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1:05 AM
i have this old question that is really a duplicate, but it isnt going to provide a very good signpost for future users. want to close it as something else and have the roomba clean it up? stackoverflow.com/questions/28394137/less-to-sass-mixin-issue
actually, i guess it can be closed as a typo
2:03 AM
I wonder if there's a Good Samaritan badge... I couldn't let this OP continue to get mislead by javascript answerers.
6 hours later…
7:36 AM
Is there anything I should or shouldn't do when the SmokeDetector finds a piece of spam?
@NisseEngström always tpu
also go to the spam and flag it as such
@TinyGiant hmm, bug?
the reason spam flags get dealt with quickly is because all the moderators are notified of it in mod-tools.
@NisseEngström only spam flag the post, don't close vote, don't edit or comment on the post, warn users that do.
@bob is @NisseEngström a privileged Smokey user? (cc @Pro)
@rene good point
7:45 AM
Otherwise he can't tpu- ....;)
Let me check if I can find that list ...
I know it's in one of the files somewhere
@bob hmm, search in the repo didn't reveal anything. Maybe the authorization magic is kept in a secret place... We wait for Pro to respond
@bob voted unclear
@rene maybe it's been re-worked since the last time I looked. I remember there being an array of UIDs that SmokeDetector responds to.
and @NisseEngström isn't there ....
# United States of America aka Unicorns are Very Very Yummy
well then, @UnitedStatesOfAmerica
@SmokeDetector Prevented edit
Is the edit grace period interrupted if an NAA flag is raised?
@Kyll good question
@Kyll I don't know
7:58 AM
Searching on Meta
A: Was the 5 minute edit grace period removed?

Shog9The grace period has not been removed. However, it will end early in a couple of new scenarios. The altered behavior follows from this discussion and this feature request: Edits will be rolled into the previous revision if the previous revision was created by the same author and none of the...

Then it's a feature request
i'm so sorry... — user5408975 55 secs ago
@bob That doesn't work in SE chat
Only in the actual sites
And FWI there's a ping attack going on right now
8:16 AM
Does SD scout Meta too?
@Kyll No
Meta doesn't show up in the realtime list
Okay, thanks
Q: Allow NAA flags to interrupt grace periods

KyllWe sometimes see spam tests and very different users post questions or answers consisting of garbage unreadable content (think "aaaaaaaaaaa"). These posts are quickly caught by users (and bots) around the website who can then downvote and NAA flag it to hell. As we don't want this poster to abus...

There we go
My throttling time for chat is like 30seconds
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica High ping + packet loss?
8:33 AM
@rene I try to spam flag them as soon as I can. They're usually gone by the time I see them though.
Can I haz smokey here?
Q: Can reviewers view edits made within the 5-minute grace period?

bobI answered this question, and a user commented that the syntax of the provided code was incorrect: I corrected it within the five minute grace period, and consequently flagged the comment as [obsolete] as it no longer applies. I'm concerned that my flag will be declined on the basis that whoe...

thought I posted a similar question before, and I did
@bob Thanks, I will post it as reference
Oh you did
Thanks =D
Here, get a badge
8:41 AM
Anyone who wants ping attack privileges please ping me to ask
Do RO still do the graveyard thing?
> Fun fact: - You can perform this action again in 31 seconds - retry / edit / cancel
9:14 AM
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 57 secs ago, by SmokeDetector
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Imp it didn't generally check by user306771 on meta.stackexchange.com
Is the smokey here dead?
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Of course
No smokey privileges? :(
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica I dare you to pingattack balpha :D
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica wuss :P
9:15 AM
We must seek his permission first
Smokey isn't posting here
@bob Watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
He is on the tavern though
And your report was posted there
oh yeah, I forgot about that
9:17 AM
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 17 secs ago, by United States Of America
@balpha @bob wants to ping attack you, but has to ask for permission first
not SO, but still a horrible post:
Q: REBOOT options screen DOES NOT load/appear and factory reset DO NOT restore

aLONEmilitaryWIDOWThe device: Kyocera Hydro ICON C6730, Android 4.4.2, 3G/4G by BoostMobile (refered as BM thru-out this stmt.) Issues started early August 2015-(ph purched June 2015): My BM unlimited plan started in Aug 2012 on my ZTE N860, then charger port broke; I bought the Hydro Icon bcus it was compatible ...

