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'Aight I am confused.... When using a NetworkStream under TcpClient you receive packets one-bye-one and read them out. If I set a client to run on a thread in a thread pool while(connected) { await readasync().... } what's the point of async here? The await is going to pause the caller thread of await that the client is running on, forcing the while() loop to run and process the packet synchronously anyways???
@Botler ?
Take this for example:
private async Task Accept(TcpClient client) {
TcpAsyncClient tcpClient = new TcpAsyncClient(client, (uint)Clients.Count);
client.LingerState = new LingerOption(false, 0);
client.NoDelay = true;

if (Clients.Count >= MaxClients) {
} else {
try {

while (client.Connected)
await ReceiveAsync(tcpClient);

} finally { }

The awaited ReadAsync pauses the calling thread method of Accept() anyways, so idk why not just use Read() instead of ReadAsync()?
Ohhhh derp, it's about processing the data in real time byte-by-byte when it's coming in from the TcpClient connection.
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2:20 AM
posted on November 19, 2020 by Scott Hanselman

I got a lovely email from a reader named Steven who has been doing .NET for many years and is excited about .NET 5. He has an interesting perspective: I really like the .NET library. During 2020, I've taught myself enough Windows Forms to write my own JPG photo viewer.  Sorry but I'm not a fan of XAML, so I just write and compile raw Windows forms in C#. Now before we start, I would of

