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2:07 AM
Is there an issue (with indexing?) on SO at present? Take FlorianT.'s profile/Newest Questions. Click on the first 1 and no answer, click on the last 0 and there is an answer - or do these not mean what I think they do!
Fanatic. Finally.
My sympathies :)
I see one answer with a score of 0
So it is not the number of answers?
No, it's the score of the answer
2:12 AM
As for the [1] one that is missing, blame caching
No I think the penny has dropped - the scores for the questions.
Many thanks!
@pnuts Sorry, I was looking at newest answers only, so yes it is just the score of the post.
Are these questions any good? They are all by the same user and all have the same title which is pretty useless - stackoverflow.com/q/31403419/2930477 and stackoverflow.com/q/31320835/2930477 and stackoverflow.com/q/31315306/2930477
@TinyGiant Your answer was good enough for me - I've just checked. (I got confused by the accept colouring - and that that user seems to deal exclusively in binary where voting is concerned!)
@misterManSam They're probably duplicates
2:21 AM
@durron597 - I dunno, the starting paragraph is the same but the question in the body is different and the snippet is different for each one. I don't have enough knowledge of Java to re-title them or declare them dups though.
Look at the revision histories. It looks like the user is trying to deface their posts in order to get them deleted. Do them a favour and vtc, then downvote all answers to zero
what to vtc as, besides dupe because that will keep them around forever
None of them have actual question statements. VTC all as unclear? Then let the roomba eat them?
They would all be deleted next UTC Midnight
@TinyGiant - I'
2:26 AM
I've put down all of the first close votes, and downvoted all to zero except this one
@TinyGiant - I'm weary of touching tags that I have no knowledge of, even if they are most likely not useful
IMO, user is trying to get rid of their questions, just close them and get them gone.
Also, s/he gave us a good excuse because they didn't include any questions in their posts
Which is the perfect use for 'Unclear what you're asking' whether you know the language or not.
@TinyGiant - Fair enough, voted
2:29 AM
@misterManSam downvote this one to zero stackoverflow.com/a/31403463/4639281
Perfect, for future reference, you don't need to downvote the question past zero. Zeros on everything (and no accept mark) will delete a question 9 days from posting
You guys could just flag for mod intervention if he's really defacing his posts. I haven't looked carefully at them, though, I have other things going on here
@durron597 Last time that happended the posts were locked
3:06 AM
@TinyGiant - already done
@TinyGiant done.
@misterManSam Sorry I was just referencing your post
@durron597 Thanks, just need 2 more on each.
(you too @misterManSam if you're still here)
3:15 AM
Done and done
@SmokeDetector fp- baba
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is a joke. — Tiny Giant 10 secs ago
So I put this on reddit to see if I could make a hot question
I got the booster badge out of it, but only one upvote. I guess I was wrong about its clickbait potential.
3:34 AM
Boom, wonder if hes going to get a question ban out of it. His only other question is closed with -5
4:00 AM
@TinyGiant He added the snippet in the question and I stack snippeted it
@misterManSam Awesome, thanks retracting close vote
No more needed on the answers, first question needs one more, the other two need two each
@durron597 done
@durron597 done
4:15 AM
expect a lot of those incoming.
@durron597 done
Now I have to go home. I'll probably be on in a half hour or so.
Bye :)
@TinyGiant Lol should I retag this to ? stackoverflow.com/questions/5818116/… cc: @gunr2171
@durron597 - done done done done done etc You really are a fanatic ;)
4:24 AM
@misterManSam Trying to burninate a question that started with over 1600 questions is hard
And trying to do it by closing / deleting the crap questions rather than just editing the tag out is even harder.
2 hours later…
6:49 AM
@durron597 done done done done done done done done
@SmokeDetector that question is hilarious.
7:10 AM
> You voted to close this question 18 mins ago
Don't post them twice, they get picked up and sent to other rooms like Low Quality Posts HQ, in this case yours wasn't picked up because there was a comma.
8:29 AM
@SmokeDetector omg
8:45 AM
Wonder if it's acceptable to add a to the questions themselves
9:24 AM
@Kitler No, it isn't.
2 hours later…
12:04 PM
@Deduplicator I am solely walking through your questions for the thread of comments you left.
Did the one. And hoorah, finally someone else here!
=D I've been away for a few days, Internet has died at home
It's terrifying how I'm now dependant of it for everything and also SO
Happened to me just a few weeks ago. But it works again.
