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^ v
2:03 AM
Is this question on-topic? It just asks to write code without providing an MCVE. I'd say it's a great fit for Code Golf, but as it was posted back in 2010 it's too old to migrate.
2:52 AM
@gparyani It's asking for an algorithm, which is on-topic. It's a bit broad, but it's clear that it can be answered within the space available on SO, because it was answered, by more than one person. The top answers went a bit beyond what was needed for the question, but that happens sometimes.
While interesting as a problem, it's not the type of question which is going to be helpful to that many people, because it's quite specific, without general applicability. The thinking that goes into solving it is something that could be a good learning experience for someone, but it's not something that's very discover-able. These are evidenced by only a moderate number of views for an 8 year old question.
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@mak, might wanna update the pin ...
@BhargavRao Working on it right now. Reading through the couple of metas to see what the disposition was.
Cool. Thanks
This burnination is up for your .
I wonder if needs burning
Nah, builtin has a specific meaning
I'd rather name it as [builtin], but meh
@BhargavRao Thanks. I was getting to that. :-) But, I was called away for a bit. :-(
You usually add in a pun, so better unpin mine and add another one.. :)
Yeah, I find the pun the issue. :-)
4:27 AM
[approval] was the oldest <100 sized burn.
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5:33 AM
Whenever Andrey Tyukin is here, we need to inform them to take a look at these stackoverflow.com/…
@AndreyTyukin Please see the above message (one or two messages above this one) from @BhargavRao.
Erm, didn't want to ping ... what if they're sleeping?
But hey Mak pinged not me ... escapes immediately
Well, hopefully, if they are sleeping, then turned the volume down. Although, I must admit, I've forgotten to do that from time to time myself. :-;
6:06 AM
These ones are direct stackoverflow.com/…
Can just remove the underscore tag
2 hours later…
7:47 AM
This user has bad keywords in his profile. Is there any way we can contact moderators for this?
Thanks for that bud ;)
I would probably go for the "contact us" link, they have been responsive in the past (though sometimes not particularly upset about stuff in user profiles if it's not blatant hate speech or etc)
that one looks pretty unsavory though
Flagging is fine
You can use the 'contact us' link, but that might take a while
@Rob if you can find a post or something, but this user hasn't posted anything
7:50 AM
You can flag any post, as long as the flag text explains the issue
Tomorrow, one of his post was deleted as abusive.
Like tripleee has said, if the user had not any post, how can we flag?
By any post do you mean any user's any post?
Any post, as in any post. Yours, or someone elses. As long as you make it clear you're talking about a particular user
Anyway, the account's gone now
Ok got that, thanks for explaining.
@Zlytherin No problem, and thanks for bringing it to our attention
8:02 AM
You are most welcome.
8:36 AM
Morning all \o
I'm on a train, but I'm on the internet doing work (and wasting time here). What a wonderful modern world we live in
@MichaelDodd you wrecked the train :(
9:26 AM
9:42 AM
Great Programmer indeed
10:04 AM
I am kind of lost here: stackoverflow.com/q/54824133/5468463. I am not a verbal person, and probably should have said a little more in the first comment, nevertheless ...
@Vega Wow. Though I'm normally explicit in this situation (i.e. directly say only post code as text). The only exception is when you're trying to demonstrate problems with an IDE.
Removing the asterisk from title
@MichaelDodd Yes, perhaps I have to be explicit in the future :(
I'm ready to pay....... solutions was founded here Then you should pay him!
10:35 AM
@SmokeDetector misguided user perhaps?
So the domain's blacklisted, but no previous entries or TPs? Confusing - metasmoke for the domain
I'm going NAA for now unless otherwise persuaded
10:57 AM
@WiktorStribiżew I don't think the duplicate is correct, the OP seems to want to save all the data and then run tail -n 1 on the log file
@tripleee Some 2 users and I agree it is. Both want to only get the last line.
the edit says "I don't want to lose any output" and the second answer was updated to do that
but without input from the OP this could be closed as unclear of course
@tripleee So, it is "too broad" to me. The title and the edit are not quite in sync.
yeh, let's go for that
2 hours later…
12:38 PM
@SurajRao 10k+ people can VtD. What is > 20k.
10k users have to wait 3 days to del vote. stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/moderator-tools These restrictions dont apply to 20k+ provided it has downvotes
@SurajRao 3 days after closure*
RIP markdown xd
@SurajRao 10k+ can VtD if question score <=-3 or closed 2 days before.
and* not or
@Zoe wait, this question was closed after how many days?
