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12:27 AM
@durron597 boom
1:16 AM
@durron597 there seems to be one last post open: stackoverflow.com/questions/31600409/…
@Shog9 - Today, I was not not allowed to ask a question. The system told me that. Some time in the future, I will be able to ask a question again. I'd like the system to notify me when the time comes. If I get banned again and attempt to ask a question, then rinse, lather, repeat... Its really not as difficult as you are making it sound. — jww 3 mins ago
Someone doesn't know who they're being pissy with
then again, I don't think jww is a bad user
21.1k, and I think he ran for moderator (don't quote me on that)
(never mind about the moderator, was thinking of something else I guess)
The name seems familiar - not sure why either though
common name?
or at least it's only 3 letters, might be a different series i'm confused with
@TinyGiant I did edit the question there to be a feature request, not a support question
but the comments are borderline "pissy"
@codeMagic - this question is marked with support, and not a feature request. I assume I am doing something incorrectly because I can't set up the notification. But it could well be a feature request. In either case, the comment stands: learn to use the site correctly. Its really too bad the assholes that use the site incorrectly are not banned....... — jww 5 mins ago
(yeah, I guess that's a word)
1:26 AM
The comments show the OP is not seeking input from the community. He's being borderline belligerent.
yeah, I'm going to start flagging a few of those
" I assume I am doing something incorrectly " yes, asking too many questions in a short period of time. The feature request would be to set up a notification when this period ends (which most likely wouldn't be received well). " learn to use the site correctly. Its really too bad the assholes that use the site incorrectly are not banned......." agreed but, with that kind of comment, we probably wouldn't get to have this conversation :) — codeMagic 1 min ago
yesterday, by durron597
@Deduplicator http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31600409/how-to-format-code-of-a-project-in-a‌​tom-editor
@JonClements Is there a way to get the "let us automatically move this discussion to chat" link to appear before it appears on it's own?
1:35 AM
@JonClements Oh good I only needed to do one more gibberish comment.
@durron597 Spam it! :P
3:12 AM
@TinyGiant I've VTCed all of those
@durron597 Done, thanks
3:21 AM
Wow... that looks good fun... lemme try
@durron597 Done
@JonClements Done :P
@durron597 brews coffee for @durron597
What?!?!!? Smokey listens in here now?
3:25 AM
@TinyGiant licks ice cream cone
@TinyGiant ty!
That is one lick-crazy dog
@JonClements np :)
3:31 AM
Wait just a freaking minute.
* freezes
We've put all this effort into fixing but there's almost 2000 questions in ???? AGGHHHHHHH
Just closed this one, first result...
@TinyGiant There are three questions tagged in the review queue
Can someone star my message that says AGGHHHHHH please
3:35 AM
Should we just do a synonym request instead of a new burnination request?
@TinyGiant I don't know. What do you think @JonClements
I kind of want to just finish and get some closure.
You're the tag gurus :)
@JonClements You're the one who approves or denies synonym requests.
Err - not solely me... there's the community and other mods...
Neither tag should be used again, so having one less to watch would be helpful. Whichever one that may be.
3:38 AM
Is source ever used in terms of "source" as the opposite to "sink" etc...
I guess you could use it for like <img src=""> source. But that is still ambiguous
Remind me to think about it later - it's nearly 5am and I should attempt to get a couple of hours sleep at some point
@JonClements Aint no rest for the wicked, till we close our eyes for good.
@durron597 done
3:42 AM
@TinyGiant ahh: "Life's a b?tch and then you die"? :p
^^^ That one
has 28000 questions, but isn't a tag (how do I get the debugger to do blah in eclipse) would be on topic
3:48 AM
@JonClements Processing
@JonClements Done :P
\o/ - thought it might be an invalid instruction and then I'd have @durron597 yelling at me for breaking you :p
Well, it is supposed to be followed by a reason and a target :P
3:51 AM
There me go
stackoverflow.com/q/31690931/4639281 user admits they've asked the same question before but the answers were not satisfactory. Should we close as dupe and educate the user on posting bounties?
So the answer they didn't get is the one they accepted... oooookay....
Lol, I was just wondering about that.
@durron597 Damn accept marks
3:58 AM
There should be a way to trigger the roomba on those, like -3 on an accepted answer cancels the accept marks (only for the roomba)
That one still needs some cv's
Deleted the answer and closed for that
Thanks :)
I'm creating a webpage, and I can't figure out how to make it dynamic... that's a bit broad.
@TinyGiant Wow, one I hadn't VTCed already has 4 votes now stackoverflow.com/questions/6654682/…
4:08 AM
@durron597 Boom,interesting that it got there of its own accord.
Why does dd have to be so god damn slow!?!?!?!one
@TinyGiant Not really, look at the first three closers ;)
@durron597 Ahh, makes sense. It looks like it was part of a cv request in here lol
4:09 AM
Oh - that dd... was trying to work out what in meant in context of the conversation/room :)
Lol, I'm dumping an old hard drive so I can wipe windows and install linux.
@durron597 Done
Got a new-old laptop so I can work on stuff at home while the wife is at work with the current laptop
@durron597 Not sure if this is too broad or not, your domain stackoverflow.com/q/2242055/4639281
4:17 AM
Snooze time - see ya later guys
Good night @Jon
@nhahtdh Damn accept mark. I wish users wouldn't post answers to no-repro questions
Q: This code doesn't work A: Yes it does. ACCEPTED!!!!
Q: Voting stats for "desperate accept" answers

