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I/mods can't read every single comment and make decisions
@JonClements The last few times I did it that way, the mods did read every comment
I forget which comment I flagged there, but I know that at least that particular one was obsolete.
Q: Java - Why don't my mice move correctly?

TraftonI am currently working on a program that shows the movements of a critter in a field. The critters are marked by a char (example: 'M' for mouse) and each have their own way of movement. The method that I am having trouble with is a method that should make my Mouse critter move. They should be...

what's next on the burn/re-tag list?
yow... :(
Ugh please don't make me take this to meta :-/
12:11 AM
nothing a mod can do there
sorry - that requires manually working I'm afraid
Well, we'll make a list of the real obnoxious crap that you can comb through and delete willy nilly
not my job...
If not, that's fine too
if you find something locked/etc... gimme the mod team a yell, otherwise, "not my job" :p
Will do
That's the only locked question in
and what's your intention to do if unlocked?
If you think it's worth keeping around, I would ask you to remove the source tag. Otherwise, being that it is 3 years old with the low views and votes I recommend deletion.
fine... I need to make it clear that as though as much fun as I have this room "I'm not your pet mod" - this goes to all
however, I've unlocked the Q, do so as a community as you wish
Oh yeah, I get that you don't want to be doing favours. And I would have flagged it, but you showed that you were interested in helping out so I suggested it for your review. You don't have to do anything that I recommend, and I will think just as highly of you (possibly more) if you say no to my recommendations.
12:23 AM
As long as when you say no I get a reason.
@JonClements I'm sorry if I've been treating you this way
@durron597 nah, you haven't
don't worry
I know that everything you do here is in the best interest of the community
Just because I say something is a good idea, does not mean that it is a good idea. I have a lot of bad ideas.
As a mod I might be sometimes able to facilitate that or just say "no - really bad idea"
This is still open for some odd reason
12:30 AM
@JonClements Looks like this user doesn't know how to delete their posts
@JonClements I'm glad. In most cases I have been pinging you if I'm not sure what to do or if, in my opinion, there's time pressure for some reason. I've been moderating more actively in recent months and there are still some situations I don't yet fully understand
I'm probably the most active mod in chat - no worries
So we're all on the same page then? Jon is not our pet mod. He should not be abused.
@JonClements Has Martijn massively curbed his Python chatroom activity after the election?
I've never been active in the Python room, but I assumed he was in there a lot
12:37 AM
@TinyGiant While this link my answer the question...
These are one after the other in the LQPRQ.
Must be one of shogs scripts.
12:40 AM
I know it's five years old but I cannot see that being a good answer even back then.
@TinyGiant It has 0 upvotes...
I notice you haven't been downvoting them
You can't downvote in the LQPRQ.
@TinyGiant you can open it in a new window
I'm going to go through the reviews afterwards, because I have only been getting answers from the same user for some reason.
12:42 AM
@TinyGiant Not even spam... claps
@TinyGiant I've been flagging all of these as VLQ ;)
Lolz, it's already in the LQPRQ I don't know what flagging it again will do.
I got my first (maybe fifth, can't quite remember) NAA flag on an accepted answer marked "helpful" the other day because it was literally just a link, no text or description at all. And there was a better answer with some text
Flagging means it will be marked "helpful" later ;)
Passed an audit.
Now to go back and downvote them all.
@TinyGiant Thanks for 2% of my marshal badge ;)
Your welcome. I flagged them all as VLQ as well. Gotta make that marshal badge...
12:53 AM
Did your flags get marked helpful? I clicked delete after I posted the links here so if you flagged it before I clicked, I believe it should mark it as helpful... but that might only be triage.
@TinyGiant they're all still pending.
Ok, so no dice on that then.
It's possible that someone else noticed how many of that user's posts are link only and VLQ flagged them themselves
It is possible.
All of those 9 posts got at least 3 VLQ flags, it should do something other than just pile on top of the other flags.
1:00 AM
My goodness that guy is crazy with his link posts... I just started having a quick look through his history and his got many more which I don't think are in your list above
Sleep time for me
Cya later Jon
Bye Jon :)
Tiny that guy has like 4500 answers as well...
I wonder how many more pages of link only answers he has.
Crazy how he got them all past the filters lol
Old answers
1:03 AM
Before the filters were in place.
Oh I see
I'm starting off from his oldest posts and working forwards. This guy is like a helpful flag gold mine
Yeah those ones I posted above were from only one or two pages of his answers
I've exhausted all my flags today already so can't flag anymore :(
Lolz, bookmark it
1:05 AM
Lol good idea
I bet you if you flag each of that users link-only questions you'll get a marshall badge before you reach 1000 rep
You're probably right xD
He'll literally exhaust all my flags for the next few weeks
If only we could run a query that shows any posts where the link text takes up more space than the body text
You could with SEDE if, you're an SQL wizard.
Hmm that could be an interesting experiment someday
Or posting an SQL question on SO about how to write a query to find other SO users who are breaking the rules. I wonder what sort of responses that would get.
A: Symbol in PHP I've never come across before