Anyone have any idea for a good new tag-wiki for the re-purposed , which we burned not long ago?
... What's the new purpose? According to Wikipedia there's multiple uses in software engineering.
If I have a question about a specific semver application on an hypothetical API evolution (adding a parameter to a function), should I head to Programmers?
huh. A bit more detail please.
12:15 PM
Yes sir. If I add a parameter to a function of my API (for example, foo(a, b) -> foo(a, b, c)), should I create a new major version or consider it a minor version? If someone wrongly called my API with too many parameters, it could change the behaviour of that call...
I'm not sure if it's rather fit for SO or Programmers
Posting it on SO will probably result in it being closed as pob.
@Sam Really? Semver seems pretty strict, I didn't think it would start an opinionated debate.
@Kyll Oh sorry. I missed the semver part.
@Sam My bad, it was not included in my final question.
Np, well in that case, I'd probably just ask on SO.
If the worst comes to the worst, it'll just get migrated.
(If it's structured correctly, obviously.)
12:29 PM
Yep, ask away, but don't leave those importont things out.
12:41 PM
voted * 3
12:44 PM
@ProgramFOX Thanks. There are others going back to 11:47 still needing votes.
Ok, going to take a look there.
@Kyll closed
@Deduplicator voted all
thanks a lot
Voted on the previous ones.
1:01 PM
I went through the tags handled in the legal cleanup, that's the reason for that long string of requests. Imho, we really need meta.stackexchange.com/q/250840, though extending to closed questions too, or mods willing to mass-delete off-topic questions, and I don't see the latter coming (and anyway that could easily be worse).
@Kyll It's closed.
1:29 PM
@Unihedron Dont teach me. First change your attitude — Ajay 1 hour ago
Is this English?
P.S. Should I flag it as NC?
Dammit, out of comment flags today
FR: no flag cap for users with >5000 helpful flags, waiting for renew is really annoying >:(
I wouldn't flag it: He got the comment he deserved from you for the question, and gave you the comment you should expect for that.
Considering it all, flagging it would be a waste of time.
Yeah, there's no point spending more time in a thread where OP is too lazy to care.
But it's not like I spend my time nicely. I'm even chatting now when I should be working.
well, here comes the race to edit
Hahaha! "Don't teach me" on SO. This is perfect.
Boom that was quick.
@gunr2171 Your edit was admirable.
1:44 PM
I managed to get my edit and my close vote in in time
-16... and users are really quick to shoot
@Kyll -22 now
#2, 3 boom
voted up to #6, need to save my votes for reviews
2:03 PM
@Deduplicator The ones I posted starting with this chat message also still need lots of votes
That link is to question downvoting but there are lots of tool requests immediately afterwards.
Looking into it.
@gunr2171 You still haven't managed to catch Mark Rotteveel
slowly working on it
@gunr2171 You may have to suck it up and vote on the weekends ;)
I have been, though I missed sunday
2:08 PM
@gunr2171 I didn't! I got fanatic last night woot woot
plus, I'm not in last anymore so I have some sort of buffer from being knocked off
@Kyll done
somehow down to 9 CVs and it's not even 9:15 AM
@Deduplicator Thanks!
@Deduplicator [1] is attracting reopen votes
@KevinBrown I'm sure one of them is VonC
@durron597 @gunr2171 Look at this suggested edit (meta-post mentioning it): stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/8958445 Does it follow the guidelines for marking obsolete answers, or is it really a bad edit?
Seems to fall under "add updates as the post ages" in the editing guidelines to me.
2:17 PM
@Deduplicator I didn't even know there were guidelines for marking obsolete answers.
same, I'm not sure
@durron597 Reopened by a mod
@KevinBrown @Deduplicator So I asked a moderator about that 1 question, who promptly reopened it. I have edited it and removed my downvotes
Anyone else who downvoted it may want to remove theirs
@Deduplicator That's over both your list and my list?
@Deduplicator sweet
brb going to celebrate coffee day
2:32 PM
@Deduplicator 2 down, one to go
@Deduplicator boom
it works
@gunr2171 I think "code conversion" and "code formatter" can be unpinned now
1 minute old...
2:41 PM
@gunr2171 well, code conversion is done at least
I don't think the CV option for "lacks minimal code" should be available for posts that are less than 1 hour old
@TylerH This is what the reopen queue is for.
This is the entire point of the [on hold] vs [closed] concept.