gnatI am looking for voting statistics on the answers to questions that are: Quickly closed (within 1 hour after posting) Have single answer Aren't eligible for "roomba deletion" only because of having an accepted answer side note this excludes dupe-closed questions, as roomba ignores these I wou...

4:27 AM
^^^ Already upvoted that
@rene @gunr2171 @Deduplicator Okay I've put another 20 or so questions into the CV queue . You can find them all by scrolling up, or just by reviewing later.
@TinyGiant I've VTCed everything you've requested, including that java obfuscation one.
What ever happened to that meta post requesting numbers on voting statistics based on voter reputation?
Is there an external tool to deal with all these?
4:30 AM
IIRC, there was something like this with the previous close room, PHP probably?
@nhahtdh Something like what?
@TinyGiant is down to under 100 open questions.
@Andy We haven't forgotten about this request, it's just a bit slow. I'm working on it. — bluefeet ♦ Jul 24 at 16:05
@durron597 Wow, we've done a pretty good job so far.
Anyways, I'm heading out for the night. Hopefully I'll have this computer up and running by tomorrow so I can be on during the day helping out. :) Have a good night everyone :)
@durron597 They have a website to keep track of closure backlog in chatroom
4:32 AM
@TinyGiant I think it started with like 1600 questions. Down to 313 total, with just 82 open.

 Low Quality Posts HQ

Home of bots for catching low quality posts (and sometimes spa...
@TinyGiant Not that wall of text
@durron597 Awesome. I think we could handle source pretty quickly.
@nhahtdh We could really use help with delete votes on these crappy desperate accept questions. We need more of those more than anything else.
If only I had delete votes :)
4:34 AM
@durron597 Where is the list?
A perfect 50 :)
Okay, I'm going to bed too. Goodnight everyone, thanks @TinyGiant and @nhahtdh
@nhahtdh If you find one with value, just burn the tag and move on.
@durron597 Please ping me tomorrow for the deletion. Need to wait until the posts are eligible for deletion
Most posts are only closed recently.
4:42 AM
@nhahtdh if any are voted -3 or less you can insta-delete vote
Night everyone :)
5:07 AM
@NisseEngström You forgot tag:
in Low Quality Posts HQ on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 2 mins ago, by Zephyr
Close Vote Request for http://stackoverflow.com/q/10355707/ by Nisse Engström from SO Close Vote Reviewers
But it did propagate
Good to know
It didn't catch the reason though... odd
6:19 AM
voted on the cv-pls ^^^^^^ that were still open
sd tpu1- tpu2-
@rene I haven't posted enough messages after the latest reboot to execute all commands.
Oh but you didn't tell me you were rebooted, did you?
I assume these are tpu-ed in the tavern...
7:20 AM
left a comment
@rene, if you're around I was just wondering if you could please check this when you get a chance?
Q: Re-install alsa on ubuntu 14.04 LTS

spin0I made the mistake to uninstall PulseAudio because i get same conflict error between my OF's app and other audio apps. It seems a very bad idea and i get this error: ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1022:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave RtApiAlsa::getDeviceInfo:snd_pcm_open error for device (default...

I voted to close as off-topic and it was disputed. I'm confused because I thought that was clearly non-programming related?
@Calcolat yep, that is true, gave it an off-topic vote for super-user but askubuntu is better...
Oh cool thanks for clarifying. AskUbuntu didn't show in my migration list though. Maybe I should of just voted to close as normal off-topic rather than moving to super user?
Q: Flagging migration should include more options

ZeMoonI have encountered numerous questions in with the sprite-kit tag such as: Should I use sprite kit for a simple game like flappy bird or games that simpler? These questions do not belong on SO, but when I flag them and choose Other Reason -> Off-topic -> Other site, it shows only a limited numbe...

