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3:33 AM
.net core cannot reference libraries from another projects subdirectory?
it can
hows that
i just tried it
im referencing from class library .netstandard
are you pointing to the dll or the project to load in the project?
pointing to the project "Models"
trying to reference Models.MyModels
MyModels is a folder containing the classes i need.
3:46 AM
i referenced it in .netcore as proj reference
erros? not responds? or caused bsod
@nyconing when trying to using Models.MyModels
cant find 'MyModels'
it can tho find classes in models alone.
same version of .net?
netcore referencing netstandard
this is under 1 solution.
3:50 AM
I mean .net standard 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6
netcore 2.2 referencing netstand 2.0
seems fine
you able to reference subdirectories?
classes in subdirs?
what is subdirs? isnt it every compiled libs are in bin/config?
just caught it.
its okay no
i remember now , these classes used to belong to a different namespace. never got to replace them so no way i can reference Models.MyModels
since inside the classes, its not under "Models" but "xxxx.MyModels"
1 hour later…
5:16 AM
Hi all,
I am trying to save the monitor information in my WPF application on close of the main window and relaunch of the application on the same monitor where it was closed.

For this I have followed many articles where I have found on internet.
I have created a Gist and then updated with my code and approaches I have taken.

I also updated Gist with the issues I am facing.
Link to my Gist - https://gist.github.com/Ganeshcse/58b79acc74c852b3c3629debb231db04
@GK That isn't a bad script, but I would point out that even the new version of MS Excel doesn't remember which side of the screen it was saved on when you re-open it for dual monitor situations. Perhaps you are over engineering the section requiring two monitors to be supported.
@GK when you say Secondary there is a cut when application is on primary monitor. When I dragged to secondary monitor then also there is a cut to the bottom of the application., what do you mean by "cut"? Is it related to window positioning or window sizing or something else?
5:38 AM
!~>class A{
 static object Main(){ return Foo(); }
 static object Foo(){
  return JsonConvert.SerializeObject(new Vm{ Name="IronMan", Time=DateTime.Now });
 class Vm{ public string Name; public DateTime Time; }
@nyconing {"Name":"IronMan","Time":"2019-11-22T13:38:27.0949926+08:00"}
5:52 AM
@TravisJ I have seen lot of articles helping to save the monitor state. I also tried doing in a sample project and I am able to achieve with a simple settings saved in project settings from this article codeproject.com/Articles/50761/…
But from the above article also I had some issues which I am able to fix and did it working. But the problem is in my actual application they were using User32 dll API's GetMonitorInfo
So I am trying to combine solutions from two different approaches like one using Win 32 API's and other to get the sceeninfo using System.Windows.Forms namespace
@mr5 yes when I said cut means my application height is going beyond the monitor height. I debugged the value of Height - In 1920x1200 resolution excluding task bar I am getting working area as 1170 which is expected.
@TravisJ so you mean that there are no proper solutions for saving the state of a window where it was closed? I could see my MS word applications able to open on the same monitor where it was closed before on my Win 10 machine.
6:40 AM
so this is what I got from Xmas Kringle
"no u"
it's actually two decks but this is the card I'm only familiar with
6:56 AM
whats that supposed to be then
to mean*
sync with active doc?
it's a meme
usually refers to internet slang, "no u"
which basically means, what ever dumb shit you thrown at me, it goes back to you.
I think that meme is related to "uganda knuckles"
i thought it was
too young too simple sometime naive
those English I usually found in 9gag:
"lol ur mom have big gay"
7:09 AM
> Pattern Tusen forced to take clothes on stage
whats that @nyconing
@nyconing did you type this in your keyboard?
why not
7:12 AM
we use normal us layout keyboard
you guys chinese
nah, I use Google translate
but I do have Chinese blood :(
we all came from africa
typeof(AddUserCommand).FullName why isn't this considered as const?
7:18 AM
it is
@nyconing does it make sense, or did you just type random unicodes
It does make sense...
@nyconing if you put that in a switch, it is not considered as constant expression
Hi all anybody know about how to enable virtualization for Listview
@mr5 oh, that's interesting
I also have this fragment from a beautiful song hao xiang ni: 絕不會放棄你
7:24 AM
TargetType="{x:Type ListView}" x:Key="{x:Type ListView}"> <Setter Property="UIElement.SnapsToDevicePixels" Value="True" /> <Setter Property="VerticalContentAlignment" Value="Center" /> <Setter Property="VirtualizingPanel.IsVirtualizing" Value="True" /> <Setter Property="VirtualizingPanel.VirtualizationMode" Value="Recycling" /> <Setter