SarfrazIt is used for passing values by reference rather than by value which is default in php.

1:08 AM
Or how many downvotes it would get xD
@Calcolat Or upvotes
Possibly. I was more expecting all the guys writing the one line or one url answers to come in and go down down down.
I think, if it was well formulated, it would be well recieved.
Omg though... 13 upvotes for that link only answer?
1:10 AM
@durron597 Your flag will get declined on that one
@TinyGiant I know, I'm not going to flag it.
It actually does attempt to answer the question. Without the link markup it is still an attempt.
Poor poor poor quality, but an answer nonetheless
The one under his is really good.
I upvoted that one
1:11 AM
The question is good too, guys.
Good point. I just upvoted it.
It was that +13 on a link only answer that got me. All I saw was that and nothing else.
@durron597 Anything?
@TinyGiant Sorted by what?
@TinyGiant One deleted answer so far
1:20 AM
@TinyGiant It's on top for me...
I see no reason for it to be on the bottom, every time I refresh it is on the bottom...
A: Self-accepted answer vs non-accepted answers with same vote count: not ordered randomly on some browsers

sthNormally accepted answers are shown on top. If the question asker accepts his own answer, this doesn't apply. Such an answer doesn't get pushed to the top. It is sorted just the same way as if it wouldn't be accepted, which is randomly among those answers with the same score. This is not a bug b...

Thanks, I thought I was going mad
@cimmanon Boom
1:29 AM
that was fast >.>
Lol, I down voted then tried to cv, then it was gone.
"i have this code and i think i will ask how to make it do stuff rather than do some research on my own to see how to make it work"
That's pretty much that post
haughty and unnecessarily curt without providing the "why?" says man with 67 pts to SO God with 43k — Emile Aug 22 '10 at 7:31
After what I've seen of that guys posts I wouldn't call him an "SO God"
1:35 AM
90% are low quality, and the other 10% are very low quality.
is there a comment that is missing that was a reply to?
Yes, I would imagine so. It doesn't make much sense now.
^^^ Horrible
you think that one is bad? i use a web framework written by this guy, and a lot of his answers are just links to the documentation (said docs almost never contain examples)
A: Extending command line options with Haskell Snap

mightybyteCheck out snap-server's Config module. Specifically, extendedCommandLineConfig.