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@FatalSleep It's about not blocking the thread. When await is called, the thread can go do something else while waiting for the bits to come in through I/O. Of course the current context of execution is now paused, but the thread is not.
Good morning everyone, how was your weekend?
6:23 AM
I had to port one of my "supposed to be cross platform" libraries from JVM to .Net
turns out... generics in .Net are a pain and I had to make a few weird pieces of code to make it work
there are also a few missing features but those appear to be implementable but they arent required yet, so they will come later
7:20 AM
[Squirrel in Training] GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
So apparently Teams now puts people joining meetings in a lobby first and asks participants to actively let them join. Wtf Teams?
[Squirrel in Training] Been liek that for ever killerino
Oh, that means then someone in HAW admin played around in the settings. Someone let the intern play with Teams it seems.
7:35 AM
[Squirrel in Training] Usually anyone not part of the organization has to wait in the lobby untill the organizations lets him in
7:47 AM
That setting just doesn't make sense for lectures where dozens of people need to join
Need one help for ASp.net Core Razor Pages
Only one tho
Remote Validations in Razor pages not working
when i submit the form its not validating the fields
It just takes everything as valid?
i have included jquery-validations.ajax and jquery-validations-unobtrusive.ajax files
What is happening is i have a page with multiple forms in tabs
7:53 AM
But...that's javascript....
[Ntohl] good morning
[Ntohl] generics in Jabba are pain
modelstate.isvalid is returning false only
No idea how jquery validation works
7:54 AM
[Wietlol] they are worse in C# imo... especially C#8+
AFAIK Razor pages has its own way of validation
yes thats is called remote validation
i love lamp
@ABuckau I prefer lamb
@Teena Since you know about that, why use jquery additionally?
let me explain
as i told earlier i have multiple forms which is displayed by multiple tabs
7:56 AM
70% of the time, it works 100% of the time.
so when you submit the one form it should navigate to next tab
so after submitting to navigate to the next tab used ajax for redirecting
now when i click the submit button without inputting any values
its redirecting
to next tab
not even displaying the errormessages
[mr5] why does adding days to a DateTime resets its time component to zero? (12am)
It doesn't
@mr5 example?
hmm. Probably my issues are coming from the display instead. Let me take a look again.
oh yeah. dang it.
8:09 AM
Did you, by any chance, make your own?
no no no, that'd be me
Hm maybe he tried. mr5 did you try to wiet the wiet?
[Ntohl] last time Wiet wieted BinaryReader.ReadBytes. And even complained about he had to
Damnit Wiet!
but it asks for size
you cant always know the size ahead of time
8:22 AM
[Hozuki Ferrari] Then make an extension that does it w/o size and don't complain about the 4 lines of code for it ๐Ÿ˜›
I did
So I am in the middle of the test rn and about 4 hours since I got stuck in the last problem. Their API consistently returns an error indicating that I can't book on the selected date & time. I even followed their advise to book in thurs-fri @ 4-7PM. Even the actual date range as suggested by my recruiter doesn't work. Had me thinking they probably set it up that way so someone should implement a find schedule instead.
Time to create a bug report for them
I'm awaiting on the API request and it really is not an optimal approach but I'm too exhaust rn.
Input: Thurs-Fri 4-7pm
Expected output: Booking
Actual output: Error
8:28 AM
The recruiter told me somebody made it through this step. They probably implement a brute force using curl.
And I'm doing this request on Xamarin gdi.
I was wondering what would be a good approach for a brute force "finding available booking". Should I loop through date range and fire & forget every request and cancel them all once a request succeeded?
Oh it's like a test to get employed?
@mr5 I'd say don't cancel but brute-force a specified range and add successful answers to a list of available spots
what do you think of the multiple thread spawns?
would it burn my laptop? I'm running the app now in emulator.
like var checks = new List<Task>(); foreach(var timeSlot in timeSlots) checks.Add(checkSlot(timeSlot)); await Task.WhenAll(checks);
8:36 AM
Current Emulator state CPU: 15%, RAM: 2GB
Do it in tasks - since these are network calls, you don't need actual threads.
but Tasks spawn threads also.
A thread waiting on a single network call will just be chilling there being blocked
and yeah, I'm doing this in Task
Tasks may spawn threads
Mostly they are executed asynchronously - not necessarily in parallel.
CLR may decide to let one thread service hundreds of tasks
8:38 AM
should I wrap the Task in Task.Run?
I think the threadpool class has settings for how many tasks can be serviced at the same time, not sure how that value is acled
Nah Task.Run is just for making things async that arent
If checkSlot is async anyway, you don't need another layer of task around it
Then I'll use the .ContinueWith?
call the Task method without await?
it will warning, but does it's job I think
also consider .ConfigureAwait()
Calling it will create the task and let the stuff inside run -the returned task can be stored in the list. After starting all the calls, you can await the whole list of tasks using Task.WhenAll.
.ContinueWith is just javascirpt-style awaiting.
If you await every call inside the foreach, the calls will be executed in sequence. By pulling the await out of the loop, all tasks can be executed in parallel.
yeah. That's true. I'm only suggesting calling Task when fire and forget needed
8:44 AM
How to call Task? Task is a class...
I mean call the method, which returns a Task
without await
You ignore that I don't actually forget the task. I store it in a list.
when it's not fire and forget, and you pool up the return, use the Task.WhenAll
10 mins ago, by Squirrelkiller
like var checks = new List<Task>(); foreach(var timeSlot in timeSlots) checks.Add(checkSlot(timeSlot)); await Task.WhenAll(checks);
I thought we are talking about mr5's "should I wrap the Task in Task.Run?"
8:46 AM
Ahh I see
welp. The app is freezing. I will try to wrap this in Task.Run or TaskFactory.
alright. Now it's searching faster.
I'll let this sit till tomorrow. It's searching for an available booking date per hour. If it didn't find any, then the dev who finds one schedule must have looked in per minute or per seconds, or worse, in nanoseconds.
last time I used Task.WhenAll we had to maximalize how much Tasks are running. blog.danskingdom.com/…