And what score?
12:48 PM
2 days, -3 score
so yeah, 10k could in theory have closed it
Unless SE's crappy date rounding system screwed with something xd
I am using a US which automatically adds or to posts.
1:22 PM
@double-beep Which one? Do you mean Makyen's beta Unclosed script?
@Machavity yes
@double-beep Just as a caution, that script adds the 20k for you. Anyone not using the same script would not see a 20k notice. It's not obvious that's what happens, tho
1:35 PM
No one o/? :P
@double-beep I realized your script might be adding that directly. But Makyen's script can also add it for the end-user if it's not there. If your script adds it to the request it will be visible to all. Just wanted to be clear
@NathanOliver 🙋
1:46 PM
FYI for your profile: Ph.D., not P.hD. — Nick Cox 21 hours ago
@tripleee The man who would later become Dr Cox from Scrubs? :D
2:04 PM
I miss auto-comments
@SmokeDetector There was malformed HTML in there
@Zoe Ah right, withdrawn my downvote. Is it MCVE though? From my limited perspective no
I'm not sure tbh
It asks how to do something, and with code, I'm guessing there's something
Django is a webapp framework, isn't it?
@Zoe Yeah python-based I think, had a little dabble but never really got anywhere beyond "hello world"
I tend to learn stuff along the line of "do I have a practical use for this?"
The Python tag gave that first part away ^^" If the HTML code is somehow generated, that would leave Python code that may or may not work, which would mean there's no MCVE
Either no MCVE or unclear, I think.
2:24 PM
I CV'd this as a duplicate. The asker has edited the question to explain that while both have the same root cause they believe both questions should stay open, perhaps with cross references. I do not know how to respond to that viewpoint. What if anything would you recommend?
@AdrianHHH Not sure about the dupe but I like to do nothing in this case. It isn't closed and the OP provided a rebuttal. The community will handle it from there is it didn't convince you. If it did convince you then just retract the vote and delete the comment.
@PraveenKumarPurushothaman TBF the question would be bad even after translation.
2:46 PM
Thanks @NathanOliver.
3:02 PM
^ thoughts? Looks like an answer if the link is taken away but at the same time feels a bit spammy
@MichaelDodd The link is to a wiki
@StephenKennedy Right, that's probably enough for me not to flag then. I was mainly suspicious about the domain name
Technique invented by gmaxwell. I used to know him on Wikipedia. Probably a multi millionaire now if he held on to his coins!
Me too, but it looks legit on further reading
@MichaelDodd Oh sorry mate I screwed up, I was reading the answer below which links to a well known BTC wiki :)
3:10 PM
@StephenKennedy ah no worries, is the domain dodgy?
VT says it's clean.
the link in the MS reported answer is quite a long page, I;m still looking at it
spam imo
@StephenKennedy mod-cleared in the end?
deleted by Community♦
What was the score on it?
3:22 PM
@MichaelDodd deleted on -2 afaik
That's a bit strange then, I thought community only deleted at the automatic threshold (6 spam flags)
yea btc -2. maybe e_net is talking abt "mafia boy": -16!
Nope, it reached -16.
Wait, which one were we talking about? :>
3:24 PM
Bitcoin one
Oh ^^"
mafiaboi was a blatently obvious one
How to eat Bitcoin in C++
Pff, that's easy. You just use eat_bitcoin(amount, account)
3:26 PM
I have a feeling mafiaboi_6969 is not going to be our finest contributor
@Zoe send_to_steve(amount: all)
@StephenKennedy copy-pastes Hey, where did my Bitcoins go?!
@StephenKennedy Fooled you! I only trade in dogecoin!
@MichaelDodd Do you accept MafiaCoin?
Dogecoin? Many montetary. Very crypto. Many blockchain. Wow.
@RiggsFolly I don't really want to know what "html ass files" are, but I think they are off-topic.
@Zoe Only if it's an offer I can't refuse
3:32 PM
I was lurking on BitcoinTalk and having a good laugh at them when coins were being traded via the forum in batches of 50k :/
how I chuckled at Pirate Loans & Savings
oh well
@MichaelDodd Do I look like the kind of person who gives out refusable offers?
@Zoe Well to be fair Zoe you look like a fox (in the literal sense!)
Why does everyone think I'm a fox? >.>
lol well in the UK being "a fox" is not a bad thing at all for a woman :) what is your picture then if not a fox?
@StephenKennedy Yeah, I know, but the context is different ^^" And it's a wolf.