1:42 AM
That one might need delete votes eventually
Because of the damn check mark
@TinyGiant Only if it gets an answer
oops wrong one.
That one
There, I've flagged 25 of that users answers.
1:43 AM
Well it's at -3 now so once it gets closed @cimmanon can delete it right now
Awesome, that would be great
@TinyGiant well, one vote anyway
If all of the flags I put against those link only answers get marked helpful, I will only need 43 more to get marshal
2:03 AM
Voted, and commented.
@durron597 It's closed noe cc @cimmanon
I need better phrasing for "Please read that link"
Possibly "Please actually read the preceding link"
@durron597 what am i deleting?
@TinyGiant voted, but i cant delete that one all by myself though :p
Oh, why not?
2:16 AM
because it takes multiple people to vote delete i guess
@TinyGiant Either that or a flag ban
At what point does one delete vote kill a question
not sure, i dont vote delete too often
@KevinBrown I don't think I will. They are all VLQ flags and all of the answers are link-only
Sure they are all from the same user but they are all VLQ
2:19 AM
Awwe, I didn't think about the serial voting script though.... I down-voted all of those low quality posts....
This question is still open even though it doesn't have an MCVE and is unclear...
@TinyGiant wtf at the selected tags
Lolz, hilarious tag usage
more wtf at the answers its gathered. love the one with the 50% padding
Yeah I thought that was hilarious, it will center the element... if its one pixel wide.
2:24 AM
> You voted to close this question 7 hours ago
@TinyGiant never, it's always minimum three. except mods
for extra hilarity, check the edit history
@TinyGiant Kinda useful, as long as the link doesn't die (the link, not the answer)
Yeah, that is a useful link, for newbies anyway
3:05 AM
Awwe nuts, the serial voting script ran. I was hoping some of those posts would make it through the LQPRQ before it ran.
Which sucks, because all of those posts were VLQ, so the downvotes were correct. They just all happened to be from the same user.
@TinyGiant I have del-vote it
That also needs delete votes
F*ck, got flag banned
3:10 AM
For what?
For this, this I guess
I got another decline flag to get a question to be migrated to webapps: stackoverflow.com/questions/31644682/…
Arguably, that doesn't fit any 4 point in the help center - it's not a software tool commonly used by programmer
What did you flag the first two as?
I don't flag as much as before, so I'm more vulnerable to flag ban
Well... both are answers and the second, while it contains no explanation and may be wrong, it doesn't have any severe formatting or content problems.
And that regex question is basically just a regex question, which is on-topic.
3:17 AM
The first one is extremely vague as an answer, and the crux of the answer is in the link
"Create an URL object from the String." Is, technically, an attempt to answer the question
@nhahtdh Wanna delete some source code questions?
@durron597 OK
@TinyGiant Well, that's the way stuffs work here
Though if people keep allowing such answers to stick around, the site will be filled with garbage
I understand that the rule is so lax to lower false negative deletion, but it's going to let more trash in this way
@nhahtdh 1 2 3 4 5
bah - had to reboot into windows to play a game I like
what've I missed?
3:22 AM
I know, I know. But, it is not the moderator's responsibility to judge the technical accuracy of a post. I would have down-voted, and possibly solicited down-votes. You have delete vote privileges, so if you could get the answer to -3 then you could del-vote it. But, there isn't much else that you can, currently, do about it.
@JonClements We found an almost 200k user who has a very bad habit of posting link only answers.
@TinyGiant Like I have time to solicit other people to down vote
I did, but the effect is less than effective
Exactly. Possibly something needs to change, but I'm not sure what.
@JonClements What is your other OS?
3:24 AM
ah... a fan of Linux Mint actually
@durron597 Out of vote. Spent 20 on LQ queue
@nhahtdh ok thanks anyway
@JonClements Yeah, I flagged 25 such answers from the same user. stackoverflow.com/users/139459/sarfraz
@JonClements I'm a fedora fan myself. I use debian when I want some semblance of stability.
You can see the answers I flagged of his here for some examples. Some of them are horrible
3:27 AM
@SmokeDetector why?
@TinyGiant Body - Position 46-60: service number
error happened!
0: Could not retrieve data of message 24813802. Do you have an active internet connection?
@TinyGiant I'm not on duty as it were... just woke up...
I thought you were playing a game?
So, you're not on duty, you're playing call of duty? lol
3:29 AM
Anyways, yeah I just thought I'd let you know.
was playing some MTG - won 10/12 which is good against blue deck :)
Magic The Gathering?
so how does that even work online
I never understood that. Do you buy singles the same way you do print cards?
My brother plays that. He tried teaching me a while back, but I couldn't get into it.
