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@roganjosh I could have told you, but I would have had to do math: Mid-1969 to late-1972 is three and a half years. They went roughly every 6 months or so.
Quick question: anyone could help me figure out what is wrong on my import stackoverflow.com/questions/60518670/…?
@AndrasDeak ...but there were like 135 shuttle missions. (had to check that, no idea where that stuck in my head but it was right)..over 30 years comes to a tad over 4 a year. Which ended up not being that much more often than the Apollo cadence, for all the routine access to space and rapid reusability that it was supposed to be.
NB I don't hate the shuttle - it's a very cool piece of tech, but I wish it was developed without some of constraints it was forced to adhere to, which could have been fulfilled by an unmanned launch vehicle that it could have rendezvoused with.
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6:15 AM
cbg guys o/
@placplacboom The question is deleted now.
6:36 AM
Hello I am having array of strings like this a=['s','a']
I want to get o/p like this
loop through it and print?
Could it be that your list contains a single string of | delimited fields? Have you read a "CSV"?
...Aaaaand it's gone.
Actually I scraped details of mobiles from flipkart flipkart.com/…
And when I print it came like this
8 GB RAM | 128 GB ROM |17.02 cm (6.7 inch) Full HD+ Display48MP + 8MP | 48MP(F2.0) + 8MP(Ultra Wide/F2.2) + TOF (Time-of-Flight) 3D-Depth Rotating Camera3700 mAh BatteryQualcomm Snapdragon 730G Octa-Core ProcessorBrand Warranty of 1 Year Available for Mobile and 6 Months for Accessories
6:45 AM
fields = [f.strip() for f in s.split('|')]
This is code when I print d.text i am getting the o/p which I showed
So d.text is the text content of the node (and its children) you found. Either parse that directly, or parse the node's children further.
I didnt get you
7:10 AM
Yes I got it thankyou
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8:21 AM
let's say you have this
val = 60
if (val % 10) == 0:
is there another way to write the if, a more pythonic way
yours is actually clear and simple !
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη cheers mate. with the pythonic way of doing things, I'm always wondering if there is a simpler way
if not val % 10
8:27 AM
@TheNamesAlc good stuff man
but I will keep , both in mind
but in term of readability, my case is better
I came across this in some code site, some guy had this
this saves you from typing 2 ='s and 1 0, lol
@toonarmycaptain I just find it crazy. I didn't have the dates in mind so I could only go with gut instinct that was "it was at least a decade". That kind of schedule was intense; impressive stuff!
8:56 AM
\"mobile\":\"0408 600 950\",\"phone\":\"1800 801 828\",\"fax\":\"\",\"email\":\"\",\"website\":\"\",\"is_primary\":\"true\",\"phone\":\"1806869838\",\"mobile\":\"0408166576\"

how to extract first occurrence of phone and mobile using re ? to get output of 0408 600 950, 1800 801 828
How did you get that data?
Kevin'd ;)
html script <
Right... something like: var whatever = ... ?
A bit more info? The json has been badly handled and should be fixed before turning to regex
9:00 AM
i were trying to handle it but looks like it's include much mistakes, that's why am looking to parse it as string using re to find the object
I'm not familiar with bs4 but are you saying that it couldn't be deserialized into valid JSON?
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη well... just slicing directly from the script looks odd to me :) also... please start using .find_all instead of .findAll... the later has been deprecated for ages and while it's not clear if/when it's going to go away... best to get into the habit of using the proper one now :)
@JonClements i thought that .findAll is the newer. :) am just slicing because am escaping from regex. but yea i should use regex to find all within {}
i were trying something like re.findall(r'__INITIAL_STATE__\s*:\s*({.*})'
but it's not works .
Where do you cater for the = there at all?
i were trying to get what after :
9:10 AM
Why though?
:| am just not a big fan of regex
looks like a good start would be a basic whatever.partition('window.__INITIAL_STATE__="')[2][:-1] - try parsing that as json and then just access it from there
Is webscraping easy with scrapy or selenium?
@stack but like most webscraping things... it can either be easy or pulling your hair out frustrating whatever method you apply to it
Yes I edited it
every method will have their respective easeness right thats why I am asking which is better to learn?
