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1:54 AM
hello everyone
4 hours later…
5:49 AM
Hi, is there an online tool for checking my code quality?
and code smell
@kame Resharper?
So we have this code from Xamarin Prism:
And we're thinking we could replace it with the following code to be more maintainable:
var result = await NavigationService.Absolute()
What do you guys think?
tldr on Xamarin Prism?
First time hearing about it
I mean, Prism is a NuGet package especially targeting Xamarin :D
6:16 AM
@mr5 Hi, but is there also a free alternative?
Sorry. I'm not using one and I only hear about Resharper from here though
6:43 AM
Morning coders and other nasty people!
Did prism existed before nuget?
7:26 AM
so I posted my question in the unity forum
good morning
good morning my sunshine
> Pojo
> C#
can any one help
Q: sa account not work with all domain users

BassemWe have a production server that has SQL SERVER Installed , all Pcs and servers are joined domain , the problem is we have 2 users A , B User A (from his pc) do a remote desktop connection to the server then he can login normally to sql using sa account User B (from his pc) do a remote deskto...

7:44 AM
@Wietlol ooops I mean POCO, I am so sorry.
we all have a bit of Jaba in us
I feel it in my jellies
8:04 AM
8:16 AM
Nah its mild
G'morning Cap'n O7
@Bassem 2 things. 1) nobody should be using sa day to day. If they have domain accounts, MSSQL supports Windows auth. And especially sharing accounts. And 2), it might be a hostname limitation
Can somebody help me with asp -
I'm trying to use this from my controller
return RedirectToAction("Details", "Days", new {id = today.DayId});
Well do it then
@CaptainObvious blue skys tho
Which in my eyes should redirect to /Days/Details/<DayId>?
8:28 AM
I'm amazed
But it just goes to /Days/Details/
Maybe put it as route. I could imagine it using the DayId as parameter or body or something. Just a guess tho
anyone familiar with moq?
im trying to set up a mock for an IAmazonLambda, but it keeps returning nulls
I'll give that a go
var moq = new Moq<IAmazonLambda>() ?
moq is great
just as great as NSubstitute
status code is set to default (0)
instead of the bad request (400)
wait... something weird is happening, the status code of the dummy response is also 0
hello everyone
uw quack quack
Hi ratna o/
@Wietlol there's an error with your error, sir
8:42 AM
hi friends
@user3548161 \o
hello @Squirrelkiller
hello @user3548161
does anyone of u know how to throw an exception but not show stack trace ?
oh, im silly
there is HttpStatusCode and StatusCode
@user3548161 throw new Exception(); boom empty exception
8:44 AM
(not sure if I am silly or Amazon)
@Wietlol Definitely both
is there any other software more efficient than elmah to log error
both? both. both! both is good
But Amazon at least lets me call Alexa "Computer" so I can go full startrek
I love it
wietlol but will it not return in stack trace line number where exeception occured
8:46 AM
ok, now my next error
it doesnt work the only way how I want it to work
@user3548161 The point of an exception is to know where it came from though. Why do you want an exception without a stacktrace?
does it do reference equality?
I'm smeling that smelly smell again.
meh it still does give full file location details 186 --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
@Wietlol It seems like it
@user3548161 That's wanted behaviour. Why do you want to omit the stacktrace?
There are method toremove it, but...last resort kind of stuff.
8:50 AM
who can explain me this:
I still don't know why it's not working with vector.Set() but with vector = new Vector3();
Because you call Vector.Set on the copy of vector in your function local variables stack. Your code do not modifies any values in the list.
for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++)
                            Debug.Log("In Pojo:");
                            //doesn't work, for simplifying I will just set the opcPositions[0]
                            // opcPositions[i].Set(carrierCollection.carriers[i].X, carrierCollection.carriers[i].Y, 0);
                            opcPositions[0].Set(333.0f, 666.0f, 0);

                            Debug.Log("in the List:");
@Suisse I'm guessing it's a matter of reusing the same instance as opposed to making a copy of it
A: How to use moq to verify that a similar object was passed in as argument?

k0styaThe following should work for you: Moq.It.Is<Account>(a=>a.Property1 == _account.Property1) However as it was mentioned you have to implement matching criteria.

