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Whats up?
Is there anyone here who self-answered any of their questions?
Only when my ex girfriend was leaving me.
Be prepared to perform a test.
7:11 PM
And fail. Rene's tests are hard to pass. I never get past the release the pollen step.
@NobodyNada thanks, that seems correct and now you're an example thanks!
No test? I'm disappointed.
@rene ha, thanks!
@NathanOliver Looks like rene is going soft. Do we need an intervention?
@Tunaki Probably. That was way too nice
7:14 PM
@rene Apparently I have.
it is hard to grasp that markdown, right?
@rene Very much so.
@RawN http://
or just //
I blame the damn Firefox for cutting out that part
7:17 PM
@rene yes
Which is rather interesting. Pasting the url from Firefox in regular comments into markdown works as expected. In the chat, not so much.
Or maybe the latest update is to blame.
Hmm I don't have that behaviour @RawN using latest Firefox.
@Tunaki Could be some tinkering I did with my Kaspersky.
Alright, FireAlarm should now allow me to customize the threshold per-room.
7:19 PM
FF cuts out the http:// part.
Ok, thanks all for providing those
It breaks the room save data format, so once it finishes updating I'll shut it down and manually migrate it (just copying some files and modifying a couple lines of JSON in each)
Also, it won't post "FireAlarm-Swift started." messages in here anymore.
7:20 PM
Well were not doing our job if we don't break things
@NathanOliver Opinions about that question? (retracted my close vote, but answered)
Job description: professional breaker of things
Not just things but all teh thingz
@rene one, two.
7:22 PM
@Tunaki Aww, that hit's me hard. I'm in that insolvency situation 3rd time from 4 overall employments now. What a shit! (And it wasn't me NO!!).
ninja :(
@Tunaki three yes :P
@NobodyNada ^-- hmm :)
It hasn't updated yet :)
It's crashy again today
It seems it just decides to be crashy sometimes
7:26 PM
These bots are very picky yes.
@Tunaki What are your settings for the browser.urlbar.trimURLs in FF?
@Fire update
Installing update...
@RawN true apparently, the default
7:27 PM
lights a small fire on the side
Hmmm, I should start a fire in my fire pit.
There's a bunch of dead branches in there that I can get rid of.
Maybe use my firestarter to get a feel for it.
Installing update...
^ known bug; just a duplicate message
Q: Request burnination of [tag:toggleclass]

AmericanUmlautI just happened across the tag toggleclass in my daily perusing of Javascript questions. The tag description indicates that it is used to mark the jQuery.toggleClass method. I believe this tag should be destroyed because it is simply clutter. There is no value I can see in having a tag dedicated...

@NobodyNada that is with all code. I always add it as an NFR and have the client sign-off on that.
@Tunaki My FF trims the http:// header while https:// remain.
7:30 PM
> This product may or may not wipe your computer. Using it may or may not create a hole in your apartement door. Please sign to be delivered [ ].
lol I'm just now earning the bluebook badge for this post from half a year ago: stackoverflow.com/a/38528774/2415822
now, let's test the startup message
I'll kill it from the terminal so my script will auto-restart it
\o/ it worked
@FireAlarm threshold
@Fire threshold
@FireAlarm stop
@Tunaki Unrecognized command in the hole; did you mean have i opted in?
@NobodyNada You need the Owner privilege to run that command.
7:35 PM
I've got to migrate the save data
@Fire threshold
@NobodyNada The threshold for this room is 45 (higher thresholds report more posts).
7:42 PM
@Fire set threshold 35
@NobodyNada You need the Filter privilege to run that command.
@FireAlarm privilege NobodyNada filter
@Fire set threshold 35
@NobodyNada Given Filter privileges to NobodyNada.
@NobodyNada The threshold for this room has been set to 35 (higher thresholds report more posts).
I have to go for a bit; see you soon!
7:47 PM
@Compass Both funny and disturbing. The poor fellow is in distress.
Hiya NO
Firealarm not running?
8:00 PM
@FireAlarm you're a potato
@FireAlarm help
@NathanOliver I'm FireAlarm-Swift, a bot which detects questions that need closing. My command list is available here.
Works for me
Rude :(
@Compass There's a reason I am the Bot Whisperer
8:02 PM
=w= that's cute
@FireAlarm help
@TylerH I'm FireAlarm-Swift, a bot which detects questions that need closing. My command list is available here.
I can whisper too!
@FireAlarm is unrecognized command
8:10 PM
@FireAlarm help
@TinyGiant I'm FireAlarm-Swift, a bot which detects questions that need closing. My command list is available here.
Oh, so firealarm is just ignoring unrecognized commands now?
I wanted to make a "Unrecognized command is unrecognized command" error
that SD post is fishy
Not sure what to do with it
8:13 PM
close it? contact customer support?
