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3:05 AM
Hello Guys
2 hours later…
5:22 AM
@BlackPanther can't remember the site but it's something along with 'radar + flight'
I am trying to do brainstorming on a small case study of identifying risks to exposed pipes outside of IT premisis
What are the risks of this?
Any thoughts?
So far , I am able to identify safefy risk to individual in case of leak
What kind of pipes are they?
Gas pipes?
Gas and Water pipes
IT means? - Some kind of corporate companies?
Pipes are not kept in confined area and its exposed to people
5:40 AM
May be this is not the right group to ask this question? Sorry not to hurt.
No problem :)
6:14 AM
Buenos dias
@BlackPanther Definitely not. Let the recruiters do the hard work.
@BlackPanther Lol go to the south if you want great beer
@BlackPanther Probably because it's german and as soon as you're not in germany linkedin is the goto (or other local ones I guess).
6:48 AM
@GK Line 20: What do you mean "all properties"? Isn't it a mock object that only has that one property you defined?
7:12 AM
It has many other properties, but I am interested in only one property and that property value I am setting it to mock object.
7:23 AM
Sorry dude I'm in a maths lecture now so there's not enough mental capacity to parse gramatically incorrect sentences anymore. I'll be back later.
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
2 hours later…
9:38 AM
sup roachy boi
Where's lunch?
1 hour later…
10:42 AM
I ate it already
11:08 AM
nom nom nom
atleast i dont eat bats and mess up the world
1 hour later…
12:36 PM
Hello friends!
[Captain Obvious] Aand we're back
[Captain Obvious] My internet at home was utterly shite last night and kept dropping out
[Captain Obvious] Thus BOT DOWN
[Squirrel in Training] NO EXCUSES!
What do you mean you don't have it hosted in the cloud
[Squirrel in Training] What do you mean "cloud"?
[Squirrel in Training] U so fuinny that's just water vapor
1:04 PM
let's make cyberpunk great again
CDPR is working on that
nah that's just a game
[Squirrel in Training] no elts not
oof that feel when i go in a meeting and spout nonsense
and someone calls me out on it
what a life
\[**[Squirrel in Training](https://discord.gg/PNMq3pBSUe)**] 🤣 what happend misha?
1:06 PM
said that aws aurora offers things that aws rds doesnt
couldn't back it up at all
[Squirrel in Training] lul and you're supposed to be a professional lul
dunno why i pretend to be a cloud architect lol
@Freerey It's a cyberpunk game bringing an extreme hype with it. There will definitely be more people knowing or liking the cyberpunk genre after this hype than before.
Even if cyberpunk things in general will be harder to find, as all the searches will assume they want cyberpunk2077.
I'm sure it will. Idk...the world there just feels kinda generic to me
plus: if I'm using Trump catchphrases, try not to take me too seriously
If you're using trump's catch phrases, how could I?
1:10 PM
one problem I feel that nobody seems to talk about is the genre seems to be stuck in the 80s
cyberpunk? more like cyber-dead-on-arrival-punk
it was made in the 80s.....and there it stayed
let me just throw it out there that arcanum was a great game
that's steampunk tho
oh no
is deus ex cyberpunk then?
1:12 PM
idk enough about deus ex...not sure
system shock is
isnt that just sci fi
then also bioshock and deadspace
bioshock isn't cyberpunk...deadspace may be
if you remember the first one i think it is
Deus Ex is cyberpunk yeah, not really stuck in the 80s IMO, Deus Ex brought great stuff. We'll see what else Cyberpunk2077 will spark.
reason system is cyber and bio isn't is cause of the super high-tech environment...so high-tech your character's body and reality can be modified to the will of an independent AI
there's a lot of themes of body manipulation in ss
1:14 PM
there are also those rpgs that are like fallout in view
also the idea that humans are weak and limited to their fleshy exteriors -- and that upgrading to be more robotic is the way to go
yea lots of indie games
well thats 100% bioshock since you get all those upgrades
but the difference is bioshock and fallout are using 1950s retrofuturism
like failed future
oh yeah another key theme of cyber is constant surveillance...big brother 1984 shtuff
1:18 PM
or anarchy?
you are just talking about dystopia to be honest
well fallout is dystopia, but I wouldn't say it's cyber
Not exactly anarchy. More like, the big corporation(s) take over.
So in some places effective anarchy, in some places extreme surveillance and brutal 'police'.
so I almost just slowed down the entire network again....thanks, I needed that heart attack
fallout is postapocalypse
fallout is post-apocalyptic
cyberpunk is post-corps-and-tech-take-over (I need a name here plz?)
1:21 PM
you need to have a society to have a dystopia
@Freerey Perfect, makes the devs wake up :D
actually let's not forget the cyber prefix
that implies some internet shit is gonna go down