@Calcolat Yeah, I hardly ever use the migration list, only if I'm 100% sure it will fly there.
You'll find a few debates on meta and MSE about migrations.... specially about the ones that fail....
7:35 AM
Good point.
I can understand why they don't have an open-migration list based on that.
Even with that question, I wasn't exactly 100% sure if Super User or Ask Ub would have been best as I haven't really been on either of them.
That is the point for migrations. If you don't know the site, don't recommend it
I think I'll take your advice then and play it safe. Just vote close off-topic and only vote migrate if I'm 100% certain.
Or in my case, "flag close"
8:02 AM
downvoted and flagged to close
morning all
Hey Jon
8:08 AM
8:19 AM
8:35 AM
@Smokey you ruined the train...
8:50 AM
9:11 AM
Good evening
Would I put useless answers here as well? Doesn't fix the problem and is more of a comment. Flag was disputed -- stackoverflow.com/a/31693108/2930477
Oh... windows...I hate you when you force a shutdown while I'm in the middle of something....
@rene Yeah, that sucks. I had the same today, and usually I can click Postpone, but now that button was disabled now -_-
@misterManSam if you flagged it as NAA then a decline or dispute is guaranteed
A downvote is all you could have done there
@rene -- yeah I figured :) downvoted, flagged and then said: "yeah, that probably wont work"
never mind
@misterManSam you did read this post I assume? If not it contains a better explanation than I just gave...
@ProgramFOX I did hit postpone for 10 minutes, then needed to look something up .... and off it goes...
9:20 AM
@rene - Yeah, I thought of that when I flagged it ... I know technically it is an answer.
I have seen to much users be lost on those flags so I linked to it to be sure ;)
Fair enough -- spare a downvote? It'll make me feel better!
OP left a sympathy upvote which is so annoying
@misterManSam I can't really judge and as I don't want to be a down-vote mob unless it is for burinating or Roomba-ing a post I'll won't. Sorry.
@misterManSam brews coffee for @misterManSam
9:31 AM
Good idea
@ProgramFOX ... and notepad++ didn't save it's last state...
@rene Is that the second bad thing happening after the shutdown? Watch out for the third
I don't mind the third, I'm afraid for hitting ten...
10:17 AM
@SmokeDetector Why?
@Kyll Body - Position 10-14: Fuck
Ah yes. Didn't check the revisions.
@Kyll I had some back-and-forth comments with that OP...
What OS is that?
10:31 AM
@Kyll Kidding? Windows XP?
@rene Ah, right. Indeed.
It is not really an OS issue, it is an compiler issue
I have used Windows XP only in my early childhood
The VC2012 links to libraries that are not supported on XP.
10:43 AM
@rene oh just saw you submitted an edit about 10 seconds before I did xD
Is there anyway to take back an edit once you submit it?
@Calcolat No, there is not
Either someone rejects it or improves it...
there, done
Oh I see what you mean.
Thanks for the accept as well.
2 hours later…
12:32 PM
@SmokeDetector Why?
@Kyll Body - Position 5285-5296: Recovery.in
blockquote blockquote blockquote
ah, it's gone
(I tried to start a blockquote conversation =( )
12:37 PM
that was my comment: "blockquote blockquote, blockquote BLOCKQUOTE blockquote?"
The only thing it says is "Check for errors in the console"
@Kyll I would say it should have been a comment. not enough for a flag though
meh, maybe but not enough for me to take action on it. It's not causing any harm
agree that it should have been a comment, but it's borderline for me
Looking back at one of my previous Meta question I can know recognize people! https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/296838/should-this-specific-upvoted-question-asking-for-guidance-be-closed
@rene advised me to come around here (best advice evar), Deduplicator answered.
Jul 9 at 20:36, by durron597
@gunr2171 I'm also trying to pimp this chatroom every time I make an MSO post that's relevant
12:43 PM
Good idea, I'd never thought about coming here otherwise
You run into the usual suspects all the time...
well we are slowly gaining traction, which is good.
That is something I didn't manage on my own, so I thank you all for that.
no problem :)
I'm going to try to tell a bit about it too
12:47 PM
I'll be hanging out. Try and clean out the garbage.
Oh, by the way! There's yet another very borderline question I want to ask, which I know the correct technical answer for. This question has been asked multiple times in the past by other users, and has always been received with criticisms and closures.
This question is about whether a specific DB technology is suited for very high-speed applications such as video games, or anything that needs >50 updates a second