9:22 AM
Depends on the site you want to scrape - to be robust you need to learn all of 'em :)
How can we identify which one is best for what site?
Well... mostly it comes down to if parsing the source/emulating a few requests is enough to get the data out you want or whether you need a browser to actually execute javascript and render elements...
Actually how can we say whether the elements are javascript rendered?
You look at the page and work it out :)
Your Browser's developer tools are you friend there... so worth getting in some practice with those
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη How about parsing it as Javascript? repl.it/repls/DefiantPoorMicrobsd
9:30 AM
@JonClements flipkart.com/realme-5i-forest-green-64-gb/p/… In this website how I can I say which is javascript rendered or not can you say if you dont mind?
@IljaEverilä that's a good work.
thank you.
3 mins ago, by Jon Clements
Your Browser's developer tools are you friend there... so worth getting in some practice with those
@stack start by seeing if it runs javascript or not and what that does... look at what xhr requests are made... look at the differences between the source dom and the rendered dom etc... 'fraid I don't have time to go much further
@IljaEverilä ahh... I forget about pyjsparser... :)
How odd. The production solver on my site doesn't work if I try it from my new phone but works fine from desktop. This is gonna be fun to debug using my mobile as a wifi hotspot. I can't even begin to guess at a cause :/
@JonClements Can you say any task which you did like that using with xhr requests for me
9:40 AM
not really... gotta crack on with stuff... rbrb for now folks
@roganjosh :(
What's that "production solver" thing ?
@TheLittleNaruto at the bottom here. You can click "solve problem" without setting any of the parameters and it should roll over in about 0.3 secs. Works from desktop, but not my new mobile (where the spinner just hangs). I've got a local version running to try debug this but it seems weird from the outset
Trying to find out what isn't being passed in the request now. I wonder if I'm relying on some feature that's been disabled in new browsers
Let me try from phone, works fine from desktop
It seems, the UI is different for mobile version?
I found a way to reproduce from desktop browser itself
Hmm, well I passed responsiveness off to bootstrap
Just reduce the height and width to match a mobile/tablet display ratio
9:49 AM
Ok, that actually helps. I must have something set to scale incorrectly and some part of the request is being cut off. Thanks for that! :)
Sure no problem :)
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη It's also pretty much a proof of concept, you'd want to make it more robust against changes, i.e. instead of hardcoding the path, search for the correct assignment expression etc.
Lol, wow, it's badly broken. From mobile the request is a giant chunk of HTML. <angry fist shaking at web development in general>
Interesting! Is mobile UI different or it's scaling based on display size?
I'm gonna have to do some digging but I'll report back. Prior to the request there is some JQuery stuff to grab inputs from the page and I'm guessing that I've set bootstrap up badly or I've got duplicate ids on the page and it's pot luck which is defined based on rendering order. But all guesses, for now
10:06 AM
@TheLittleNaruto gotchya. It's to do with responsive dataTables. When it collapses the rows to give the green + symbol, it's sending me garbage for some reason. It works from mobile in portrait mode. Now to find a fix. Thanks for the input :)
@roganjosh Glad that you figured :)
@roganjosh front-end UI quirks... have fun with that one... /me runs a mile... :p
@JonClements I can think of a million things I'd rather be doing right now but I'm about to send some CVs out so I kinda need to fix all these crappy issues. The full revamp will have to wait, though
sounds like technical debt is on its way :p
Well, after that, I need to fix the seizure-inducing landing page when viewed in particular resolutions and expanding the dropdown. Initiating a medical emergency is one way of getting noticed, though
10:12 AM
I want to add aboutme section page on my site. Currently it has only one page and one hidden link which has no direct navigation from home page.
seizure-inducing as in it's so fantastically amazing that mortal eyes just can't cope with it? :p
That and the wild vibration of text as it repeatedly throws in a scrollbar and removes it. Let's just hope HR doesn't know about "view page source" once I've fixed these things :P
HR wouldn't be that much technical.
Just leave some HTML comments like: "oh hi there... this was so awesome you just had to peek didn't you... now get back to reading my CV!" :p
10:28 AM
Ha, that might work
11:06 AM
@IljaEverilä just loaded it successfully by that way bpaste.net/E7KA
11:30 AM
Fresh cabbages everyone
11:41 AM
Lets say I created two objects obj_a=Custom() and obj_b=Custom() and by mistake I do obj_b='oops', is there any way I can get the reference to obj_b that pointed to my instance of Custom?