3:37 PM
@Zoe i.imgur.com/xouJJID.png #sorrynotsorry
Lmfao, you deserve a star for that one xD
cant click, cat on mousepad
@StephenKennedy The cat doesn't want you to see the fox
saw it now :) definitely star-worthy :D
I have written typo, but it is more "I don't know what I am doing"
3:42 PM
@StephenKennedy Ooh, you meant an actual cat xD
@Zoe Yeah, and she left a big ball of fur behind too
@StephenKennedy I found out this morning that while my cat normally loves lots of attention from me, he freaks out and starts hissing at me when I'm wearing my cycling gear. No idea why, probably because it makes me look a lot bigger?
@MichaelDodd He's a Top Gear fan and hates cyclists?
@StephenKennedy * Grand Tour :)
fair point :)
3:46 PM
though admittedly not watched recent Top Gear, they still pulling the same trope?
The Guardian tore into the latest series of TGT. Therefore I suspect it's worth watching.
@MichaelDodd It might have something to do with your biking suit
@Machavity hahaha what
@MichaelDodd The Internet: where everything exists somewhere
Look at that, out of close votes xd
3:51 PM
@MichaelDodd No, they kept the 3 amigos thing but lost the Clarkson style. My favourite feature on the new Top Gear was Matt LeBlanc reviewing agricultural machinery :) topgear.com/videos/top-gear-tv/…
Q: Should we burninate the unity5 tag

Joseph WilliamsonI've noticed that we have a tag for unity3d and unity5 and they both have the same description. Below ive listed why this tag should no longer be on the website following the guidelines listed here What is the process for tag removal (burnination)? Does it describe the contents of the question...

Meta dupe
@Zoe I think he deleted the first one. I asked him not to
> deleted by pnuts, NullPoiиteя, Nilesh Rathod 11 hours ago
Bleh. That wasn't smart of them
3:55 PM
It would've roomba'd eventually, but with less of a repost issue
On the upside, he did listen to our criticism and come back with a valid burninate request (even if it isn't a good idea to burn that tag)
The edits happened in the deleted one first
they just got rolled back in the original
@Machavity You can't burn it - it's an alias
This tag burns better, look!
@StephenKennedy I think he wants the tag gone, but it needs to stay as an alias
4:00 PM
@Zoe Auto-dupe comment now active, you can probably delete your manual one
Oki, thanks for the heads up ^^ Deleted.
o/ hi all
@NathanOliver So struct Greeting { void Morning() final; }; ?
@Machavity it's a joke from this commit strip
4:16 PM
@NathanOliver huehue
also Shog slapping me around a bit w/ a trout this morning with "you don't think the tour page being written in English is a big enough hint?"
That wasn't very nice of him. If they can't beat us with a giant S anymore why can they use a trout???
@Machavity It's a good thing that guy got fired. they did him a favor.
Hello my name is hungry and I am compass
4:31 PM
Hi hungry. Why don't you eat that piece of toast you have around your neck?
@NathanOliver ProxyFactoryImpl
@NathanOliver something something tradition...
I cannot
@TylerH Traditon?
4:40 PM
@Machavity lol, yeah that's about right
4:56 PM
First comment is U/U as well IMO
@double-beep 10k+ can vote to delete any question that has been closed for > 2 days. In addition, 20k+ can vote to delete questions which are score < -2 without waiting 2 days, and answers with score < 0.
/o morning all
@Makyen nej
> Voting to delete questions with a score of -3 or lower immediately after they are closed
5:08 PM
@Zoe Isn't that what I said?
... yes it is xd Nvm
Admittedly, mine assumes that score is an integer. :-)
we'll catch you out one of these days @makyen :)
maybe not in my lifetime though
I thought I made a mistake once, but I was wrong. :-)
@Makyen strange... :)
Like everyone, I make mistakes from time-to-time. I try to learn from them and not make the same mistake again. I view it as important to own your mistakes and correct them, when possible.
Unfortunately, we are often conditioned as children to feel that mistakes are something to be ashamed of. That conditioning can be quite difficult to work-through, but the important thing isn't that you make no mistakes, it's how you deal with having made a mistake (e.g. own it; correct it; learn from it). There are, of course, times when it's critical to make no mistakes. In those situations, we usually have other people and/or automated tools, double-, or triple-, check what we're doing.
