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1:17 PM
@gunr2171 moin moin
@gunr2171 k, 2 reject, 1 approve
I'm going through that person's suggested edits, there are a lot that use inline code markup for non-code
@gunr2171 I'm looking at the approver (Karthik)...
latest approves by Karthik don't look bad, besides this one
So I have a couple of really old posts that got closed as duplicate that have pulled downvotes twice in the past two days. weird right?
I hope this is the right place for this question (sorry if not): Could someone tell me why my last edit of stackoverflow.com/q/31571490/1306877 was not enough to reopen it? Is it really still off-topic? There were at least 3 reopen votes two days ago but these are gone now (?) ...
1:25 PM
@durron597 I swear I have nothing to do with it!
@tlo What does the close reason say?
@tlo from first glance, it sounds like you are asking for a tool or method. And if not, it's too broad
closed as off-topic
@tlo after that
I first asked for a library, but I reworded the question completely
@durron597 there is nothing else
1:27 PM
@tlo So now instead of a library, you're asking for any way at all to do a task, is that correct?
@durron597: yes
@tlo So we have a different close reason: too broad
> There are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for this format. Please add details to narrow down the answer set or to isolate an issue that can be answered in a few paragraphs.
@durron597 devil's advocate:
2 days ago, by cimmanon
@gunr2171 yeah, but i dont think its too broad. "how can i make libraryA work with libraryB" isnt too broad.
@tlo Usually if a question changes from one close reason to a different close reason, we don't take the time to switch the close reason around.
1:29 PM
@durron597 I see. ok, I think I got it. Thanks
@tlo If you disagree with the fact that you are 1. Still asking for an off site tool and 2. Asking a very broad question, then you can edit it further
@tlo In my opinion, you are still doing both. That doesn't mean your question can't get reopened.
@tlo one way to think about it is to think about the sort of answers you might get, in a perfect world.
> There are too many ways to approach this problem. The answers would just turn into a straw-poll for which one people liked. The best thing is to do some research on the topic yourself, find two or three, analyze them, determine if they work for you or not, and try them out. Come to use when you have a specific question about something you have attempted to do.
Imagine the "exactly perfect omg this is exactly what I was looking for" answer
@tlo If these answers are basically just a link or a list of links... your question is probably a tool or resource request.
If these answers are really, really long, or if 10 different people might provide 10 different answers, then it's too broad.
We want questions that have 1. definitive answers 2. answers that can fit into just a couple of paragraphs at most.
I see. I did quite a lot of research and there is basically nothing in the Haskell world. My thought was that some people already implemented this on their own and could point me in some directions... I'll think about how to improve this questions. Thanks to all!
and not opinions but answers based on hard facts.
1:33 PM
@NathanOliver Yes, this too
@tlo Sure! That is a good idea for your situation... but it is not a good fit for Stack Overflow
That doesn't mean your question is poor... it isn't! But it doesn't fit the Stack Exchange model.
@tlo In fact, coming to a chat room is often the best thing to do with good questions that are not good fits for the main site.
@tlo You might want to go here if you just want a discussion/suggestions.

Haskell :: Room

Haskell, the purely functional programming language.
OK, so would it be better to ask more specific questions, maybe questions that would occur while implementing this thing?
the more specific the better (usually)
@tlo Yes, exactly!
@tlo I assume you've read this already‌​?
@tlo that thread I just linked seems to suggest that the library doesn't yet exist.
1:38 PM
should this be closed?
Q: Difference between passing arrays to function and declaring array inside main?

JEEZSUSCRIZEI'm just learning C++ after finishing python.. My question is, what is the difference between the code below? Which is the best structure between the two? Please, elaborate what it uses because i am really stuck. Thank you. #include <iostream> using namespace std; void printArray(int theArray...

