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12:00 AM
@DavidG Sorry, you need more permissions to run that command.
Hmm, where did my perms go?
Old closey?
Could be
@clo commands
This is a chat bot for the SO Close Vote Reviewers chat room, developed by gunr2171 and the other members of the SO Close Vote Reviewers chat room. For more information see the github page. Reply with commands to see a list of commands.
Below is a list of commands for the Close Vote Chat Bot

    alive - A simple ping command to test if the bot is running.
    commands - Shows this list.
    help - Prints info about this software.
    running commands - Displays a list of all commands that the chat bot is currently running.
    status - Tests if the chatbot is alive and shows simple info about it.

    audit stats - Shows stats about your recorded audits.
    completed tags [min <#>] - Shows the latest tags that have been completed by multiple people.
@clo status
12:01 AM
SOCVR ChatBot version, running for 1 day, 2 hours, 14 minutes and 56 seconds.
Yep looks like the stable closey
Was possibly the test version when I was added a couple days ago
@DavidG If that was during the weekend, then yes.
@Clo track user 1663001
@Sam Ok, I added DavidG (1663001) to the tracked users list.
12:15 AM
@DavidG Fixed.
Muchas gracias!
1 hour later…
1:35 AM
@Siguza Were you thinking of this piece of insanity?
@Mogsdad That fits well enough
@Mogsdad Maybe OP was redirected here by some company?
@Kyll That's my guess - added a note.
1:48 AM
Well that was quick
That was also crap
@Kyll Ms PacMan. That is a crap game.
I was going to write a comment about how OP could improve his question but yeah no
In the auto-corrector, turn "crap" or "shit" and others to "bad"?
sorry, meant to type Craps (as in the casino game), apologies — bcast1692 1 min ago
oh lol
someone sucks so hard at naming
they could've been the one who titled anonymous functions "closures" in PHP...
2:31 AM
@Kyll I've been thinking about the whole "bad word" thing, but I'm not convinced it's worth it. As with "problem" in question titles, people will just find ways around the tool. (cr4p, sh1t, fck, mofo...) I'd like to highlight them, and let the editor decide what to do, if only we had that capability.
3:22 AM
@Tushar pretty sure questions about IDEs are on topic? that particular one is asking for a recommendation (which plugin) and detailed instructions about how to install it, so one of the other reasons might be a better fit.
3 hours later…
6:16 AM
@Mogsdad I'd definitely be up for that :P
1 hour later…
7:25 AM
@Tushar deleted
no need tutorial just concept — T.Karthikeyan T.Karthikeyan 2 mins ago
"Write my code for me"...
@Tushar cv'd. Is he asking how to do myArray[i]? o.O
1 hour later…
9:01 AM
(it doesn't listen to edits)
I was the last one to flag
first it needs a little formatting
that ^ and it is both too broad and asking for off-site resource
@Thaillie are you writing a comment with guidance? Do notice that the user doesn't have the informed badge so directing them to [tour] can be helpful
@rene, im not that good at writing comments so I usually avoid commenting.
9:19 AM
@Thaillie OK, done
@rene, perfect editing and guidance :D
@Thaillie you can consider using the auto-comment script that is found in the userscripts section of our room-guidance. The comments we pre-bake are meant to be non-insulting and helpful, if that is where you are worried about.
@rene, can I get a direct link to the userscript? I can't find it in the list :p
But which CR to choose?!
9:37 AM
Eeny, meeny, miney, mo....
Hey mo!
^^ and to broad
@SmokeDetector deleted
@Thaillie you were right, I updated the guidance page (tnx @DavidG for the links)
9:51 AM
I get the feeling that the Github account could do with a bit of housekeeping to help new people (like me!) For example, it's not obvious that Closey is SOCVR-Chatbot
@Closey who are you?
@Tunaki Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
ah that's right, fun closey is out
@Tunaki, "Fun Closey"? Is there a fun and a serious version?
@DavidG can you elaborate? It is sort-of mentioned in the FAQ: We have a chat bot that you can play around with and help keep track of our activities. You can find the code base here. The bot's name is Closey ; hop in the room and type @Closey help
@Thaillie Just go back in the transcript to last weekend and you'll see
9:58 AM
@rene Just that really, it's sort-of mentioned. Perhaps the FAQ just needs to be a bit clearer in that regard? FAQ also doesn't mention Smokey.
10:18 AM
@DavidG added a bots section to the room guidance
@rene Perfect!
@Sam can you provide some text for Pham to go into the room guidance description?
10:40 AM
@SmokeDetector deleted
Anyone care to respond to this? I have to go to a meeting right now so can't do it myself.
@SmokeDetector deleted
11:05 AM
@DavidG It's in the Reopen queue right now and I chose "Leave Closed" since it is a simple typo.
@Tunaki It's no longer a typo question now, but I still feel it should remain closed.
Also the provided code has a marquee in it!
Basic request on how css works? What to do with this one :p stackoverflow.com/questions/33543065/…
I would say "No MCVE" (and voted that)
Im already out of votes :p, is there a way I can raise the vote limit?
Get more rep!
11:20 AM
Hello peepz
Hello o/
Now that question has the repeating chars removed, it's way too broad "plz make my site responsive"
