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8:00 PM
... 99 questions tagged with a non-existent tag?
@TinyGiant I'm just happy we're under 100 questions! End in sight
Oh, is that source-code?
@TinyGiant yes
> Welcome to Stack Overflow! Please don't post garbage. :)
@TinyGiant Wow, is that question really not a dupe? I can't find one.
8:09 PM
@durron597: In my opinion, that's more NAA than VLQ.
@NisseEngström It's both.
Well, his tool does attempt to answer the question, sort of
So that gson question is now the #4 highest voted question on SO today
@durron597 I can find lots asking how to scrape dynamic content, to which the answer is use htmlunit, but none asking how to detect dynamic content.
@durron597 That's what happens when a new user asks a decent question and members of the community take it upon themselves to improve the question and draw attention to it.
Plus a good answer helps too.
@TinyGiant My answer isn't doing nearly as well as the question. It's gotten at least 4 upvotes since I posted my answer
@TinyGiant Yeah, me too. Kinda surprising
Though, dynamic pages have different dates on each check, so maybe it's just trivial
@cimmanon Are you out?
8:15 PM
@durron597 no, someone reopened it
the OP claims its "not a duplicate" because he is using a multidimensional array, and apparently 5 other people agreed
@cimmanon Oops, looks like I was one of them
Well, I've voted to close again
Lolz!!! Me too, vtc-ed again
8:17 PM
@TinyGiant I couldn't wait: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/300613/578411
Did not see your comment either, suppose I should look for that stuff
@cimmanon The user explained why it wasn't a dupe and I believed their reasoning
@rene Way to pimp the room :)
8:30 PM
@rene Edited a little + uv.
oh, was it that bad :(
@Sam OK, tnx
Nah, but I saw a few small things that could've done with a tidy up.
@JonClements Whenever you're around, could you possibly unlock this question?
So the late answers review queue is a good place for picking up helpful flags
8:42 PM
@Closey starting
@rene Don't get lost in the queue!
passed java audit
@JonClements Sorry I didn't mean to reopen it, just to remove the lock. Oh well, we can close it again.
Oh... didn't realise clearing the migration history did a reopen
passed c++ audit
8:49 PM
It isn't really POB as it was closed for before, but it would be best asked of the kernel maintainers responsible for putting that code in the source.
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
@rene Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@rene Your last completed review session ended 12 seconds ago and lasted 8 minutes and 11 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 12 seconds.
8:56 PM
What the f.... assertNotEquals is throwing an error for two doubles that are definitely not equal
I added an error message and it's stil lbreaking.
Fixed it for now by changing it to assertEquals with the correct value but... wtf.
The review queue dried up and I've got 12 CV's left. I can do downvotes as well.
Wait, there's only 27 posts in LQPRQ, now would be a good time to do some vlq flagging
I'm out ... need sleep..
Have a good sleep :)
Voted and commented
9:09 PM
@rene: Should sleep too, but... no sleep for the wicked. Goof
Good night. (Can't edit on my phone.)
You can if you switch to the desktop site.
But you can't use your desktop while you're driving drunk!
Anyway, night all.
Well, that would be a situation which would not allow you to do that.
good night
9:26 PM
@Sam Goodnight
Another day, another random shot in the dark answer that happens to fix their bug even though they didn't include enough info for anyone to reasonably solve it.
I hate that. Perfect proof of point that those users can go on asking their low quality help-vampire questions because they will get answers.
Well, the guy obviously had a syntax error in a SQL statement from the reported error and the code provided was inject vulnerable.
I told him to use a prepared statement and it fixed his bug.
Yesterday, the person didn't include their data structure's code in the question and I posted an answer saying "Ummm are your fields static?" Yes. Yes they were static. Of course every instance of your data structure had the same values.
> (This is more of a comment than an answer but I'm too young to comment so I had to post this as answer)
You only need 50 reputation to comment anywhere. Just answer a few questions, it should only take a day or two to get 5 upvotes. However, violating site guidelines because you don't have the reputation is not the greatest start. Check out the help center for more information. — durron597 7 secs ago
9:44 PM
You never have to post an answer. You can do numerous other things instead of posting an answer, like posting a real answer to a question that you can answer. And if you do that, you might even get upvoted. With 5 upvotes, as @durron597 stated, you would have enough reputation to comment. — Tiny Giant 12 secs ago
Hopefully he learns something. Doubt it. Anyway, you have your flag which is the main reason I linked it.
