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1:06 AM
Hi guys
is there a way to check who created visual studio project?
6 hours later…
7:33 AM
posted on November 20, 2019 by Scott Hanselman

I've got a lot of different sound devices like USB Headphones, a formal Conference Room Speakerphone for conference calls, and 5.1 Surround Sound speakers, as well as different mics like a nice Shure XLR connected to a PV6 USB Audio Mixer, as well as the built in mics in my webcams and other devices. There's lots of great audio apps and applets that can improve the audio switching situation o

@Feeds Shut It!
8:09 AM
posted on November 22, 2019 by Scott Hanselman

My colleague Tara and I were working on prepping a system for Azure IoT development and were using WSL2 on our respective machines. The scripts we were running were long-running and tedious and by the time they were done we basically had a totally customized perfect distro. Rather than sharing our scripts and having folks run them for hours, we instead decided to export the distro and import

8:24 AM
@ILoveStackoverflow Metadata should exist in .vs folder
Although, Hey all o/
What could cause such shameless behaviour?
UserControl's code: pastecode.xyz/view/43462299
Window's inner is just <ContentPresenter x:Name="ContentPresenter" Content="{Binding}"></ContentPresenter>
And Window's DataContext is set to an instance of this UserControl
@V.7 You may want to check this out in full screen. The entire view changes on resize start!
9:25 AM
I have to iterate a array with for loop to find it contains specific words in it and add that in list.
2 hours later…
11:02 AM
@mr5 I used VS 2016 vor Windows
11:24 AM
@V.7 As you've only provided the xaml I don't know, but it doesnt look like the xaml is the problem.
@CaptainObvious Do you understand Assembly language?
You're in completely the wrong place for that
Why are you writing in assembly though, I'm curious
11:41 AM
@CaptainObvious There's nothing inside CodeBehind
That's debateable based on the horrow show you posted last time
You mean, MVVM thing?
If that's what you want to call it, sure
Currently, this looks like that: There's MainWindow which appears firstly on a first GIF, then it calls a dialog using DialogService method which creates empty DialogWindow with only pastecode.xyz/view/e95ffc72 inside, then creates an insitance of UserControl pastecode.xyz/view/43462299 and sets it to DialogWindow's DataContext, in the end it calls ShowDialog() for DialogWindow
So, UserControl has nothing inside except connected Button's commands as a ViewModel
Hi all,
I am facing small issue with triggers are not firing when my model object value is changed.

I have basically created a custom progress bar control with some DP's exposed. So I am binding these DP's to my Data model object.

And on button click I am updating the property in my source object. But the dependency property value is not updating while my data context (object bound) have updated the value.
Here is my code of the custom control with code behind
Can someone tell me whats wrong I am doing it here
12:07 PM
You need to raise the PropertyChanged event otherwise the binding doesn't know to update
I think
On DP or in my code behind I need to do it?
On StagedProgress
You'll need to add an implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged to it
Hmm I am adding that code now
Let me try once now
Lol visual studio just froze from changing the font
my pc really is shit lol
@CaptainObvious I have implemented INotify, now the DP's are updating but my Trigger is not getting fired
May be should I need to add UpdateSourceTrigger for the DataTrigger?
12:18 PM
I think it might be your trigger binding, you're binding to an ancestor, but I don't think you should be
I added UpdateSourceTrigger as PropertyChanged
Stil no luck
Because you use TemplateBinding above the triggers, so try it in the triggers and see if it works
Like you mean to say use TemplateBinding in Triggers like I was using inside ControlTemplate?
issue is with using RelativeSource
I made just with Binding property name in Trigger
and worked perfectly
Thanks @CaptainObvious
I have to leave now and will join back in sometime.
12:32 PM
Im trying to make a more... design friendly WPF
I mean compared to my first WPF
12:44 PM
I mean at that point, just use the standard window
Seriously, if you're not super familiar with WPF don't even try to make your own window frame
I'm reasonably capable at WPF and I still haven't managed to make a window frame that works properly yet
Atleast this time Im using Grids to seperate everything and so far no issues
Hey captain obvious do you know how I can set the fill background of my rectangle for the close button on Mouse Hover
Seen many things online, but none are doing what I want
infact, most of them do pretty much nothing
5 hours later…
5:34 PM
Can anyone point me to some best practices on how to pass repository access to domain and service objects
6:24 PM
are they in the same dll?
Either way, just inject the instance of your repository into the objects.
seems like a ridiculous way to go about things
i have domain objects that need to reference a service
Uh ...
Made some minimized version of above issue: XAML pastecode.xyz/view/6228f7ec
in their construction
With same issue: i.imgur.com/D1cgKC3.gif
1 hour later…
7:54 PM
I want to create a .net framework application which picks up files from a hot folder and process them. Each file belongs to a unique id. About 5k requests in queue everyday is expected and each queue might 1-5 files. I'm thinking about a console application built on top of a third party OCR SDK. I can run multiple instances of the console app based on the
Queue traffic. And kill the console app after it process the particular set of.files from the queue. Is this the right way to do it for an Enterprise application ? Any thoughts on this is appreciated
Can anyone help me on how to solve a missing assembly reference to the windows media player ? I have the following error upon building my solution "Error CS0246 The type or namespace name 'AxWMPLib' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"
8:12 PM
Removed nearly eveything ...
Same issue
Somewhy these Grids do not have correct sizes at very show of window ...
8:35 PM
And somehow resize event corrects them
Already trying to beat that WPF "bug?" for 3 days :D
1 hour later…
9:53 PM
@Sakthivel I would use as much standard solutions as possible. In this case, if at all possible, put the "files" into a message queue instead. You can then just spin up any number of processes (depending on available resources) to process items on the message queue. If you can't change the file-based system, I would make a "master" process that puts the names of files into a message queue and have the rest work as mentioned before.

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