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2:00 PM
steak sammich
2:11 PM
philosophically how can I hide a public function, so only one place can call it, and that place is in another .dll?
@CaptainSquirrel no it doesn't. I'm back from lunch break though so it's A-OK
@HéctorÁlvarez it was super duper tasty
I can watch a full episode of peaky blinders while having lunch now, which is awesome BTW
uuuh not more tasty than home-made paella
@CaptainSquirrel it better have been press grilled if you know what's good for you
2:13 PM
@MikeTheLiar The bread hadn't been grilled :(
It was still tasty AF though
You have blasphemed in the house of our Lord and Savior, Panini
anyone else have a seriously bad time going to bed on time?
I just wanna start working out in the morning, but I'm too tired to go to the rec center at 5:30 cause I keep going to bed too late
if on time is a bad time... why pick that time as bed time?
@nyconing not bad. Tho it's like I want to rewrite all the places where it's already called, and ensure that, noone will call the old version, just my wrapper function
I need to go tot he rec center at 5:30 cause I have to be at work by 7
"on time" isn't even a choice for me
2:15 PM
@ntohl it still callable, it just hides from intellisense
@AlRey what's your sleep hygiene like?
others still might ctrl-c from old codes without browsing the available stuff, and even deciding to go yolo, and use the obsolete
thanks tho. I will go that way, and also add Obsolete
um....I clean the sheets every few weeks, pajamas every other week, swap the bedsheets every week, that kind of thing
@AlRey same, now I work out at night and feel boosted the whole night thus I sleep a lot more difficult
2:18 PM
I definitely don't take naps
@MikeTheLiar it was not panini
if it was panini it would be absorbed......another way
@AlRey if you work out at the start of the day you feel that RUSH the entire day which is great
yeah I know...which is why I want to work out at the start
it's so hard to get out of bed especially when it's well below freezing outside
proTip get yourself a small heater and a timed plug that turns on your heater every morning
so your room stays cold at night, but warm when you have to wake up
….oh shit I totally forgot about portable heaters
k yeah I'm getting one tonight
2:23 PM
they are also a lot more eco friendly than constantly boosting your heater, also when you leave the room
good moarning
I don't like having my heater on when I'm gone, but the house needs to be at least 62
what's hilarious is last night I actually turned the heater off to run a sound test on some machines I had...then totally forgot to turn it back on until the temperature almost got to the 50s xD
in european degrees how much is that
16.7 C
and 50F is 10C
s/european/correct tempurature
2:25 PM
16.7 c?? are you iceman?
y'know what? fuck what everyone says; I'm gonna start using using Celsius
so it is now -5 where I live
I have only one heater for 70m2 and it needs to be 24 degrees in order to keep it warm.I live above a garage the isolation kinda sucks
I usually have my heater on 21
24 degrees heater means 21 room temp btw
!~convert 16.7 tempC to tempF
@nyconing 62.06 tempF
2:32 PM
bruh just literally Win+S "62F to C"
Some of us don't have Win keys on our keyboards.
But still Win button, it just looks different.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan how do you win then?
or do you only lose?
@Wietlol When losing is impossible, you don't need a button to win.
You lose when you pressed Win button accidentally
2:37 PM
is it still cheating if it is by accident?
Im removed Insert button on my keyboard
because it was too close to backspace
F11 too
= as well?
and how about \ ?
pressed = and \ accidentally is recoverable by press again the backspace
Insert is recoverable by pressing it again, but it didnt have instant visual feedback while I pressed it
And F11 is compile key.............
I've been thinking about making a videogame lately, been reading on some tutorials, docs, watching a few videos... I think it should be easy to develop
but I suck at drawing
do you guys have any experience making videogames?
2D games!
2:50 PM
yes my game is technically conceived as a 2d game
more or less like a smash bros game
in the sense that it's meant to be a team battle 2d brawling game
I was in marathon for creating every brick games back in college
i was checking around, and it seems like UE for 2D games is decent, comes with a pre-built template where I can add my own sprites, create animations through flow graphs
I creates a racing game without physics on flash in around 16yo
pretty much like the cloud automation thing I'm doing currently
why not Unity?
UE is C++ right?
