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1:10 AM
@clo alive
@Sam I don't want to go on the cart!
2 hours later…
3:11 AM
looks like a rather low quality question, but i dont know enough about the topic to suggest closure: stackoverflow.com/questions/33511848/…
3 hours later…
5:51 AM
Can somebody with Java Gold Badge hammer this Duplicate, stackoverflow.com/questions/33514294/java-split-string
6:32 AM
@SmokeDetector Beat you Smokey, :P
1 hour later…
7:44 AM
Good morning o/
1 hour later…
8:46 AM
Wow, I just found a user who has 6 pages of "Removed thanks" edit suggestions
This guy is literally flooding the Edit Suggestions queue with meaningless edit that only remove "Thanks" and do not fix other part of the post
I've been rejecting and editing most of his edits but I wonder how many other are still in the queue
May wanna flag that fro a mod
9:14 AM
@Tunaki that user responded to a comment I left and promised to improve his editing style
@rene Ah, thanks :)
@Thaillie that sounds as too broad
1 hour later…
10:29 AM
What does marking as a fp actually do?
Oh, and btw... Morning all!
it tells Smokey that what it found is a false positive
I know that, but what does that actually mean.
@DavidG The post ID and site gets added to a file to avoid further reports. It also adds the title to our Bayesian db as "good".
Aha, very cool
btw, I'm not sure Smokey really registered it as a false positive. It seems it is a privileged command but I don't recall being a privileged user of Smokey.
10:44 AM
There doesn't appear to be a command to check who is privileged too.
@Tunaki Let me check that.
@DavidG Yeah I should probably add that :P
No you aren't yet there @Tunaki. I'll add you, but keep in mind that you have to reply to the report, not to the why data :)
@ProgramFOX ok!
There you go!
Now on to adding !!/amiprivileged :P
10:50 AM
It feels good to be privileged :p
@ProgramFOX I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and low-quality posts on the network and posts alerts to chat. A command list is available here.
@Tunaki You doubt me?
@Tunaki ^ there you can find a command list (if you didn't know that already :P)
10:52 AM
yeah, seems to be working :)
alive isn't privileged though :P
right... ^^
I love that the privileged users are listed in Github :)
@DavidG Yeah, that makes it very easy to transfer Smokey to another server, whenever that's necessary.
@ProgramFOX Yes, you are a privileged user.
10:57 AM
okay, that works!
@DavidG No, you are not a privileged user.
@Tunaki Yes, you are a privileged user.
10:57 AM
@DavidG I can give them if you want :)
@Thaillie No, you are not a privileged user.
@ProgramFOX Well if you're already making commits, why not another :)
@DavidG :P
To everyone: feel free to ping me anytime when you'd like to get Smokey privileges.
@DavidG Done.
11:02 AM
@DavidG Yes, you are a privileged user.
@ProgramFOX Added it to the docs
@DavidG Cool, thanks!
11:40 AM
2min 7sec to kill spam, it's a slow morning!
I'm not paying 100% attention, I try to get some work done :(
OP has edited a question I cv-pls as too broad. The question is still too broad. I have already written but not posted a complete comment explaining why it is: Should I include a link to this room as well? Or wait to see if OP discusses further?
^ Is my use of : correct in the above sentence or should I have gone with a comma or a semicolon? Still trying to figure out English punctuation
@Kyll A comma works better here: ...why it is, should I...
@DavidG Mh, okay.
@Kyll I always feel uncomfortable correcting spelling and grammar for non-native English speakers though. Your grasp of English is excellent and certainly way better than my French!!
11:47 AM
@Kyll my advice on that question would be: give each combination a try-run and include that. I'm ok with linking here after a first response from the OP
@DavidG Well, as a matter of fact I want to improve, so please feel free to correct me whenever you see a mistake. TylerH does and it's really helpful!
@Clo alive
@Sam Still here you guys!
@rene Mh, nope. Both frameworks are very different, comparing them makes little sense.
Commented, looking for feedback.
Lol, DoneJS compares itself with front-end frameworks when it's a full stack framework.
It also claims there are no docs for Angular or React (among other things)
11:55 AM
@kyll drop into chat
@theB Corrected, hurray for grace period
@kyll Yay!!!eleven!!!
@theB wouldn't that be "to drop in chat"?
@Tunaki No, it's good as it it now. Though arguably you could say "drop in to chat"
12:12 PM
@DavidG To my eye either way looks fine, although I suppose if we're being strict about it in to is probably more correct.
12:51 PM
Good morning
Don't think a mere mortal can do that, but I had to check anyway
Mornin @NathanOliver
How are things going today?
good enough I would say.
Well that beats bad
1:12 PM
@ArtjomB. The answer on that question and the other answer that user has both look like spam
it is spam
that ^^
other answer in that profile is also fishy
There was some similar spam yesterday for robomart wasn't there?