@durron597 yeah well "it's not too late" to reform your life after you go to prison, but it sort of is
@TylerH That's not a correct analogy.
sure it is
it's much harder to get your question reopened than it is to edit code into your question in the first place
because people in the queues are cynics by nature who are looking to keep the site clean
2:43 PM
I reopen in the queue often.
That post is 2 hours old. Look at the revision history
@TylerH I'm pretty sure Shog has stats about that
I mean it's not a hard and fast thing, sure; if it's a person with 5k rep (or even like 500) I have no problem doing that, but a 25 rep user whose question was less than a minute old when you CV'd it...
The one we just reopened had 11 rep. Now 16 because I've upvoted the question.
I just think a comment would be more helpful than a "needs code" close vote for questions that are younger than the air in my lungs
stackoverflow.com/posts/5574241/timeline bummer, I can't see the timeline for deleted posts. Was hoping I could
@TylerH What do you want to know? I can't see the timeline but I can see the revision history
2:54 PM
@durron597 I didn't see the people who closed it in time
I think I downvoted it and it looked familiar
@durron597 @gunr2171: Now there's a meta-post about that specific edit-suggestion:
Q: What to do with accepted answers that were valid when the OP asked, but not anymore

Semicolons and Duct TapeI have run across a few questions on SO that were answered, but for whatever reason the answer no longer works. This morning I came across this one. Is there an easy way to check the .NET Framework version? the accepted answer relies on a Registry layout that is only valid from .NET framework v...

@SmokeDetector false positive
@ProgramFOX does it actually learn when you say that?
@ProgramFOX Doesn't listen here. Though I'd be happy to see you change that :)
(What's the bad keyword there?)
2:58 PM
@TylerH When I say "fpu" in the Tavern, it whitelists the user.
@Kyll Derm, probably.
@Kyll probably "derm" for skin products
@durron597 I know that, just letting you know that it's a fp :)
@Kyll Derma
Oooh. Thanks.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 1 min ago, by SmokeDetector
@ProgramFOX Username - Position 1-6: DerMa
Oh well, I'll just go and make it listen here too. And give the frequent users here privileges to teach Smokey.
3:00 PM
@ProgramFOX Well, if you whitelist the user, can he still be noted when changing name or posting crap lateron?
Wait so does that mean that SD will pop a message each time DerManu posts something?
@Deduplicator Yeah, a user whitelist only excludes him from username checks.
@Kyll Nope. I already whitelisted him.
@ProgramFOX his name, or his id?
@Deduplicator his id, I believe
3:01 PM
@Deduplicator ID.
Name would not be a good idea, I think.
@ProgramFOX Why? If he later changes his name, there can be no warning. And conversely, if someone else uses that name, should there really be one?
The name has proven not to be infringing, the ID has not.
@Deduplicator It can happen that a good user uses the name "babaji" without bad intentions, however, the name "babaji" is also used by black-magic-spammers. In that case we do only want to whitelist the non-spammer, not all other spammers who have the same name.
@Kyll To avoid that we try to only whitelist users if we don't think they'll post bad things.
And if they still do, the non-username checks can help too.
Well, I just allowed Firefox to run Java on java.com, and it crashed Firefox...
3:26 PM
@Closey status
SOCVR ChatBot version, running for 11 days, 18 hours, 45 minutes and 5 seconds.
@Closey stop bot
@gunr2171 I'm shutting down...
Hey everyone! (SO Close Vote Chatbot started, linux!)
@Closey help
@gunr2171 Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
This is a chat bot for the SO Close Vote Reviewers chat room, developed by gunr2171 and the other members of the SO Close Vote Reviewers chat room. For more information see the github page. Reply with commands to see a list of commands.
3:27 PM
good, that works @Sam
@ProgramFOX Watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
SmokeDetector now listens to commands in this room! I have given privileges to the people who appear on the "frequently in room" tab. For those who haven't worked with the commands yet, head to the Commands wiki.
3:29 PM
@durron597 brews coffee for @durron597
@gunr2171 That's Tavern on the Meta only.
@SmokeDetector Why thank you so much
@durron597 That's not a report.
"lick, a better version of alive"?
3:30 PM
@ProgramFOX licks ice cream cone
@durron597 Hehe, you executed the "why" command.
Someone needs to lern Smokey some grammar
then again the message was missing a comma
so if we mark an entry as "tp", what happens to smokey in MSE chat?
or vice versa
3:32 PM
@gunr2171 Nothing special.
so different installations or one bot working on different rooms?
It's not a different installation, there is simply no between-room interaction for Smokey, nowhere.
