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2:06 AM
S, join 7
S, say ipsum
4 hours later…
5:56 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' squirrelerinos!
@Squirrelkiller I prefrer to read that word as "gyme"
ike homer simpsonn did
@Squirrelkiller lorem
I have a doubt to ask regarding javascript
Can anyone please help me out
Why not ask the Javascript room?
I am not able to find any please help me out with the logic only. Its not particularly about javascript.
6:12 AM
@Squirrelintraining what did he say? I did not understand it.
@NishantArora Spill the beans bra
ok, so there is a function with settimeout printing numbers from for loop.

function test() {
let ar = [];
for (let i = 1; i < 5; i++) {
setTimeout(function run() {
}, Math.random() * 2000);

I want to alert after this function completed running only.
like if it took 10ms to run for loop. I want alert after 10 ms only.
please help me out.
@NishantArora hit ctrl+k to format next time :)
That preserves white spaes
Ok sure, I will from next time but please help me out with this
edit it. it's not yet late
buzzer beater
6:24 AM
It is mr5, 2 mins have past
the timeout 5 mins though
@NishantArora So why not put the alert after the loop?
@mr5 Isn't it 2?
yes, it's 2
the timeout was inspired by my name so it's 5
@Squirrelintraining it won't work because of settimeout
@NishantArora setTimeout won't run until after the function
It gets queued and run immediately afterwards, even if the time is 0
6:27 AM
@mr5 ok sir o7
If you want to guarantee it happens at least 10 ms after the function ends, simply do (Math.random() * 2000) + 10
@Squirrelintraining you edit the timeout did you? It was 5 last time.
I didn't even know setTimeout was a jabascript function :D
very useful one at that :P
@Neil I cant do that because it will be dynamic
6:28 AM
It was never 5
I can feel your poor eastern confusion tho, 2 and 5 look quite similar :p
@NishantArora in what sense? what will be dynamic?
@mr5 No I didnt
@NishantArora the reply was for squirrelintraining :)
@HéctorÁlvarez heyho spanish dudesta
6:29 AM
@Neil I mean the settimeout can be of any duration.
and yes. he edited the message edit timeout to support his claims.
you're still guaranteed that it happens after execution of your function
Goood moorniiiing CeeeeShaaarp! Turns out I started in the wrong room today!
Do you mean sandy?
@Squirrelintraining Pillager screeching
6:30 AM
you can test that theory.. start a timeout to alert after 2 seconds, and then before the end of the function, create a for loop which just wastes time
Yes, I meant Sandy
I can trigger her on both "Sandy, " and "S, "
you won't get an alert after 2 seconds but rather 2 seconds + the time it takes to perform the loop
in Sandbox, 30 mins ago, by Squirrelkiller
Goood moorniiiing CeeeeShaaarp! I'm here really late, so where the hell is everybody?
i see what you did there @Squirrelkiller
in Sandbox, 3 mins ago, by Squirrelkiller
Don't tell me it's sunday again
in Sandbox, 4 mins ago, by Squirrelkiller
Oh, sandbox, right...
I got the beta invite to Legends of Runeterra
Legends of whatnow
6:34 AM
@Squirrelintraining I've got a question
The card game by Riot
@mr5 Yes!
@HéctorÁlvarez Riot sucks
How come?
I mean I haven't played LoL in a decade
but I don't intend to play it either
@Squirrelintraining why did you change the message edit timeout to 2 minutes?
@mr5 Who says I did?
6:42 AM
it was 5 minutes before.
@HéctorÁlvarez Cuz lol i just a cheap imitation of DotA
then it got changed to 2 minutes right after you say it
@mr5 No it wasn't.
It was never 5 minuets.
yes you do
it is
No you did!
6:42 AM
@Squirrelintraining Ye, but I'm not playing LoL
You had your mind set to "it's 5 mins" alothough it's clearly 2 mins!
I'm playing a card game
That'd be like bashing Microsoft because Windows is shit when all you want to use is SQL Server and Visual Studio
@Squirrelintraining you filthy hacker. return it to 5 minutes or els
6:43 AM
or else waht mr5
You gonna edit me?
How about you just rename yourself to mr2 and be done with it?
oh ho! 2 squirrels vs Finn. If Jake was just around, you two would turn into Kangaroos
6:50 AM
Yesterday I met yet another guy building his own bot because Cap is gone
This one in Python
His bot is clearly the winning bet
@mr5 lel^^
@mr5 Not sure if that should be notail looking at topson or whats exactely happening
it was a reference after the TI9
imho, it should be Jerax at the middle cuz his Tiny plays was sick af
7:08 AM
Tompson did the syck tiny plays
Ti10 Stockholm
are you in @Squirrelkiller?
That would definitely fit me wanting to visit the north some time
next TI in your place?
Not sure my couch is big enough
@mr5 Like 500km away
7:24 AM
@Wietlol installing Docker toolbox on the VM
what VM?
VM? :D
Remember I was trying to install Docker?
My laptop went full BSOD when I did, some Hyper-V bullshit because, for some reason, the network adapters it creates are fucking covered with nuclear blast padding
So... can't install native Hyper-V without hardware assisted CPU tech
7:35 AM
Seriously I'm getting the dumbest errors
> Hyper-V is not installed.,Error with pre-create check
no shit Sherlock, like I'm using VBox
I am running whatever machine I want
and I dont even want a machine
I am AWS' most annoying customer
good morning
Ye the thing is the process of installing Docker is full of holes
7:45 AM
@Squirrelintraining yay. are you still going?
For such an app with a lot of notoriety, the installation wizard is garbage
@mr5 I'd like to
are you going to bring squirrelkiller too?
Cap sot;; osm#t nacl
Holy jesys
Cap still isn't back?
Cap probs ain't coming back ever
hence why everyone's developing their own bot
7:56 AM
Really @HéctorÁlvarez?
@Squirrelintraining Do you mean "Really how the fuck you managed to crash your VM's virtual CPU?" or "Really we have to stick to Wietbot?"
In both cases it's a yes
Golden buzzer
I think wietbot is a terrible plan
I mena, we have this git org for the chat
Nobody has contributed to it for a long while
True, but it could be the home for a new bot
8:02 AM
I encourage you to either persuade Wietlol to upload there, or make your own bot and compete.
Both case scenarios, I'm busy watching my VMWare machine constantly BSOD and reboot with a basic Docker installation
Guess I'm gonna try to install on Ubuntu instead, but this is laughable
@HéctorÁlvarez yes
@CaptainObvious You know bookmarks exist right?
Yes why?