3:31 AM
I played with print cards years ago
oh you get set cards, then you can buy more blah blah blah
I couldn't even figure out pokemon when that was big.
Can you trade electronic cards for print cards somehow?
no idea
3:56 AM
@nhahtdh apparently now if an answer attempts to answer any question then it is an answer, even if it does not attempt to answer the question that it is posted on. meta.stackoverflow.com/a/286270/4639281
As long as, apparently, it proposes to answer a question that would be on-topic for Stack Overflow
So then, what about answers to questions that are off-topic for Stack Overflow? Shouldn't those then be Not an Answer?
Anyways, I'm out for the night. Have a good night :)
4:24 AM
@TinyGiant After 4-5 months, I want to reverse my vote on that meta answer
Answer needs to address the problem in the question (problem here includes X-Y problem)
That's my opinion as well. But if you look at the flag title literally... If it is an answer then the flag is inappropriate. So really, it should be used for questions posted as an answer to a similar question, or similar literal non-answers.
The current advice is to use an other flag.
For example: this is not an answer because it is a question.
4:40 AM
Oh, you're not even in here cc@nhahtdh
5:08 AM
@TinyGiant Pinging is enough to get my attention
I didn't realize that you weren't in here until after I ranted.
Doesn't really matter, it's normal to ping other people when you want to discuss something after that person has left
I don't stay in this room (or most of the rooms on SO)
@TinyGiant Mods are really fickle with their handling, so unless it's a serious problem, I no longer flag them
The problem I see is that not enough people are reviewing the LQPRQ. If that posts in that queue didn't last longer than a day, then the flags wouldn't have to be seen by mods.
Either we need more people reviewing knowledgeably, or we need the threshold to be raised for the amount of time posts sit in the queue before being seen by a mod.
@TinyGiant That queue is the easiest to handle. I almost always robo my review, alternating between Delete and Skip
5:18 AM
Yeah, but we don't have enough votes to get through what is flagged as VLQ in a day.
So to make an addendum to my previous assertion, we could also just get more votes.
Interesting side note, search google for "What is not an answer" and see what comes up. Some interesting topics there.
12:20 PM
is this question close worthy (asking 2 different questions) or is it just a shitty question? stackoverflow.com/questions/31761613/…
@cimmanon shitty question does match, not sure if closing is right... maybe if there is a dupe...
2 hours later…
1:59 PM
came across this one via late answers, sounds opinionated to me: stackoverflow.com/questions/28646895/…
could count as "too broad", too
2:15 PM
I cv-ed as POB
1 hour later…
3:17 PM
@cimmanon How can a 23k answer to such a question, seriously...
What's yours?
Read only mode eh?
3:41 PM
@TinyGiant Yes.
Yeah I saw that.
@TinyGiant Now winding down.
4:25 PM
@durron597 the only one VLQ flag out of those 25 that was turned down is stackoverflow.com/a/1832113/4639281. But that probably should have been a custom flag, because if you actually look at the question you will see that the solution that was edited into the question erroneously is completely different from the accepted guess.
@TinyGiant I'm waiting for Flexo to confirm that it wasn't spam.
Same one.
Based on what research I did last night, it should have been custom flags.
What did you flag it as?
@TinyGiant vlq
I also finally have 3k on MSE, but there are no CVs to review ;)
5:00 PM
It doesn't really have severe formatting or content issues. It does attempt to answer a question no matter how vague the attempt may be.
@TinyGiant It has severe content issues
"check the property? read a link?"
It was disputed but not declined.
It is an attempt.
Probably should have been a comment but, meh
I didn't flag it as NAA
I flagged it as VLQ.
Yeah, i guess.
5:02 PM
It is an answer, I agree with rejecting an NAA flag on it.
I'm digging into the Gson source now
In fact, I'm like, really surprised the behavior is what it is.
@durron597 I wouldn't call it a really, really good question, "Gson seems to ignore the nested generic type declaration when serializing?" doesn't even really make sense as a question statement. It is just a statement with a question mark at the end.
"Why does it seem that Gson ignores the nested generic type declaration when serializing?*" would be better.
@TinyGiant Okay, it could use a some small grammar improvements
The spirit of the question is excellent.
Edited, voted.
@durron597 did you vtc this as too broad? stackoverflow.com/q/3342747/4639281
5:13 PM
@TinyGiant nope.
@TinyGiant Not sure I agree
I'm focusing on answering that Gson question right now
Probably POB would be a better firt
There I edited it to remove the salutation and off-site resource request.
5:32 PM
Figured it out, answered it:
A: Gson serializes runtime type in list, not specified compile-time type