2:52 PM
UE promotes the blueprints a lot
you can make full games without a single line of C++
and a incomplete noob collides detection
I think it also supports JS
and then I think that is the only game I created
IDK, I haven't nailed down the framework yet. I checked Cryengine (overkill and too much effort for this), UE (looks decent, but didn't get too deep) and unity (looks cool, but I probably doesn't have as much support aside from community).
after playing Outlast 2 which is made using UE, I can say UE is more optimized as compared to Source 2
2:54 PM
I want UE4's blueprint engine as a web service thing
My only experience with game development is a super mario on Allegro
yay Allegro!
except we had also added gatling guns in a cheat code
I've heard the library but want to distance myself since I like hardcore stuffs back when I was young
you could equip the gun, sometimes it glitched and shooted myself, but it was cool AF
Factorio is made using Allegro for example
WDYM it's not hardcore
2:56 PM
so what game are you going to make?
OpenGL is hardcorer
It's about a brawling game where the goal is killing the enemies, not kick them away from the gaming area
Why not Unity on mono.net, its a most profitable framework
Because it's easy to screw up when you translate into IL due to lack of optimization.
glfw + glew + glad + glsl + C++
One day I'll explain why our mario, that took 31kb on a NES, actually ate 8GB RAM in our PCs
2:58 PM
@HéctorÁlvarez I think Unity actually has a lot of community support. It's much more popular with entry level/amateur game designers than the heavier, more complex engines.
All games are optimized for about the same production time
And Unity is more "friendly" compare to others
I doubt that translate even correct?
which one?
All games are optimized, and used the time for about the same as production time
^ this should correct
3:00 PM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan That's right, but since my game probably won't even be sold (I'd be happy if I even finished it in less than 2 years or so, if ever) I might be interested in a bit more beef. You know, like if I enjoy making the game and want to remake it better in the future it would be clearly better to have already raised my foundation upon the framework I'll be upgrading into, not from a different place where stuff may or may not be the same.
Take it like learning Java because you want to do C#, but because they are so similar, and I already had JRE installed let's do it.
@HéctorÁlvarez Unity isn't an unprofessional framework. It's used for very professional and AAA games. It's just also easier to use for non-pro devs.
Ooooh, right I get you.
> As of 2018, Unity had been used to create approximately half of the mobile games on the market and 60 percent of augmented reality and virtual reality content, including approximately 90 percent on emerging augmented reality platforms, such as Microsoft HoloLens, and 90 percent of Samsung Gear VR content.
Well that's a big selling point
3:02 PM
I plays a lot of games on PS4 it used Unity engine
I saw a neat video of someone using an AI plugin for Unity to generate forest and plants and the like
Unity game can virtually port to any devices
once he was satisfied on how it looked, he locked it in
windows, mac, ios, android, ubuntu, ps4, xbox, switch all of them
yeah, but can it run in Skyrim?
3:03 PM
brb meeting
is Skyrim really that slow?
did skyrim slow?
but can it run in a browser?
@Wietlol yes
@mr5 that was TOTALLY me for ages
idk what happened to me
3:04 PM
unity also on web browser
That's why I only played Skyrim eight years after it came out. It was fast.
Im playing Skyrim without control panel
what is a control panel?
@AlRey yeah I was very polite back then I don't want to wake any one. I'm also shy to talk with parents cuz I have nothing to say. Now that I'm thinking of it, I think I would do still the same
on a side note... hi mr5
3:07 PM
hey wer's the bot?
@mr5 Yeah, but now you have a smartphone.
posted on December 11, 2019 by ericlippert

You might recall that before my immensely long series on ways we could make C# a probabilistic programming language, I did a short series on how we can automatically computed the exact derivative in any direction of a real-valued function … Continue reading →

@Feeds SHHH!
its here
@wietbot go kick yourself
3:07 PM
I don't know this command, did you mean any of the following? join
omg I remember one sleepover I woke up at like 6am and I needed to sneeze for the longest time, so I just kept myself in silence for AGES until someone finally woke up
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan yeah now I got something to do than being awake and suffer in awkward silence
@mr5 I have this weird memory of saying something to one of the guests at my parents' dinner party and then the guests response put me on the spot and made me feel horribly embarrassed
I don't remember what it was, but I do remember deciding that I would never do that again
@mr5 I still need to fix the csharp imports thingy tho
Anyway, off home now. I have goulash to cook.
3:08 PM
I was a shy kid
@Wietlol player.moveto 0xblablabla ?
not being able to use LINQ is like not being able to see sharp
@nyconing ew
@Neil I used to see all the parts of myself I didn't like in Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker :P
that's what I was like
how can you enter an RPG with a command prompt?