cyberpunk dystopia: pepe the frog is the world's mascot
bigcorp™ + tech does that, yeah
remember when pepe appropriation got so bad that the creator released an official photo of pepe's funeral?
Although I guess internet per se is complicated when bigcorp decides who gets it and who doesnt
1:24 PM
@Freerey eh black mirror ep
i remember that
when a mascot ran for president and then won
holy shit that was a thing?? xD
became a dictator
w-wait a second..
is that...d...
Have we found somebody who's not seen black mirror yet?
I don't watch tv, so
I've watched like 3 BM episodes
if that counts
1:26 PM
I think you will like black mirror
looking at it, I think I will, too
@li223 Why'd you stop?
It's all different stories
@JamesBot Fine, time for MC Hammer
I watched them randomly. Started with Shut up and Dance because it was the most popular one seemingly then saw like ashelyO, and then watched like half of that episode where the 2 guys kiss inside a game. I just didnt find the other ones perticularlly interesting from the look of their synopsis.
1:30 PM
can git tags be on multiple commits at the same time?
and can git commits have multiple tags at the same time?
They mostly aren't referencing each other so random is mostly fine. There is a fine thread were you can see some stuff from different stories in other stories though, so it's still a bit better to watch them in sequence.
Aren't tags basically like a commit? Like, if you branch from master, the branch will also have all the tags that come with master.
@Wietlol I would like to see the situation that prompted this question.
trying to set up CI/CD
thinking of using tags to trigger it
for example, moving the dev tag to the head will trigger the CI/CD pipeline to deploy to dev
I didn't know you could move a tag
You do mean a git tag, right?
delete the old one, place a new one :D
if moving doesnt exist
Like git tag -> git push --tags
Just deploy on /^dev_[0-9\.]+$/ and make a new tag each time
Or always deploy on develop branch
I might revert to using a develop branch again too, had to push to and redeploy master recently....
2:05 PM
deploy to develop and manually gateway it
to stage and prod
any one here for help
r you there
Just ask your question right away. Somebody here might know the answer.
But can't really promise to answer it myself.
2:17 PM
Aug 28 '17 at 15:53, by mikeTheLiar
Don't ask if you can ask, it creates an infinite recursive loop. Just ask your question. If someone is around who can help, they will.
Btw anyone know why @MikeTheLiar has been even more absent lately than he was anyway?
2:29 PM
[Squirrel in Training] i izz hunngies
[Squirrel in Training] any1 haz a roach?
@Squirrelkiller busy, mainly
Bought a house
Still money left to eat?
We manage
jk we're fucking loaded these days
> - Every 1st-world-Dev during the pandemic
Good to hear!
Have you played around with Blazor or .NET 5 yet?
What am I thinking you're probably putting a lot of time into renovations and stuff aren't you
2:46 PM
looks dolefully at winforms editor open on other monitor lol
House is a new build, actually
We're putting a lot of time into the fact that no one believes our address exists yet
Whole new plot? Damn. Packages must be fun.
Seems you already have internet though so that must have worked out lol
They had to run a fiber line but yeah
chat won't let me upload a picture :(
What a nice littel house, but must be horrible witha pram
2:50 PM
Nice one. Why's the entrance so high though? Near water?
It's just on a hill
@Squirrelintraining Makes sure not to get too many people with little kids visit them :P
[Squirrel in Training] then again, he could jsut live in bergedorf 😛
How do you decide when to type in discord and when to type in here directly?
[Squirrel in Training] Random I had SO chat open accidentally
2:53 PM
Admit it you wanted to see the house and didn't want to click the link so you just switched tabs
ah damn pictue isnt ranlated here
[Squirrel in Training] Image are embeded here.
Oh nice
[Squirrel in Training] + ctrl + v upoad wich makes it gemga convinient
2:58 PM
The so-dark chrome plugin supports pasting images btw
That's how I got that picture to upload - I actually took a screenshot of the file it wouldn't let me post and copied it over
Would have to use chrome for that though
[Squirrel in Training] yeah that s abig no.bo
any regex master here?
I want to count ---match or put into group --- the {n} here
Is it always the same number of query parameters?
3:13 PM
I believe that makes it irregular and therefore impossible to do with Regex, as that parses regular language
okay. just count how many {n} are there in the string
is there an irregular expression exist?
Might have to make a whole method for that
CountOccurences(this string source, string it)
1) if string doesnt contain it return 0 because I'm not about the rest of the algorithm yet
> Run-time exception (line -1): Sorry but .Net Core isn't available at the moment