Saw that
Starred it
9:45 AM
Smokey's still down
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Smokey doesn't report in SOCVR
2 hours ago, by SmokeDetector
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MOBILE NUMBER FROM A STRING by Archana on stackoverflow.com
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica hm, well it's not supposed to report here I don't think
at least, that's what @rene told me a month back
10:48 AM
Stack Overflow is not a forum nor a board, please don't treat it as such. And yes, your question is off-topic here. — bob 9 secs ago
@bob first! =p
is there a shortcut for [Super User](http://superuser.com)?
... you really want to send him to them?
You hate peace don't you
@Kyll yep :D
it could be a decent question if it's cleaned up
good point
what can cause Failed to upload; invalid file with the image uploader when pointing to a link?
I have this URL and it worked perfectly a few hours ago, but now I keep getting Invalid file: puu.sh/kzfyl/5e1511fdf8.png
just closed the image uploader, re-opened it, put in the link, and now it works
did the same thing yesterday
11:16 AM
new bug:
Q: Image uploader won't accept URL the first time

bobI've found a bug with the Stack Exchange image uploader, that occurs when attempting to use a custom URL to link to an image. Let's take this lovely image as an example; if I try to use the custom URL the first time, I get this error: However, if I close the image uploader dialog & try again ...

Q: Image uploader won't accept URL the first time

bobI've found a bug with the Stack Exchange image uploader, that occurs when attempting to use a custom URL to link to an image. Let's take this lovely image as an example; if I try to use the custom URL the first time, I get this error: However, if I close the image uploader dialog & try again ...

apparently bugs with the SE engine should be posted to MSO, if I remember correctly
1 hour later…
12:24 PM
Good morning
@Kyll I think it is off topic but I don;t know what a good close reason would be.
12:37 PM
12:59 PM
Is there an "unicorn emoji" app out there, which I don't know about? I really need one :)
@gunr2171 Thanks. But there should be a general programmer emoji app :D With unicorns and other stuff
1:19 PM
> why only 30000 chars when we are trying to post CODE
uh, because no one wants to read more than that?
should a question like this be closed as a typo? stackoverflow.com/questions/32942414/…
@cimmanon my first thought is "no" because the answer code looks nothing like the question's. But I'm still thinking about it
@Kyli Please explain how this question is off-topic it is clearly related to programming and the use of an IDE. None of the help-center offtopic items apply it is not asking for homework to be done, fix a typo, recommend a book or any other item on that list. — WillShackleford 25 mins ago
I think an edit would help a lot here. The question would follow: "I'm using the --style argument but it won't process my code." and the answer would be "you need to use another argument, here it is and here's why"
@gunr2171 the error tells you that explicitly, though
1:30 PM
Can this be salvaged?
shrug, you're the expert in that tech
@gunr2171 TF2 tomorrow?
@Kyll i would say no
that question is all over the place, and even if you did narrow it down to something specific from that mess, it would be too broad
@Kyll sure, I'm around between 9:30pm UTC and 2am UTC
@JAL can join as well if he's around
9 or 5? Link and description disagree
Oh wait
1:35 PM
it's 5:30pm EST, 9:30 UTC
Links in EST, description in UTC
Woah, makes it 23h30 here. I can play for an hour or two
that's the brilliance of timezones
@gunr2171 damn railroad companies and wanting to have accurate time schedules.
I'll just be happy if we can kill off daylight savings
YES. that must go
1:44 PM
@Kyll but yeah, I know that time constraint is weird, but if it works for you then that's fine. Ping me tomorrow on steam when you're ready to start.
I never understood the whole daylight saving thing
it's dumb
"Daylight Savings Monday" is the worst and most unproductive day of the year
^^ I flagged for mod intervention, delete-voted and downvoted, because you can't actually set an answer on fire.
@PaulRoub you just need the right css...
@PaulRoub have you tried using: i.sstatic.net/xhGG7.gif
2:02 PM
I would say "I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because we are not customer support for your favorite company."
2:21 PM
Is a general math question on topic? stackoverflow.com/q/32950807/1677912
And in Chile they don't have DST
@Mogsdad It's more about algorithmic so I would say yes?
Might be more fit on CS
@Mogsdad Hey, you could put a javascript tag on that and it would be a specific programming question.
@Mogsdad Custom reason requests working well I see :D
@TinyGiant I'm liking it!
2:32 PM
DB crowded, screw that! Get-MailContact | Remove-MailContact
Take this, Exchange
I'm guessing that has something to do with meteor...
It's on an Office365 Exchange server
Got to migrate the mailing system of an association to there
@cimmanon What, no gold compass badge?
2:37 PM
@TinyGiant nope. i just got the sass gold badge a few months ago, theres less compass questions than that :p
@TinyGiant youtu.be/l3nPJ-yK-LU?t=40m4s (watch for about 3-4 minutes)
@TinyGiant Anyone else find that the dupe hammer is often thwarted because questions were inappropriately tagged to begin with?
Is @Siguza around?
@Siguza bug with one of your userscripts: meta.stackexchange.com/a/267408/255735
@durron597 Is Smokey supposed to report here? I didn't think it reports here but @UnitedStatesOfAmerica says that it does.
@bob Jup, I'm around
2:48 PM
any idea what the bug's caused by?
(see Meta post for details)
this one if you haven't seen it:
Q: Image uploader won't accept URL the first time

