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12:01 AM
@rene Cleaned up, flagged a bunch as obsolete
OK, thanks
@QPaysTaxes I don't understand that
I don't understand it
12:21 AM
@QPaysTaxes thanks :)
@QPaysTaxes OOooo a URL pointing to Rick Astley's never gonna give you up. I do love that userscript.
I'm about to go afk because I need sleep. Unless someone needs something from me?
12:37 AM
@rene I need more waffles
@TinyGiant here you go i.sstatic.net/xGjVm.jpg
have a great night! cya
Hello everyone! (Sam's Backup Server)
1:01 AM
How do you flag the give meh teh codez questions? Off-topic or unclear?
Like this one.
@RawN You don't flag questions solely because they ask for code or don't contain code. Questions can be off-topic for any of the predefined reasons regardless of whether they contain or ask for code.
@TinyGiant Wrong choice of words, sorry. Questions that ask for code and show zero effort in solving the problem.
That's what I meant.
@NathanOliver How do you classify this question? Off-topic or unclear.
1:07 AM
@RawN I voted unclear
@RawN Zero effort in solving the problem is a downvote reason not a close reason. I would vote to close that specific question as either unclear or too broad. Unclear because of the fact that there is so much irrelevant text, it is really hard to understand what they are specifically asking. Too broad because the problem isn't narrow enough given the amount of text and code in the question.
I voted unclear in this case as well.
Thanks both. That's how I flagged it.
@TinyGiant On that topic, I find it strange how there's a short reason in the cv-pls userscript for "gimme-teh-codez"
@4castle That's a hold over from the original version, once I get around to finishing the new version, that won't be there anymore
1:20 AM
It was originally for questions that were literally "Here's a link to a website, how do I make that?" which was used to imply Too Broad, but since then has been used for any question that asks for code, which is not what it was intended for.
I love that github just made their topbar black when SO is making theirs white
1:55 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels What does SSCCE mean?
@4castle: Oops I meant MCVE
The link is: SSCCE
2:34 AM
@QPaysTaxes The latter is not inherently too broad. It can be too broad if answers would be too long to fit the format, or there would be too many possible answers.
It depends entirely on the question. Questions along those lines get answered and upvoted all the time (at least in the JavaScript tag). Lots don't get answered and instead get downvoted and closed because they are too broad or unclear or duplicates or any other reason, not because they don't contain code.
@QPaysTaxes This one
Looks like an on-topic well asked question to me
2:51 AM
That is more accurate
If the problem being described is too broad, the question is too broad.
@QPaysTaxes Well that's an assignment description, not a problem description
Well that's just sad
I just don't like college class assignments. Implementing dangerous data structures by hand shouldn't be standard
2:53 AM
A problem description describes a problem, not an assignment
@QPaysTaxes Good practice to practice bad code?
I dunno
Doing stupid things teaches you a lot if you know that what you're doing is stupid. If you think that what you're doing is smart, then you don't learn anything good.
I think that we just said the same thing
I guess so
The point is that it's only a crime if the teacher doesn't tell you its stupid, or doesn't know
2:57 AM
That's what I mean
Colleges encourage it like it's good practice
at least in my experience
^ Sounds like a great prof
So Basically you have: "people write stupid code, get it critiqued by a professional, and learn" and "people write stupid code, <breakdown>, they go straight into programming thinking they're hot stuff"
@QPaysTaxes That's the kind of teacher I want.
No need to sugar coat someone being wrong
Gotta go. Bye
@QPaysTaxes I'm flying down to san francisco on the 26th for multiple in person interviews at Google.
@QPaysTaxes Oh yeah? What are you applying for?
3:06 AM
I'm applying as a front end software engineer
@QPaysTaxes So did Intuit get back to you?
Is it a paid position?