Yeah I VTC as unclear but later figured too broad would be better
@TimCastelijns Unclear fits well as in "We have no idea what your issue is"
It's the reason I generally use for questions without ... a question.
11:36 AM
There is a question in the title I guess
I remember seeing a very interesting question on MSO about questions who obviously had a lot of issues due to a lack of basic understanding of whatever OP is doing...
Like, in a code you see a typo, but then you see 5 logic flaws, and then you realize that the whole thing isn't going to work without a lot of helping
And at that point you are absolutely sure that the question is worthless to anyone except OP
@Kyll Something like this one?
@Thaillie Yes, that's the one that brought the MSO post to my mind
It's not the only one in that case though
It now has 3 reopen votes...
I am using my "Program description only" auto-comment a lot today
11:49 AM
@Closey current tag
@Braiam Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
@Braiam Sorry, you need more permissions to run that command.
@Closey current tag
@Tunaki Sorry, you need more permissions to run that command.
Hmm I thought I was added as a privileged user of Closey
11:51 AM
What do you call it again when a site is stealing SO content without mentioning SO?
@TimCastelijns Scraping?
plagarization, violation of license?
Scraping I think yeah, it was this word I read on mse some time ago
@Closey current tag
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@Kyll The current tag is with 164 known review items.
11:52 AM
So that OP seems to want to improve his question
The question has been downvoted to hell because he typed "crap" instead of "craps" multiple times, giving "a crap Java program" or "crap game" all over his post
@TimCastelijns If you find a site, report it here stackoverflow.com/contact
Just finished doing that, thanks
@clo track user 1743880
I hit an error while trying to run 'Add user':
0: Unable to fetch data for user: 43880
at ChatExchangeDotNet.User..ctor (System.String host, Int32 roomID, Int32 userID, System.String cookieKey) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at ChatExchangeDotNet.Room.GetUser (Int32 userID) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at CVChatbot.Bot.ChatbotActions.Commands.TrackUser.RunAction (ChatExchangeDotNet.Message incommingChatMessage, ChatExchangeDotNet.Room chatRoom, CVChatbot.Bot.InstallationSettings roomSettings) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at CVChatbot.Bot.ChatMessageProcessor.RunChatbotAction (CVChatbot.Bot.ChatbotActions.ChatbotAction 
@Sam 1743880* ?
12:01 PM
@Sam Ok, I added Tunaki (1743880) to the tracked users list.
@Kyll Yeah, thanks. I trimmed off too much.
@Closey current tag
@Tunaki The current tag is with 164 known review items.
@rene Sure.
@clo track user 792066
12:03 PM
@Sam Ok, I added Braiam (792066) to the tracked users list.
@SmokeDetector deleted
I would like to see a pie chart of the source location of all the marketing spam, I think 95% would be from india :p
It describes an object, with no prefixes needed. It is a subset of JavaScript Object Notation. My halfhearted argument ends here. — Paul Roub 2 mins ago
If you see me rejoining that discussion, please downvote something of mine.
How is json a subset of javascript object notation, when json is an abbreviation of javascript object notation?
12:13 PM
@PaulRoub sure...
@TimCastelijns By asking this you violate JSON's license =p
@TimCastelijns You are really tempting him to continue the discussion, or do you really want to downvote something of his and want a justification?
I'm honestly interested in the answer
5 upvotes on that comment, only 2 close votes...
because it feels wrong, but then again I might be wrong myself
12:16 PM
@Cerbrus Possibly some <3k rep users who couldn't vote but agreed?
Guys I'm serious :(
That's better :D
@Tunaki - Are you here? I've to ask you something personal(related to work review at SS).
Only if you permit,
else I'll try searching for an alternative.
@Am_I_Helpful I'm here
@Am_I_Helpful What did you want to ask? (didn't know you're working at SS also :) )
12:38 PM
do know we are watching this conversation unfold.... consider creating a room between the two of you ;)
I thought SS disbanded in '45
@rene You still have time to bring the popcorn.
Shouldn't we make that a synonym of php? — rene 14 hours ago
@Tunaki :D
Good morning
12:50 PM
Hello o/
Hey there
1:15 PM
How many spam flags does it take for an answer to be auto deleted?
Too many
6 flags as spam or rude deletes any post
I flagged as NAA tho
Guess that explains why Smokey's last find has still not been removed.
1:19 PM
@TimCastelijns NAA, VLQ both go to the LQPRQ. I believe they also enter the mod queue after so long. Only spam/rude will delete a post with 6 votes. Since that post was neither spam or rude we are left with NAA or VLQ. either of those work. Then we have to wait.
@NathanOliver - I go with rude on those since 'A reasonable person would find this content inappropriate for respectful discourse.' Specifically the respectful discourse part. Is that wrong to use?
actually that's the usage Shog said we should use too
@NathanOliver That's what I do also, flag as NAA because it is neither rude nor spam
AFAIK rude/abusive should only be for actual rude or abusive behavior. just posting ;lzcnlnas;bn;bvn is not rude or abusive
A: Why don't we treat rubbish the same as spam?