5:33 PM
@Makyen or if we are Alex Honnold, we just do it with no mistakes or we die :-P
@TylerH Yep, there are definitely times when a bad enough mistake will result in the death of yourself or other people. Not making mistakes can be critical, but the only way we get to the point of not making mistakes is by learning from the ones we've previously made. That can be difficult to do if we don't recognize our mistakes or try to hide them, rather than accepting that we made a mistake, correcting it, and learning from it.
Heh. No exception handling in bouldering or parachuting ;)
5:51 PM
@double-beep @Machavity The beta URRS will (optionally) add/change and (a second option) to (un)delete requests which require those levels of reputation to act on at the time the post data was updated (i.e. near real-time). Those tags are only displayed for the person running the script. Given that only moderators can edit messages older than 2 minutes, there's no way to have those tags dynamically added for people not running the script.
The URRS (optionally) makes several changes to messages in chat. Added/changed items have tooltips indicating that a change has been made. Some changes don't have tooltips (e.g. there's no tooltip on removed 20k+ tags). If you want to see what the actual message is, then it's necessary to reload the tab/load the page in another tab with the URRS disabled.
The alpha version of the Request Generator automatically adds to requests which at the time they are created require that level of reputation. The tags added by the alpha Request Generator are in the actual request and are seen by everyone. In particular, 20k+ tags on a (un)delete request for a question will be inaccurate after the question has been closed for 2 days, at which point 10k+ users can vote to delete it too.
@Makyen Thanks for clarifying. I wasn't sure I worded mine right
@Machavity Yeah, you were good, it just was a bit more complex, because @double-beep could have been talking about a tag added by the alpha Request Generator, which also adds those tags. Which specific tag was being discussed, and thus which script added it, wasn't clear from the discussion.
6:18 PM
Is it just me, or has there been an influx of support library version questions lately? I've seen like 5 or so today
6:28 PM
@TylerH keep up the references to climbing
see the big wall of requests (another reference to climbing...)
@Jean-FrançoisFabre You sure there is a wall there? ;)
6:49 PM
the day the wall came down
@NathanOliver oh the wall is gone now :)
@Jean-FrançoisFabre You know, the room spent good money on that wall. We want it back now
7:42 PM
@Machavity I thought we got Mexico to pay for it?
@StephenKennedy Oh no, they're too far away. We got SOBotics to pay for it 😉
@Machavity I've got some bricks here
The wall is on me.
@StephenKennedy It turns out Mexico only gets 50 CVs a day, just like us. Who knew?
@Vakore Hello
7:44 PM
What do people chat about in this room?
Not sure what to make of all of it.
@Vakore Moderation
@Vakore Well, we have a website that explains that in detail
Woohoo! Forgot it might be down but it's still up. Well done @rene
7:47 PM
@Machavity it is still on the server from Gunr. But this weekend Gunr and I will probably finalize stuff so we can migrate to my azure instance in the coming weeks
@Vakore please don't paste plain links in a message as they will one-box. Add some text to it explaining why you want us to look at that post
Okey dokey.
Problem solved then
@Zoe The f on that last one removes him from blacklist. Not sure why his vandalism got a tpu
The FIRE edit symbol is kinda hard to spot, I'm guessing that's why? /shrug
Not really important though
@Vakore cv requests have a specific format. See the FAQ. There's also a userscript
7:57 PM
How does the userscript work? And how do I use it?
install TamperMonkey first
TamperMonkey? Whats that?
firefox extension for javascript. I can't say more, I don't understand javascript, java, or script. But it works
Chrome or Firefox*
Too bad for Netscape :)
post self-vandalizing... but why ?
8:02 PM
Installed it and put the script in, now what?
@Vakore refresh the page for a question, you should now have a new link next to edit, flag, share
@Vakore Should see a cv-pls link on questions now
Ok. So it just summons all of you to release your wrath upon questions that should be closed?
That's one way to state it, yes.
Most often used by those that oppose to moderation at all
They expect high quality posts is a self-healing process
high quality posts? on friday night ?
8:08 PM
@Vakore Kinda. You're asking others to review it. It's "close vote, please", not "Close this or I'll stab you in the eye"
oh you found the button :)
@Machavity Ok.

@Jean-FrançoisFabre Yes I found the button
don't abuse it. There's a rule in this room which is rep-related.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Javascript: 100% Java free since 1972
8:10 PM
I won't abuse the button.
@Machavity both use semi-colons at the end of the line.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre checkmate, atheists
@Vakore if posting a cv-pls request for the off-topic reason, please mention why it is off-topic
@Vakore "potentially bad" is not a good reason to provide; explain why it's off-topic. If it's bad because it's poor or shows lack of effort, that's a reason to downvote, not close vote. Likewise, if it's potentially bad, why close it preemptively?