bobI've found a bug with the Stack Exchange image uploader, that occurs when attempting to use a custom URL to link to an image. Let's take this lovely image as an example; if I try to use the custom URL the first time, I get this error: However, if I close the image custom URL error message & t...

I've seen it, I've seen it
but I have no idea what's causing the bug...
It's not like there are any event handlers on the links that toggle the field...
@bob smokey does report here
@PaulRoub boom
2:56 PM
@bob fixed
what was the problem?
don't know
now I'm just calling .click() on the link :P
can someone report that post ^^
#1 JS development ^^
2:59 PM
deleted as soon as it's posted
@bob Nah, I suppose there are some event handlers and flags set somewhere behind a bazillion closures
But why not just click the link... it works for humans, so why not for machines?
@Siguza might wanna post to here that it's fixed: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/267401/…
Fixed.​​​​​​​​​ — Siguza 9 secs ago
Or should I post that as an answer?
answer maybe
if you mention what was causing the problem, that'll answer the question
But I'm not sure ^^
Anyway, @bob here you go.
3:09 PM
I forget should we recommend delete wrong answers in LQPRQ?
"nike", it's fine
@NathanOliver if they attempt to answer, it's fine, supposedly
@SmokeDetector why?
Body - Position 1-103: <p>Having the following table:</p>

@Unihedron that's what I thought. I just skipped it.
3:15 PM
@gunr2171 scintillating.
in Low Quality Posts HQ on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 16 hours ago, by Zephyr
Close Vote Request for http://stackoverflow.com/q/30874616/2415822 by JAL from SO Close Vote Reviewers Reason: no mvce
^ one more?
already voted on that
@Unihedron boom
@rene Let me check that...
3:19 PM
^ I made this room after seeing your graveyard
so, thanks for the idea
Nope, he isn't added yet. Going to add him now.
@Unihedron I wrote a userscript for automatic checking.
It's still a bit rough, but it works
3:23 PM
Can check up to 500 recent messages
I've just been checking manually
by the time you make a userscript, something's wrong :P
I'm thinking a bookmarklet might be the best way to activate it.
@NisseEngström You now have the privilege to give Smokey privileged commands (like 'tpu'); see github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/wiki/Commands for a full list of the commands, with a description.
@ProgramFOX Uhm, might I get that privilege too, please?
3:32 PM
@Siguza Sure!
@gunr2171 Are you playing Shog9?
waits a bit longer
3:35 PM
@Siguza ^
@ProgramFOX bows down before you
is SO not loading for anyone else?
very slow for me
works for me
fine for me at the moment
3:37 PM
@Siguza inb9 shog4 bans you
uh, spoke too soon
... still totally fine here
css loading seems to be a problem
and whatever "stub.en.js" is
praise the lords for caching
hmm. meta is fine but I can't do anything on main
3:38 PM
@Unihedron Well in that case, I'm gonna... well, I'm... okay.
A: Custom unchecked exception doesn't make throwing and caller methods return