ok, that works
i'm working with a front end that will not be changed and is on a different location from the 1990's that is seperate from the backend .. apparently i can return mesages to it and if i want to return error i have to throw an exception
to halt operations
Because you could jsut send a BadRequest or something
But an exception is an exception either way, what does it matter if it's got a stack trace or not
8:54 AM
!!Did you kill poor OakBot ?
@Hans1984 That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@Hans1984 All signs point to no
Clever girl
why is he not responding :(
cruel caprica
@Neil , @Wietlol, @Squirrelkiller Hugs
8:58 AM
asp core is dumb
free hugs ?
    var result = RedirectToAction("Details", "Days");
    return result;
I'm getting a null ref on the first line there for some reason
inlined function?
@Hans1984 yes! :)
9:02 AM
    .Setup(client => client.InvokeAsync(It.Is<InvokeRequest>(it => it.FunctionName == dummyRequest.FunctionName && it.Payload == dummyRequest.Payload), default (CancellationToken)))
this works
var requestEquality = It.Is<InvokeRequest>(it => it.FunctionName == dummyRequest.FunctionName && it.Payload == dummyRequest.Payload);
    .Setup(client => client.InvokeAsync(requestEquality, default (CancellationToken)))
this does not
what the heck is dis trickery?
what is this "expression tree" thingy that only works when your code is ugly?
@CaptainObvious why not
return RedirectToAction("Details", "Days", new { id = today.DayId });
@CaptainSquirrel Because that wasn't redirecting properly
49 mins ago, by Captain Obvious
Can somebody help me with asp -
See the following few messages
Also holy fuck that was nearly an hour ago
How the fuck is it 10:16 already
9:17 AM
how do i say var test = object;?
Nope, it is 11:17 :-P
test = objectList;
well shit
@CaptainObvious do you have a routeconfig.cs?
If I do it hasn't been moddified
before we go down this route
9:18 AM
hehe, route
thanfully its 11:17 already
does today.DayId DEFINATELY have a value
and not still 10:16
that would be even worse
uhm no @Hans1984 its 10:19
Yes, that's the primary reason the controller action exists
9:19 AM
 var Test = List<object>();

        if(Model.CalendarInputsDataList[0].TIMEFRAME == "" &&
            Model.CalendarInputsDataList[0].HOWFARBACK == "" &&
            Model.CalendarInputsDataList[0].MONTHSTART == "" &&
            Model.CalendarInputsDataList[0].DAYSTART == "" &&
            Model.CalendarInputsDataList[0].YEARSTART == "")