That will work
Whooooaaa, if you look up MixMasterT, the twitter page is very NSFW
Not going to do that then
extremely NSFW
OMG it is soooo NSFW, incredible
That beats record
8:27 PM
My entire country is NSFW.
The adventures of navigating decade-old legacy code.
There was a giant piece of code that was encrypted.
The format is no longer supported, DES, and I was like "What is this?!" Decrypt it: names of all the people who made the software =w=
No further explanation needed
@πάνταῥεῖ As we decided in our last room meeting, a standard close reason is required with all requests.
@NobodyNada Too broad, if you wish.
Looks like some strange give me teh codez.
8:41 PM
@Tunaki inorite?
we had a fun NSFW even at work today (I work at Yahoo)
our email compose has gif autosuggest that retrieves popular gifs from tumblr
and tumbler is full of NSFW content
well some of it leaked through filters
if you search "thirsty" on the gif search on the mobile apps, you get some fun results
(if you have yahoo mail app :P)
@SotiriosDelimanolis How are things going at Yahoo? Are you going to be part of the merge to Verizon if that goes through?
Yeah, should be in next couple of months.
if I'm still here, dunno
they are sponsoring my green card soooooo
worth staying a bit longer
@SotiriosDelimanolis Where are you from originally, Greece?
8:48 PM
Well hopefully you stay. Then you can keep getting the fun GIFs
Canada. My parents are Greek.
@NathanOliver Some dummy shared it in our internal mailing list, shared with lots of people.
@SotiriosDelimanolis Did he include some people in HR to make their lives easier? ;)
@SotiriosDelimanolis Well, when I'm going to extrapolate philosophically ;-) ...
I can't understand why 1 flag was not enough to delete that stuff, mmeh
9:07 PM
I've got 99 problems but 20K comments aint one:
FWIW, those auto-generated review comments are supposed to be automatically deleted every week if they haven't been acted on (or replied to)... Turns out, the task that does this has been failing for months, so I'm manually deleting 20 thousand or so of them right now, but hopefully that starts happening more reliably soon and there's less need to be flagging them. — Shog9 ♦ yesterday
I'm wondering if this op realize that Natty is a bot, he post "an answer" and comment arrives in 7 seconds : ) stackoverflow.com/a/42146863
darn these users on SO are fast to read and write comments
we're so pro
@PetterFriberg I wasn't aware bots were allowed to comment on questions or answers.
I learned something new today.
well with api you can even flag, note the bot flagged too, we can just stand and watch : )
9:14 PM
I see.
we need a couple of bots with 3K that close vote also and then we can all go to the bar... SO is safe...
@PetterFriberg Soon we will see the day where questions and answers are written by bots, too.
@PetterFriberg To be fair, I'm pretty sure I posted comments faster than 7 seconds :p
@Olaf It would not be hard to answer..... all thezze duplicates I'm sure I can find some good answers to post ; )
@Tunaki hmm I need proof, from post to comment it needs to be less then 7s...
Tuna hits NATO, ready with his auto-comments
9:18 PM
you can't handle the proof
The other day you lied that you did not have flags ; ), and you had tons of comment flags... : D
I actually thought Natty was a person.
@Olaf The joys of AI.
Who had a script to post comments.
Then again, Natty is now my mortal enemy since Natty is a doge.
@PetterFriberg For some questions I'm not sure they are not already from bots. If I was pessimistic, I'd say there is little difference between some people and actual bots ...
9:19 PM
@Compass And you're a cate, of course.
I'm a lion. Notice my majestic mane.
@RawN "Hi, I'm Eliza, how do you do?" - "Hi, I'm Eliza, what makes you feel you do?"
@Compass WUT? I need better eyes and imagination
Did you just assume my species?
9:20 PM
@Compass Cats and dogs are not "natural enemies". They just have a communication problem with each other. The worst enemie is always from ones own species.
rene doesn't assume, he says, and it's true™.
Oh, okay then. It's fine when you use sudo.
@Tunaki because if you disagree, you'll be kicked
On the subject of SO bots making comments. When did it start and was there a discussion on the subject?
9:27 PM
i feel like the bigger issue is that the bot is making comments and flagging
not the first one, smokey does it to and Andy has been doing for years
you just need to be very careful, since mods want bots to be better the human...
the flagging part gives way to, if you have 3 bots synced together, you now have a robotic monster mowing down bad posts in StackOverflow.
hence the flag statistics needs to be really really good.
I don't think a bot making a comment is fair to SO users. Not fair at all.
How many successful flags to get a new flag?