No... if obj_b was the only binding to Custom() - it's probably garbage collected and doesn't exist anymore anyway
I tired this but it only shows what for one effbot.org/pyfaq/…
if there was some other binding then the gc method in that article would work?
Curious why this is something you're worrying about?
11:47 AM
I was practicing a flask SQLAlchemy tutorial and in the flask shell, I ended up messing my references for two models in a database, was just lazy to start the shell again and repeat everything
12:09 PM
hey anyone have an Idea about http.server package ??
Q: why I can't connect to the computer from my mobile phone?

Mosa AbbasI'm developing an http file server using the python package http.server using that code : import http.server import socketserver import socket Host = socket.gethostname() IpAdr = socket.gethostbyname(Host) PORT = 8000 Handler = http.server.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler with socketserver.TCPServer...

please see the room rules. We do not allow asking about questions posted on the main site here for 48 hours
I am having a website like some sports betting site and I want to write a python script for scraping some information and want to upload the data to excel This must be dynamic and automatically refresh in excel as the content changes. How can I do it
Do you know how to achieve either of those things at a fundamental/functional level?
Yes I had practiced on flipkart of scraping data and uploading it in excel
12:23 PM
but now I want the excel sheet should be refreshed automatically every time when I open with the content changed in scraped website
So you would like the action of scrapping and actualizing your file, linked to the action of opening the file?
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1:32 PM
@Andras interesting... someone you're linkedin with was having a look at my profile apparently :)
1:44 PM
that user is killing me. he just keep edit the question each time and ask about new thing
Q: BeautifulSoup getting content of &lt; &gt; tags

dokondrI have a set of scraped pages that I have to use (can't scrape these again) that contain meta information in quoted \&\lt; \&\gt; tags like these: ... <span class="html-tag"> &lt;meta <span class="html-attribute-name">name</span>=" <span class="html-attribute-value">twitter:title</span>" <...

Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing!
@JonClements I've badly neglected my LinkedIn and still get bombarded with recruiters trying to add me. If they're doing this with a totally out-of-date profile (like, years) I've been super wary of what they want to bring me. My sister also works in IT recruitment and is constantly doing what they're doing. Do you find value in having a profile?
In other words, I'm not sure whether I'd just be opening up a spam fest from people that have no idea about the positions they're trying to recruit for.
2:00 PM
Reminds me of the 90's when I got pinged by recruiters looking for Cobalt programmers.
@PaulMcG Cobalt?
@roganjosh my experience, spot on
@roganjosh I haven't updated mine in ~8 years
but every now and then I see an interesting offer, and in general I get an idea of what kind of salary I could try to bargain for
2:05 PM
Ok, thanks both :) I might bring it up to date and dip my toe for a while. Maybe it'll be pure horror but I guess I won't know without trying
@roganjosh I feel like I get a lot of pings from people who just found my linkedin via keyword matching - I'm not looking for nursing, nor am I qualified as a nurse, but I keep getting invited to apply for nursing management/leadership positions, in addition to the Sr Dev positions that I appreciate, but decline to apply for.
@toonarmycaptain it's corona time !
@toonarmycaptain yeah, it's definitely just keywords and I suspect they haven't even read my profile. I know what kind of pressure they're under
@roganjosh ugh... make that 9 years :p
Oh, mine isn't that bad but I was forced to do an update when one of the past companies asked why I was still listed as working there :P
2:19 PM
morning cabbages, all
Fresh cabbages to you!
@toonarmycaptain Their spec was for COBOL programmers.
@PaulMcG Ah.
if node: q.put((node.val,node))
why have they done that and not q.put(node.val)
why does the priority queue need the node added, surely all we care about is the value?
2:37 PM
at curr.next = q.get()[1] they're using the node
that's actually a pretty random problem without knowing any context oO
The problem doesn't seem to care about the value at all, it's only a means to sort the nodes. The result is a node.