durron597Gson's default CollectionTypeAdapterFactory wraps it's element type adapters in something called a TypeAdapterRuntimeTypeWrapper. When choosing the proper adapter, it uses the following priorities: // Order of preference for choosing type adapters // First preference: a type adapter registered f...

@TinyGiant Okay, I POB-ed it
It's not too broad though
Though probably if you changed it from "what is the best way" to "how do I do it", it's stops being POB.
Best way in php, css or jQuery? Thats pretty broad.
@durron597 Even if you did that, it is still too broad. They would need to pick specifically one of php, css or jquery. Not all of them.
@TinyGiant Yeah, you're convincing me
I think it's borderline too broad, he's only asking for one of the three ways
But there could potentially be many ways for each language.
@TinyGiant You got my close vote, what do you want from me lol
5:37 PM
Lol, just proving my point.
I'm drunk. Is there any statistical data available that correlates intoxication level to close vote review quality?
@NisseEngström I would say they don't correlate very strongly, because drunkness makes people want to close vote more often, which is probably the right thing to do anyway
Actually, I'll go one step further and say that when sober, you might actually feel some pity on people and might click "Leave Open" but you won't have that pity when drunk, so they negatively correlate.
@durron597: Excellent point!
5:44 PM
But those audits might get you easier.
@durron597 What is the causes harm reason?
@TinyGiant 1. That manual is obsolete (it's from 1995) and 2. has its own tag
pick your poison
I said both
5:47 PM
@durron597: No longer reviewable. Or am I missing some kind of humour?
@NisseEngström Tiny giant beat you to it
All I can do is downvote, sigh
This answer does not add anything new over existing answers. — durron597 12 secs ago
I put a VLQ flag down here, but it's borderline... stackoverflow.com/a/31764466/1768232
@durron597 Yeah.... it might be marked helpful, but it definitely is borderlin
@durron597 Spammed the flags
@durron597: Thanks. I need flags.
6:02 PM
@Sam flagged
@Sam I could have sworn I've read a questoin just like that one, moment
@Sam: Upvoted. No, wait...
Q: Interviewed for an internal promotion but manager already knew who he was giving it to

TerryI have been with my company 15 years, have received many awards and certifications in our field. I also began doing management training and filling in for previous managers in their time off. A new employee was hired and within 2 months became 'unofficial' team lead. This new person has very lit...

@NisseEngström You know you want to...
6:09 PM
That wasn't me, actually.
It's ok, we totally believe you.
@Sam: Yeah, right.
@SmokeDetector edited
@Sam lolz
@JackPattishall you accidentally posted your answer in the form of a comment. — Tiny Giant 10 mins ago
6:29 PM
Passed a triage audit
6:46 PM
@TinyGiant tl;dr
I voted, though.
I thought it was an audit lol
> This post isn't a programming question or problem. This isn't the place for this type of question.
I rewarded that guy's comment by upvoting two of his recent answers lol
(they were really good answers, btw)
6:58 PM
@Deduplicator Hi! Does this mean it's time to find some questions to delete
maybe. At least I have lots of votes.
I voted to delete it yesterday but it survived
7:04 PM
deleted by Sönor
@Deduplicator oh crud I must have used mine last night, I don't remember
I'm going to find some more though, but I'm editing as I look at them so it may be slow. @rene How many do you have today?
@durron597 10 or so ?
have not been very active deleting stuff today
@rene @Deduplicator 1 2 3 4 5
those 5 are handled by me
6 7 8 9 10
We should get Sonor in this chatroom. He deletes a ton of stuff.
@Deduplicator How many have you got left?
7:11 PM
@durron597 done
The second and fourth need one more person ^^^
@durron597: Shared some love.
@NisseEngström s/love/hate/
Watch, all of those questions get to like -6 by the end of the day lol
7:21 PM
I hate the new interface so much
couldn't you opt out for some time then`?
No, it went live
Nope, it didn't.
Oh, weird; okay well I've unchecked the box.
I actually love the new nav
7:25 PM
I must have misread this:
Q: Improving our navigation, the next iteration

SklivvzIt's been another month for the new navigation team, and today we are releasing a new iteration. With this iteration we've accomplished most of what we set out to do initially: we've provided an easier way of navigating the site, exposing a few hidden features and making it possible to use what ...

> What's next?

Next we'll be focusing on

Polishing the current UI
Extending the new navigation to the mobile site
Extending the new navigation to anonymous users
Yeah, focus...
Then after all of that they're to make it live
I use precision searches and I want searching for a tag to just give me that tag.
@rene 6 to 8 refocusings
7:32 PM
Apparently, you can pass review audits while being intoxicated
Is it easier or harder to spot audits when you're wasted?
@TinyGiant: Not sure. I'm one of those (few?) people who get wobbly without losing any intellectual faculties. I do however have fat fingers (missing punctuation).
7:58 PM
If the question seems well-written and has zero votes, open it in a new tab. Not exactly rocket science.
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