We used the public static async Task StartAndWaitAllThrottledAsync(IEnumerable<Task> tasksToRun, int maxTasksToRunInParallel, int timeoutInMilliseconds, CancellationToken cancellationToken = new CancellationToken()) version
9:02 AM
Doesn't take some minutes before it turned into this.
Maybe I need to put delay before spawning another Task.
Dang it. I think I should port this to console already.
@mr5 maximize the parallel Tasks running. Like I linked now
@ntohl okay thanks. I will implement that in the console app.
9:21 AM
doing tasks in parallel is not always the best solution
for example, if you have a list of web requests, one could easily think "oh, I will just start them and await them all"
but doing 1 million web requests in parallel requires a lot of memory, network traffic and connections... and if the target web server is the same for all those requests, that server will also have issues
so a simple
foreach (var request in requests) {
    responses.Add(await Send(request));
can be very bad
It would also not compile
it would not?
Ok to be fair, I assumed Send() to return a simple Task
9:24 AM
Task<IResponse> Send(IRequest request)
Why await in the loop, it'll just make everything sequential?
Ah I see, that will of course compile
oh ye...
what was the parallel foreach?
responses = await Task.WhenAll(requests.Select(it => Send(it)));
that one
Task.WhenAll != Parallel.ForEach, the latter is parametrized with max thread count
9:28 AM
again, the WhenAll is very bad
Threads != Tasks
again, WhenAll is not very bad
Also I wonder if WhenAll can also return...return values of the awaited tasks?
it is not always bad, but in this case, it can be very bad
31 mins ago, by ntohl
last time I used Task.WhenAll we had to maximalize how much Tasks are running. https://blog.danskingdom.com/limit-the-number-of-c-tasks-that-run-in-parallel/
9:30 AM
Task<T[]> WhenAll(IEnumerable<Task<T>> tasks)
you can still throttle it with a little tweak
okay. I think I borked the server :/
@mr5 Noice!
9:45 AM
Design question:
Client wants to join a team. Client authenticated with JWT.
Calls JoinTeam on server, indicating the team to join.
Controller tells service the player wants to join the team.
How does the service get the authentication of the player?
Do I put the token into Claims and check them via AccountService?
Do I pass the token directly? Seems wrong.
Also in this case my controller is actually a SignalR hub, but it has the JWT for the client in its context.
why does the controller need the authentication of a user?
I think it should just need the identity
Hello, New to C#. Can you please explain the below 3 lines? What is the value of last line "object o" here?
var f = new BinaryFormatter();
var ms = new MemoryStream(item.Item);
object o = f.Deserialize(ms);
I want to get the identity from the JWT - to make sure only a user can add themselves to a team. At which point do I extract the identity from the token though? I would've said in the accountService.
But then the accountService still needs to know the client of the current request.
the value of that last one could be anything
whatever was stored in the data
@owgitt The object o holds a deep copy of item.Item
That right there is one implementation of a deep copy
9:49 AM
is it though?
item has binary type data. So object o will contain which type of data?
@Wietlol It is, as long as you make sure you only have public properties/fields.
@Squirrelkiller generally speaking, the authorizer will validate the JWT and then sets some context state to include the user
@Squirrelkiller I think you should read the snippet again
Ah so before even going to the service I'll put...the user's id into Claims or something?
@Wietlol Oh shit you're right lol
the user id should go into some context object
session state or whatever
9:51 AM
For asp.net that would be the claims, wouldn't it? Or I'll just make the account service scoped and use that.
iDunno about asp.net
my web services dont use a framework
and if they did, it wouldnt be ASP.NET
I would call a base library some kind of framework too.
I would call it a library
Like in our case, .NET Framework/Core/
It's right there in the name!
I suppose it fits my description of a framework... except that it doesn't
in my mind, the difference between a library and a framework is that in the first, you control the (main) entry point, in the latter, the framework decides which functions to call (often based on attributes)
I suppose that having a function with the signature public static void Main(String[] args) being your entry point is chosen by .NET Framework/Core ...
but I still consider it to be a library instead of a framework
I still dont use anything you are familiar with
and I must say, it is really easy to work with
once you understand the basics, you have mastered the tools
because the only thing you are given are the basics
10:19 AM
dang it. not even a single http request would run in the console. aaaaaaaaaaaa
10:58 AM
[Squirrel in Training] maybe it runs in discord ๐Ÿšญ
[hollystyles] F****** Visual Studio! Someone commits changes to Web start up settings in csproj, so I can't load the web project. While I am fixing that, VS decides to remove the test projects reference to it!!! which I don't notice until after I committed. GRRRRRRRRRRR
\[**[Squirrel in Training](https://discord.gg/PNMq3pBSUe)**] 🤣
Welcoem to vs
[hollystyles] I would love it if there was a visualisation showing the humungous infinite cascade of event handlers executing on every keypress, it haunts my dreams.
[hollystyles] waits to be enlightened to the very plugin I just described
11:38 AM
Stories for Normal VS when
tbf Someone shouldn't push things into a branch you're collaborating on without making it at least loadable.
[mr5] wuut
[mr5] so you're telling us you're one of those who downloaded the Stories plugin?
[hollystyles] SK: If only people could be that perfect ๐Ÿ™‚
[hollystyles] @markiel Did you just ask me out for dinner ? (reaction to my post 11:01)
11:54 AM
I just love the fact someone actually brought it and made a kickstarter for it. Currently has 0 backers but yknow.
[hollystyles] Or that I should gouge my eyes out with a knife and fork.
[mr5] I mean, I pick the most random emoji because I don't know how to react ๐Ÿ˜‚
[hollystyles] I think I'm gonna take the latte option.
[hollystyles] latter, later, latte ???
[mr5] choco
[hollystyles] Prefer Americano mostly
[mr5] Why not Spañol? What's wrong with Spañol?
[hollystyles] Cafe solo por favor
[hollystyles] Or did you mean the cute little dog?
[mr5] By cute little dog you mean those evil spawns? I prefer cats now though.
[mr5] Can you give me random date in the format of yyyy-MM-dd HHmm tt please.
[hollystyles] 1212-12-12
Guaranteed random :ok_hand:
[mr5] I added a constraint.
[hollystyles] I roled two dice and it came up double 6, 6 times in a row. Honest.
\[**[Squirrel in Training](https://discord.gg/PNMq3pBSUe)**] pah
Murricano ist just espresso diluted with water.

