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4:29 AM
posted on October 15, 2019 by Scott Hanselman

I thought this was an interesting and subtle bug behavior that was not only hard to track down but hard to pin down. I wasn't sure 'whose fault it was.' Here's the story. Feel free to follow along and see what you get. I was running on Ubuntu 18.04 under WSL. I made a console app using .NET Core 3.0. You can install .NET Core here http://dot.net/get-core3 I did this: dotnet new console dotn

5:01 AM
@cubesnyc how about add an interceptor, detect a redirect and manually add the referer header by yourself
@Wietlol Noice. Why word instead of symbol for triggering the bot?
5:40 AM
posted on October 17, 2019 by Scott Hanselman

I've blogged about Patching the new Cascadia Code to include Powerline Glyphs and other Nerd Fonts for the Windows Terminal but folks have asked very specifically, how do I make my prompt look like that? Step One - Get the Terminal Get Windows Terminal free from the Store. You can also get it from GitHub's releases but I recommend the store because it'll stay up to date automatically. Note t

2 hours later…
7:13 AM
@mr5 because
7:27 AM
@mr5 I found a way to containerize it nicely tho
so, people can mess up with it
and I have the entire setup of authorization and shit
^ which means I only have the setup of authorization
and, you can write a C# eval in C# if you want to
... but you should probably wait
I am currently throwing away the entire setup of the project structure
cant make anything public tho...
I cant seem to figure out how to provide my runtime with the AWS Systems Manager authority so it can read passwords and stuff form the parameter store
I would have to ask a colleague of mine who set it up at my work
also... the Java runtime is FAAAAST
which is weird because I thought the slowdown came from the VPC settings
that is how Amazon explained it basically
when you run a lambda, it starts up a container, puts it in a VPC, does handshaking and shit, then your application starts
if you use a VPC, this may take like 10 seconds
and we have experienced that at work
and after that, the runtime startup is like 3 seconds too
but for me, it is 400ms and 20ms respectively
and the only difference I can think of is that I use Java instead of .Net
7:48 AM
@Wietlol This is a lie
In no case ever has the Java runtime ever been fast.
8:03 AM
(dont mind the upper left part, I have no clue what it is and it looked like I dont want to share)
(I also dont have a .Net version as reference...)
4 hours later…
11:57 AM
12:13 PM
sup homies
why is the room so dead
or are you all going caprica or bust
it's sunday dude
we're usually here at work
also I too am working on a new bot
oh yea its sunday lmao
we just have 3~ weeks vacation so its all kind of fazed out
hope you didnt accidentaly go to work
ah I see
I DID but thankfully these few weeks its just the distance from the bed to the desk
lol thats no too far thankfully^^
hey do you know if I can save startup args for a core application in a .user file?
12:26 PM
no idea
they get written to the launchsettings.json, and i dont want those values on git
since i put a password in there
you can load launchsettings.json as another settings file I suppose
just like appsettings
but those are both on source control
i need to store it somewhere not oin source control
12:28 PM
aren't launchsettings part of the IDE?
as in visual studio?
nah they're part of the project
add another appsetting, add it to gitignore give it a specific environment name I suppose
generally thats what would people do
i'd have to build the code aroung it..but that would work, yeah
1:20 PM
Gymns or what?
it's always a trending every month of beep
1:55 PM
posted on October 20, 2019 by jonskeet

(I’m writing this post primarily so I can link to it in an internal document on Monday. There’s nothing sensitive or confidential here, so I might as well get it down in a blog post.) SemVer is pretty clear about pre-releases. Any version with a major version of 0 is considered “initial development”, and anything … Continue reading Why I don’t start versions

2:08 PM
2:41 PM
'sup trainer
4 hours later…
6:46 PM
S, say hi
S, join 1
I joined room 1.
S, say lorem

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