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6:02 PM
Currently trying to find the specific heat capacity of air... I don't understand what the columns in ohio.edu/mechanical/thermo/property_tables/air/air_Cp_Cv.html represent
@Kevin Pretty sure they make lots of effort to not have those temperatures inside the pressure vessel, at least at points that may come in contact with the atmosphere. It's a broadly 80-20 nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere up there, but still.
@Kevin 5/2/M *R is probably a good estimate, M=29 g/mol
does any body have any experience with implementing python scripts in PowerBI ?
R=8.314 J/(mol K)
(Diatomic ideal gas)
Now to find the specific heat capacity of cookie dough
6:16 PM
Yyyeah... :P
Now, if you construct your rotating oven correctly, with bays around the outside for cookies, the heating elements in the middle but not in the center....you should have room for a spit upon which you can do rotisserie chicken or a leg of lamb etc...
Presumably you can calculate this at home by baking cookies and counting how frequently the oven ticks back on to retain its target temperature, compared to how frequently it does it when you are cooking empty space
@Kevin Unless the capacity of the dough is insignificant compared to heat loss through the container.
For a second I thought "you can have fake gravity in zero G by spinning a cylinder. Can you have fake zero gravity on earth the same way?" and I think the answer is "yes, but only if the cylinder is larger than the earth, and spinning very quickly". If you take away the cylinder, it's called "being in orbit".
@toonarmycaptain I would simply invent a perfect insulator and build an oven out of that.
6:22 PM
@Kevin I would like to invest in this venture.
I'm going to need 500 pounds of unobtanium, which is found only on the planet from Avatar. We'll need space shuttles to get there, and the shuttles will need unobtanium ovens.
@Kevin I'll enrich it
Hmm, now that I type that out, I see the problem
I have a great technique.
something something catch 22 eh?
6:25 PM
catch 22 in the neck
Catch 22 of these hands
Cbg, everyone
@Kevin free fall
You can't do that for 2 hours straight, though. That's called orbiting.
I guess the cylinder doesn't have to be larger than the earth, but I think it does need to be centered over the Earth's center. So if you really wanted, you could dig down a hundred kilometers and dig a very long circular tunnel, and orbit through that.
Logical conclusion: dig to the exact center of the Earth, and declare that you are in free fall, despite not moving
Easy! (except for the part where you have to dig through about 2000 km of magma and 1000 km of solid iron)
Hmm, TIL that the Earth's mantle is predominantly solid, in contrast to what I imagined ten minutes ago, which was "mostly magma, but occasionally interspersed with rock monster cities / sandworm burrows / afterlives for bad people"
6:42 PM
@Kevin if you use unobtanium to generate electricity
and then use the electricity for the ovens
still work?
or does the ovens need unobtanium charge-packs
Certainly. Unobtanium can simultaneously bake cookies and generate electricity with ease. It also whitens your teeth, removes household odors, and improves your credit score.
no but
6:44 PM
the ovens
are they powered directly from the uno
or by the electricity generated by uno
say like uranium powered vessel
would probably generate electricity
which then would power the oven
6:45 PM
but it wouldnt be a "uranium oven"
I'm not interested in using electricity from unobtanium to power ovens made out of ordinary materials. Our goal is to eliminate the heat that escapes from conventional ovens by using an unobtanium oven instead
@Kevin that point is exactly net gravity-free, so it's alright
"I am moving", says smug stationary terranaut, "... Relative to the sun!"
@AndrasDeak gravity-free or gravity-negative? Since the mass of the earth around you would be pulling in most directions?
@toonarmycaptain shuttle would be in space. Pay attention.
6:49 PM
@OakDev The center of the earth was what Andras was referring to, and what I was replying to?
I remember reading that, when calculating the effective gravity under the earth's surface, you can completely ignore all the matter that has a higher altitude than yours. Apparently when you're inside a solid ball, the forces perfectly cancel out that way.
So at the center of the earth, you wouldn't feel yourself being yanked in all directions with a force of 1g. It would feel like regular 0g
If I paid more attention in Calc II, I bet I could prove this to myself.
@toonarmycaptain 0 net gravity.
Of course strictly speaking that's 1 point. The fringes of the cookie/oven will be gently pulled apart. But very weakly.
@Kevin There goes my suggestion to the state of Texas to use this instead of the chair.
If you dig a tunnel through Earth with 6300 km radius the surface gravity falls to 0 linearly.
So a 2-inch cookie feels naught
I suspect (but haven't mathed out) that humans can withstand 1 g of yanking-in-all-directions-force without much trouble
6:55 PM
@Kevin that's the "human in outer space with no suit" scenario...
The force itself is probably OK
We established that a 0.25 meter cylinder can generate 1g by turning once a second. So you can experience about the same amount of yanking-in-all-directions force by spinning around under your own power. Empirically, the only ill effects from this are falling down and barfing.
