just had to leave because his wife might have Covid
so that'll be fun if he's brought it into the office
Your company is a mess. Might wanna talk to HR.
12:21 PM
I would, but the guy doing at the minute doesn't have a fucking clue xD
oh, I was looking at taking the AZ-204 exam if anyone has any experience with it?
Whats az204?
seeing as I know the square root of fuck all about Azure services, might be worth doing
I'm jsut looking at az900 atm
And then maybe something with AI, still got my free voucher from MS Build
12:24 PM
Developing solutions for Azure, its basically what's replacing the Web Apps MCSA
Assuming I succeed in the az900
AZ-900 might be more appropriate actually
Oh nice one
Well az900 is very fundamental, like "what does Azure have, when to use it and how to do it in the portal" basically
We don't use cloud here, so im really starting to slip behind the current trends, will make job hunting more difficult in the new year
@Squirrelkiller Sounds like what I need tbh
As a technical person, the hardest part is the stuff about compliance and trust center and that kind of stuff lol
12:26 PM
ah lol, yeah compliance sucks hairy balls
I speak of GDPR of course
Like, there seem to be three places about compliance an those things?
not sure, I've only really seen MS compliance stuff with Exchange365
And one is for things like GDPR, one for internal stuff, one for...I'm not sure services something whatever
either way, useful stuff to learn it seems, ill take a look at AZ900 tonight
still not sure if doing the second exam of the MCSA is worth the time/money
Definitely helpful for the job hunt I bet
12:27 PM
would still be a useful qualification I guess
Look around, MS is working on getting free or reduced stuff to people because of covid. It's why we got vouchers from the MS Build this year.
Yeah cheers for that @Squirrelkiller useful to know there's an exam specifically for the stuff im not familiar with
Will do, doubt Pearson VUE will be doing any discounts though lol
those arseholes
Also I just saw reduced exams are 15 USD for "people impacted by COVID". Not sure how much impact you need in your life for that though.
might take a 3rd stab at 40-783 then lol
I was shy 17 points last time
683, min for pass was 700
Lol damnit
12:30 PM
@DAustin wut. why did he back out?
what are all these numbers?
@mr5 no idea, had a better offer I think
I thought AWS was cryptic
@Wietlol Exam codes lol
40-783 should be 70-483 xD
@DAustin suggest remote & no requirement to be based in your country. I'm in =P
12:31 PM
"Programming in C#"
@mr5 I was going to jokingly send you a DM, but they are 100% against remote working mate
for the reason of fixing the printers right? xD
which is funny seeing as the Graphic Designer may have just accidentally contaminated the building with COVID
[Hozuki Ferrari] 'accidentally'
@mr5 Oh yes, and just being the director's general bitch
@Botler lol well he got a call off his wife, she works in a school and that's where the COVID case was found today
@Freerey you're early m8
12:33 PM
so yeah fun times
@mr5 wdym Im usually at my desk by 7:15 est
yeah. I never been in the office that early.
and by est, you mean east?
anyways boys and girls, back to the grindstone, more microservices to migrate before I get to leave
eastern standard time, yea
why not use UTC?
12:34 PM
because I'm not a nazi
I was thinking of making a command to display all of the user's local time hmm
my friend made a guy in her server an admin simply because he kept pestering her to
and because they're "friends" and she doesn't want to hurt his feelings
@Freerey admin for what?
Damn. Some big quotes about that "friends".
12:37 PM
her discord server -- some place where her closest friends gather
@Squirrelkiller yeah because the more I hear about him, the more I'm convinced these two should not be in the same room together
jeez, why's being an admin a big deal? its only discord
well, some of us were wanting to ban him
now we can't
lol, the fact that people are considering banning him should have been the alarm bell for her to maybe not make him an admin, that won't come back to bite anyone in the ass
the fact that he keeps wanting to do sexual things with my friend despite her being underage should be a red flag; she's an idiot
Oh...Oh no.
that just took a dark turn
12:40 PM
yeah there was only one other admin in the server who already didn't like this guy -- but then after I told her about my investigation into this guy, she went to full-on hating him
i guess you could just report him to discord, if those messages are sent through their system they can probably take action before something bad happens
the only problem is he hasn't made an offense that discord would deem bannable -- at least not in public
that you know of
@Freerey I mean, you could always tell her parents I guess?