Stack Trace:

[System.Exception: Sorry but .Net Core isn't available at the moment]
I can't test on dotnetfiddle.net
2) while Regex matches it into string: remove first occurrence, inc count
Now you can remove 1) lol
will try
3:20 PM
Could even output a list of the occurrences like that
*occurrence damnit
oh shoot
I found one ezpz: Regex.Matches("https://api.com?a={0}&b={1}&c={2}&d={123}{1}", "(={\\d+})").Count
Ahhh right, nice
4:04 PM
@mr5 Thanks
@Squirrelkiller Thanks, saved me some £s
@Squirrelkiller Beer is nice, but nice sunny weather is what I'm after :). Does southern Germany have nicer weather than northern Germany?
Definitely lol
OTOH northern germany has the sea
@Squirrelkiller Then I should focus my house and job search in southern Germany. Although with remote work it probably isn't necessary to live in the same city where you work.
@Squirrelkiller what are these two German cities like? Clausthal-Zellerfeld and Sulzbach-Rosenberg.
Are they good cities to live in?
Most of what I've encountered is requiring their employee to be based near (at least in country) their HQ though. YMMV
@BlackPanther Never heard of them lol
So I guess rather cheap housing? No seriously no idea.
AFAIK devs make the most in Hamburg and Munich
But those have, of course, also some of the most expensive housing.
Time to go shopping now, bye
4:28 PM
@mr5 I see, did you hear that for German employers?
@Squirrelkiller Yeah, much cheaper rent than where I'm staying in England.
@Squirrelkiller Someone told me that Hamburg is dark, cold, and wet, just like the weather in Northern England. So I'm going to have to exclude Hamburg from my search based on that.
@Squirrelkiller Frankfurt too, I assume
@Squirrelkiller Alright later, bye
@mr5 have you ever thought of working outside of your country?
@BlackPanther not really. The one from UK specifically that I tried to apply to even though they mentioned remote, won't accept outsiders. I've also seen job post in SO where they mentioned remote workers should be based near their HQs.
I'll try again to apply after 6 months.
4:47 PM
@mr5 that's not good. I think the more senior you are the more likely a company is to let you live far from their headquarters.
@mr5 Good luck with that. Why haven't you applied for work in Japan? It's not too far from the Philippines.
I did try from one company. I think I didn't get shortlisted unfortunately.
The automated email said they're receiving too many applications so the estimated response time is ~ 3 weeks. I'm on the 3rd week I think.
[Captain Obvious] @mr5 immigration in the UK is a pain in the ass
[Captain Obvious] Companies have to sign up to be visa sponsors and it's a load of hassle. However thanks to our wonderful friends in the European Union, usually when people are coming from the union for work they can just sign up and automatically ahve the right to work in the UK
how about the taxes from remote workers?
4:51 PM
[Captain Obvious] OH WAIT
[Captain Obvious] On the topic of "remote should be based near", there should be a certain amount of doubt put toward any ads which specify remote, because basically everyone is hiring """remote""" at the moment, but as soon as covid is over they'll want you back in the office
@Botler is this a brexit reference I'm too outsider to understand?
@mr5 Their loss :) You'll find a better one. Did you have to include a portrait photo on your CV when applying for jobs in Japan?
no I didn't.
I remember applying for an internship in Japan, and it was required to include a portrait picture of yourself at the top of your CV
That's a no no here in the UK
it's weirding me out to put my picture there knowing it will get stored around the public internet =P
4:56 PM
I wonder if the same practice still exists.
what year was it?
[Captain Obvious] Yeah, basically that's how it will be until the end of the year. Then companies have to register to visa sponsor ANY international people. Which I don't think anyone has realised yet because it's a nightmare.
@mr5 Yup, you never know where your picture will end up once it gets on the web
My concern was bias.
I'm sure if I put a beautiful super model's pic on my CV those oyajis would have invited me for an interview lol
then you show up. very different from the picture pickachu shock face
@Botler So it's because of this extra work that companies can't be bothered to hire outsiders
@mr5 It was around 2015 or 2016 I think
5:02 PM
[Captain Obvious] Non-eu outsiders yeah. EU people are easy peasy (until Jan)
[Captain Obvious] Anyway I'm going home, I may be back on in a biut
I have an interview tomorrow via Teams. I'm nervous with my verbal communication skill and I observe my "RAM" is not functioning correctly.
@mr5 I read an article recently in which some auditing company in the UK was pushing the UK government to charge remote workers more tax. Their argument was that remote workers are saving money on transport, lunch, and work clothing, so the government deserves to keep whatever money would have gone towards those expenses if they worked in an office. Absolutely ridiculous.
@mr5 Don't worry about it. As long as you have prepared and feel mentally ready, you'll do great.
@BlackPanther If their pay outweighs the remote worker's local pay, I think it's negligible.
@mr5 Just go into the interview with the mindset that you can always find a better job if this interview does not go well.
Thanks. But I express myself completely different when typing vs on oral. I sound so so dumb when I talk =P
5:08 PM
@mr5 People were saying that about Elon Musk not too long ago :)
Look where Elon is now, second richest person in the world
One example is this freelance job. They got really impressed with my portfolio and resume, I started to talk then they started to doubt me. It's funny to think I didn't get that simple project xD
@mr5 Not every smart person is good at communicating. Maybe try to break up what you say into shorter sentences.
@BlackPanther really? Is that still the same from now? I think he expresses himself well.
@mr5 Sorry to hear that pal. They sound petty. Not the type of people you want as clients
posted on November 24, 2020 by Phil Haack