Francesco MenzaniThere was no bug. In order to debug, I had added some System.out.println() after the exception being thrown. I was getting those breakpoints printed exactly once. That's ok, because that was the first registration allowed, but for some reason, I thought they were caused by the second... I don't ...

^ cv-plz the q: no repro & obscure tag
Anyone want to throw some deletes at questions? There are only 24 questions there. I have the only delete vote on almost all of them. cc @cimmanon @PaulRoub @Mogsdad @rene
Just because we aren't downvoting for roomba anymore, we are still allowed to delete vote stuff.
oh yeah, that shog post
@durron597 Any particular sort order?
3:41 PM
@durron597 I now have delete votes privileges :)
@Mogsdad Well some of them are roomba eligible despite the new rule, so do those last
there are 12 with an accepted and 12 without
@durron597 Used up the few I had left.
@durron597 I would love to but SO is still not loading for me.
@Tunaki nice, grats!
@durron597 12 is a convenient number for me :)
3:42 PM
@PaulRoub thanks
crap, SO isn't loading anymore for me either
@gunr2171 that's not css
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 25 secs ago, by Feeds
We're aware of the @CloudFlare issues and are disabling them now.
it was "all.css" and that file
3:44 PM
@StackStatus @CloudFlare just... stop using cloudflare
it's always them, lol
@ProgramFOX Cool! Thanks.
Where's trogdor when you need him?
3:45 PM
@TinyGiant Burninating the countryside?
He should be burninating the cloudflareside.
then. I will use the mod review queue on lichess instead while SO is down
@Tunaki It was already closed, I voted to delete it ;)
@Mogsdad Great. If @rene and @Deduplicator show up I bet we could kill the entire tag today including the "roomba" ones
I have four left that I didn't spend on roomba ready ones but I could.
I forgot I got an extra delete vote. yeah
@durron597 The rest should all be roomba ready.
4:02 PM
@Unihedron I lol'ed at this:
check and mate, for #stackoverflow haters http://t.co/YkeEou0qkR
@durron597 done. i still have 10 more delete votes
@durron597 You called?
anyone else keep getting DNS_ERR_NOT_RESOLVED errors for any SE site right now?
29 mins ago, by durron597
Anyone want to throw some deletes at questions? There are only 24 questions there. I have the only delete vote on almost all of them. cc @cimmanon @PaulRoub @Mogsdad @rene
Well, done. 8 questions left.
4:10 PM
It has 2 deletes already.
Well, someone will come along...
You know what would be useful? A little menu beside the achievements menu telling you how many of what you have left for the day (reg votes, comment votes, close votes, delete votes, flags, etc.)
@TinyGiant userscript?
The problem is requesting that info, without a large overhead.
4:16 PM
@Unihedron are we moving all PHP questions there?
@durron597 will do
and done, I see no more questions
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Let me warn you that such attacks are not welcome here and anyone who still wants to give that a try will be kicked. Okay?
Anyone who can do PowerShell around?
powershell the windows thing?
Losing my mind on it
4:24 PM
@Kyll that is the proper response to working with Power Shell
why don't you just get cygwin and use bash?
You can only powershell with an Office Exchange server, otherwise I would JavaScript already...
office exchange in 2015?
office365 thing
so...uh, I'm seeing a problem with chat....
hold a second
4:26 PM
See anything blatantly wrong in that? if($NewMember.Title -eq "Adherent")
403 Forbidden