@gunr2171 Yes, you are right. I took the time to edit some of the posts where he rejected...
seams like to broad/RTFM
@durron597 yes I did, but that is a little bit too vague for me as a beginner/medium experienced haskell programmer
@durron597 yes, I think so
@gunr2171 Dangit I was in the middle of my own edit.
ah, sorry :(
I missed the code blocks
@NathanOliver I mean, it might be "why doesn't this work" or "too broad", but I'm not sure. Not going to vote.
1:42 PM
same here. I'll give it some time
@gunr2171 You also left fluff and opinion based language and didn't improve the title. Derp :-p
@NathanOliver Anyway, no, I don't think it should be closed, obviously. Except perhaps as duplicate which I don't feel like looking for right now.
@durron597 I don't re-write people's words unless I know what I'm doing
@gunr2171 Fair, though I was mostly referring to you leaving " Please, elaborate what it uses because I am really stuck."
oh, drats. Yeah, should have removed that.
@gunr2171 It's fine, your edit was certainly an improvement, I was mostly groaning about the fact there's no decent edit merge system on SO.
So I had to start over. Not your fault LDO
1:47 PM
Do what I do: copy all your text, refresh the page, paste and continue
@gunr2171 I usually do that unless I've edited the title, and then I just groan
meh, you can't win them all
quick, write up an angry meta rant!
@gunr2171 So it can get closed as duplicate? :-P
side question: can you delete vote a question before it's closed?
@gunr2171 nope.
1:50 PM
ok, just wondering. thanks
Delete votes get removed if a question is reopened
Q: Where did that recursion question go?

MichaelTThat recursion question «Is recursion not something programmers know?» (10k link, img) suddenly disappeared. Why and what happened to it?!

going afk
So. Who wants to burninate ?
2:06 PM
@durron597 We aren't quite done with , there's , still needs some love, dito, ... I think we are busy already.
@gunr2171 When you get back that guy has put in a lot of crap edits
can you see pending suggestions for a user?
@NathanOliver I don't think so, but I know @gunr2171 monitors suggested edits with a chatbot.
ah. it looks like they are trying to get the research assistant badge
2:26 PM
hey guys, if one of you gets a chance i was just wondering if you could please take a look at stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/8987235 and let me know what you think?
It got closed while I was editing it. So I edited some more to make it clearer and thought I did a good job. My edit was approved, but the first reopen vote was leave close.
Just wondering if I should fix up something else in it to get it re-opened?
@Deduplicator Well look at that. Hiding in plain sight I see.
@Calcolat It is not a great question but your edit is the best you could do to it...
@Calcolat I improved the edit and voted to reopen.
@rene well that was fast... it was closed before I could get there
2:34 PM
yeah, it needed one or two
Thanks to both of you for checking as well. I was just worried I was editing wrong when the vote was to close.
I'll go check your edits durron and see what you did.
@Calcolat I cast the last vote.
@durron597 Nice edits. I hadn't even thought of doing those.
@everyone just saw 4 of you voted to reopen... thanks for that
At least I know I'm not editing them all wrong haha
I put in for the reopen. one more left
Yeah... you, Deduplicator, rene and durron597 all voted
Btw is there any rules with answering questions you've edited/voted to re-open? After reading his code and editing it I'm pretty sure I know what the issue is. Is it okay for me to attempt an answer?
2:41 PM
@Calcolat Of course it's okay!
@durron597 Sweet I might go have an attempt at it then
Does anyone know why this question is still open? I know it had 4 close votes on it on July 24, but now it has just 2. It's been edited to remove the source-code tag, but other than that it's in its original state. Both the question and the single answer are unclear. stackoverflow.com/questions/19342452/…
@Mogsdad Votes fade away, as you know, looks like it didn't get enough in time. It just needs one more
And once it lost the tag, it evaded the cleanup-crew.
Needs one more close-vote and two downvotes (to -3), and I will put in a del-vote.
2:46 PM
closed now
Cool, one less stinker.
@Deduplicator I don't think it's delete worthy. Close worthy sure
It's narrow enough and the request is pretty specific.
well, ok, I'll leave it. There's more than enough which belongs deleted.
@durron597 Oh nice badges. That Illuminator one looks hard. Only 34 people have it. And amazing what a good edit does. First he got 4 ??? comments. After everyone's edit his got several answers in the last 5 mins.
Yet Kampai still voted to keep that one closed O.o
@Calcolat It happens.
@Calcolat I'm working on illuminator (I have the silver version) but I don't even have 600 answers total
2:58 PM
@Deduplicator I put in a close flag for you but not sure if my flags help you guys
I'm at 88/500. The silver one is at 50.
You've got 500+ answers though so you met one of the 2 milestones xD
And that's still impressive.
@Calcolat None of those answers count though, because both editing and answering have to be within the same 12 hours.
@TylerH You don't have refiner?
Oh unlucky
I'm still at 35/50 (320 answers), I've given up on working towards refiner
3:02 PM
@KevinBrown Why? Nearly every question could use at least a little editing
I edit every single question I answer these days.
@durron597 I answer questions in low-view tags, so the most difficult part is that single upvote
You'll end up with Illuminator sooner or later at your pace
@Calcolat It took me years to even have 500 answers of any sort, lol
@KevinBrown I hear that
Oh lol I didn't realise that
Honestly I don't think I'll get it because I'll probably stop answering questions for the most part once I get 20k rep.
heck i'll probably take another huge break from answering questions once I get my java gold badge
3:06 PM
Sweet effort. 940 in Java. Now that one you're close to.
@Calcolat Yea
@Calcolat Well, atm the only tag-badges worth anything are the gold ones...
Mjölnir is nice.
@durron597 that's the 50 one right?
I only have 37 or so I think
Yeah I heard you guys get instant dupe powers. That would be cool.
And that gold circle next to peoples names looks really cool as well.
Oh, I only have 30
I'm not trying to get it though, even now that it's a thing
3:30 PM
@TylerH Yeah
is this question on topic:
Q: How to modify the TI SensorTag CC2650 Firmware to speed up data transfer?

