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10:00 PM
I'm just proposing a fourth sorting tab
Votes / Oldest / Active / Best
but if I'm reading it correctly, the calculation would override the default/user-selected sorting to temporarily cheat in favor of newer answers
@TylerH Not in favor of
the math attempts to guess what the score would be if the answer had the same number of votes
but it's smarter than +1/0 vs +500/0 -> two answers are equal
a 500/0 answer is 500 data points saying "good"
a 1/0 answer is only one data point saying good, so we can't really be confident that it's going to stay unanimous
So long as it is just another tab saying "estimated best" or something, I'd be OK wth that
but then we would probably have UX people complaining about busy UI controls
but a 400/-150 answer vs a 25/0 answer will be much more confident in the 25/0 answer even though the 400/-150 answer has a total score of 250
we already have three tabs. a fourth tab suddenly makes it busy?
UX isn't really a science
10:05 PM
I'm not saying your idea is bad, I think both ideas are good
have you ever visited the UX site?
@durron597 I can see this becoming a problem for multi-part answers
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11:32 PM
Cv'd + night all.
@TylerH out for 22 minutes
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