SOCVR does ask that you keep requests to a minimum until you have the ability to contribute and a decent amount of experience in what kinds of questions ought to be closed (so 3k reputation).
@Vakore so far your requests seem to be for questions that are close-worthy; it's just the request description that needs work (and remember, the rule to keep them to a minimum is for all users, not just new ones... we don't want it to be a habit that someone sees an off-topic Q and immediately and always posts a cv-pls here...)
And of course, thank you regardless for wanting to help curate the site and keep it clean :-)
@Vakore Don't forget, you can flag questions for closure. They'll go through the close vote queue and get voted on there as well. SOCVR isn't a place to dump requests, it's a place to get bad questions closed faster, so we ask people to limit requests
8:21 PM
I'll keep all of this in mind before I click the button.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre The only thing they have in common is a part of the name containing Java. To quote Madara, Java is to JavaScript as Car is to Carpet
Remember, you're asking 5 people to close vote, since you can't vote yourself
@Zoe or C to C++
@Jean-FrançoisFabre C++ to batch was mentioned too at one point
@Zoe or HTML to HTM
8:23 PM
Ruby to R ?
Yeah, kinda
@Dmitry Eww, need a mod flag there
red flagged (R/A)
troll, troll, troll
Yeah, retracted mod flag and red flagged
8:28 PM
what's red flag?
Damn, the zalgo in that last edit xd
@Jean-FrançoisFabre the R/A and spam flags
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Look at your flag history. Spam and rude are red flags
And that's ^ why they're called red flags
ah yes! not into SOCVR lingo tonight.
@StephenKennedy I'd tpu that one and not just tp. if he posts again it will be more of the same
8:29 PM
problem is that comments are also abusive and they're shown
They're still flaggable though
@Machavity How do I do that? I reported it with Advanced Flagging and then clicked green in MS
@StephenKennedy Do you have privs in Charcoal? Could just issue another feedback there. You only get one so last one wins
why do all my flags in flag history have my name next to them? I can just abt remember my own name :/
@StephenKennedy Maybe it's in case you forget it half-way through reading?
8:32 PM
@Machavity I have privs in SOBotics where the MS posted aren't deleted. What's the command?
Isn't !!/feedback a thing too?
@StephenKennedy Same as in here. Reply to the SD report and tpu or k
Charcoal doesn't delete the report once action is taken against the post
did that, my feedback shows the same as yours now. Idk why it didn't before but nm. Thanks for the help.
I'm leaving now. Anyway, here is a quick re-creation if your ears are lonely: tinyurl.com/PathOfPain8-bit
@Machavity Rene sorted out privs for me for here and SOBotics at the same time, but I didn't ask for privs in Charcoal so presumably I don't have them (or need them, really)
not sure what that link is but "path of pain" doesn't sound promising
@Zoe seriously though, has it always been like that or did they change it?
8:42 PM
I think so
Doesn't seem like the specifically best choice either
seems a bit weird, yeah
@StephenKennedy Ran it through VT (clean), a redirect checker, and checked it out, the target is a beat creation-sharing-thingy. Guessing it's 8 bit music (dunno because I muted the tab and got JS blocked by default) and the song is named Path of Pain
@Zoe I've already got a headache so I don't think I'll chance it
I wouldn't either ^^"
@Zoe I just finished Gun Gale Online on Netflix \o/
8:54 PM
@TylerH just in time to start SAO Alicization ;)
ooh, that one was cool ^^
@Machavity It's out? O_O
@Zoe Cartoon Network started it up a couple of weeks ago
so no
It won't be on Netflix for a long time :/
I think Crunchyroll has it
Oh, sorry. Not gonna be on Netflix for a long time. Season 3 is still running new episodes
netflix is kinda meh like that sometimes. I watched the first 4 seasons of Hunter x Hunter and somehow they only managed to get 5/7 seasons, and it cuts off in the middle of a major arc
They still only have the first 40 or so episodes of Fairy Tail
I was like "how can the show just end like that?" and then I found out there are like hundreds of episodes
8:58 PM
with the rise of other streaming services, they're probably hard pressed to get full shows
@Machavity dubbed in English?
@TylerH Subbed on Netflix. CN has the dubbed rights
@Machavity This is true... streaming services now are almost worse than trying to get a decent collection of channels via cable
But Netflix does have Seven Deadly Sins, which is pretty good. And dubbed
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