1:33 PM
Mornin gunr
@rene crap, durron is the slack owner, we can't add nathan
(right now)
OK, we summon durron and wait for him to handle the issue
1:36 PM
done and done
@SmokeDetector deleted
1:52 PM
First time I used the CV request generator, works a charm!
woot! Thank @TinyGiant and @Mogsdad
@DavidG Closed, did some light editing and kibitzing on the original.
@PaulRoub Yeah, good job. Was about to add same comment as you on the answer but you beat me to it :)
Just wondering. Which off-topic close reason should I use on this question?stackoverflow.com/questions/33512000/…
Argh my manners, Hey!
@Lafexlos moot point now
@Lafexlos But, hi!
2:02 PM
Well there's actually no question there, but the reason it was closed looks appropriate.
@Lafexlos IMO, it should be closed as "No MCVE" (and I voted that). It is a code dump. OP should try to reduce the code.
I'm betting if there was a question, it would turn into a "too-broad" question anyway.
Hah, OK. Thanks.
2:31 PM
Guten morgen!
Always nice to wake up to suspected serial downvoting on two of your three questions :-)
@Mogsdad Wie geht es Ihnen ?
@Mogsdad Hallo
(is that even correct german? :D)
@Tunaki Wie gehts dir (is how people actually say it. Dunno about formal/informal)
2:36 PM
@Tunaki Mir geht es gut , aber meine Schlittschuhe müssen geschärft werden.
Just making sure Google Translate gets a workout...
@Mogsdad Translated as "I'm fine , but my skates must be sharpened ." by Google translate
@Tunaki No mention of waffles? Odd.
2:52 PM
@SmokeDetector deleted
3:03 PM
@SmokeDetector deleted
hmm it seems the privileged commands are not completely working
Alright, thanks. Choosing -- even evaluating -- frameworks and libraries takes so much time, especially for a novice like myself, but I can appreciate that this kind of question could be better for a place like, for example, Quora. And I appreciate the time you've taken. — Mallory-Erik 3 hours ago
^ Well that was pretty damn unexpected. I like this guy.
Oh, is "guy" strictly for males? Or does it apply to both genders? In the above, did I imply that OP was a male? I'm not sure.
It typically is masculine yes
it's more common to use it to include females when plural, id est "hey guys"
@Kyll Male. Although "you guys" generally means "the group I'm addressing" (at least in the US)
It can be androgynous but is usually masculine.
@Tunaki it could be it was to old to delete. I think we only get a couople minutes to remove a post.
3:08 PM
Thanks for the answers. I can think of "person" as an alternate gender-neutral phrasing. Is there something slightly less formal?
Yes guys is not gender specific when referring to a group.
In this context "user" or "OP" is appropriate.
@DavidG Of course. o_o
Sometimes I add an optional prefix, like "I wonder what (s)he is thinking"
@Kyll "meatbag"
3:10 PM
Yeah we really need a word in the English language to refer to a single person in a gender neutral manner.
@DavidG ... Which now gets me wondering how your French is!
@Kyll Them
@TinyGiant Isn't it plural?
A gender-specific pronoun is a pronoun associated with a particular grammatical gender, such as masculine, feminine, or neuter, or with a social gender (or sex), such as female or male. Examples include the English third-person personal pronouns he and she. A gender-neutral pronoun, by contrast, is a pronoun that is not associated with a particular grammatical or social gender and that does not imply, for instance, male or female. Many English pronouns are gender-neutral, including they (which in certain contexts can also refer to a singular antecedent such as everyone, a person, or the patient...
3:12 PM
I like them. Can refer to singular or plural.
Oh, didn't expect that to pull down the wiki preview!
Yeah wikipedia oneboxes
Generic she: A secretary should keep her temper in check.
^ Woah Wikipédia.
@DavidG there is a good amount of sites (outside of SE) that also one box, like Amazon
Yeah. I learned something today :)
3:13 PM
A: Which links and sites are handled specially in chat?

Juha SyrjäläThe current list of integrated (we call this onebox, or oneboxing, ala search engines) sites is: Stack Exchange sites: Questions / Answers / Users / Comments Stack Exchange Chat: Messages / Rooms / Bookmarked conversations Area 51 proposals Posts from the Stack Exchange blog, the Server Fault b...

XDCD haha!
(now just get commit strip on that list)
@DavidG Note that you just used your onebox of the day =p
"one" I don't think is a hard and fast rule, but yes, please limit the amount of oneboxes. We don't want the place flooded with them.
@DavidG Xkcd?
3:17 PM
oh wow, yeah. I missed that too
@TylerH Dammit, too old to edit
@NathanOliver English is also sorely missing a second-person plural pronoun
@DavidG Flag for moderator to edit /troll
@TylerH I mean the comment, not me by the way...