@Permian From the PriorityQueue docs: The lowest valued entries are retrieved first (the lowest valued entry is the one returned by sorted(list(entries))[0]). A typical pattern for entries is a tuple in the form: (priority_number, data).
3:03 PM
@JonClements half the people there are from SO :)
Gotta keep a close watch on one's enemies friends :p
3:20 PM
@CeliusStingher since you're here often: it's "scraping"/"scrape" (as opposed to "scrapping"/"scrap" which means throwing away something)
@AndrasDeak which is a shame because scrapping is so much easier than scraping :p
only if it's your own website though
... or if someone left the FTP ports open
Maybe that's why so many people use string formatting to create their SQL queries, to make scrapping their website easier
Little Bobby Tables, we call them
3:29 PM
We have the Patron Saint of Web Scrapping in our midst most days. Bobby Tables probably shouldn't be mentioned; there's a fierce and deep rivalry between the positions I believe
@AndrasDeak Cheers, thank you
4:01 PM
Page-based pagination has been removed, and has been replaced with cursor-based pagination. - thanks Shopify - that's only about 15 private apps I need to make updates to then! :(
4:17 PM
@JonClements what's a cursor here?
you basically get an automatically generated short-lived "url" as it were that returns the previous/next results based on the already existed criteria
so instead of sending all the query params again and saying - give me the second page of that - you request that link
isn't there like a shopify module that abstracts all of that stuff away for you?
none that I've ever found that worked will for what I wanted to do
but then I use a custom platform with multiple message queues and what-not - so nothing was going to work off the shelf anyway
with all the ecommerce platforms I've worked with, if I could find time/be bothered to write a UI around it, I'd basically have a product that was linnworks.com but with product management/sync'ing as well...
Cursor based pagination sounds tough to implement, but that'll be easier as an end-user in the long run if there is high traffic with updates?
it has ups and downs
I'm sure there's articles out there without me having to try and explain it poorly :)
4:56 PM
hey @MooingRawr
Ugh... just picked up a code base I handed over and being handed back to me and looked at some of the changes... they're pretty darn good... been asked to find and fix a bug and oh my, it's one of those pesky:
class Whatever:
    something = False
    def f(self, a, b, c):
        if a:
            self.somethng = True
        # ...

    def do_something(self):
        if self.something:
            # ...
it's both...
use of the class attribute is confusing though - can't really determine why they've put that there
Reminds me of the old foo = True if bar else False. Normally not provided as a ternary.
5:12 PM
Oh, I needn't have deleted :P I have horrible flashbacks to a question I asked about pandas where I just invented a new column with a typo name. It was spotted in < 5 mins but someone answered and got an upvote, so I just had to sit in horror as the down votes piled in
@roganjosh on the plus side... you won't be doing that again anytime soon, right? :p
some of these code changes for Django stuff are actually really quite pro, but at the same time, there's also stuff like:
def get(self, *args, **kwargs):
        self.a = kwargs['a']
    except: pass
        self.b = kwargs['b']
    except: pass

    return super().get(*args, **kwargs)
Never. Again. But I'd stared at the code for hours before posting :S
and that's just confusing the heck out of me
How the heck can 90% of changes be stuff I'm thinking - "oh nice one - that's smart", but I'm spotting typos, unnecessary use of class attributes and bare excepts...
@AndyK waddup, long time no see
@MooingRawr many things. became a python dev
started a meetup on scrum and had to cancel the last meetup due to covid19 virus
5:20 PM
mind you - my client did say the new guy was starting to get fed up/bored with it, so maybe they did main bits and then just sub-contracted yet again or something or whatever...
@AndyK you've got to repent for your past sins somehow :p
@JonClements lmao
I recon, probably :p
so far bit crazy recently but so far, so good
scrums.... one thing I really dont like about being a dev. Also congratz :D
for somehow i became too friendly on SO stackoverflow.com/questions/60529915/… as I've fully corrected a question from A to Z
umm... for a start - are you sure your CSS selector is right?
rb folks. Have a good eve.
5:34 PM
@JonClements select_one
select_one should pickup one only. but since the html source is not complete("I've converted it from img to txt") so it's just broken html where select should be used to catch all
@AndyK There's a pun there about rugby playing devs and lineouts or something, but I haven't got it.