Shog9 I'm assuming that's not what "abusive" in this reason is referring to You know what they say about assumptions... ...they say that they're often wrong. Like you are. In this case. If someone is abusing the site by posting gibberish, flag it as such. Any combination of 6 spam or offensive ...

that took time...
1:25 PM
Wait, that's Shog9?
@NathanOliver I agree with Nathan
I flag gibberish as VLQ. It doesn't need moderator attention to be dealt with swiftly. The reviewers can handle it.
Then we have
A: What are the spam and offensive flags, and how do they work?

KipWhat makes something spam and when should I flag it? A post should be marked as spam ONLY when it contains an unsolicited advertisement. It should NOT be marked as spam when: The answer contains no useful information, such as an answer that says "I don't care about your problem". Flag an answ...

> abuse of the system.
So a custom flag then?
@NisseEngström Oh? I flag as NAA.
1:34 PM
NAA is correct since slamming the keyboard is not an attempt to answer the question
I think I'm more confused now then I was when I asked. :-/
@NathanOliver That answer looks to be quite old as it called the flag "offensive" rather than "rude"
@Kyll I use NAA for link-only, questions, comments etc. I don't know if there is any practical difference between the two.
@theB I don't know if there's a definitive "What do I flag gibberish as?" question around
VLQ is for posts that do attempt to provide an answer, but just horribly fail at it
and cannot (easily) be fixed
1:37 PM
Q: How should I handle gibberish answers?

cpburnzI just came across this answer in the low quality review queue: hh fgbfdhbfghgfhngfnj safsdfhn kljhn fjkhnb fjhbn fjkhn dsfjkhbn vfduji ujhiuf juihbnf juhbn fvbjuihnbfc jbki ufu g juig fvhg I voted to deleted it with no comment necessary, and down voted it. Are those the appropriate steps? ...

I will say that I often accept spam flags on these, because gibberish posts sometimes are precursors to full-on spam. Spammers probe the posting system using these, and create throwaway accounts for them. It can be helpful to destroy these accounts to get the anti-spam system working on them early. — Brad Larson ♦ May 15 at 15:46
> Those who have the power to cast delete votes should vote to delete.
The question gnat links to is about VLQ flags on questions
1:38 PM
Hello o/
Maybe it is time to make a meta to resolve these two different instructions.
1:40 PM
@NathanOliver Was just about to suggest the same
There are probably some dupes already
@NathanOliver A FAQ?
Perhaps we need a new flag: "Let Shog9 decide".
"How do I flag gibberish, the definitive edition"
I can't write it right now but I should have time later but if someone else wants to do it fell free.
we already have
1:41 PM
I can write it later today
Although perhaps this is the better dupe
Q: Please provide a flag option clearly designed for gibberish, contentless posts

badp MERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR <3 doingdoingdoingdoingdoingdoingdoingdoingdoing. 9.... YEAH baby. Shash. BOSH. :)) What this post would normally receive on its own is 8 "not an answer" flags, 6 "very low quality" flags and perhaps a couple "moderator attention" flags, when the communit...