@Neil hahahaha also one reason I don't talk with intimidating people
3:09 PM
you must embrace the environment
and it seems avnir is one of those
because I own Syrim on my switch, and that control panel isnt accessible
and I first saw that movie in theaters when I was 5
@mr5 it was probably not even particularly embarrassing
I suppose it makes sense if the game's environment is actually filled with technology and stuff
3:09 PM
just that when you're a kid, everything is always amplified 10 times
@Wietbot learn kickyourself kick 11345663
I don't know this command, did you mean any of the following? leave, join
dumb bot
@Wietlol bot dumb ughghh
I think that response is fine tho
@AlRey I sort of saw myself as a protagonist in a film growing up
not a particularly exciting film, but a film nonetheless
3:10 PM
@mr5 I didnt make it as a replacement for caprica
@mr5 this was the best sexual education available though
if you want to teach the bot silly commands, try jamesbot, jack, ny, patrick or lee
!~votekick nyconing
@nyconing voted to kick @nyconing
@nyconing i can help you with that if you want
3:12 PM
@MwBakker yeah. my first time I was like "hey, that's illegal" I'm very stooopid back then, but now I'm just stoopid
List<string> or List<String>?
@HéctorÁlvarez you are playing with unity?
me too!
Donna Choi on December 11, 2019

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List<string> +1
3:14 PM
the pearl of the day is this javascript code
if("true" == "false")
@juanvan if you're using VS for Mac, it will shout at you for using "primitive" types in their upper case
@human probably one of the two is injected from the server
@Neil make sense
still awful practice
3:15 PM
int, float, double, string, char, byte, short, long should all be in lower case
ya that's what I figured, but I just saw some code with String and just thinking about it
List<String> is like you're doing Jaba and everyone here hates Jaba
usually try to stick to the color scheme
In Java, String is just a class like any other
and classes start with uppercase
3:16 PM
ya, it doesn't have both string and String
but string is now considered as primitive type by C#, no?
@juanvan would it make any difference...
string is an alias for the String class
They're the same thing.
bananas and bananas
3:18 PM
@juanvan Compatibility and compatibility
but there's no Integer?
Common wisdom I've heard is to use the String (or Int32 or whatever) when calling static methods
@mr5 Int32
It has to be in whole words
var all the things
@MikeTheLiar why?
3:19 PM
just looks funny
@mr5 K&R C I imagine
ugh I haven't encountered that yet
You don't have to, it's just for consistency's sake across the industry
and in the beginning there was just one programmer that ruined it for everyone else
I mean I haven't encountered any source code in C that does that
3:23 PM
@human How about this lovely thing in javascript: 9999999999999999 == 10000000000000000 // true
5 mins ago, by juanvan
bananas and bananas
cost me 1 minute to find difference
wait, there's a difference?
!~>"bananas" == "bananas"
the banana got eaten off the wall
3:26 PM
!~> 0 > null
!~> 0 == null
!~> "ananas" == "pineapple"
!~> 0 >= null
@Neil yours is tastier
3:28 PM
!~> 99999999999999999999999999.9 == 100000000000000000000000000.0
!~> 1+1
@Neil same as in C#
3:28 PM
chat.stackoverflow dont allow same text sent in bulk
@Wietlol but only with the decimal .9 at the end?
@Neil I just did replace 0 with 9
it must be a decimal tho
!~> 99999999999999999999999999.0 == 100000000000000000000000000.0
3:30 PM
!~>3.3333333333333335 == (10/3)
hey is this js or c#?
0.1 + 0.2 == 0.3 // false
0.1 + 0.5 == 0.6 // true
@mr5 C#
!~>new System.Random().Next(1,100)
3:31 PM
@Wietbot evalnode '' == undefined
how can I teach it command?
It's a trap
thank you for making JavaScript
Go play with yourself in another room please.
3:34 PM
lmao someone on the sci-fi stack is asking about Xenosaga
Q: Looking for a SciFi RPG I played in my childhood about a girl who is a hologram who fights aliens

TheNeeooI recall playing a game at a babysitters' when I was a child, on either PlayStation 2 or GameCube. (She had both.) In the game, you started off playing as this girl who was either a machine or a hologram (I think; it was unclear). You're on a spaceship, I believe, which gets invaded by these alie...