no difference to normal coffee
I cannot dispute that dice argument so I accept it
[hollystyles] I know this.
[hollystyles] @markiel Time is relative ya know.
[mr5] tfw you wrote ~500 lines of code and everything just stops working and you have no idea where to begin fixing it.
12:02 PM
Hi every one, My visual studio stuck on when I trying to build a project. I don't know what's going on VS. Version information 2019, Windows 10
[hollystyles] A speeding particle somewhere is stuck in year of our lord 1212
@Botler 11:01 in what timezone I want the full story
[mr5] oh no! are you stuck step-VS?
@j.s.banger Like, you hit Build and VS just freezes forever?
@Squirrelkiller Yes
12:04 PM
No idea honestly, put it on another computer and try to Build there I guess?
[hollystyles] Reboooooot
Also that
@Squirrelkiller I wait almost 10 min then I forcefully close through the task manager.
[mr5] it always works!
[mr5] same thing happening to me. my code just stops working for unknown reasons.
@Botler I tried many times, I don't have a whole day, reinstall to VS
12:07 PM
Is it a simple project?
@Squirrelkiller any other suggestion?
Like, just a few classes?
@Squirrelkiller yes
Make a new project from a fitting template, build it, then add your classes
Also still: Check if it builds on a different machine.
@Squirrelkiller this is a console type of project, in project have a single program class.
12:09 PM
Then just make a new project and copy that class over
[hollystyles] You could open the csproj file in text editor and check for custom pre/post build scripts that might be causing trouble just comment them out.
@Squirrelkiller thanks for the suggestion
[hollystyles] It's a good tactic
@Botler Okay
[hollystyles] Hang on are you just building or are you pressing F5 to build AND run it?
[hollystyles] Clicking the green triangle?
[hollystyles] Possibly you have programmed an infinite loop.
12:13 PM
@Botler I made a simple project and tried every thing like build, system restart and delete temporary files.
I think some issue in windows 10
Since it's just the program class, can you paste it into a github gist or something and link it here? Maybe we can see some thing that might interfere there.
Is my StockItemList at the right place?
looks strange to me.
I need a place to store my StockItems
Does seem strange
A stock item has several stock items?
Maybe you need a Product holding a lsit of stock items?
Or your storage needs a list of stock items?
12:20 PM
@j.s.banger That looks like you need to either 1) reinstall VS or 2) not try to develop using a toaster
@Squirrelkiller Oh I need a stock / storage class then
Sounds good
Thank you.
Sometimes I am blind. :/
@Squirrelkiller thanks for suggestion.
12:22 PM
[mr5] cuz you don't see the sauce?
got an email today: ๐ฌ๐ž๐ง๐ ๐ƒ๐จ๐ง๐š๐ฅ๐ ๐“๐ซ๐ฎ๐ฆ๐ฉ ๐ญ๐จ ๐๐ซ๐ข๐ฌ๐จ๐ง ๐Ÿ๐จ๐ซ ๐ก๐ข๐ฌ ๐Œ๐š๐ง๐ฒ ๐‚๐ซ๐ข๐ฆ๐ž๐ฌ
@Squirrelkiller my stock class could be static right? Because there is only one instance. And it just hold all the StockItem
Could be. Maybe make a singleton instead, in case you ever have multiple stocks for some reason. Makes it way easier to convert later.
12:29 PM
okay. Thank you
@hollystyles did you mean missing nuget.org/packages/System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager nuget ?
[hollystyles] @Ntohl I was just cutting and pasting @j.s.banger's gist to try and repro the issue.
[hollystyles] I do not have NET 5.0 to hand, I have never been an early adopter.
[Ntohl] using this nuget is the old style imho
[hollystyles] LOl I just saw the 5.0 and the big .NET logo ๐Ÿ™‚
[hollystyles] Kinda drew the eye somewhat.
Hello, Can I know how these 2 programs are different?
using System.IO;
using System;
using System.IO.Compression;
using System.Text;