@DavidG ROFL!
Now we have suggestions from moderators to use Custom, offensive, spam, or VLQ
Someone finds a suggestion to use NAA and we're good
@Kyll Technically Shog9 also suggests that here
@DavidG Wow Shog9 suggest all the flags
1:47 PM
inb4 meme
So @Nisse is right. We do need a flag.
I'm writing a compilation
Go for it. It would be nice to actually know what to do.
Don't forget to mention Shog in every link :)
@DavidG What can make you possibly think I would forget such a thing?
1:49 PM
meh, I use the last word as guidance
damn you github formatting
I have another matter to do discuss. The tooltip for flagging comments is "Flag this comment for serious problems or moderator attention". I think the word "serious" should be removed. Agree?
I don't think "obsolete" qualifies as being a serious problem.
Message too long, cutting it in two
@Tunaki +1
Offensive or VLQ from Shog9 (2011), VLQ or NAA from Shog9 (2014),
Custom from a highly upvoted community wiki although it was added by a user (2012), Offensive or Spam from Shog9 (2014), VLQ from Shog9 (2014).
1:51 PM
Hmm I think obsolete is pretty serious.
its cluttering the comment section, of course is serious
That makes it sounds like "there is really really big problem" when in fact it's just an obsolete or not constructive comment
[Offensive or VLQ](http://meta.stackexchange.com/a/115629/306392) from Shog9 (2011), [VLQ or NAA](http://meta.stackexchange.com/a/243354/306392) from Shog9 (2014),
[Custom](http://meta.stackexchange.com/a/58035/306392) from a highly upvoted community wiki although it was added by a [user](https://meta.stackexchange.com/revisions/cebc9523-dd34-41c9-b904-3af7b07c‌​ed4d/view-source) (2012), [Offensive or Spam](http://meta.stackexchange.com/a/234035/306392) from Shog9 (2014), [VLQ](http://meta.stackoverflow.com/a/265764/4174897) from Shog9 (2014).
So, Shog says: Offensive 2, VLQ 3, NAA 1, Spam 1 I think
So yeah: We need a definitive answer there
1:55 PM
@TimCastelijns tough love doesn't reward?
Poor Shog, completely unaware we're trash talking him here. I hope Jon doesn't go tattletale on us!
(or me)
So, anyone up for a good MSE FAQ post?
Discussing something is fine, just don't go insulting people "behind their back"
Haha indeed, I was assuming there's a secret mod area where they whine about us too :)
1:56 PM
because remember we are public, and shog has shown up here before
@DavidG that is true
There is. They have leather arm chairs and sip brandy while smoking Cubans cigars.
^ this is a true statement
@NathanOliver cigars, Cuban cigars
@DavidG the only thing that you will ever know is that Shog didn't edit your message
@gunr2171 Are we sure that is what they are smoking? ;)
The world may never know
1:59 PM
they could have found a bunch of Cuban spammers
What happens in modland, stays in modland.
@NathanOliver barbecuing spammers
@NathanOliver ugh, that's one google search I wish I didn't make
Oh thats bad.
anyways, so, how about that weather?
2:03 PM
I am loving it.
@gunr2171 I don't know what that means, but it could probably be worse. Have you tried to google "ratemy"?
i dont know what to do with this question: someone bumped it with a code only answer in a completely unrelated language. i could provide the correct answer, but the OP hasnt been seen since the question was asked 2 years ago: stackoverflow.com/questions/19329583/…
also, the question doesnt seem to be of interest to anyone
Today's English question : "Have you logged in on FooService?" or "Have you logged in FooService?"
In every way other than "recent interest in the question", it's on-topic and answerable. A good, correct, answer seems worth posting if you have one.
2:10 PM
@Kyll Have you logged in to FooService?
"to", really?
@cimmanon I say it is okay.
@Kyll Really.
^ agreed
Now teach me some French!
2:10 PM
Or "logged on to".
Oh, I wouldn't have expected
@DavidG What do you want to know?
@DavidG or "I've logged into FooService"
@Kyll openid.stackexchange.com, e.g. -- "log in to sites in the Stack Exchange network"
Thanks everyone =D
@PaulRoub I don't exactly trust the programmers at SE: english.stackexchange.com/questions/218705/…
2:13 PM
@Kyll "Have you logged in FooService?" is also correct
@gunr2171 No, but it fits with a few decades of writing/reading prompts like that.
@TimCastelijns That could also be interpreted as "Have you done any logging in FooService?"
Exactly, FooService.log("hey here is a string to log");
@TimCastelijns I don't think so. I think in should be into
@TimCastelijns That would read as a typo to me. "Where's the 'to'?"
2:15 PM
@TimCastelijns That would mean you are doing "logging" as in "recording actions", not "authorizing your credentials"
If you are talking about logging something into something then it should be Have you logged it in FooService?
Do you even log bro?
No they don't mean the same, but are both grammatically correct (in different contexts) I think
I think yarders are cool. If you're into logging...
2:21 PM
Who else loves it when you ask OP "Is A or B happening?" and they answer with some content you can not clearly identify as neither A nor B?
Just quoted Ben Franklin in a meta comment. I have apparently chosen to be That Guy today.
@Kyll I love it all, including the occasional "idk bro but plz provide answer"
Q: Flagging comments for "serious" problems

