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11:00 AM
AAAND I got dota on infinite loop again
@Squirrelkiller you and @Squirrelintraining also play nothing but dota
so it is to be expected
Jack, echo i.redd.it/xmms2okp1p431.jpg
@CaptainSquirrel AoE II DE*
11:00 AM
lol wut
There we go
11:00 AM
botler, say i.redd.it/xmms2okp1p431.jpg
he was just asleep
jack, echo i.redd.it/xmms2okp1p431.jpg
11:01 AM
jack will be slow as tits in like 5 minutes
he beat you again!
@CaptainSquirrel fail
Jack is best bot
11:01 AM
Is Botler just running in a console?
Jack, funfriday
JAck, kieran
Feb 27 '17 at 16:02, by Kieran
Thank you for confirming im an idiot c:
Because when I ran Sandy like that, it just..worked. Like, instantly.
jack, kieran2
11:01 AM
I mean we can always restart him and he'll be fast
If i turn off the retry code he'll be fast as fuck boi
botler, shutdown
There he'S slow again
I think my issue is,
Jack just retries and retries
without really stopping
But i may just do the big F and shut him down
11:02 AM
Here we go
Hello friends!
Well he should stop when the first attempt succeeds
Do you want the commands from Jack?
@Squirrelkiller I'm just guessing based on what i think could be causing it
11:03 AM
If you add them to botler then sure
I can gib json file
ew no
The one thing we haven't done yet is given him the ability to learn shit
they come like this
||help poll
11:04 AM
Command documentation and syntax can be found here.
{"command":"c#","response":"<>https://chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/30365182#30365182","createdBy":"Captain Squirrel","createdById":7096052,"createdTime":"2019-11-07T00:24:28.2970277+01:00"}
IDK why i put two createdby's in there
They've gotta be concrate types in the bot to work
I also made a discord bot that works oh so much better than sparrowbot
It's not hard to make something that works better than sparrowbot
mainly because the framework i used is just leaps and bounds better than the C# SO lib
@CaptainObvious listen here you little shit
11:06 AM
@CaptainSquirrel To save the name that person had at the time of creation. e.g. if you get intel on votekick it will tell about a certain Metallkiller creating it.
He worked fine for a time ok
@Squirrelkiller fanks
Yeah, the 10 seconds afgter startup
@CaptainObvious I mean before the lag you ass
11:20 AM
@mr5 I started crypto
so far I've made about 0.01 ETH
@CaptainSquirrel Have you tried this yet
the PC gets so hot that it basically warms the entire house
@CaptainObvious What the fuck is that monstrosity
it smells magical
tea that tastes like toast&jam?
11:22 AM
if its anything like the english breakfast one
it'll taste nothing like it
The other funky one is this one
Which I can attest to being quite nice
Intro to ASP.NET Core Razor Pages - From Start to Published
kame learning ASP.NET
11:27 AM
@CaptainObvious lul le what
must be fake right?
I mean
I havfe it in a mug on my desk
It does taste slightly fruity
On the topic of sweet things
How many jars of peanut butter have you demollished yet
@Freerey did it came from mining?
uhm, isn't it supposed to be 1eth?
I had a friend tell me
"spend 2 grand to make $2. based"
11:35 AM
how long did it take you to mine that?
the $2 came from about....36hrs?
I mined actual bitcoin in like 2014
Made like 0.02btc, so gave up
afaik, mining will reward you an integer value
over how long?
I wanna see what the number is now...haven't checked yet
Can't remember, althogu back then the difficulty was way lower because it wasn't worth more than like a couple of $ per coin
At the peak in 2018? I withdrawn it and got a few hundred quid out of it
11:37 AM
not bad
I then pumped that into stock trading
so right now I have 0.00745ETH
the crypto gods won't take me seriously until I have at least 0.02
Currently sitting on about £4k of free money
and I'm also planning on using the CPU to mine Zcoin
oh fug
yeah my stepdad invested in Nokia at around 2006....probably the worst thing he ever did
@CaptainObvious 0.78
11:39 AM
Very specific
@Freerey damn. much better to buy btc these days.
It's sweeter than usual, and taskes like the added to much sugar accidentally.
I'm still making a profit lol
Maybe it's just a duff btach
It got crunchy bits in it that might come from added sugar that wasn't desolbed properly.
@CaptainObvious It's definetally freoma different filling place.