Andy MoroniI'd like to modify the SensorTag Software from TI for the CC2650STK kit, so that it speeds up the reading and also the transmission of the sensor values. Do I need to modify only the Sensor Software (CCS BLE Sensor stack from TI) or also the android app? I'd principally need only one temperature,...

rene has added an event to this room's schedule.
rene has added an event to this room's schedule.
rene has added an event to this room's schedule.
rene has added an event to this room's schedule.
rene has added an event to this room's schedule.
rene has removed an event from this room's schedule.
rene has added an event to this room's schedule.
rene has added an event to this room's schedule.
rene has added an event to this room's schedule.
rene has added an event to this room's schedule.
rene has added an event to this room's schedule.
Almost sounds a little off-topic but I'm not sure
3:38 PM
@NathanOliver too broad/unclear
@NathanOliver left some comments but didn't vote ... yet
@rene Thanks for that.
@SmokeDetector Poor question, poor answer
@Calcolat Flags keep it in the CV-queue longer, with higher priority. And if it would have been closed timely either way, at least you get a helpful flag out of it.
@KevinBrown VTCed question, NAA flagged answer
@Deduplicator It doesn't actually give it higher priority, but it resets CV aging IIRC
A: Does flagging an already-flagged question for closure affect its status in the Close Vote queue?

Shog9The system does recognize that there are multiple flags. However, this doesn't affect the question's priority in the queue; flags carry no weight when it comes to closure - no number of close flags will directly cause a post to be closed, nor will new flags "bump" a question in the queue. Addit...

@SmokeDetector Well at least we can kill two birds on that one. Good job smokey
3:56 PM
@durron597 eyyyy one of my questions
I'm SOCVR famous!
@TylerH Too bad I can't upvote you again ;)
@durron597: I gave him an upvote, thanks to your message.
4:16 PM
@durron597 Wel, I forgot the first time around, so doing it now.
@Deduplicator +5 meta rep for Tyler!
for some reason that joke never gets old for me
@durron597 Had only five left, so only some done.
@Deduplicator kk
@rene ty
I had to skip over a lot of crap questions because of the two day threshold. Tomorrow should be good.
4:36 PM
@Kyll I have a question for you to answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/31729361/…
4:47 PM
@TinyGiant One closed, the other self-deleted
What is the close reason for questions?
5:03 PM
@TinyGiant Custom
That's what I use
evening all
5:07 PM
Hello :)
@JonClements good afternoon
Thought I'd pop by at 6pm instead of 5 am ;)
That's dedication being on the site at 5am.
@NathanOliver If you've been up all night or if you're just getting up?
@durron597 Both. I can think of a couple of other things to do at 5 am after being up all night.
@NathanOliver Celebrate coffee day?
Thanks a lot man. Will surely check it out. I should have researched the question on stack overflow. — Vikrant m 10 mins ago
He misspelled Stack Overflow.
@TinyGiant Staque Overfloe
Oh what did you thiink of my last FizzBuzz last night? Lol
5:21 PM
@TinyGiant Did I say 100? I meant 1000.
Lol, that's ok. I wrote a program to write the program for me.
@TinyGiant The program must be written in O(1) space
I forgot to mention that because it's almost never a problem.
Well that method will always use the same amount of space in memory.
@TinyGiant Your answer generating program uses conditional if's though.
But, the program which prints the fizzbuzz does not
5:26 PM
You only asked me for the one program, you did not specify that I had to write it.
Perfect plagiarism argument lol
Q: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

Peter TaylorI've been thinking for a while that this would be useful, and some recent discussions have strengthened that belief. There are a number of standard loopholes which experienced question-setters seek to explicitly close. However, inexperienced question-setters may unintentionally leave them open, ...