Dell Supportmonkeys

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Bookmarked Jul 5 '18 at 9:08 by Squirrel in training

So why add the convo to the repo?
I can't remember
I was in Dublin at the time though, so I'll blame that

Dammit Caprica Six, help the man!

Nov 24 '13 at 12:04, 4 minutes total – 9 messages, 2 users, 0 stars

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This will never hapen again :'(
8:11 AM
Not unless we create our own bot
In a good language though
@CaptainObvious dont worry, you can write bot features in C# for Wietbot soon
but I wont accept them unless there is a really good reason for not using Kotlin
well that's fine because there's always a solid reason against using Kotlin
@Squirrelintraining I miss this. I even have a one comment from the convo but I didn't read it.
@Squirrelintraining hahahaha
@Squirrelintraining lool
8:29 AM
@Squirrelintraining :(
cap or ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨
Critical news, it's about 12ºC in the office, I can now cut diamonds with my nipples.
now !
@Wietlol I'm just gonna tag you to this so you two will fite
37 mins ago, by Captain Obvious
I think wietbot is a terrible plan
hes totally worthless so far
wheres caprica :(
8:41 AM
Wietbot just have a terrible command names. Let's wait until it's finished before we judge Wietbot
@Squirrelkiller was this guy happened to be Wietlol?
@CaptainObvious but you have to convince me of that solid reason
and you know how much I like reasonable discussions :D
Does anyone know where to find Visual studio key that is currently active in your system?
For VS 2015 and or VS 2017
8:50 AM
also, why is Wietbot a terrible idea?
why make a chatbot that only works in the C# room?
         such naive
 many primitive
      much dumb
@Hans1984 he is worthless?
@HéctorÁlvarez servers feel safe
as long as he is just repeating what im saying
I just havent opened up anything because I am busy with the user authentication
and containerizing
@Wietbot you dont repeat Hansuru
see? it doesnt repeat any more
8:52 AM
never repeat hansuru
and yes, it is online
@Wietbot version
Version: 0.2.2
it is still very small
he will grow and improve
9:04 AM
cap or ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨
why they sending me spam mails for a stair lift ?
I mean I feel old but not THAT old
@Hans1984 as soon as I have done the containerizing and authorization stuff, I can make almost all common commands available for everyone
I will even let geist evil try to break everything using the eval features
you mean evil
since its geis
ye, fixed it
oh i meant evil features
oh wait
9:12 AM
this is C-harp chatroom
geis is smart enough to not come here
he is a smart geist
I am having trouble tho with authentications on AWS services for my applications
I have no clue how I can make my lambdas read stuff from SSM's Parameter Store
which is pretty much a must in order to make the stuff public
Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia?
is it different from the usual OAuth2?
9:15 AM
Systems Manager
it is not a http request that needs authentication
malaysian fish
just learn chinese
it is the role that my lambda runs on that requires access to certain stuff
or make it learn chinese
for example
- Effect: 'Allow'
    - 's3:PutObject'
    - 's3:PutObjectTagging'
    - 's3:GetObject'
    - 's3:GetObjectTagging'
    - 's3:DeleteObject'
    - 's3:ListBucket'
    - 'arn:aws:s3:::${self:custom.s3.base_name}'
    - 'arn:aws:s3:::${self:custom.s3.base_name}/*'
(part of the serverless.yml configuration)
it tells serverless to create a role for this service that allows it to access S3 buckets (file/object store) on those paths
- Effect: 'Allow'
    - 'ssm:GetParametersByPath'
  Resource: '*'
this is what I tried getting access to the parameter store, but it doesnt seem to work
at work, it works
at home, on my own AWS environment, it doesnt
you have shitty env at home
I mean, IT env
9:21 AM
isn't this a VPC issue thing?
since your work network is authorized to access to VPC(?) and your home is not
its not my local pc that isnt authorized
it is my deployed application on the AWS server
@mr5 No, that guy was Simon
VPC might be interesting... it is placed inside a VPC, but could that restrict usage of services?
@CaptainObvious I'm planning on putting the bot in our githbub repo once it has a workable base.
why am I not recognizing any jargons you are saying wiet
9:24 AM
because I just spam abbreviations I have no clue of what they mean
yes it restrict
VPC is Virtual Private Cloud