12:42 PM
chances are though, he's probably got more than just your friend on the go, might have been up to something dodgy in another server, no idea, you could at least report him and see if anything happens
yeah I"ve considered it lmao
but what am I supposed to say? "yeah I'm friends with your daughter and this guy's a pedo, but I'm totally cool I promise!"
yeh, not an easy situation
I guess an exodus might be in order
show screenshot of the message from discord to her parents?
new discord server, move everyone except him across
oh I already have compiled a bunch of evidence
12:45 PM
if you know where he lives, you could always send an anonymous tip to the local PD
I could possibly find out, since apparently he's talked with my friend about her coming to live with him once she's old enough
jesus fucking christ
good thing he has no skills and can't live with himself, so he has to stay with his abusive mom
textbook groomer by the sounds of it
@Freerey What a surprise...
in his 30s? lol
he's 20
12:47 PM
still bad if she's underage
here's the thing: when I was 16/17 I thought I was gonna live with my then-gf once we were old enough, but at that point you really start to realize a lot of things about the people you hang around with -- and therefore we broke up before we got to that age
"Come live in my basement with me, my mom will make us pizza rolls" - Sounds like a life to be jealous of
him, not you ofc lol
plot twist: ...
@mr5 xD
plot twist: she told me he's ugly
12:49 PM
of course he is!
can't find a girl his own age because he's a loser, so trying it on with someone who can't spot that
anyone remember the opening of Spyro
"Gnasty gnorc is a simple creature"
"He is no threat."
"No threat?!"
"Besides...he is ugly"
What's the age of said girl?
oh, not as bad as I thought, still not great
this other dude is Canadian, which concerns me cause when she turned 16 she said "I am now old enough to f*ck in Canada"
12:51 PM
And he's 20? I mean, sure, the law says that's bad and all; but it doesn't strike me as creepy.
and the UK
my thought is "...how did you know that?"
and in germany
yeah 16 & 20 is nothing unheard of over here, not my bag but each to their own I guess
he's known her since she was 12 from what I can tell and it's all online
12:51 PM
thought you were gonna say 13 or something
Wait like, only online, all these years?
So back then he was 16 and she was 12? That's fine.
yeah him being 16 and her being 12 is creepy af
Damn guys at least meet for a coffee first
12:52 PM
but 20 and 16 gets a "meh" from me, sorry
Yeh I totally don't see a problem here
4 years gap is not really bad imo (even if not within the age of consent)
my parents are 9 years apart
I wouldn't care as much if she hadn't told me "yeah my best friend likes to force sexual stuff on me"
Romeo&Juliet law usually spans like 5 years
12:53 PM
@Freerey She just needs to be more assertive is all
or find a local bf so he "gets the message" lol
thta's kinda what I've been trying to do lmao... like "here, here's some other friends, pls hang out with them"
@Freerey man up and be her boyfriend is the best you could do to keep away that guy.
I'm 7 years older than her
Mmm. I mean, it's her life. If she doesn't like her situation, she deals with it. You can advice, but not solve it. Not your problem.
12:55 PM
fun fact, age of consent in the UK is 16, but if you text any nudes before you're 18, you get to go to prison for distributing child pornography
Roel spitting out wisdom again!
i hope she learns to deal with it, cause I was very close to someone in a similar situation where they went out with someone who was 7 years oldert han her out of spite and now she's paying for it
I warned her, got chastised by everyone, and ended up right anyway
@Freerey Meh, you did what you could, now everyone knows in hindsight you were right, just say "I told you so" if it ever gets brought up and move on
Sometimes you just need to make dumb fucking mistakes to learn from experience. I made some pretty stupid ones.
I wish to experience this before I die: twitter.com/AstroVicGlover/status/1331317532796489728
12:59 PM
And perhaps then you think, oh, 'I guess he was right all along'.
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