maybe it has a private setter and therefore not strictly constant
definition of make sense?
Chinese IME
Not this
7:28 AM
Methods of PinYin
> Hold the newsreader's nose squarely, waiter, or friendly milk will countermand my trousers.
@Neil just like most of the printed shirts in China with English words on it. Same thing with Chinese letters as tattoo on non-Chinese people
yeah, I've noticed that trend
I don't really get the logic of having something printed in an unfamiliar language on your body
7:34 AM
I'm assuming those are semantically nonsensical also, right @nyconing ?
No, you all uses translator and think some chinese word nonsensical but not truth meh
translator is useless in most case, 80% of context cant be translated
> Life and death, wealth in the sky.
Words to live by. Words. To. Live. By.
Life and death are fated, riches and honour depend on the appointment of heaven
anyone who knows more than one language would know how difficult it is to translate certain words / concepts
and I know this because I know Italian. I can't imagine how much more difficult Mandarin can be
While translator are actually so smart enough to translates 生死有命 (If translator translate it directly it will become "Life and death both have life" )
But still failed at 富貴在天, Yes, it is mean "wealth in the sky" by direct translate
But two words are linked and become another meaning
7:43 AM
Hmm, for me, it just gets translated into "Life and death"
生 Living
死 Death
有 Have/ Is
命 Life
富 Fortune
貴 Expensive
在 At
天 Sky
all about context, translator not smart enough to translates context while words are linked/ combined
yeah google translate is awful when it comes to context
my guess is that for Mandarin, all it can do is translate characters one at a time
Also in an unrelated note
noisy, noisy, noisy
noisy, noisy, noisy would start to look like a fractal
7:49 AM
or a Sierpinski's triangle
lol 姦 is rapes
or behaviours that is evil
oh, well that image is inaccurate
@nyconing 23014
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
Jack, funfriday
Jack, Jack,
....Come Again?
Jack, ,,,,,
Is that even English?
@Squirrelintraining how do I eval and what language does your bot understand?
8:08 AM
It's Captain Obvious's bot I think
Or Captain Squirrel.. one of the captains at least
I think the one who's previously associated with Kieran's name
8:26 AM
@mr5 Ask Kieran :D
8:36 AM
It's the squirrel
8:53 AM
9:12 AM
good morning
Don't you hate when clients arrange meetings with less than 1 hour overhead?
I would feel like a secret agent
@HéctorÁlvarez you directly talk with clients?
I think I have found another Xamarin Forms binding issue
@mr5 Yeh, well, gotta report my time both to my manager and the client that is paying for my services
even though he hired the comapny not me.
9:26 AM
don't you have a manager or PM?
or better yet, find a time-tracking app and just send them that so you avoid talking with them
certified business automation engineer as a service
what does that do?
@mr5 time-tracking? It's usually a ticketing system. Isn't it?
Héctor is that. Ask him
well he said time, not bug though
I thought tickets are filed for bugs only
you can ticket features as well
9:30 AM
Tickets are just a mechanism to queue up requests, can be for anything
You can raise a ticket to request a new computer, or repair your desk, or await your turn at the butcher's
well, time-tracking is a process that runs along while you're working. It's like committing in git with messages. You commit both time-in and time-out. At the end of the day, you push those commits so your bosses will see them. While in ticketing, you file them at request, most of the time, you file them at the end of the day. But then, you lost track of your "actual" activities so you just summarize it.
usually ticketing is preferred due to "just write it to general task, I will create tasks later"
What I have to do is report my time to my manager
even better, when users create the tickets
9:35 AM
But this client also wants to track the time himself
so I just copy it over
he also likes to request exact times
but I'm not gonna.
ahoy mateys
o lawdy my stomach a rumblin
Ain't nobody got time for that!
I mean, i'm now in work
After 3 days of being off
and i do not feel the gud
can you guys search that package in your NuGet package manager from your VS?
okay. I resorted using the terminal
10:01 AM
Does not show up in my Nuget Manager...
Hi guys
Anyone ever used tree to get directory substructure
I am trying to exclude a folder
A: Print directory tree but exclude a folder on windows cmd

mklement0cmd.exe's internal tree command does not support excluding directories. If you only need to exclude directories by name themselves and not also their entire subtree (child directories and their descendants), see nferrell's answer. If you need to exclude the entire subtree of directories matchi...