It is notoriously difficult to make decisions in a distributed asynchronous manner. It’s hard enough for me to make decisions by myself. Now introduce more people and timezones and you have yourself a hot mess. People tend to meet an online proposal with the silence of indifference. Or the silence that’s a result of the bystander effect as everyone waits for someone else to chime in.

5:15 PM
1000% percentage on tesla this year
i wish i bought tesla stock last year i would've been a millioner
all i had to do was follow the damn memes
@mr5 Elon has improved his public speaking immensely. Those criticisms happened during his unveiling of the Tesla jeep, I think the model x. Most comments were bashing Elon's public speaking especially his stuttering. Some even suggested he get someone else to do Tesla and SpaceX presentations.
come on this is 2019
lets see elon stutter as he develops paypal
@misha130 Yep, Tesla is doing really well
@misha130 on BTC and ETH too
what do you mean on BTC and ETH?
5:18 PM
@misha130 Wasn't last year the time when Elon tweeted something crazy and Tesla stocks crashed?
tesla coins?
BTC from $7k to $18k
oh you mean in general
but you cant compare a 1000% raise to 200%
@BlackPanther he went on joe rogan to smoke some weed
oh and also he said something about his stock being 42069
5:19 PM
I mean, the accumulation is high also.
@misha130 I think that was it

Buffer.BlockCopy(compressedData, 0, gZipBuffer, 0, compressedData.Length); Console.WriteLine("[{0}]", string.Join(", ", gZipBuffer));
Output is: [31, 139, 8, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 4, 0, 43, 206, 72, 204, 43, 201, 72, 4, 0, 223, 54, 137, 31, 7, 0, 0, 0]
@mr5 absolutely anyone who jumped in the market this year- gained
everyone who retired this year - RIP
@misha130 Elon was making crazy moves, so it's understandable why you held back on investing in Tesla stock
yea absolutely
5:21 PM
specially during March. I should've predicted to buy stocks on March.
Console.WriteLine(Convert.ToBase64String(gZipBuffer)); is resulting in H4sIAAAAAAAEACvOSMwryUgEAN82iR8HAAAA
i sold january, bought in march
@misha130 Yep, Musk is easily the best CEO at marketing himself
How this mapping from array to base64 conversion works?
@owgitt its not an array you are converting a string to base64
5:24 PM
@owgitt bytes get compressed into base64 or radix64 and represented as ASCII.
i was wrong wasnt I
2nd time today i am wrong
really a sad day
I'm always wrong
We're not even sure what gZipBuffer type is.
var gZipBuffer = new byte[compressedData.Length + 4];
it doesnt look like its getting gzip'd too
New to C#.
[31, 139, 8, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 4, 0, 43, 206, 72, 204, 43, 201, 72, 4, 0, 223, 54, 137, 31, 7, 0, 0, 0]

How this conversion is happening?
5:32 PM
Let's say we want to convert three bytes 155, 162 and 233. The corresponding 24-bit stream is 100110111010001011101001.

155 -> 10011011
162 -> 10100010
233 -> 11101001
Splitting up these bits into 4 groups of 6bit creates the following 4 decimal values: 38, 58, 11 and 41.

100110 -> 38
111010 -> 58
001011 -> 11
101001 -> 41
Converting these into ASCII characters using the Base64 encoding table translates them into the ASCII sequence "m6Lp".

38 -> m
58 -> 6
11 -> L
41 -> p
@misha130 Thanks. Can I know why you have selected 24-bit stream here?
every 3
8 * 3 = 24
if I need to convert 56, then we should select 16-bit stream?
no you can't
you are trying to convert an array of 56 bytes?
No. I am confused about this statement - "Let's say we want to convert three bytes 155, 162 and 233" -what you mean by 3 bytes here?
you mean to say there are 3 numbers here?
5:47 PM
each number represents a byte
from 0 - 254
or from 00000000 to 11111111
8 bits in total
the algorithm takes the 3 groups of bits and converts to 4 groups with 6 bits each
just because you can divide 24 / 8 = 3, 24 / 6 = 4
Hey All, could someone please tell me what is the best meaure on Github.com when it comes to popularity of a particular open-source code repository? Is it pullrequests?
@misha130 0-255 :)
oh yea
256 would be the next one
IPs got me confused lol

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