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη what I mean is - are you sure your selector is actually doing the same as what the OP is trying to achieve with their title=soup.find(attrs={'class':re.compile('splist_1_1(?!special_sub)')}) ?
Put another way - what element(s) do you think the OP is trying to retrieve there?
@JonClements back
oh yea, he's looking for

<li class="splist_1_1 special_sub"  name="specia:
going to correct it now.
:D just been correcting the question and mixed his desired output.
Please just slow down... a :D is amusing - but what's not amusing, and I realise you're eager and trying to help, but you might be on the verge in your eagerness of not helping things at all, okay?
Also - just use comments... you're making some presumptions and editing questions in someway to that... just don't... take a step back with that thought in mind and ask yourself - "What comment could I have made to the OP to clarify what they really wanted" - and I'd be interested to hear your thoughts
5:52 PM
@JonClements seems you haven't checked which comment I've posted under the question and the original question how was looks like
you mean:
welcome to StackOverflow Community, I've corrected some mistakes on your question. Kindly please have a look into How do I ask a good question? and please post the HTML source as a code not an image so we can manually copy/paste to test. that's will make it easier for both of us. — αԋɱҽԃ αмєяιcαη 1 hour ago
even all my edit on the question is just to make it looks good and more readable. I didn't add something different
I can't see if the OP responded but I can see you went ahead and converted a screen shot to actual stuff and corrected some grammar and such but... what was the rush there?
Sorry, but who said that am in rush than you ? :)
your actions?
5:56 PM
that's might be only in your side. anyway am just trying to help. not to make a big topic for nothing else
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη no
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη honestly - no... like I said - I know you're trying to help, but there - you really haven't...
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη Since you're finding the hints harder to notice: Jon is a former moderator who's been on the site for 8 years. You can assume his impressions are more reliable than yours.
he's trying to help you understand how you can spend your helpful efforts in a constructive way; I suggest that you go out of your way to understand what he's saying
for a start - your selector is wrong - that's not going to help the OP and secondly, if you look at the code the OP is attempting, they're trying to loop over certain things - that precludes the .select_one() you've used
have you take a look on what the OP mentioned ?
I want to grab li with the class=splist_1_1, And skip class=splist_1_1 s special_sub.
5:59 PM
@αԋɱҽԃαмєяιcαη I have... but have you?
Yes, that's why i told you i got a mistake on the answer which am going to edit...
I eagerly await the edit even if I can't receive your ear
Once i get online through laptop, i will edit it. as I'm online via Phone currently. hopefully you got it
@AndrasDeak kind words... but heck, doesn't matter ex-moderator or not, 'tis the same for long-timers :p
nah, (most) mods are the pick of the crop, plus they see a lot more things
6:47 PM
I am grateful for the Python room. It was here for me when I had very few friends who could relate to me outside of tech meetups, when IRC was hard to follow, and discord servers did not yet exist. By the way, how are you all doing?
@AaronHall cabbagely well, thanks
I'm glad the question is "how are you doing" and not "what are you doing", because the answers are "good" and "lazing around instead of working on my website" respectively
@Aran-Fey what is your website about?
programming tutorials, basically
Ah, cool
6:59 PM
Hey, any of you guys heard of this cool website where we can ask questions and post answers about programming? It's like little mini-tutorials, in the context of a specific programming question!
Oh hey you, haven't seen you here in a while
@CodyGray You mean quora.com? :P
I think it's reddit.com
or the one with the hyphen...
7:00 PM
microsoft ?
of course ;)
@MooingRawr Don't get used to it. The room just came up on my radar of places I haven't trolled recently. :-)
@AaronHall Pretty good. Yourself?
@CodyGray I'm still accustomed to that your presence in chat alone is a bit of a miracle... ;)
@AndrasDeak Curious why you put "in chat" there. Doesn't seem needed for the sentence to make sense. ;-)
7:05 PM
far be it from me to allude to mods slacking...
so the mystical magical rubber duckies have guided your presence upon us, how lovely :D
Heavenly Cabbage to you, Cody Gray
I'm going to be getting some time soon to work on projects (both code and writing) and open source and I want to make the most of it. Right now I'm in the planning stage thinking about what I want to do. In about a week I'll be in the implementation stage.