AWS is Amazon Web Services
Lambda is... well... Lambda
S3 is Simple Storage Service
SSM is Systems Manager
had same problem with redis I remember with them both being on vpc
I guess that sums up all I said in the past few minutes
I shall try to access the SSM without the VPC
if that works, I need to do... what?
I assume not the inbound outbound settings
pray to the gods of IT cause AWS roles and permissions is a mess
9:27 AM
I assume more like an IAM policy setting
probably yes
do VPCs have their own policies?
I am not sure. you mean you like exclusive VPC policies?
I honestly dont remember
I like it when it works and when it is secure
I dont like making it work and making it secure
9:29 AM
@Squirrelkiller Publish it now and we can tidy it up
azure is better like that
but I remember we paid 30k$ to azure because of their ddos security one month
at work, the IAM settings are flawless
and they didn't clearly specify how much it costs
9:30 AM
I just dont understand the setup
yea same
I just call IT
@Wietlol SSM => SystemS Manager?
the structure of IAM is also pretty nice
I copied it for Wietbot auth
@mr5 more like SyStems Manager
simple system manager?
I think I need to switch from mobile to something like what Wiet is doing
9:31 AM
nah, this one is not simple
when AWS says it is simple, it is simple
when AWS doesnt say it is simple... well... good luck
@mr5 this all is for Wietbot
you can make your own bot
or wait and contribute
but I dont accept C# unless you convince me it is better at the job it needs to do
linq is by far no reason to use C# over Kotlin
no, linq is not a valid reason
@CaptainObvious nah I gotta create some system that lets me deploy it as container to Azure, get a connection string from a secure location like Azure key vault, and work with the Azure SQL db.
9:45 AM
I guess we are at the same stage of development
@Squirrelkiller what is your bot called?
Sandy the squirrel
Yeah sandy
Also hey, my bot IS tidy!
@Squirrelkiller why not Sponge Bob?
why not patrick?
or Patrick
yeah. Patrick would be more fun to talk with
9:49 AM
why not mr crabs?
no. Patrick is enough
hmm... patrick is already a user
I'll try to create mine too ...if ...I ...have ...the ...motivation ...
but you could do
"is this correct?"
"No, this is Patrick."
similar to how oak responds to "morn" and cap to "stop"
azure has properties for its serverless functions @Squirrelkiller
you dont need azure vault
9:51 AM
and Wietbot to "what is love?"
@misha130 how do you specify those properties?
except less gay.
in the azure portal
where are you getting your energy after work? I can't barely move when I'm at home
I mean like connection strings and parameters, properties is not the correct word
yes manually
9:52 AM
I am talking about storing secrets
but those secrets are only for that function, right?
well you can do it in the deployment process if you really want
for the environment I think
if it is similar to how you can set properties for AWS Lambda functions, you shouldnt want to use that
yes its similar to lambdas in that affect
I never used it in AWS but why wouldn't you?
and its both per function and env
9:55 AM
in AWS Lambda, we can set values in
serverless.yml (which is managed by git)
Parameter Store (which you set by yourself) (which sounds similar to Azure Vault)
Lambda dashboard (which you would change if you want to test some stuff or something)
you shouldnt set secrets via the lambda dashboard
Ah hell I can't figure out why my networking doesn't work for the VM
you shouldnt add properties via the lambda dashboard
I dont think they have the same intention in mind
azure invites you to add secrets in the dashboard
I setup a NAT and a bridge adapter, neither seem to give me connection to the interwebz
@HéctorÁlvarez recreate your VM
9:57 AM
@misha130 but those secrets are then only for the Azure Function that you apply them to, right?
@mr5 ye. No.
well two kinds
env and function
the ones for the env I would write secrets in and the ones for functions I wouldn't
The VM is working well to the extent of my understanding, what fails is the networking connection because fucking proxies
and env applies to all functions?
9:58 AM
so... all functions have access to all secrets?
@mr5 only option is to work part-time
this is the env connection strings
otherwise there is ZERO energy after work
yes I understand the flaw
the meaning of azure vault key is a little different
its used for encryption and hardware encryption

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