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11:39 PM
I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with the notion that an SOCVR RO can be elected to moderator and remain an RO - at least not without changes to the "no pinging mods" rule.
^ leaving here as not relevant to 99.99% of voters
Prepare yourself.
I'm standing for the next RO elections
@BhargavRao There are elections? The only new RO in my time was Machavity and he was announced
Correct me if I'm wrong... but I think the spirit of that rule is to stop people side-stepping flags. Could be re-worded to include pinging for RO duties (if the mod is a RO)
And I've been a regular here when Tiny wasn't even a RO ;p
that long
(throws more self-praise to win the RO elections)
@Rob Yes, something like that would be fine. Ofc we don't want RO mods being pinged over matters such as "why was my flag rejected", but other than that I would prefer it to be business as usual - ROs are as pingable as anyone else.
@BhargavRao Great, so long as you can be pinged :)
11:47 PM
Didn't you just ping me? oO
11:59 PM
There are multiple reasons side-stepping flagging is generally a bad thing to be doing, both from the point of view of the moderation process and from SOCVR's POV. From SOCVR's POV, we don't want moderators who come in here feeling put upon to do more of their normal moderation tasks. We like having mods participate here. We don't want them to feel that by being in here they are just going to get more of the same ...stuff... thrown at them to do.
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