Oh the ducky has graced us with another old fellow. Hi Aaron. How was your meeting with the CEO (? don't remember who invited u over) >
7:07 PM
Who are you calling an "old fellow"?
When did I grow old?
old not in terms of age but old as in terms of time last seen :D
dont worry Captain Gray, you will always be "the one"
@Cody you grew "older" as soon as you typed that :p
"old" though... well... that's up for interpretation :p
I'm thinking I want to stream the open source parts on twitch.
When Cody Gray will fight a balrog to become Cody White :D
Live Coding with Aaron Hall? Sounds positively riveting...
7:10 PM
I expect it will be immensely boring, but I hope to do some good.
@MooingRawr omg... not sure if @Cody has time to stand behind a green-screen shouting at a tennis ball on a stick: "you shall not pass!" :p
Ooohh... Is the green screen part important? That's what I've been doing wrong.
But it would make such a wonderful gif/picture for our christmas card this year.
Any wisdom or suggestions?
Make sure to wear pants if you're going to be livestreaming
7:15 PM
That falls under my "Family Friendly" rule (I'm writing them down...)
@CodyGray I thought streamers were only visible from the waist up. Or are you anticipating a SWATting?
Whenever I find myself watching live code, I don't mind when the person makes mistakes or doesn't know the answer. The thing that bugs me are: when they have to look something up and they are flipping between pages quick enough that I can make out some words but not slow enough that I can make out what point is... The constant flashing when I'm trying to follow something gives me a bad experience.
You'd want them to slow down and show you how to do the searching yourself?
also the constant "ummm ummm ummmm ummmmm ummmmmm" i know they are thinking but isn't one or two umm's enough instead of a whole songs worth lol maybe I'm being to judgemental
well, it's not exactly toastmasters
7:17 PM
no I don't mind if they are looking it up themselves, but don't flash screens on me ....
like I can find you an example of a guy who flipped between SO, the docs, his code, and random sites all within 5 seconds cause he's scanning them for a keyword.
@AndrasDeak Or the camera falling...
but maybe im just being weird who knows. I just want order not chaos I guess ...
@MooingRawr Would it help if they actually sang the "umms" in the form of a familiar tune?
sure :D if you can umm me the whole song of the empire strikes back when you are thinking I would turn that into a plus.
to me, I like watching live coding to figure out how people solve problems, and their patterns.
It's unclear to me why you dislike someone flipping furiously through docs, then. That's how I solve problems.
7:20 PM
I agree, flashing screens is annoying (especially when my eyes are more sensitive), but I do like seeing how people solve problems.
you can solve the problem that way, I'm just saying it's not exciting to watch for me as I get a headache trying to keep up .
I'm trying to give myself guidelines and rules. I want to take the appropriate risks of putting myself out there live, but avoid the avoidable pitfalls.
I'm thinking like, no social media, politics, or religion
No being negative about individuals/people/groups of people.
when you say no social media, do you mean no third part social media, but yours should be okie (for example: you can reach me at my twitter ____ ) ?
No politics or religion? Where's the fun in that?!
I'm saying I'm not going to check twitter live.
7:24 PM
You have to throw in the periodic political commentary, just to break things up and keep it interesting.
doesn't @Code-Apprentice stream every now and then? he might have some pointers
or write live, or discuss what I've written there.
"Oops, forgot a semicolon there! Speaking of semicolons, that reminds me of Donald Trump..."
honestly when I stream playing games with my friends, I ask myself what kind of audience do I want and then I try to put myself in their shoes and think of what I would want from the streamer I'm watching.
I'm thinking I might try to compose or edit answers on Stack Overflow, but I'll need to be careful about not showing mod tools while on the site or discussing them.
7:27 PM
"ok chat, look away for a sec.. I have to delete a rowdy user"
@AaronHall use a sock account
huh, never have I ever thought I would see someone live streaming themselves fixing or answering SO questions before...
if you could weave it to be interesting that maybe cool
Using a sock account might actually make it more interesting to watch the use of SO.
It would help to put to bed the rumor that new users can't get started on the site.
or gather anecdata confirming the rumor :D
@AndrasDeak that's an interesting idea... I've always been too lazy to use a sock... but maybe it makes sense...