Fragged it.
@TinyGiant You're going to get Marshal before Steward in CVs?
I don't really touch the cvq much. I always run out of cv's when I do so I try to do it at the end of the day, but often forget. And I have been review banned for two weeks
@TinyGiant I thought Jon lifted your ban? Or was that someone else?
9:52 PM
No, I did get it back yesterday, but I haven't had access to the queues for a while
@TinyGiant ah
I still have yet to use closey, maybe I'll do that tonight before UTC midnight
10:11 PM
ok, so just to be sure, you guys arent going to vote to reopen this question, are you? :p
Q: Sass Multi-level Mixin

reanseihSo here's the thing, I can't get it working. Just started using SASS, and I have no idea what's wrong... Oh and, I'm using SASS instead of SCSS. =mixin($item, $content) &#$item &:hover &::after content: (": $content") +mixin(item, content) I also tried:...

Not me
@cimmanon I'm out of reviews anyways
Me too, now would be a good time for you to close a bunch of dupes :P
10:16 PM
@durron597 done :D
@cimmanon thanks
36 more flags till marshal
@TinyGiant clarified enough to close it as a duplicate? :p
Sure why not.
I new it must have been an obvious dupe the second I started editing.
10:29 PM
But questions should not be closed for the wrong reason. And duplicate is better.
Plus, there was a pretty crappy suggested edit for it in the queue, so I figured I would at least make it a decent edit.
It's from 6 months ago and still has under 100 views
what the heck
@durron597 I just upvoted it
@TinyGiant lol why
10:31 PM
I was looking at your post history for some reason, and it stood out to me so I visited it, saw no reason for it to be downvoted, and upvoted it
@TinyGiant It's downvoted because it's a duplicate
Just because it is a duplicate does not mean it deserves downvotes.
When I posted it, it very quickly leapt to +2 Q / +7 A
Then it got gold badge nuked and got 5 downvotes in the next 10 minutes
You can't account for stupid
10:33 PM
Plus it's a self answer so it looked like I was just posting a duplicate to rep farm, when in fact I just sucked at searching that day
Anyway, thanks for the rep :-P
I didn't see that it was a self-answer, but that still does not mean it should be downvoted.
BTW, it still doesn't explain why it got downvoted twice in the last couple days
You're welcome.
10:35 PM
@durron597 probably because you were a closer listed on an angry persons question.
I've had some of my old questions downvoted recently.
Possible fun tag to burninate:
It could be used if you were asking a specific question about a specific naming convention in relation to some code.
Whether any of those questions could possibly be useful... that's another story.
10:51 PM
Lol the OP just added a comment saying my answer was wrong and I just got an upvote after he did that
@TinyGiant At least now I can finally get the Disciplined badge
Hm. I didn't lose the 30 rep nor did I get the badge
I wonder when that will happen
Depending on the age of the post, you may never lose the rep. And badges update at random intervals.
@TinyGiant It was today
10:54 PM
Idk, you should lose it right away.
@TinyGiant closing a question asked by jon skeet? its already been closed once before by a mod as non-constructive (old close reason) :p
I didn't look at the asker, the question is asking for "the best name", and all of the answers start with something akin to "In my opinion", so its pob.
For some reason though, it does not hint that there is a close vote until I open the close dialog, only on that question though.
Jon Skeet does not want anyone seeing if he has close votes on his questions.
@TinyGiant I just lost it and the badge
11:01 PM
Tripple ping lol
11:12 PM
@durron597 I think that one will be hard to argue.
11:24 PM
@SmokeDetector rolled back
11:40 PM
@durron597Well.... there are a lot of pob questions in
@TinyGiant I'm out of CVs, I haven't voted on any of those.
Well, 18 minutes.
What tags should I spend the rest of my cvs on in the queue?
@Closey next 3 tags
11:44 PM
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@durron597 The next 3 tags are: 124, 82, 74
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