TunakiWhen a user currently wants to flag a comment, there is this tooltip: Flag this comment for serious problems or moderator attention The use of the word "serious" makes the process of flagging comments sounds like something really terrible has happened and it must be dealt with right now by ...

2:37 PM
@DavidG Boom!
@NisseEngström We don't do booms any more.
I rarely do, but I just noticed that the NAA/VLQ/whatever flags just kicked in.
@DavidG It's fine for obviously non-human users I guess
@Tunaki Answered.
Or posts lacking any kind of merit
2:41 PM
@Kyll The problem is in those cases that sit somewhere in the middle, safer to just not do it at all.
Hi. Is this correct room to share links for answers which are incorrect and possibly need more deletion votes?
Incorrect answers should be deleted? I thought it was in the range of downvotes
@Kyll Down votes and delete votes are okay. Not NAA flags.
Oh, okay
2:45 PM
@NathanOliver I'm iffy about downvotes
@gunr2171 don't down vote an incorrect answer?
I'd caution about asking for those
@NathanOliver Yes downvote an incorrect answer, just don't go to a public place and ask people to downvote it all at once
@Pshemo This really isn't part of this room. Normally we only deal with answers durring a tag burnation effort.
@gunr2171 Oh yes. I wasn't saying make a request for that. I was just staing that down voting and delete voting an incorrect answer is okay.
ok, yes
@Kyll I normally don't vote to delete incorrect answers since downvotes are quite good indicator of quality of informations from that post, but in this case problem is that answer is accepted which may suggest that it is somehow correct. I asked OP to remove acceptence but without any effect.
2:50 PM
Have you also commented on the answer, explaining why you think it is wrong?
@Tunaki - Is it ok if I add a screenshot of the tooltip to your meta post?
@Kyll Yes, it was mentioned in first comment that answerer confused one keyword with another, but apparently he doesn't get it. So I am wondering what can I do except voting to delete.
@theB Please go ahead
Note that in (what I believe to be) this particular case, the question itself is 0-voted and closed as a duplicate. The answer currently has -5 votes. This is not a high-visibility answer.
2:53 PM
meta post are better received with screenshots :)
and red circles
@theB Don't forget the free-hand red circle
@Tunaki As long as they have hand drawn red circles
@Pshemo Voting to delete accepted answers does not work. If you want it deleted it has to be mod flagged.
It's my comment and no circle -11
@Tunaki Done. I know, no red circle. What penance should I pay for this transgression?
@theB Another leg!
Oh, now the meta-post had a meta-screenshot
@PaulRoub Yes, that is the one. But still it is feels kind of bad to see bad answer with acceptance mark. I don't want to post it on meta since it is minor visibility so it is not worth it that is why I thought about review from few chat users. I will leave it as is now since I don't want to waste mods time with custom flag (I don't believe that NAA or VLQ applies here).
3:01 PM
@gunr2171 That's probably banned by the Geneva Conventions as inhumane torture. [citation needed]
Anyway thanks for your time.
Woah, this has 4 reopen votes? According to the answer which helped OP it is just a collection of typos
Deleted :-)
Woah, okay ^^
@NathanOliver oh no, i dont mean to imply that there is anything wrong with the question, just that it doesnt seem like its worth the effort to answer
3:07 PM
@cimmanon Ah. Okay. I thought you were asking if it should be closed.
Ever since I joined this room my rep history is just a torrent of -1 and +1!
eh, you've got plenty of rep to spare
Not a complaint, just an observation!
afk, going to buy a baguette so that I can eat some pâté
@Kyll Now I'm hungry
3:21 PM
@Tunaki Also eat some strawberry jelly
/me frenches away
@Kyll I hope you will cycle to the boulangerie with onions round your neck while wearing a beret.
@Nemo Reason?
The correct question is on stackoverflow.com/a/13614085/1333493
3:41 PM
Thanks for the duplication :)
@Mogsdad I voted as "No MCVE"
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