I didn't know the girl was a hologram, but I do have this game...just haven't started it
@RoelvanUden ew what
Xenosaga, by today's standards, is pretty bad.
damn, is it? I see it's turn-based but the only time I ever play those is on Switch or some other portable
I remember a game in windows 98 in which you are a girl and kill enemies with your finger
seems like a waste to do it on a giant screen
3:36 PM
It looked like the female version of Wolfstein
imagine if E.T. actually could kill people with that finger
it was a girl with a white capouchon, the game was very pixellary
if anybody knows this, would be great
I used to play the adventures of lolo
starts off as a cute puzzle game
3:37 PM
@AlRey Even Final Fantasy combat systems are better and that's saying something
oh noooo
then they start introducing these trees that will shoot shards at you if you stand north south east west of them.. scared the hell out of you
would you say the original 8-bit FF has a better system?
and things that chase you
aaaand he's back :D
3:39 PM
@AlRey I haven't played those, so I don't know. Everything from 7 onwards is better than Xenosaga, but I still think all those >=7 combat systems were terrible. FF is good for the story, not for its combat
I remember when everyone completely foamed at the mouth if you said anything bad about ff7
that was around the time Skyrim came out
back when FF13 was out...so it's not like the fandom had anything good to compare their beloved classic to
post ff9 battle systems are trash
my friend got me 13-2 for my 16th birthday and I was...so goddamn confused
ff1/2 basically had no battle systems
Like ff8 was any good
3:40 PM
wtf is final fantasy anyway, one giant mindtwister
um ok ff8 had a terrible system too
and f12 was ok
you ever had anyone "play the game for you" to get through the "grinding?"
legit I'd wake up one day after having him over for the night and I'd find him playing MY profile so I didn't have to worry about the grinding
and every single time he did that, I reset the save
until eventually I said "screw this; this game sucks" and gave it away
did you play 13?
@MwBakker rpg?
I played 13-2 because I wasn't interested in the series and he gave me part 2 for some reason
3:42 PM
runs in emulator?
did you give it away, give it away, give it away now?
or dos
I played 13 and it was 50 hours and I just felt so exhausted by the end and nothing was accomplished
@Neil pls I wish the game had as much fun with itself as that song did
everything was so serious and lore-huffy
in a weird 90s nostalgia now
3:43 PM
square enix used to be good :(
ff15 was good amigo
I didnt play at all
lets be honest ff tactics is where the real gamers are at
I haven't gotten too far, but I like that it actually doesn't try to take itself more seriously than it needs to
I.. liked the story in 13 for as far as I could stomach the gameplay.
The gameplay was just... very... very... very bland.
my problem is I usually don't do JPRGs; I'm more into TES
3:45 PM
I bought FF15 for the PS4 and my god what a trainwreck that game is
except even TES isn't doing so hot now
regarding TES did you see daggerfall remade on unity?
"Oh you want to play FF15? Great, there is manga, movies, lore, novels, and other content you must watch/read/consume before you'll "get" the game".
oh yeah I've seen it and it looks sweet
so basically Final Fantasy is Bionicle now
it used to be about the crystals or something
3:46 PM
Anyone following the flutter hype? I'm wondering why Google is investing too muchh on it?!
I'm completely ignoring flutter.
@nyconing it was like wolfstein, but then a female witch version
something with "cat" in it
maybe Flutter is what's gonna power Fuchsia
@RoelvanUden if you are mobile developer, you can't ignore it actually
a witch, like a cat?
3:50 PM
@mshwf I'm doing fine so far :-P
Why can't I ignore it?
@nyconing Catacomb
the name of the game was Catacomb Abyss, just found it
because it's coming for you family
hide yo kids, hide yo wife
It's really powerful UI framework, can be compared (an can win) with the native frameworks
omg Patrick is back!! :O
and he...hasn't been renamed
@mshwf There are plenty of really powerful UI frameworks that I'm perfectly happy to ignore right now. Just because it's a "powerful UI framework" does not mean I'll have to invest time or effort into it.
3:52 PM
what, did the Patrick user just leave?
But I never see investment like this in a framework
So? There is massive investment in machine learning which I don't need right now, either.
@RoelvanUden I'm Xamarin.Forms developer
I mean I saw a shitton of investment into the framework for the Cell processor and look how that turned out ;)
Just because something is "new and such powerful" doesn't mean that I have any immediate use for it. I don't need to learn every new technology, framework and library that crops up. When I have need for any of the benefits it offers, I'll take a look at it.
3:54 PM
Flutter uses dart lang, and no reflection
@AlRey Exactly my point :3
And we all know Google kills projects all the time
no, not all dart lang supports by flutter
atlease at that time I tries flutter, no reflection is possible
I've heard R and Go are popular, but idk why cause I haven't researched it and I don't use it for worka nyway

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