@TheLittleNaruto Ok I didn't see that you mentioned using MongoDB. Either way, in your code example at least show the low-level API query calls your code is using, then people who know Mongo can comment if you're doing it right.
i know this is a bad question, but what is this? is it a place where you ask simple questions?
We answer questions on occasion, sure.
So this is just random people chatting whist coding?
7:05 PM
we usually don't do both things at the same time, no
We talk about Python, if there is are any interesting problems or news items to discuss. We haven't had many of those today, so instead we've been talking about zero gravity cookies.
Again probably a dumb question, but what are "zero gravity cookies", i know what normal cookies are...
They are cookies baked in zero gravity. See chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/48420411#48420411 for a real-world example.
Oh, i thought you were talking about website cookies... lol
It would not surprise me if there was a silicon valley startup inventing zero gravity website cookies, right this very second
"They're like cookies, except... We store them on The Cloud. That way, they take up zero memory on the user's computer. Genius, right?"
"But how will you determine which user owns which cookie? Won't you need to store that info on the user's machine?"
"... We're working on that one. We just need a few million dollars more funding"
7:21 PM
@Aran-Fey talk for yourself
I guess you have better concurrency support than I do
8:05 PM
@SebastianNielsen __set_name__ is discussed here: Get attribute name of class attribute
I'm looking at a question on the main site that I'm pretty sure could be solved in fifteen seconds with eval, and I think both of the power users that commented on the question know this, but none of us want to admit it. This standoff has lasted for thirty minutes.
Canonical use-case is in an ORM, where you want Model.field to return the descriptor, and model.field to return a row from the db. Ergo, the descriptor wants to know the variable name of the class attribute it gets set to, because that is literally used during the query to some db table.
@Kevin Link?
stackoverflow.com/q/59902672/953482. Power user #1 has now posted an answer employing ast.literal_eval, but I suspect the OP will reply with "actually, all of my json objects are on one line..."
Admittedly, regular eval would also not be very useful in that case
I think I've ranted before about how I'd like the json module to have some way of parsing concatenated-on-one-line json, for example [1,2,3][4,5,6][7,8,9]
Even if it requires some elbow grease. You feed it the string, it says, "here, I parsed N characters and found this object", then you feed it the string with the first N characters removed...
It's somewhat jibing against "Keep data out of your variable names" advice, but the benefits of having the model mapping cleanly with underlying storage are huge.
8:11 PM
If you want to do that now, you have to catch the JSONDecodeError and pull out the line and column number of the "extra data:" erorr message
you did rant about it before
thats how pickle does, btw
it's not a good model for json though
It is written*, simple things should be easy, complex things should be possible
(*it's not written in the Zen of Python, but surely it's written somewhere)
what benefits would concat-on-one-line json have over jsonlines ?
When a lousy programmer mangles the output of their program, 10% of the time it's valid jsonlines, and 40% of the time it's concat-on-one-line-json. [source: numbers I pulled out of the air]
@Kevin surely there is a dupe for how do I parse this "JSON" that is actually just a printed python dict
8:22 PM
We are ordinarily content to let these programmers reap what they have sown. It's the honest and virtuous programmers who are forced to use that endpoint that we should shed a tear for
I think the linked question isn't even valid concat-on-one-line-json, now that I look at it
My attempts to un-escape the superfluous backslashes have been fruitless
50% of the time, mangled output is unrecoverable goop
I often see people say "never post your data/code as images" but in cases like these, when there are 3+ layers of backslashes, I really would like a screenshot of a notepad window displaying the input file
Then I know with complete certainty that the first character of the file is a quote mark, and it's not something the OP added because they thought it would be a helpful way to distinguish between the data and the prose preceding it in the question
Comedy option: demand the md5 hash of all files in the problem
8:49 PM
Looks like there is a much simpler solution, I guess I copy/pasted incorrectly
OP indicates that the answer works for them, so I guess I should change my position from "this answer definitely doesn't work and I'm just being polite by suggesting that I have the input data wrong" to "I actually have the input data wrong"
I think they posted a repr of a repr of a dict - ick
I think something more exotic is happening, because I don't know how you can get `stackoverflow.com\\` with exactly three slashes like that
Ok, the markup engine mangled the number of slashes in my message. Imagine there are three of them there.
(see, this is why screenshots are useful)
I still had to do some shenanigans like this:
yy = ast.literal_eval('['+','.join(y_.replace(r'\",', r'\\",') for y_ in y.splitlines())+']')
where y was the original posted text
The trailing '\' in the hrefs is the problematic bit
I'm now going to go take a shower
9:59 PM
@Kevin seen the new xkcd? It's about you xkcd.com/2259
10:23 PM
dupe for executing shell command in repl pls Having trouble installing modules with pip
10:47 PM
OP has seen the light
It sucks that you can't see who downvoted a question all votes are anonymous it seems.
Or perhaps I just don't have enough rep
Yes, very explicitly anonymous. Not even mods see them.
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