11:40 AM
I have ~0.0013BTC sold it and just profited about $2
that much BTC now is about $149 USD
ah wrong
drive.google.com/file/d/1Guikr41JTmgAWz_iaIXYDIjRB3PHwphL/… hear how loud my rig gets after about a half-hour lul
I bought it for like 1500PHP and sold it at 1600PHP
11:43 AM
@Freerey all I hear is your breath =P
Philippine Pesos?
How do you find the blind guy at a nude beach?
11:51 AM
By looking for him.
- German humor in a nutshell.
it's not hard..
hes the one with the longest stick
right ?
12:12 PM
I had to laugh so hard at this
12:17 PM
12:20 PM
Botler, say test
a new mechanical friend
πŸ‘πŸ‘ say test
12:25 PM
Wait what are you doing
working again now :(
Turns out my auto building SDK wasn't setting it's dependencies properly
But now I fixed it so it wokrs again
1:10 PM
1:30 PM
Botler's back, huh?
Jack, kys
kys now
can anyone help me in haskell?
ghci and that
@kendallfrey could
but he ain't here
lol haskell
I may have just spent almost an hour commenting on a github issue about STJ...
1:43 PM
He makes an excellent point.
@Squirrelintraining when will he be back?
this is a life or death situation
@JMoss maybe never
I havn't seen him in ages
lol alright thanks
2:02 PM
utfjson is pretty fast iirc
now with core maybe the built in stuff can be used
2:38 PM
Anyone use Wix installer? Have a favorite page for tips?
1) Build a web app
2) Stop caring about installers
That's my new favourite thinking
I wish life was that easy some days...
2:41 PM
Just do it
Jack, black
Wow, that WAS fast Jack πŸ‘
If you realise you pushed out a dodgy update, just push a fix, tell people to clear cache and refresh and say "cloudflare's caching must have gone wonky" or something
Ah with that edit it makes sense lol
Yeah I got there eventually
I've used that excuse a few times to disguise my broken updates
2:46 PM
The web opens you up to more 'problems' and UI choices to people.. With a WF/WPF you control the playground so to speak.
Go go gadget Blazor
I'm bad at UI design no matter what UI framework I'm building for
There is no valid need for electronc
If you need a desktop app, use actual desktop technologies
Maybe a WinForms app with a WebBrowser control...
2:51 PM
Meh I have a feeling that will go the way of silverlight in 8yrs
@JohanLarsson I already use UTF8Json for most of my jsons erialisation, it's absolutely amazing. However I'm not sure if it can be used for the MVC serialisation liek STJ and Newtonsoft via the Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.NewtonsoftJson package
.AddMvcOptions(option =>
    option.OutputFormatters.Add(new JsonOutputFormatter(StandardResolver.Default));
    option.InputFormatters.Add(new JsonInputFormatter());
have a nice day of work kdis
ssein you
Hello All
@DKDhilip Was that to me? And if so it might be wortha try. I would need to see how it deals with reference loops - that's the only reason I have to use Json.NET
3:02 PM
@CaptainObvious Yeah...I found that from a quick search (stackoverflow.com/questions/61636150/…)
Hmm...It seems to support AOT too...
Yeah it's really good
3:27 PM
@CaptainObvious nice rant and good vocabs :)
I dream someday to compose a coherent paragraphs that long and people wouldn't find my logic ridiculous.
1 hour later…
4:43 PM
Ben Popper on October 19, 2020
When you already know your co-workers and how they approach work, that is fine as they probably haven’t changed all that much since the start of the pandemic. You cannot safely transfer those assumptions to new team members, however, as people remain people, rather than the microservices that they may seem over the internet.
5:19 PM
they had their chance to insert Elmer Fudd and they blew it
1 hour later…
6:22 PM
what is this heresy? code in an image?
2 hours later…
7:57 PM
if im running a method asynchronously, and 10 run asyncrhonously when code runs, but each are using the same global variable, how do i work with this kind of code?
Are you having a problem with the results?
You shouldn't have to worry about that unless you're on some other threaded data your pulling from secondary.
something like
public int counter {get; set;}
public void asyncRandomData10Times(){get random number and it = counter, if number < 10 --> do code }
so if this is run asynchronously i need the variable to store each random number 10 times
so that each instance is using their own numbers and the variable isnt overly replaced
google took me to this
8:13 PM
ok that's storing a count and is static so it thread agnostic because it's counted across each thread.
so i need to lock the variable?
I haven't used threading in this manor, but in the UI we have to store thread variables before using them, or the value can change.
how do u store thread variables before using them, simple xample?
I think my example is too specific to the UI problem
You have something you're trying?
If you'd like
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