3:18 PM
you can edit your age?
Which makes it interesting that most regions make fun of southerners' use of "y'all"
Can I make myself a community wiki?
@TylerH My german teacher said y'all was actually a good construct.
whereas every other indo-european language has a second-person plural pronoun, English does not, but "y'all" does the job nicely, even if it is simply a contraction
it probably doesn't help that the stereotype is to say it like "yawl" as thickly as possible
@gunr2171 That sounds rather.... salacious...
3:20 PM
@DavidG I thought I was the only one with a wacked up mind there
@DavidG now that you mention it, yes, yes it does
it could be interpreted as him asking if he could make a community wiki for himself
Yay! Found a question that was pretty much spam bait for my own library! stackoverflow.com/q/33524540/1677912
Flag > spam
Flagging that answer as spam...
3:27 PM
@DavidG +1
Go for it... maybe a ban would finally get me to stop logging in for a few days!
@Mogsdad Mods would have to ban all your self-replicating sock puppets too
Did you just call me a sock puppet?!
@Kyll No sock puppets! Marionettes.
@TylerH, was that edit really necessary? Since it says "I" already, what's the point?
It's not clear what you mean by "I", so yes I think so
If you hadn't said "my own library" in here, I would've interpreted that to mean "I used X library this way to solve your problem"
3:33 PM
@Mogsdad (c) Mogsdad 2015
e.g. "In jQuery, I created a calendar widget" but I'm not the author of jQuery
It's a minor edit but it does clarify the situation better.
@TylerH Fair enough. Luckily, somewhat more than a link in the answer.
@Mogsdad I was confused by the wording myself. I think @TylerH edit clears it up quite well.
(fair notice: I didn't look at the rest of the answer)
3:35 PM
@TylerH NP. Your edit makes you partially responsible for the answer, so when the M.U.R.s start rolling in, you'll get 15%.
I'm assuming you don't mean british medical reviews
so I also have to ask... MURs?
Mass Upvote Responders?
Mildly Undulating Robots?
oy vey - Guys who overdo it on Stack Overflow
In other news: my new office area has been delayed again, and I have to move into another cubicle today.
Could be MUR - Rupee (currency of Mauritius)
@DavidG I could go for some Rupees
cutting grass gets old after a while
@gunr2171 (cubicle)
3:39 PM
@gunr2171 Like Milton in Office space?
@TylerH go break some jars then
@DavidG hey, it's a better working environment than what I have (searching for image)
notice it's on the factory floor
Haha you'll be in the basement next...
If the factory had a basement, I'm sure that would be the next move
I once had to share a tiny office with 3 other people, just enough room for us all and a full rack of servers pumping with full speed fans and crazy hot air.
3:43 PM
@gunr2171 so more like Darryl from The Office (US)
have not seen it unfortunately
@DavidG must have been ok in the winter
@gunr2171 Apart from the noise is was OK, but the summer, even here in UK, was nasty.
@DavidG I mean, there is a reason why pc gamers like the winter
@DavidG Something like this office? (Sorry took a while to find one that wasn't taken down)
@Kyll we are not doing that anymore. Even closed is not needed. the cv request will get moved when the script is ran
3:54 PM
@theB Pretty much yeah, but 4 people, no plants and an 800mm rack with one of the first ever SANs to be used in the UK!
Ah, alright
soon I'm going to ask for some usability improvements for that script
@Kyll not trying to call you out I just want to start off being an RO on the right foot.
@NathanOliver I know, don't worry. Can it be noted somewhere that I'm not the kind of guy meatbag (gotta make that expression work out) to take stuff personally?
didn't that have an answer?
3:57 PM
@gunr2171 Yes.
@gunr2171 I just got an idea, would it be possible if Closey would check every N minutes to see what cv-pls requests are still open, and move the closed ones to that other room?
@Sam drats, well now it's deleted as well
@Kyll noted.
@gunr2171 0 scored, non-accepted.
@ProgramFOX Wouldn't that require RO powers for Closey?
3:58 PM
@ProgramFOX Already suggested it just the other day. lol
@ProgramFOX we would need to make a bot a room owner for that
which, it's an idea.
Aside from the fact that ROs need 100 rep, would it hurt?
But a user-script to do that regularly on a RO's computer could work I guess?
@Sam oh :P
RO's need 100?
3:59 PM
@gunr2171 They do IIRC.
@gunr2171 What improvements are you thinking? Keep in mind that they won't be implemented until I'm done moving.
Counter proposal, make a userscript that periodically scans the transcript, counts up the number of "done" requests. Once that number hits a threshold (like 5) alert the user that there are items to move
@TinyGiant stop using alert(), because I never remember to copy the room number beforehand
The only problem is that the script can only scan the last 500 messages.
