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11:00 PM
I do not expect a lot of users finding out if they comments have been removed. That's only for weird users like me. So in most cases, they won't even notice their answer in a comment was removed.
@mickmackusa BTW, there's an easy solution for that
@Dharman I admire those numbers :) It's more inspiring than green ticks :)
I left a comment last night before bed to the 3 users that posted answers as comments, when I woke up, my comment was purged and there were no new answers posted and all three comments remained. Nothing changed.
@Scratte I've often found the accepted answer feature counterproductive. It shouldn't pin things to the top.
What are the consequences? The users that do the right thing continue contributing and the users who do not do the right stop contributing -- doesn't sound ultra-horrible.
Stack Overflow does not suffer from a shortage of volunteers.
11:05 PM
@mickmackusa why aren't you posting the answers yourself, then?
@mickmackusa It is in shortage of users giving good information :) Whether that is in comments or Answers is not really relevant. You just want to bend then into doing it the way you prefer, which in your quest to make happen, may be counterproductive.
I am not offended if someone "steals" a comment's insights and puts them in an answer. But the poster needs to possess sufficient understanding to explain the solution. Again, ideally, no one should need to mop up this misbehavior. People should simply post their resolving advice as an answer. Am I repeating myself too much? I think people should just post answers as answers instead of comments.
I do post answers as answers. If you find a comment of mine that breaches my policy, let me know and I will take action to remove the comment and potentially post an answer if possible/appropriate.
I think you should try the laissez-faire approach and just let it go :)
I am not trying to bend this community to my will. I am trying to bend this community to the site's design -- which is not cloudy.
"Avoid answering questions in comments" how much more explicit does the comment's placeholder text need to be?
@mickmackusa OK. I'll try to be less.. helpful.
11:11 PM
If so many people are in favor of posting answers as comments, then please rally for the placeholder text to be updated. Otherwise there is an obvious contradiction between site design and user behavior.
@Scratte I am not asking for your two front teeth here. If you want to post resolving advice, post a friggin' answer.
I think some of the high-rep Power Users feel that low(ish) quality questions aren't worthy of the time/effort required for an answer, but will happily show off their knowledge by posting a "summary answer" as a comment.
Well.. I do not vote for the reasons on the tooltip either, so I guess I'm breaking a lot of rules :)
@Braiam awesome! :)
@AdrianMole I think this is a realistic assumption, but I do not find it a compelling excuse to breach site design.
11:13 PM
@mickmackusa That is not going to happen anytime soon. I have no interest in raising my reputation. Posting Answers is really counter-productive to that aim.
@AdrianMole And people complain that we are deleting too many questions :D
@mickmackusa I'm not offering it as an excuse - just something that I have seen (as have you). But I just move on, whereas you've taken the issue on as a mission.
@Scratte Gaining rep is not meant to be a punishment for posting resolving advice as an answer.
@mickmackusa And yet.. here we are. Unless you mean to ask me to post Answers so horrible that they actually help me stay under 2K.
Most of the points raised today are covered in my meta post: meta.stackexchange.com/a/296481/352329 so I don't have too much to edit (when I get around to revisiting it).
Perhaps Stack Overflow is not the right site for you if you want to help people but don't want to be rewarded with unicorn points.
11:17 PM
@mickmackusa So we have come full circle. You really do want users to stop contributing unless they do it your way, huh? :)
@Scratte I can downvote a few of your posts if you like :)
@Scratte Again, this is not MY way. This is Stack Overflow's way. I am not the bad guy here (though I am often painted that way).
@Scratte If you don't like rep then just award bounties and keep on answering.
@Nick I have considered such a thing, but it seems like cheating.. and not very natural. It's like asking for upvotes.. just opposite.
There are a number of users who do that
Some of them even create secondary accounts to give them the rep
I flag those though.
11:19 PM
I was about to say, that seems...not allowed :-)
gotta work. later.
@Dharman Yes, but I also can spend my time doing something else, no?.. and when I see something that I can help with in 2 minutes, I do it. I am not inclined to spend 1 hour on absolutely nothing.. and I do not like the bounty system at all. I think it should be removed.
@Scratte why do you want to stay under 2000?
@Nick No editing.. :)
@Scratte I thought it must be some undesired privilege. Kind of like those occasional times when I wish I didn't have a tag hammer.
11:22 PM
High rep users could reward the users who spend most of the time on curation rather than answering and everyone would be happy
Or, you can post an answer and get bogged down in a futile, ever-decreasing-spiral of comments.
@Nick Yes, That I do not want either, but fortunately, I am so far away from that.. that I do not see it as a problem :)
@Dharman Suggest that to Big Hans or Martijn-Bot! xD
@AdrianMole That has been auto-flagged by the system due to the comment count :)
@Scratte As what? And how do you know?
11:24 PM
@AdrianMole it's times like those I reach for the delete button...
Who is big Hans?
@AdrianMole I think the limit is 20 comments for the system to raise a flag.
@Dharman Username starts with "Hans" and he's on the first page of the reputation league. @Scratte loves him!
@Dharman A user that is.. big. Sort of like Jon is.. :)
@AdrianMole Yes, indeed I do. I thrive on compliments ;)
@Dharman Hans Passant
But the funnier opposite sometimes is Paxdiablo
11:27 PM
He pops up quite a lot in the [winapi] and related tags.
Quite a time ago I've seen Das blinkenlight
@Dharman Yep, just a crap one. I'm pretty sure the last editor would have deleted it if it were NAA :-)
What does it say though? The links leads me nowhere
@RyanM You mean "No, just a crap one" right? :)
Is search broken?
@Dharman Could this be the new link? culttt.com/2013/02/25/getting-started-with-memcached
11:50 PM
I don't know, maybe. I have no idea what the answer said without the link
@Scratte err...yes. that is, in fact, what I meant.
@Dharman is a "unified method" not a thing in PDO? I assumed it was.
I have no idea what that is
Google gives me no result.
As a PDO expert I am completely clueless what that answer said or why it was kept around without context
@Dharman It's a but funny, because it looks like it's something.
In that case it may in fact be NAA
The link went dead before, which is why it was edtied. Finding the new link with the same name was easy though.
11:59 PM
I had 9 flags left so I flagged as NAA
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