Code: AccessDenied
Message: Access Denied
RequestId: 0B9DF77CA6701CE0
HostId: ts7r4F5Tw5O5uftZFoajuPExIoUJ14SaclYDAK9mD1DYZjzY9d0McmlWbYA9Ll4i8a/WrQ5mpnE=
@SajjadKhan Nope, wrong place
"I know it is right place" lol
@bob [su] === [Super User](http://superuser.com/)
4:27 PM
A: Add data.SE style "magic links" to comments

balphaMost of these now work. My comment below has the following markdown source: On [main], you are expected to write proper English (as advertised on [english.se]), but here on [meta.se] it's more important to have freehand circles, so please [edit] your post, otherwise I'll have to flag you (see...

@gunr2171 @NisseEngström Stop screwing up poor gunr's chat
I refreshed (unfortunately) and it fixed it
@Unihedron i correct it..
@SajjadKhan how much are you paying?
> This user has been automatically suspended for posting inappropriate content and cannot chat for 29 minutes.
oh, too bad
@Unihedron Lol, I wonder what caused that.
4:29 PM
This thing is driving me nuts. I have an if condition: if($NewMember.Title -eq "Adherent") which is then supposed to do an action. If it is false it will show an error message, "unknow title: $NewMember.Title`. It is printing "unknown title: Adherent". WHY U NO ENTER IF
Q: Can we have an "edit question" magic link for answer comments?

durron597Yet another request for a magic link. In the following situations: I answer a question, the asker replies to me in a comment, and I want to reply to them asking them to edit certain information into the question The asker adds extra information as an answer instead of an edit I want to give t...

@durron597 Already upvoted.
Get TylerH to harass balpha on twitter.
@TinyGiant Last time I harrassed balpha on twitter he ignored me.
4:32 PM
@durron597 But the last time TylerH harassed balpha on twitter, [mcve] was implemented.
@Mysticial I checked their page after seeing the message removed
not 10k :/
@TinyGiant That was me.
Oh, I thought it was him, nvm.
@Kyll Looks fine as presented; any chance of control chars / invisible spaces / etc. in $NewMember.Title?
The last time TylerH harrassed him, we got tooltiptext on really long meta titles in the sidebar
4:33 PM
The last time I harrassed him on twitter, it was about this:
@PaulRoub Nope ><
Checked a dozen times
Checked control chars
Checked syntax
Checked resiliency to accents (éèà...)
Q: Undelete dialog shows number of delete votes left

Najib IdrissiWhen I try to undelete a question, the dialog box systematically shows me how many delete votes I have left: But I actually have undelete votes left, and I am able to undelete the question: In these screenshots, I have zero delete votes left, and the dialog displays zero undelete votes left...

Everything's fine
@Mysticial Well that explains it, thanks.
4:34 PM
The last time durron harassed Kyll, he got 3k
I had some help
So what we're flagging questions for attention now?
If @TinyGiant didn't help me I would have reached 3k today =D
I have a feeling "the last time X harassed Y, Z happened" is going to be an inside joke
@Kyll Congratz
4:36 PM
RHA. Worse thing about this is that typing the command as is in the powershell console works.
(Replacing variables by strings)
Powershell: a combination of CMD and .Net, and the worst of both!
Maybe it's PHP in disguise.
Kinda losing hope. $NewMember comes from a ForEach looping over data imported with Import-CSV. inb4 there is that one very specific bug that only happens in my very specific use-case
@gunr2171 Except X is 95% of the time me
@durron597 That's part of the joke
(95% of it)
4:41 PM
I didn't know you could explain 95% of a joke
4:55 PM
Elevated shells can't correctly compare accents =D
I have been spending 2 hours on an elevated shell bug =D
Now I am going to calmly let the database update =D
And go brutally murder someone. See you guys!
Have fun :D
@TinyGiant right, thanks!

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