@gunr2171 Yeah, I new a UI was coming lol.
@SmokeDetector deleted
4:05 PM
This feels like it should be closed for some reason I can't put my finger on. It's not an off-site resource request, but "pricing model for an off-site resource" is certainly something liable to change. Custom, "because it's a sales-support request for the developers of Ionic Framework"? stackoverflow.com/questions/33152154/is-ionic-framework-free
@ArtjomB. that whole thread is just gross
> I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because we are not customer support for your favorite company.
would that work?
s/for your favorite company/Iconic. Please contact Iconic costumer support/
@PaulRoub licensing question
@gunr2171 I see that used often but I personally find it a little rude in tone or is that just me?
4:07 PM
@Braiam It's from a auto-comment, so I leave it generic
@rene The phrasing comes from the meta post title. I'm open to alternatives
@gunr2171 I made the edit, though. Need to make a TextExpander fill-in that prompts for the company name...
sounds like a feature request
@rene agreed, the tone is a little stand-offish
afternoon all
but then again, closing a question usually is anyway
@JonClements I wish it were afternoon already
4:09 PM
Good morning Jon
@gunr2171 I never got around to using the auto-comment userscript. I have TextExpander snippets for things like that.
@TylerH I'd rather it was morning again so I had more time to get this job sorted :p
@TylerH give the post the benefit of the doubt. We should be nice even if they are not.
I'll see what I can do about rephrasing that comment
@gunr2171 "allegedly"
Yeah, we should be very nice... grinds axe for a nice chop
4:11 PM
@gunr2171 Something like "I'm voting to close this as off-topic. See [why we're not customer support for your favorite company]"
yeah, that's good
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is a unique support problem that is better addressed by product support of that company
^ I like it
s/by product support of that company/on their website in their help section/
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is a unique support problem and you're better served by product support of that company
4:13 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because GO AWAY
yeah, no
(^ That's a joke)
@gunr2171 Leave it to English to make sense of a phrase like that
@TylerH A co-worker used to use it to mean "Yes" or "I know". "It's hot out today." "Yeah, no?" (or "Yeah, no, right?"). I've heard it enough since to conclude it's very common in some parts of New Jersey.
@gunr2171 but what if you're not from?
4:19 PM
..... god damn it
that took me too long to figure out
fine, star for you
Well I just found out something interesting with MS SQL 2000. Somehow the log file for the tempdb grew to 50GB. restarted the machine and it shrank it all the way down to 1MB
@NathanOliver inb4 your project manager gets you fired for "deleting a database"
@NathanOliver why are you using a 15 year old DB system?
SQL2k has terrible tempdb management IIRC
@gunr2171 the company I work for doesn't like to spend money and it is the back end for our time clocks. It is entirely internal so there really was no reason to change it. upgrading to 2005 today.
4:21 PM
that ^
lol, nice
What is really scary is we still have a system running on a NT4.0 box
@NathanOliver I hope you have a good DR strategy :)
"run around in full panic"
@DavidG backups everyday with off site replication
4:23 PM
@NathanOliver Media to reinstall everything from scratch? Hardware that can still run NT4 reliably? :)
what even is NT4... Windows 98?
@DavidG media yes. hardware no but if I am not mistaken we can virtualize it.
Windows NT 4.0 is a preemptively multitasked, graphical operating system, designed to work with either uniprocessor or symmetric multi-processor computers. It was part of Microsoft's Windows NT line of operating systems and was released to manufacturing on 31 July 1996. It is a 32-bit Windows system available in both workstation and server editions with a graphical environment similar to that of Windows 95. == OverviewEdit == The successor to Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0 introduced the user interface of Windows 95 to the Windows NT product line, including the Windows Shell, Windows Explorer...
@NathanOliver Yeah, that would probably work though (for obvious reasons) I've not tried to run an NT4 VM
Is this spam?
looks fishy
I don't think so?
4:26 PM
@Tunaki I would say no
I don't think so
@gunr2171 Yay for auto-comments
bah, I like your comment better @Kyll
oops that were almost 3 of us commenting...
(hence why I deleted mine, even though I was first)
4:28 PM
@gunr2171 Improved it: It seems you have outsourced data crucial for the understanding of your question. Please post all relevant code, images and resources **in the question itself**, if the link dies or changes your question will lose most if not all of its meaning! You can [edit] your question to include the needed informations.
That might be the hardest habit to break
4:50 PM
afk for lunch
Bon appétit!
Guten Appetit
Be of good hunger
Eet smakelijk!
Buen provecho
4:55 PM
En Guete.
BTW, Firefox v42.0 is out now, and has some awesome improvements
including per tab muting
and better private browsing security for those who use Bing share a computer for Christmas shopping
@TylerH If a tab makes annoying sounds, you could also, you know, close the cursed thing and never visit the site again?
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