7:33 PM
Ping me when he starts, so I can suspend his n00b account.
"anecdata" <-- I like this.
I'd like to use the opportunity to teach people how to use the site...
could do a Youtube series - "how to use SO"
So my ideas for content: Answer SO questions, make open source contributions, answer questions live (like Python office hours)
I'm pretty sure someone already did that... Maybe a SU moderator?
but then it wouldnt be as raw and you might have to edit your video
7:37 PM
Ah, yes, do tutorials for cutting and posting to youtube later...
@AaronHall "answer questions live" is risky, considering there can't be more than two questions a day that should be answered
@Aran-Fey is there a reason you don't link it with your SO. I'll say that it's been more than once that I followed the link to your main account to find the link and came up short
@AndrasDeak true, don't want to run over the limit :P
@roganjosh Hadn't thought of that. I'll add it to my profile when it's officially up
@AndrasDeak I thought it was only 1 question every 6 months?
7:41 PM
@CodyGray not since the welcome wagon ;)
I was just thinking how long have you guys been on SO before becoming a mod?
For me? About 7 years. But that's not necessarily standard. There's no real timeline.
@Aran-Fey I'm actually genuinely interested in following it, and that's the first place I've gone to find the link multiple times :)
@CodyGray That's quite a long time. Is it about how many points acquired?
@superv it's an election by the users, who probably consider all the information in front of them when they're making the decision.
7:49 PM
@roganjosh Unfortunately the official launch is still a ways off... I'm reaaaally struggling with the post I'm currently writing, and I still need to write another one after that
Points have almost nothing to do with it. I believe there is a minimum reputation requirement in order to nominate yourself for election. It's a bit higher on SO than it is on other sites in the network. Maybe 3000?
But the biggest part is that you need to have enough experience using moderation tools that you're given at various rep levels, participating on Meta to shape site policy, asking/answering questions, etc. That experience can be gained in only a couple of years being active on the site.
And then, like Aaron said, it's ultimately up to the judgment of your peers. SO periodically runs democratic moderator elections.
@CodyGray and badges
@CodyGray I guess I haven't been using the site much to noticed. Thanks for the clarification.
We haven't had an election in a while...
Lots of upheaval at the corporate level. The last election was back in 2019. We are due for another one, but no timeline as of yet when it'll happen. Probably later this year.
they've just restarted elections, starting on space(?).SE
something.SE anyway
7:53 PM
Yeah, they have started elections on other sites. Election season started in February.
Magisch was involved, so Workplace is more likely
Workplace already had theirs. Space wraps up...today?
ah, so I wasn't way off
If I go completely independent doing project based work, my wife is mostly concerned about health insurance, so I need to sort that out. Any recommendations on that?
Space ended already. Gerrit won. See full STV results here (spoiler alert: they're boring).
7:54 PM
@AaronHall move to the UK? :)
@Aran-Fey imo it's ready to launch anyway. Most people can't host a site, let alone make a tutorial
@JonClements not gonna happen. I'd come out for an assignment, but only temporarily...
I have noticed some names are frequent here and most seems to know each other from the conversation. Do you guys know each other outside of here?
Brooklyn is my home. Unless I move into Manhattan, to be closer to the nexus...
7:57 PM
@AaronHall let me know when and I'l buy you a beer buddy... but... yeah... when it comes down to mostly concerned about health insurance - that's just a crazy thought to the UK
Aaron and I are both current moderators, and Jon Clements is a former moderator. So we know each other from that whole business, @superv. I'm not a regular here. Just dropped in for a quick spell.
It will be an issue for me around the end of may.
@JonClements forgive my ignorance, why is that? is it provided by the govt for everyone or something?
I was hoping someone would say something like "form an S corp and buy insurance through X"...
@roganjosh The thing is that I'm not sure how many people will return to my site a 2nd time after they first see it, so I want to have the most important articles ready before going live. I want to finish the one I'm working on at the very least
7:59 PM
form an S corp and buy insurance through X.
@ParitoshSingh it varies, it's a % of your pay (up to a certain amount), and even if you're not able to work or something, it's still covered.... so if you're minimum wage and need 30k worth of surgery, you get it.
where X is the valuable recommendation...
Ah i see
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