Do you have any advice on how to word properly this question to avoid POB and too broad?
Again, I know the answer and it is not disputable in any way.
Don't use a db...
1:03 PM
It's a bit special because it's a client-side full-RAM database
Maybe I'll ask on Meta
But serious: you could start with MySQL and a small example that shows that you nearly make 50 transaction a second. You can then ask what you should do to get more out of it (with some options you tried). Indicate that you're not required to use MySQL...
That could give you all kind of technical solutions
However, It feels more like a whiteboard question so you could read the help of programmers.se to see if and how it could fit there
Not exactly, let me rephrase
I want to know if a very specific technology can handle very quick loads of data, which is generally "too broad"
However, the answer to that question is that this technology, despite being full-RAM, serializes all its data and thus can not be used for such a purpose
I'm not being very clear.
No, but I think I see where you're heading
I think I will write down this question and post it on MSO, then ask for advices/help on making it better and perfectly on-topic
sure, post a link here and I'll see if I come up with better advice by then
1:25 PM
Aaand no repro too
also, good morning fellow white hats
Good afternoon @durron597
@Mogsdad Hey there should be a ton of stuff in the queue from my efforts last night
@durron597 voted
I'm going through my close vote record of the last day or two to see what's still open, there's a lot of stuff.
@Mogsdad done
1:32 PM
@durron597 er, why dba?
@KevinBrown where do you think it should go / stay?
@durron597 The trash It's more of a Docker question than a DB question
@KevinBrown shrug well it's not getting migrated now
You could probably remove postgres from the question without issue
@KevinBrown okay. I suppose I didn't understand it very well
1:41 PM
someone got attached to the comments left:
In fact, only 4 out of the last 500 comments you've left have been deleted by a moderator. — George Stocker ♦ 15 mins ago
Boom, both are gone
all done
@durron597 - all caught up, that was a nice pile in the queue. This is too hard on a phone in a moving vehicle, so I'm signing out til later.
@Mogsdad I thought I was the only one who did that. Thanks!
1:45 PM
god, I hope you weren't the one driving!
@gunr2171 no comment.
Though actually, I've never reviewed questions while driving, but I have sent chat messages and edited my own answers and replied to comments.
sorry officer, I stepped on the accelerator while I really should have clicked Close
Officer, what do you think about this one? Too broad or migrate?
@Kyll be hilarious if they said something like - "nah... I think that's more a resource request - it might be suitable on softrec though..."
1:52 PM
@JonClements Geeky officers are the best officers
@Kyll I would not have started with meta on that one. I would have just posted it, and if it got downvoted / closed so be it.
Heisenberg and Schrödinger get pulled over for speeding.
The cop asks Heisenberg "Do you know how fast you were going?"
Heisenberg replies, "No, but we know exactly where we are!"
The officer looks at him confused and says "you were going 108 miles per hour!"
Heisenberg throws his arms up and cries, "Great! Now we're lost!"
The officer looks over the car and asks Schrödinger if the two men have anything in the trunk.
"A cat," Schrödinger replies.
The cop opens the trunk and yells "Hey! This cat is dead."
I see George comment somewhat similar I did @Kyll
@durron597 Well, the question is really awful and I'm out of ideas on how to improve it. I think my answer is worth reading so I wanted a bit of help to get it into shape.
@rene As I replied to his comment, it's a bit of a mess. It's entangled with reactive programming, cursor observations, and to solve the bottleneck I used a completely different approach. The main issue was that the technology used is simply not fit for the purpose described.
Mmh, George did again make a good point. I should try to come with a repro of some sort, but which wouldn't need actual solving because it would be too complicated...
brb writing a repro
@Kyll don't get lost ... be careful...
2:07 PM
@Kyll I think the question is better than you think it is. It's a narrowly focused use case for one specific technology
@durron597 Still, I think it would be better with a repro. I'm going to try to orient the question to "Why is inserting into this database so much slower than in a native object"
Q: Is there a .NET/C# wrapper for SQLite?