Hmmm... Yeah, I would have gotten there if I was really interested in solving the problem.
5:41 PM
@durron597 Asked 10 times already and David Weldon ( gold) answered already. Although not very well...
Oh gawd 13 points and I have edit privileges
Which is a shame because I wanted to have Marshal before going 2k
@durron597 that was the same link
@TinyGiant JonB's duplicate is a better one
@TinyGiant whoops
@TylerH No, that doesn't affect the placeholder text, just the text
5:50 PM
Q: How do I Insert and Retrieve an Image in SQL Database in Java swing Using Eclipse?

CodeHeadI am working on a Student Database Project . I want to make an option where user can upload his own image . I want to store every image , whenever user enters his profile giving his id and password the following page will show all the details of him/her including the picture he/she uploaded . I h...

@Kyll There were no answers when I linked it to you
@TylerH The answe anyways.
@durron597 It's anyway not a really good question, borderline too broad.
I said I wanted Marshall before going 2k, and suddenly upvotes on an old anwer
@TinyGiant He's got 2k rep
5:53 PM
@TinyGiant yes it does
though browser support varies
@Kyll that's the chat effect
similar to the meta effect
@TylerH Thanks for the edit
talk about being close to a rep level and you get upvotes
Talk about not wanting upvotes and you get even more upvotes
@Kyll Want us to downvote some questions to get you back under 2K?
@TylerH I'm close to 15000. Only 85 answer upvotes to go!
5:55 PM
@durron597 hehe
that would take a month
@NathanOliver Gotta do these edits reviews before!
@TylerH The answer to the question that I proposed as a duplicate better details all of the necessary vendor prefixes. The answer to the other proposed dupe does not detail any vendor prefixes or the actual placeholder selector. It only targets the input text itself. While some of the information is in the question, the answer does not provide the necessary information.
@TinyGiant the one you linked doesn't even deal with the same property. Jon's does, and does it the spec way.
First review, first rejection, first win! stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/8989649
5:57 PM
shorter, more relevant > less relevant, detailed
@TylerH The selectors are what matters, the property's don't change from the OP's code, it is just the selectors that are the issue.
The answer in the other dupe does not even mention the placeholder selectors.
All it talks about is the font size of the input element, which does not affect the placeholder
Question: If I see an edit which improves a bad off-topic question, how should I review it?
@TinyGiant it does affect the placeholder text
have you tried a demo?
5:59 PM
Ok, but the OP of this question is specifically asking about the placeholder text, not the regular text.
"What happens is that Meteor will wrap all files in a closure." How could I write that. It's not inside a closure but inside an IIFE. How could I get 9 upvotes for that o_o
@Kyll It is funny that you got that. A couple months ago I had a review of a user also named joker that was doing a lot of pointless edits. wound up getting himself edit banned.
The question can be boiled down to "How do I style just the placeholder text" the property is irrelevant.
@NathanOliver Might want to see more about this user then
@Kyll already did when I saw the name. I don't think this is the same one.
@Kyll 1500 rep with 5 gold badges. obviously.
Woaaaaah I can now see edits that were suggested?
Being 2k is awesome!
@durron597 Urgh. Look at the 14k answer.
@Kyll Maybe this will inspire you to get 3k now.
@Kyll congrats on 2k!
access to some review queues as well now :)
@JonClements Thanks! Already going through them
6:07 PM
Had a feeling you wouldn't resist for long... like a puppy and a puddle
Pizza time, I'll be back in a bit.
LQP... H&I... Edits. That's 60 reviews to do each day now!
It's great, I liked doing reviews but hated Triage
3k then you can get the cv queue
and then 5k the suggested tag wiki edits queue
and then in the 10k tools, recent posts that have received delete votes :)
All of that is worth nothing against the 100k swagness
Rep away! :p
6:11 PM
For now, lasagnas of my aunt. AFK!
You made a Lasagna out of your Aunt? Your family cannibals or something? :p
to pin that or not to pin that, that's the question...
done being afk
It will take me so, so long to get 100k, if I ever do.
@JonClements suggested tag wikis just get feed into the suggested edit queue. they count against the 20 review limit for suggestions.
@Kyll what's wrong with that answer?
6:13 PM
20k seems so brutal and unattainable and I'm already more than 2/3 of the way there
Nah, it is easy...
@NathanOliver oh - so they do... shame they count towards the 20... mind you - they're so far and between anyway
@JonClements lately I get about 5 per day
Most of the time when I see a tag wiki edit I think "oh cool, another tag to burn"
today I burned
And like four other tags that had one post each
@durron597 with your luck one question will be asked today that is in fact vs2015-specific
how many questions did it have?
6:15 PM
@TylerH There's a real tag
@TylerH 4
ahhh bet me to it.
Wow, I just noticed I have exactly 2500 CV reviews.
Such a round number - you should stop there - but bet you can't :)
you need to get to 10k, come one, step it up! :)
6:18 PM
I am slowly making my way to 10k
@JonClements I like to 10k snipe
I'm making my way.
@NathanOliver do you write your comments by hand or auto-insert them?
I am using the auto comments
ok, same. just checking (it's the best)
6:21 PM
Q: Remove [coprocessor] tag