Ah. Could be lucrative
Speaking from experience, I did some crap jobs with programming early on. In fact I'd say every job I had prior to my current one was a crap job. But I learned a lot in the process
3:23 AM
Aren't we all
Well, most of the crap had to do with the employment end of things, not the programming end. I was able to swing each job's knowledge up to something better
So learning a lot in a major, well established corporation looks good on resumes
I mean that I had jerks and incompetent people for bosses
My first job I was fired because the owner flat out lied to my superior. He had to fire an intern and thought I had no duties
He was livid when he found out otherwise
But I learned a ton in that short time (practical stuff too). It got me another job after I graduated
@PetterFriberg @rene got your pings. I'm waiting delivery of a new modem, so am not active until then. Am happy to address this. I have some time @PetterFriberg atm to look at Ada, until uni starts back. Need my modem first
5:24 AM
Yep this is correct. I tried z = w.match(str(t)) and it worked. Much appreciated. — Alex 3 hours ago
5:58 AM
Does my edit actually harm readability? I thought edits that only fixed grammar and code formatting were good edits. stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/15175309
1 hour later…
7:16 AM
I'm whacking moles ;-) — πάντα ῥεῖ 13 secs ago
7:50 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ I said TP to that one, and if it's not TP it's NAA (link only)
What was your reasoning behind it? TBH I could have gone either way
8:45 AM
@TigerhawkT3 It does right now (20k).
9:07 AM
Is there a canonical "upvoting should cost rep" Meta question?
I don't think there is
Should I ask it?
Not unless you have a very good reason and explanation of why it would be a good thing.
9:39 AM
maybe NAA
10:05 AM
@YvetteColomb will the new modem reach 2400 baud?
10:39 AM
@Tunaki that post had a link to an essay writing service in it, are you sure?
Seemed like a awful question
perhaps it is really their site?
@Tunaki maybe edit out the link? it's not really relevant
I did yes
Oh great, they are rolling back our rollbacks
10:49 AM
Hmm, I wonder what's happening now: stackoverflow.com/posts/42174744/revisions
Who is that other user and why are they editing in the link?
edit apprived?
This is starting to look really weird
@Tunaki by the OP
I'm going to modflag
Yeah ok
11:15 AM
sorry I obsoleted your comment there rene :)
11:28 AM
... and the linked content has dissappeared
11:42 AM
@Tunaki yeah, I'll punish you later
12:10 PM
can you always flag your own post? Even when < 15 rep?
that is a trainwreck as they can't see responses ...
There's the link to the bug report there yes
It is a lovely day. My second meta clash. It doesn't get better I think ...
Ping me when the require comment with down votes post is up...
12:28 PM
OK rene, I'll post it otherwise, just to make your day even better.
Hmm, Anyone got a link to that, "we are not tech support" meta post?
this fish has it
Yep, Thanks
2:00 PM
@Clo stop bot
@Sam Sorry, I don't understand that. Did you mean stop bot?
@Sam I'm shutting down...
Shutting down. (Sam's Backup Server)
2:59 PM
@SmokeDetector vlq
@Sam @Tuna or any other RO here: could you add me as a bot owner in FA as I was earlier, but right now as I had an account merge, my userID is different
I guess you will have to remove me first, though I don't know much about the Swift ver's systems.
@Sam FireAlarm
hold on, I'll tell you the command you have to run
@fire privilege
@AshishAhuja Unrecognized command privilege; did you mean privilege * *?
looks like the wiki is wrong.
@Sam can you try privilege @AshishAhuja owner?
3:02 PM
@Fire privilege @AshishAhuja owner
@fire alive
@AshishAhuja FireAlarm-Swift version 5278f48, running for 46 minutes 21 seconds on Linux 4.4.26-v7+ armv7l
@Fire alive
@AshishAhuja FireAlarm-Swift version 5278f48, running for 46 minutes 30 seconds on Linux 4.4.26-v7+ armv7l
hmm.. looks like the wiki is outdated then cc @NobodyNada
@Sam can you do @FireAlarm privilege @AshishAhuja owner ?
that's what NobodyNada did earlier in this room
3:04 PM
@FireAlarm privilege @AshishAhuja owner
@Sam That user already has that privilege.
ok.. looks like I already have it. I thought it was based on the user-id though..
thanks still!
@FireAlarm privilege
We're good then?
@AshishAhuja Unrecognized command privilege; did you mean privilege * *?
@Sam I guess. Also, I do not know how do I check my privileges in the Swift ver as I hardly contributed to it, and the wiki is outdated
3:06 PM
3:29 PM
Salvagable to make it a good question? stackoverflow.com/q/42053951/4099593
3:42 PM
@FOX9000 so what are the first 62 modes?
@BhargavRao such difficulty...
so mode 63 simply means it posts everything?
4:24 PM
Could someone ping me for science please?
@TinyGiant Here's some Magic™
thanks :)
@TinyGiant 42
Is your connection lagging?
@rene No, I was testing the inbox page on my Stack Exchange profile. It does not highlight unread messages
4:36 PM
Good morning.