            Test = Model.TTransactionsDataList

                      .OrderBy(x => decimal.Parse((int.Parse(x.MONTH) * 31 + int.Parse(x.DAY) + int.Parse(x.YEAR) * 365).ToString()))
@CaptainObvious change to ActionResult
9:20 AM
list<T> cannot be used as a method
Then try the redirecttoaction like i suggested
From IActionResult? Would that even make any difference
ActionResult is what is used in regular .net
But im in Core
So my gut tells me using IActionResult won't work the way you think it will
ya i know dis
9:21 AM
well, thanks anyways
just try
@Adan at what point do you get that error?
Also, don't give up so easily :P
Cool, brb rebuilding like 5 times, failing to start the sire, having errors with dotnet, and then we should be good to go
let's say you say 'var x = 5;' the '5' is an int
how do i do this for an object list?
9:22 AM
omg it works wtf
Why are you doing an object list
var objectList = ???; objectList = Model.Object.select....
and not a specific Type list
Why are IActionResult and ActionResult not the same thing
@CaptainObvious because i', the fucking greatest that ever lived
Well one is an interface
9:23 AM
@Adan why are you doing List<Object>(); instead of List<SomeModelOrObjectHere>();
Ya I know that, but they're named the same, presumably ActionResult implements IACtionResult so RedirectToAction should work the same either way
@CaptainSquirrel it wont accept it
9:24 AM
or what is the name?
don't question it
@Adan you have to make a class with your variables in it
don't question the squirrel
Fucking Microsoft, y u so dum
im confused
nah u dumb @CaptainObvious
9:25 AM
cuz is Microsoft
i already made a class
@CaptainObvious ily really
but you can be both dumb
9:26 AM
@Adan but you are not using that to creating your list
You are just using object, which can be anything
Apparently a huge upside down nose
fk this just went to another level
god dam it
Adan frustrated?
This isn't going to solve your problem of list<T> cannot be used as a method, but it will help you going forward
maybe you need some cat gifs?
9:27 AM
Don't take this the wrong way, but do you actually know how to code? @Adan
obviously not
heck,thats not a cat
silly squirrel
noone here (except me) can code
9:27 AM
That's not code! That's a cat!
@Adan I will try and find you an example of an MVC Project
(see, I do know how to code)
That should give you some insight as to using actual type objects etc
wouldnt calling a new class wipe the old data?
new {}?
am i creating a new class?
9:28 AM
an example of a class would be like Coordinate containing an x and y position
You can have several Coordinate instances with different values
here's a way to describe it in laymans terms
Say you have a laptop, a phone & a drink.
@CaptainSquirrel what kind of drink?
9:29 AM
You want to store the laptop, phone & drink in your bag, but you only have a LaptopBag
Hopefully not a cup of Java
And the LaptopBag class looks like this
public class LaptopBag {
	public Laptop laptop { get; set; }
	public Phone phone { get; set; }
Bag<(Laptop, Phone)>
so in order to store the phone and the laptop, you would create a new instance of the LaptopBag Class
var bag = new LaptopBag();
9:32 AM
At this point, bag.laptop & bag.phone are both null because they haven't been assigned anything
it wont take Model
it wont let me put anything after 'new'
im trying to use Model.LaptopBag
new Model.LaptopBag
i just
9:33 AM
not specifically laptopbag, but the thing i created in my models class
maybe you should start over cap
screw JS
I'm going to go lie down
all hail to Java!
NGL Hans
you were about a second from getting kicked there
9:34 AM
where is rob when u need him ><
all hail Jaba
We don't talk about java
fk java
@CaptainSquirrel That didn't make much sense. Did you mean C#?
9:35 AM
Why yes cap, yes i did
fk C#?
JS is garbage
@Adan are you writing code for work or for learning?
9:35 AM
i love js duck
i just want it to work and im happy
idc about the formalities
9:36 AM
no thx
don't do it!
Follow that tutorial & make a website
i'l wait for rob
start with node.js and typescript
alrighty then
9:36 AM
how can I improve this "architecture" of my app:
but the way you are doing stuff is no está bien
'1'+'1'-'1' equals 10
I have a websocket which is sending this data:
  "carriers": [
      "ActualPos_mm": 0,
      "TrackID": 0,
      "CarrID": 0,
      "LiftID": 0,
      "LiftPos": 9999,
      "OrderID": 0,
      "Pen": {
        "cap_color": "green",
        "tube_color": "yellow",
        "text": "Hahahhaha"
      "X": 5,
      "Y": 0
yea i know
9:37 AM
@CapricaSix lolol
everyone here tells me that
each message has 8 carriers in it
'1'+'1'-'1' is 10 O__O
ehm back to c#
then I have this:
carrierCollection = JsonUtility.FromJson<CarrierCollection>(message);
'2'+'2'-'-2' = 24
in javascript
omg stop it!
'1'+'2'-'-3' IS 15
9:40 AM
ehm back to my "problem"
hahah no way!
Back on topic
ehm the problem is, I get like 10 to 100 times in the second this message
the full message with 8 carriers
this happens, when just one, doesn't matter which one, one value in the carriers changes
Are you still in unity?
9:42 AM
cough no
I am in c#
unity's c#? :D
yes yes unity == c# //true in javascript
so what's your issue
you get shit loads of data when something changes?
so my question is, how could I solve the mapping in c#, when I only would send the message which was changed and not everytime the whole 8 carriers
you got it
What handles sending the message?
9:44 AM
I don't want to say it
unfortunately yer gunna need to :D
j a v a s c r iiiiii p t
Your issue will be with whatever is sending the data
not what is rec
sorry, just had a stroke there, it looked like you said javascript was sending your data
9:46 AM
So basically
no the problem is not about sending data.. I can manage to send only what was changed
but how to map it in c#?
so your FromJson thing
that is the method that gets called when your javascript sends the updated data?
9:48 AM
somehow it needs to know, what is now recieving
because it can be everytime something else (not like now, now its everytime the carrierCollection)
'1'+'1'-'1' is 10 =>
'1'+'1' => string concatinate = '11'
'11'-'1' => there is no - for strings, so it is converted to Number and that is 10
same here
'1'+'2'-'-3' IS 15
Are you able to give your 8 things individual ids?
'1'+'2' = '12' - -3 = 15
Captain I am able to do anything.. it is my websocket server
I am the captain of that server
So the 8 objects that you have
give them individual id's and make sure that your javascript send's the relevant id along with your data
then when you receive the update in your c#, find the specific object you need via its id
and than create 8 pocos in c#?
no, update the one that you need to via its id
9:55 AM
aha but to find out the ID, you first need to convert the string message(json) to a poco
and thats not possible because I need to know which poco to use
or just juse string split function and find out the id?
juse? wtf.. use!
@Suisse you could create a seperate object
with an int id
and your other pocos as objects
Because you are sending it as json, you will only populate the relevant poco object
public class pocoData {
	public int id { get; set; }
	public poco1 p1 { get; set; }
	public poco2 p2 { get; set; }
	public poco3 p3 { get; set; }
like that or something
does that make sense @Suisse ?

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