But this gives
Too many parameters - <FolderNameToBeExcluded>
Any ideas?
Also still no capricia, that's a shame
I have a query form linq, where I already grouped the items. How can I flatten the elements and union the keys of the grouping also?
@Luchspeter thanks! it seems to be a bug. Are you using VS for Mac or VS for Windows
so for example I have [{ "region": { "buildings": [1, 2, 3, 4], "name": "a" }}, {"region": { "buildings": [5, 6, 7], "name": "b"}}]. I would like to have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 .Selected into a common type with "a", "b"
at the end I have flattened list of elements generated from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, a, b
10:27 AM
@ntohl I think SelectMany() if that exsits
meeting ended
select many is from a in <what you want to selectmany>
apparently the PM from the client side had no idea what had happened the last 5 weeks
despite them doing Agile
10:28 AM
@ntohl SelectMany sold to the rrick i guess.
the problem with SelectMany is that you leave out the "a", "b"
So I said "I had no idea this task you just brought up even existed" and he was like "oh... so nobody sent you the mails with the translated user stories on day 1 as I requested?"
I could hear someone grinding their scimitar against the grindstone
Welp maybe nest that?
10:29 AM
anyway time to eat
@HéctorÁlvarez guten
Bon appetit!
user image
11:01 AM
If i delete a file using File.Delete is it possible to recover it, say via the recycle bin?
I tried to google it but all i was getting was generic links on recovering deleted files
From what i can remember
File.Delete does not put your files in the recycle bin
So unless you have backups or something, you will have a bad time trying to get that file back
hmm, that's annoying, but ok, thank you
IIRC there's a flag you can use to put it in the recycle bin instead, or maybe that might be on the VisualBasic File methods
It sounds like from your question though you've a;ready deleted something
A: Send a File to the Recycle Bin

Eugene CheverdaNOTE: This also does not work with non UI Interactive apps like Windows Services This wrapper can provide you needed functionality: using System.Runtime.InteropServices; public class FileOperationAPIWrapper { /// <summary> /// Possible flags for the SHFileOperation method. ...

@CaptainObvious that's on VB docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/…
@CaptainObvious i haven't just researching before using it
11:05 AM
But you can use those methods
You just need to add the Microsoft.VisualBasic packages
put into recycle bin is inside shell32.dll
I think to save adding the VB packages just to send to recycle bin i will just copy to a back up folder first
you don't have to
you can call the shell32.dll's right method directly from C#
11:34 AM
Back from 2nd breakfast, hobbit style
Ears were pulled
I just got all the documents I had requested 5 weeks ago, all in one package of pure boredom
I would love to even have a first breakfast today
But alas
11:50 AM
@nyconing You do not have permission to use the command live
weekend, bye
You can call Win32 APIs from C#
But you probably shouldn't if you don't know what you're doing
@nyconing Sayonara
Wait are you Chinese?
Or Japanese?
I think she's malaysian
12:06 PM
IDK how to say bye in Malaysian
Jack, translate "Good bye" to Malaysian
He doesn't either
12:23 PM
Jack, tumbleweed
@CaptainObvious or eh*
IDK whatcha talking'bout
I'm in a meeting, but I'm twiddling my fingers here
haha you pleb
I am
But they are speaking about stuff I don't know about
12:24 PM
So he doesn't need to pay attention
They are discussing details and intricacies of a very specific software, and deciding a strategy to solve it.
Frozen 2 is out
and guess what? ofc in regular Disney fashion, it's not as well received as the first
when will they learn?
IDK who watches Disney movies anyway
I don't even watch Marvel since 2014
(totally hasn't seen Zootopia)
actually damn...that one came out 3 years ago and it's the last Disney animated film I've seen
Did half life always have a kiwi voice cast
Because I definitely don't remember that
12:37 PM
no; Alyx's original voice was a Japanese-American
Hmm, interesting that at the top of the Steam top selling is the Valve Index VR Kit (which includes headset, lighthouses, controllers and Half Life Alyx
Then at 4th is the headset and controllers, and at 5th is HL:A, and then at 9th is the Index controllers
Maybe the VR revolution is finally here
Valve did it...they finally got people invested again xD
What's the price
of this VR headset
because I have PSVR and can confirm is a huge piece of trash
£459 for the headset on it's own
Well duh
it's PSVR
OK 500 is less than half of that 1200 for Vive
12:44 PM
Vive doesn't cost 1200
The full kit of the standard Vive will set you back €599
And the Cosmos, the new Vive headset, full kit costs €829
@CaptainObvious kiwi?!
The vive pro is stupidly expensive, but it's "professional grade" and priced accordingly
But as far as I know the controllers and lighthouses are the same as the original vive in the pro kit, so you're really spending an extra €800 on upgrading the headset
@Squirrelintraining From New Zealand
I heard the new Oculus Rift is pretty good
like it doesn't even require you to screw things into the ceiling or whatever the hell other headsets need
12:53 PM
wait, VR headsets require you to screw things into the ceiling?
or into the wall, but yeah that's what I've heard some of them want you to do
I can see why, but I'd have thought by now that there was a way to avoid doing that
Some do. Not required for attaching to walls (you can plonk them on tripods) but IR tracking is much easier than doing it with actual cameras
some of them have these little boxes that you need to plug in and then mount high up on the wall somewhere
I'm actually sitting under one of mine now hold on
12:55 PM
damn it I already feel nostalgic for when I graduated college wtf
And I remember thinking the Wii's motion sensor was dumb
Excuse the adapter, I bought the headset when I was in the US and obviously I don't live in the US
The Wii one was really clever considering it only had 2 emitters and a single sensor
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