ian93I'd sort of like to use SQLite from within C#.Net, but I can't seem to find an appropriate library. Is there one? An official one? Are there other ways to use SQLite than with a wrapper?

@rene wtf?
@durron597 Duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/26020/… ... The chain of off-topicness!
My point is, the questions can be fine
@SmokeDetector boom please
2:14 PM
@durron597 came up in a meta post...
@rene What I mean is, how did that even happen
dunno, don't care....
@TinyGiant I voted to close that last night
Yeah I know, that was when there was not enough code.
2:31 PM
@rene how many do you have left
let me check
@durron597 Killed. 14 left
about 8 I think
ok searching...
2:38 PM
Don't you hate it when you spend 30 minutes debugging an issue only to find you spelled a folder name wrong by 1 letter?
good news, I know more about c# ftp now
@gunr2171 Now you feel my pain when I was debugging something for a month and the cause was just a typo.
yeah, it's the worst
@Deduplicator getting 6 more now
@durron597 done
@gunr2171 That is one of the things I like about VS. if you click on a name it highlights the other matches in the source code.
2:42 PM
I'm out of del-votes
@NathanOliver yes, but my problem was the name of a folder on the file system
but yes, that is a great feature
Ah. That is a tough one.
@Deduplicator 9 10 11 12 13 14
Needs oe downvote for roomba: stackoverflow.com/q/28510462
@durron597 12 and 13 are undeletable due to duplicates
@Deduplicator FINE. Burned them.
@Deduplicator new 12 new 13
2:47 PM
@durron597 Done
So I haven't answered a question on the Mythology beta since May 18th.
I'm still 5th in rep on the site. I was in third on may 18th.
Was it maybe in the "jedi-lego" mythologic tag?
@Kyll Nope. Ancient greece, mostly. It's a little known fact that lego force wielders are also expert in ancient greece
Probably got something to do with the whole family drama
3:16 PM
@rene why delete? Seemed like a good place to mention the room.
Mehnah, the answer doesn't fit the question, seeing the comment under the answer from Ben
Yeah, but you could still devil's advocate it and say something about showing results from other sites may be confusing for new users... SOCVR!
Hmm, feels I have to force an answer on it... doesn't feel good...
But feel free to have a go with my snippet
3:53 PM
@NathanOliver Typo, "ctrl-shit-delete"
hilarious typo
@yeah. what is really wierd is when I went to go and edit it it was shift is the source
I did that :)
yep just saw
voted to close as well
@durron597 Nice. I really appreciate you guys taking this one on. I know it wasn't a small tag.
12 hours ago, by durron597
We've put all this effort into fixing but there's almost 2000 questions in ???? AGGHHHHHHH
That was in the coments
Eh. There's [source] too... even worse. — Mat May 2 at 7:05
@NathanOliver Lol I missed that comment.
Do you want to integrate into the burn or should a new burninate request be made?
4:04 PM
12 hours ago, by Tiny Giant
Should we just do a synonym request instead of a new burnination request?
Has anyone ever suggested a burnination tag that these burninated tags could be synonymed to?
Or would that not make sense?
A: Burnination: [beautifier] needs to be beautified

JasonMArcherCurrent Status beautifier - all 85 closed, any on-topic questions had the tag removed beautify - Burned, any off-topic questions moved to beautifier beautification - Burned, any off-topic questions moved to beautifier code-beautifier - Burned, any off-topic questions moved to beautifier

So the synonym to a common dump tag is a precedent, in this case because there were multiple tags. But, that doesn't really touch on one central for all burnination request tags. Then when users would try to use those tags in the future it would just go directly to that tag.
But that does support my question about synonyming source-code to source or vice versa
4:16 PM
@TinyGiant Oh, that's what you meant. Nah, that doesn't make sense, because different burnination efforts need different things
For example, in nearly every question needed deletion.
But that's not remotely the case in
Ok, but after the burnination effort has been completed, then just to stop the tag from being used in the future.
@TinyGiant Usually it's not a problem because you need 1500 rep to create a tag here.
And there's a popup box telling you that you're about to create a tag.
However, if it repeatedly becomes a problem, the tag can be blacklisted by the devs, e.g.
4:31 PM
@Deduplicator Why doesn't MSO have a migration path back to SO?
I haven't seen a good post that was accidently put on MSO
@gunr2171 True.
Not sure. But probably because there's a reason that user posted on meta instead
Like gunr said, it was miserable. Or the user is banned. Or both.
is now under 50 open questions!
Usually they end up on Meta SO because they are question banned on SO
4:34 PM
to bad question banned doesn't transfer over to MSO. I understand why but still to bad.
well, I cast the last delete-vote
@NathanOliver Maybe there should be an extra notification... or maybe it should disallow code blocks to qbanned users.
@durron597 I am not sure the notification would help as they are intentionally going to MSO to ask a question since they are banned on SO. I do like the banning code blocks but I could see them just posting it without formatting.
@NathanOliver lol yeah.
> ... i Want ...
who doesn't capitalize I but does "want"??
4:44 PM
@NathanOliver Wouldn't they be stopped by the "unformatted code"-detector? Or is that only a warning? Though I could see them off-loading the code to whatever to get around that.
@Deduplicator IDK about that. I haven't tried to commit that sin
@durron597 Interesting, nearly everything was wrong, but enough there to safe it. Well done (and good find).
@durron597 I have seen a post where everything that need to be capitalized was except for the i's
No patience left...
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