Should I flag a user when I suspect that he upvotes the question he answers and if the OP does not upvote or accept his answer he will edit the question and change the vote to a downvote? Or should I just leave it alone? (Personally I tend to just leave it alone)
@Rizier123 I think either would be just as OK.
@Rizier123 man, that is ... weird. I think the editing only for the vote reversal is not done. So yes, I would flag for that. But if the edits are worthwhile I don't think you have a strong case. Make sure you have multiple examples when you flag
@rene cough cough I've edited in order to reverse a vote before, but not because the user didn't upvote my post or accept my answer. Mostly because I noticed something that I had previously missed which changed my opinion of the post.
4:46 PM
flags are out
@Rizier123 Leave them alone. That's strange tactics anyway. I'd expect Donald does such things, to create alternative facts ;-)
@TinyGiant that kind of incidents can happen. I assume we're looking for a pattern here ...
@rene I have seen multiple cases and the edits mostly consists of adding a colon or a dot. Also with votes you can never be sure of course, but the unupvote and downvote seem to happen just a few seconds after the edit.
I think we can agree is not very nice towards users. But it is a tactic you can follow so maybe the advice from @πάνταῥεῖ isn't that bad after all
We can vote however we please so long as it isn't fraudulent.
4:52 PM
@rene Well, let's be nice. That's why I dislike Donald primarily.
agree on that
@rene Yeah I think I will just leave it, but still feel a bit bad for all the people probably getting a downvote just because they didn't upvote the answer from the user.
The majority of the people who dislike Trump dislike Trump because Trump is Trump.
@TinyGiant Yup. I wasn't sure if that maybe counts as fraud.
@Rizier123 Yeah I don't think its fraud because you're not getting anything from it
5:17 PM
@Fire privilege @AshishAhuja filter
@NobodyNada Given Filter privileges to Ashish Ahuja.
@Fire privilege @PetterFriberg filter
@NobodyNada Given Filter privileges to Petter Friberg.
@Fire update force
Installing update...
5:31 PM
Me, hacking my way through ~50 question close votes
Okay, there are now ~50 more questions in the CVQ
5:57 PM
I love having my questions closed as duplicates of questions that are completely different than what I'm asking about.
this is why I'm against closing based on answers
@Braiam the dupe target didn't even have an answer (uber meta)
@TinyGiant that's called rubbing salt in the wound
or was sugar?
@TylerH tackled a couple
@TinyGiant you fight the Wizard? Be careful ...
@rene I fight against wrongdoings and incorrectness
6:03 PM
@Closey alive
@Queen Also nuke other comments.
... closey is ded again?
@Closey status
@TinyGiant oh, you know Yahoo! Answers?
@rene never heard of it
6:08 PM
@Braiam she is on honeymoon with Tuna
in SOBotics, 4 hours ago, by Tunaki
afk out to the movies guys :)
2 more disagreements and I get the gold discussion badge \o/! For my next trick, I will get bug gold badge!
@Braiam you are going to answer all bug questions with this will be fixed in 6 to 8 something
Mine will be "no repro"
6:21 PM
I need two more answers for a support bronze badge
22 answers for a discussion silver badge
Apparently logging in to Stack Overflow on 6 browsers within a short period of time logs you out and makes SO ask if you're a robot.
@TinyGiant They're on us!
Is this question I've just found on Google on-topic? If not, should I edit it so that I can cv-pls it? stackoverflow.com/questions/2479348/…
6:29 PM
Luckily I'm perfectly able to click on a check box even though I'm a robot
@JanDvorak While probably not perfectly on-topic, it doesn't seem to be doing any harm.
No-close then?
It's too old to migrate, and SE.SE would probably get mad if we asked anyways
@JanDvorak I'd say no, doesn't have any recent activity, is not being used as a broken window, and is reasonable enough.
#1 can be fixed :-)
It still didn't tell me if there was a known collision :-(
OK... how about a dupe close? I've found a second one, and both just throw statistics at you in their answers
6:36 PM
Sure, that would make sense to me
I think "Primarily opinion based" should be changed to "No objective answers"
Anything can be given an objective answer ... even multiple contradictory ones. Does "what's the best built-in to parse number" turn from "pob - define "best"" to "unclear - define "best""?
Well yeah
in The Nineteenth Byte on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 16 secs ago, by Dennis
@muddyfish The fact that SO jas only 22 moderators is a bit insane considering how much traffic it gets.