HolgerThe coprocessor tag has only seven questions, not even being related as they mean different things with the term “coprocessor” and there is no tag wiki describing an intended use. So we can’t even say that some of these questions are using the tag wrongly…

^^^ looks like an easy one guys
Yep. That was a custom one I came up with. Posted the source to:
A: How to explain "edit your question instead of adding to comments" to a user?

NathanOliverI have an auto comment setup that says: Please [**edit**] your question with an [mcve] or [SSCCE (Short, Self Contained, Correct Example)](http://sscce.org) Which gets rendered as: Please edit your question with an Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example or SSCCE (Short, Self Contained,...

an -> a
@JonClements Do you know if the staff has made changes to chat in the past week?
@NathanOliver pastebin.com/e1nkn82X that's mine, if you want to steal any
I've not noticed anything or been made aware of anything? Why do you ask @TylerH?
6:24 PM
Oh, I was trying to move a Feeds message to the trash in another room but couldn't, when I had before.
It seems that RSS Feed messages are handled differently from Room Action messages
even though they're both posted by "Feeds"
(I can trash the former, but not the latter)
@NathanOliver I always use [edit] when asking people for more information.
@TylerH I have seen @nicael test cause problems with feeds so maybe that got fixed
@gunr2171 Thanks for the source. I'm going to go through them
hum, that actually seems to be an old version, let me get a newer version
@Closey status
SOCVR ChatBot version, running for 2 days, 3 hours, 2 minutes and 7 seconds.
6:29 PM
17 minute burnination lol
@NathanOliver, well the "up to date" version is here, but it looks like my IP address might have changed...
er...ignore that, works fine
@gunr2171 Will that link work in the format that it is in or do I need to parse it into the format like you have in your pastebin link.
@NathanOliver it's in jsonp format, so you can use that as a "remote" url in the auto comments
mind you, that will overwrite what you currently have if you do that
Okay. I think I am just going to sort through them and see what I like. Thank you.
6:48 PM
@gunr2171 @sam can you check how the login for Closey is working since the new login went live? Anna noticed some weirdness with Smokey: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/3770177#3770177 basically it shouldn't do a lot of attempts to login, if you want to keep Anna happy, that is....
hum, don't know
I mean, it should only log in when it starts and if it needs to run something from SEDE
This question already has 3 reopen votes, even though it still does not contain a complete mcve, and look at that wonderful answer from a 32.5k user. In the same fashion, no code in the answer but two jsfiddle links. It has two upvotes and an accept mark, so that it can stick around and show other users exactly why they can ask questions like that.
A whole 35 rep for a bad answer to a bad question, looks like I'm on the wrong side of things if I want to get to 32.5k
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 1 min ago, by Anna Lear
point being, now chat.se uses the same auth session as chat.meta - it's all running off of the same cookie that gets you logged into *.stackexchange.com sites.
6:53 PM
we are good
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 37 secs ago, by Anna Lear
@rene nothing for stackexchange there and very low counts (highest is 3) for stackoverflow
@TinyGiant guess which category you are and which one the 32.5k user is.
I remember that lol
Where do flowers go?
6:56 PM
they go in the anomaly group
they go in the ground
Or, to flower heaven
they are with the vampires as they get tossed on caskets and vampires live in caskets.
Some flowers kill vampires, if garlic is a flower...
garlic has a flower. I have never heard if that works on vampires. Lets find the twilight cast and give it a try ;)

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