9:30 PM
I think 10
so if i do 50 flags, I get to 55
@Compass for naa it's not true, it only push it to queue... reviewers or mods will decide
@RawN What part is unfair? These comments are only made for situations where it has been proven that false positives are less than 1%
And the comments were written by Shog
@RawN it's to help user understand and often they do and delete...
9:32 PM
Those parts I agree with.
the other solution is to say nothing and just flag...
What is unfair is when a user submits a post, then comes back an hour later to find it deleted with no explanation
Commenting I do not. Because it drives a human to respond without knowing he's talking to a brick.
IIRC there is a method of handling responses
9:34 PM
I guess we could listen to possible replies, and post in chat.
very few respond and if they do it's "Like ok"
@TinyGiant A deleted post carries a lot of information IMO.
@πάνταῥεῖ In your opinion yes, but in many others no
@Tunaki You have comment on 1000 of posts what do they respond???, anything we need to respond to?
Based on my experience in Stack Overflow, if your content is deleted, it is because someone hates you! (owo)
9:35 PM
They don't respond often, but in the slight chance they say something interesting...
on link only answer they respond sometimes but on NAA almost never
@TinyGiant You've gotta be a pathfinder or windwhisperer to see that?
I would personally prefer bots to self-identify as bots.
@Compass Nonsense!
(I'm a bot)
@Compass just click the link to the profile
Well, I can tell.
But just cruising the comments, would you automatically assume Natty is a bot or assume, like me, that it's some proactive guy who has a copypasta of that comment?
Let's see what Bhargav thinks of it.
If the bots are making comments then there should be a warning that it is a comment made by a bot.
If I were dinged by Natty and I thought he was wrong, I might literally have started talking to him.
9:37 PM
OOoo, new puny burninate title:
> Shoot the [messenger]
Either that or have the bot reply that it's a bot when asked.
I agree with the Nyan Cat.
Or is it Pusheen?
It's pusheen.
I have no issue with Natty, I have an issue with people assuming Natty is a human when it's a bot.
9:39 PM
I would support prepending the message with [ [BotName](https://github.com/BotGithubRepo) ], but that would cut down on usable space for the actual comment.
If Natty were called NattyBot, then I would assume it's a bot.
@Compass It used to be NATOBot
@Compass My thoughts exactly.
Well, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5fhahIw4Ho
Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5fhahIw4Ho
@Compass WAIT... NATTY ISN'T HUMAN?!?!?!?!?!?!
9:40 PM
I don't need to know how Natty works, I just need to know that Natty is a bot, and not find out about four months after encountering it in SOCVR as opposed to through normal channels.
What if Natty reported replies to its comments?
@NobodyNada Yeah, I suggested this idea to Bhargav.
I feel like divulging that it is a bot would be more effective than parsing out people who think it's a human.
I mean, sure, maybe people might assume NattyBot is just a person pretending to be a robot.
@Compass lots of people do not know what a bot is...
9:42 PM
> Hello! I'm a bot looking for non-answers. You, have just posted one!
But it's less ambiguous than a guy that is named Natty.
Rename the bot to "IZNOTHOOMAN"
Natty should earn the "Not a Robot" badge
9:43 PM
I love reading this subreddit reddit.com/r/totallynotrobots
> Pleasure, but I'm not a sir
9:56 PM
@Clo alive
@Sam Still here you guys!
@Clo stop bot
@Sam I'm shutting down...
Shutting down. (Sam's Backup Server)
flagged the answer though, NAA
@Bhargav Eh, turns out the synonym request already existed :) so I bumped it, made it look good and more convincing. No +20 though :( will wait and see if there is any feedback from other users
10:20 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Please take a look at the comment under my modest answer and tell me what you make of it. How to react to something like that?
@RawN @Nobody is correct, what else?
@πάνταῥεῖ The OP's comment says something returns an error.
What error is that?
@RawN Clarify with the OP before answering that,
@πάνταῥεῖ Ah, the mighty Remy Lebeau to the rescue.
10:30 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Will do. Thanks.
@Sot What do you think about that closure? stackoverflow.com/questions/42141346/…
@tunaki I think OP really wanted to know what the code looked like after erasure
I think the other links I had proposed did a better job at that than this target
hmm let me recheck them
OK so I found stackoverflow.com/questions/28388034/… that suits me :D what do you think? or that stackoverflow.com/questions/24171300/…
10:54 PM
Do they really answer the OP's confusion?
which is a ridiculous confusion imo
how can they think that? what about all the other possible types, it's not just Number
Sorry, I have to go. Andy reopened my previous closure, so he won't be able to replace the dupe. Maybe ask mod to or @HovercraftFullOfEels
He could close, since he didn't voted. I reopened.
Anyway, out to bed, it's too late...
11:10 PM
nite all
11:46 PM
Stack Overflow is apparently 26% faster to load if you block the ads.
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