Things like "Should I use X" is not going to have any objective answers (in that form).
6:46 PM
I mean, it could still be "no objective answers - define 'best'"
@JanDvorak tell em that we get 2k flags per day ;)
Their complaint is that the flags keep aging away
don't chat, go close vote then
@JanDvorak only close flags age away
7:05 PM
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 4 hours to continue reviewing.
@AndrewLi just wondering about this question you voted to close, it doesn't seem too broad to me.
7:25 PM
@TinyGiant IIRC I thought it had no attempt and had many possible answers
@AndrewLi It doesn't really have all that many answers, and how-to questions aren't required to have an attempt
@TinyGiant noise
:( && (:
it is like 80 degrees in this room
damn good insulation
Woah, It is 24 degrees here
7:32 PM
°C or F?
@TinyGiant "How do I do x" aren't supposed to have an attempt? What...?
@AndrewLi They don't have to. Including it can be a good thing, but it isn't required
Including an attempt can also distract from the question
That's new
I guess I've been lied to this whole time :/
7:34 PM
No, it's been like that forever
Requiring attempts is mostly to weed out useless debugging questions. A useful question can stand on its own.
26 C here for you Bhargav :-)
It feels like I quote myself a lot.
Basically how-to questions can be too broad, unclear, or off-topic for any other reason if the question itself is too broad, unclear, or off-topic for any other reason. Not having code doesn't inherently make the question too broad, unclear, or off-topic for any other reason. Code can make a question less broad, more clear, or less off-topic for other reasons.
7:39 PM
I went through this two or three times yesterday
The firealarm above was due to the OP defacing his question 5 hours after it was answered.
@HovercraftFullOfEels saw that
7:42 PM
Anger at vandalism?
Is that like... rage with the machine?
against the dying of the light
@TinyGiant: now he deleted it Display data from database into the tableView. I have to wonder if it is to hide the question from his instructors. Voting to re-open
@HovercraftFullOfEels needs one more undelete
@HovercraftFullOfEels The answer had 40 comments :/
@BhargavRao: yes, I looked at the chat history.
8:06 PM
And another hot Java duplicated.....
8:26 PM
> When I ask for effort, what I'm really looking for is a starting point, some context for where the problem actually exists. So many XY Questions are easily answered by seeing a code sample.
@Braiam That is true if the question is already overly broad or unclear. If the question is not overly broad or unclear, that does not apply.
@TinyGiant it always apply.
"I haz a problem!" has never been a good question
Context is required to be a good question
Question without context that limits the scope of the potential answers aren't good questions.
That makes absolutely no sense to me. If a question can stand on its own without context or useless noise, why does it need the context and useless noise?
I couldn't care less about the back story and your rational for developing the program that way, or what you tried that didn't work for the most part. What I care about is a clear problem statement, clear constraints, example input, expected output, and a question statement.
^ that, but I'm having a Dejavu
8:39 PM
me too
me three
four me
wait, crap
You trainwrecker you
This is what, the fifth or sixth time that we've been through this in the past couple days?
8:44 PM
> How the heck could somebody plagiarize his own answer?? Posting the same answer on a different question is fine, as long as it answers the question.
hmm, that seems strange?... "Posting the same answer on a different question is fine"
9:02 PM
This answer is fun... he/she his stating that the question is bad... hmm? and the answer? : ) stackoverflow.com/a/42181046/5292302
@PetterFriberg not sure what happened there but agree seems to be auto-corrected to the Dutch agressief ... All this closing of nice questions. It makes me agressief!
@tyler nice work on the [s-e] burnination. :)
~400 now stackoverflow.com/… (From 1800)
@BhargavRao Thanks, don't think I will sponsor another one of that many tags any time soon
@TylerH Teh apples are waiting
mass burn
9:13 PM
No one's even looking at [apple].
Apple watch?
That word can be used to make a lot of puns.
Cinema Sins are an apple watch as well
9:33 PM
wow made this query on "// String key = new String(Base64.encodeBytes(md.digest()));" on google all the answer on SO are just copy and past from the github...
I'm wondering if I'm doing good flagging for mod all that stuff..
One flag with the search query should do
mod flag all the things!
give them some work to those slackers
9:54 PM
@PetterFriberg no idea
@PetterFriberg search for the second code block here and see what comes up. It's hilarious
yeah because he/she is posting same stuff on other questions?. I have no idea if he/she is trying to answer or not
@TinyGiant can't get the right search, what did you put in google?
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