public class Program
    public static void Main(string[] args)

        string plainText = "shantha";
        byte[] buffer = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(plainText);
        var memoryStream = new MemoryStream();

        using (var gZipStream = new GZipStream(memoryStream, CompressionMode.Compress, true))
            gZipStream.Write(buffer, 0, buffer.Length);
        memoryStream.Position = 0;
using System.IO;
using System;
using System.IO.Compression;
using System.Text;

public class Program
    public static void Main(string[] args)
		string plainText = "shantha";
        var bytes = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(plainText);
        using (var msi = new MemoryStream(bytes))
        using (var mso = new MemoryStream())
            using (var gs = new GZipStream(mso, CompressionMode.Compress))
I am new to C#
First program's output: BwAAAB+LCAAAAAAABAArzkjMK8lIBADfNokfBwAAAA==
Second program's output: H4sIAAAAAAAEACtmyGBIZMhjKAHTALXiaIAOAAAA
12:47 PM
first of all. First using UTF8 second using Unicode
what if his text editor is default to ASCII?
Looks like the first one is also adding in the stream length at the start
..I think?
Well, the length of the original message
isn't it just a big zero, that it adds?
I don't know. It's hectic
Nah, BitConverter.GetBytes(buffer.Length) returns 4 bytes which represent the length of buffer
If you fix the UTF8/Unicode thing, then change the first one like this (to remove the 4 bytes at the start)
var gZipBuffer = new byte[compressedData.Length];
Buffer.BlockCopy(compressedData, 0, gZipBuffer, 0, compressedData.Length);
// Buffer.BlockCopy(BitConverter.GetBytes(buffer.Length), 0, gZipBuffer, 0, 4);
Then they're the same
1:04 PM
@Rob Changed it according. Still I see some difference in the output:
First with update program's output: H4sIAAAAAAAEACvOSMwryUgEAN82iR8HAAAA
Those are the same
Oh, not anymore
I am able to unzip second program's output using python. Where as for the first program's output, it is complaining of "UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-16-le' codec can't decode byte 0x61 in position 6: truncated data". So I need to understand the exact difference!
It's the unicode issue
void One()
	string plainText = "shantha";
	byte[] buffer = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(plainText);
	var memoryStream = new MemoryStream();

	using (var gZipStream = new GZipStream(memoryStream, CompressionMode.Compress, true))
		gZipStream.Write(buffer, 0, buffer.Length);
	memoryStream.Position = 0;
	var compressedData = new byte[memoryStream.Length];
	memoryStream.Read(compressedData, 0, compressedData.Length);

	var gZipBuffer = new byte[compressedData.Length];
	Buffer.BlockCopy(compressedData, 0, gZipBuffer, 0, compressedData.Length);
byte[] buffer = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(plainText);

vs var bytes = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(plainText);
latter works
Give the same result
1:13 PM
@ntohl if you don't set the stream to 0 it will not report right.
Finally it worked!
yeah lol
I got Trusted_Connection for SQL FileStream to work over 2 domains :)
Thanks @Rob, @ntohl
It was a great help
Thanks a lot
1:20 PM
No problem
what's the date format pattern to have this results:
1230AM => 1230AM
1200AM => 12AM
0500PM => 5PM
May I recommend 24h time format?
[hollystyles] @markiel `Console.WriteLine(DateTime.Now.ToString("HHmmtt") + " => " + DateTime.Now.ToString("hhmmtt") );
eh no. I don't have control over it.
[mr5] this was the result I got: 1333PM => 0133PM
[mr5] Should be 1333PM => 133PM
[mr5] My horrible solution for the meantime is this: `Regex.Replace(Regex.Replace(time, "[^0-9]", ""), "00", "") + startDate.ToString("tt")
[hollystyles] Console.WriteLine(DateTime.Now.ToString("HHmmtt") + " => " + DateTime.Now.ToString("hmmtt") );
[hollystyles] just take the extra 'h' away
[mr5] 1700PM => 500PM
[hollystyles] Tell the moron that gave you a date in string format to fuck off
[mr5] should be 1700PM => 5PM
[hollystyles] LOL unless that's yourself he he.
[mr5] it's from the exam I've taken from employer lul
[mr5] My ETH investment from โ‚ฑ1300 to โ‚ฑ2020 in 3 months
[hollystyles] @markiel I have no idea what you are talking about.
[Squirrel in Training] nobody does
[hollystyles] But we are at least in agreement that your regex solution is indeed in the horrible category.
[Squirrel in Training] regex is super
[hollystyles] With great power comes great responsibilty
[mr5] I'm posted two different topics lol
[mr5] one is from my exam earlier which I take the regex path, one is the ethereum investment I gained over 3 months.
[mr5] regex looks horrible but does the work though
[hollystyles] Sometimes wielding sledgehammers is just too much fun ๐Ÿ™‚
[kesarling] How do I hide the header of the _Layout.cshtml till the user Logs in?
[kesarling] .Net core 5
[kesarling] MVC
\[**[hollystyles](https://discord.gg/PNMq3pBSUe)**] @if(User.IsAuthenticated)
<header ... />
[mr5] style="display: @{ IsLogin ? 'block
[hollystyles] Or that
[mr5] ah no
[kesarling] For this, I will have to add IsAuthenticated as a property in my User class right?
[mr5] I thought by header he means view
[hollystyles] In Asp.Net Forms auth or Identity it comes for free
[kesarling] Well, can we know what page the @RenderBody() method is currently rendering?
2:11 PM
[kesarling] Done!
[kesarling] And without razor ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
2:23 PM
2:40 PM
[kesarling] ๐Ÿ˜„
2:57 PM
Ryland Goldstein on November 23, 2020
In just 20 years, software engineering has shifted from architecting monoliths with a single database and centralized state to microservices where everything is distributed across multiple containers, servers, data centers, and even continents. Distributed architectures have enabled developers to scale and meet the needs of an increasingly connected world. Distributing things also introduces a wholeโ€ฆ
3:14 PM
[kesarling] anyone knows any tricks to render jumbotron at the center?
[kesarling] This element is auto-generated by Google Maps. I want to prevent this element either from being generated, or from being displayed. How does one achieve this?
Hello everyone. I hope y'all okay.
54 secs ago, by Botler
[kesarling] This element is auto-generated by Google Maps. I want to prevent this element either from being generated, or from being displayed. How does one achieve this?
Err... there's a pic on discord
I've been thinking of working in Germany for a while now. Can someone who knows anything about the software engineering/development market in Germany tell me if it would be a lot harder for someone from the UK to get an entry level/junior software engineering/developer job in Germany after brexit?
[kesarling] yep. Ofc! How are you?
[Squirrel in Training] best do it b4 brexit
[Squirrel in Training] @blackpanther you can ping <@363266441966780420> and @squirrelkiller for info on developing in german yaswell
[Squirrel in Training] It's nice being aeve here you alwas got wörk
[mywrathacademia] Wait, what happened? Why is everyone on discord all of a sudden?
3:31 PM
Nov 16 at 8:58, by Squirrel in training
I object to the harsh coditions here lately.
And then he created the Discord.
[mywrathacademia] @Noobi Thanks. Are you working in Germany?
@Squirrelkiller Okay thanks. So which is the main place to chat now, here or on discord?
[kesarling] Does not matter
[kesarling] That's what botler is for
Depends on who you ask. I say still here.
[kesarling] It acts as a relay
[kesarling] Keeps everything in sync
[kesarling] unless ofc, you delete the discord chat after the chat edit/delete timeout has occurred in the SO room
3:35 PM
@Squirrelkiller Okay, it's a bit jarring but I'll get used to it. I hope it doesn't split up the wonderful C# community and that the transition between C# stackoverflow chat and discord chat is seamless.
[kesarling] ๐Ÿ˜„
[kesarling] Anyways, anyone knows how to remove this element? Its auto-generated by gmaps iframe
[kesarling] Please add the pic relay feature soon
@BlackPanther I imagine it would be as you'd need to have a work visa, etc. Then you also have the standard competition for jobs that are kinda stacked against you not being native to Germany. Having a German worker is less effort and lower risk to the company
@Botler autocomplete does not work when pinging <@363266441966780420>. Did you mistype the username?
xsd.exe is a pile of shit
absolutely ruined my day
3:59 PM
@BlackPanther it will improve
01:00 - 16:0016:00 - 21:00

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