Of course, a post marked as false positive here won't get reported again in the Tavern when it's bumped, data is stored at one place.
ok, that's what I wanted to know
so it's a collective effort between the rooms
3:34 PM
even if we don't acknowledge each other
come on guys, make some crap posts so I can test this out!
goes to write a post with the title "BLAME GUNR2171"
@SmokeDetector why
3:38 PM
feature-request: if someone tp's or fp's it in one room, it is reflected in the other.
so that we know that someone in the other room already reviewed it
granted, that might be harder to do, but just my 2 cents
Yeah, that wouldn't be easy to do.
Uh oh.
I... forgot to exclude non-SO sites.
that site
3:44 PM
insert "overflow" pun here
There we go.
4:03 PM
@gunr2171 Ah, good.
yep, that was quick to test
4:19 PM
@Deduplicator Whaddya mean, 'wut'? Humans...
@Deduplicator 4700
!!/test Houston, we have a problem...
> Would not be caught for title, body and username.
4:31 PM
Are there certain sorts of problems in other languages where the user never knows why they're having a problem but they all have the same answer?
For example "why isn't my swing app updating? I'm doing this and this with this control and this layout and JDBC and blah blah". Answer every single time: "You're not doing your updates on the Event Dispatch Thread"
The questions aren't duplicates but the answers are.
Yes, and no need for programming: Windows/AppX isn't working (Thousands of different things) => Restart the computer. If that doesn't help, re-install everything.
@Deduplicator I'm curious about these sorts of questions in technologies I'm less familiar with, like , , ,
@Deduplicator I know about "reboot your computer, dummy" obviously
Well, I don't have any example at my fingertips.
@Deduplicator There isn't one in ?
Well, there is the canonical one: What you are doing is UB, you shouldn't be doing that.
There being many reasons for that.
Other things, I don't have one just now.
4:39 PM
@Deduplicator a[i] = i++;
Here's another Java one, Scanner.nextFoo() doesn't capture newlines.
@durron597: BTW: Are you on the new nav?
If so, do you see any chance to get a search for something like "([c] or [c++]) and [ub]" to work with that?
Because there isn't anything about that on the MSE post...
@Deduplicator Everyone's on the new nav.
Which I hate, by the way.
A: URL with several tags joined by OR is broken

Martijn PietersYou no longer need to use [or] or or in your tag searches, the new UI lets you toggle between searching for posts with any or all of the tags. Just remove those from the link; https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/html+css works, it'll redirect to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/new?sho...

But you saw that already because you commented on it.
5:00 PM
@ProgramFOX What if we stored the messages, keyed on posts, for two minutes?
Then we should be able to reflect fp's across the network
Hm, should do it for FPs. But what about TPs?
Could we edit it?
That might break further actions on it.
Unless we change all our parsing methods.
> [ [smokedetector] ] bla bla: post link | (tp'd in <room>)
Oh right
They're centralized though, right?
eh, I'll look at it later
Yeah, all of them should be in parsing.py.
5:02 PM
Wooo, a really stupid bikeshed is going to give me my 9th delete vote
Who said bikesheds don't have their purpose
I'd go for the "blatantly off-topic" thingy but I'm not sure
@Kyll Err... looks okay to me at quick glance.
Isn't it about server management rather than programming?
@Kyll Oh you know what, I bet we should migrate it to dba.
And voted to migrate.
Why not Serverfault?
5:08 PM
@Kyll It's not on topic there, either. It's about database admin, not server admin.
Ah, indeed
@Kyll Seriously dude, answer some questions. You can help us moderate so much more effectively with 3k rep.
@durron597 You mean the follow-the ctor-calls one?
@Deduplicator Lol yeah
It's in my "top 21 best answers all time" which is such an embarrassment.
Argh if I hadn't downvoted so much stuff for roomba that hasn't aged away yet I'd have my delete vote lol
No, at the earliest you'll get it at 0 UTC
5:22 PM
@Deduplicator Not true, I get it immediately. I got it immediately at 13k
interesting... never tested that, really.
@durron597 I'll try yes. I haven't found many good questions lately though.
Well, suggest a tag-wiki-edit. Maybe a good one for , and you'll have the missing two rep.
@Deduplicator Every question with a score of 0 either is closed too recently to be deleted or has 2 delete votes
moving on to ones with a score of 1.
> closed too recently to be closed
I'm assuming one of those was supposed to be "deleted"?
5:27 PM
@Deduplicator 1 2 3
I put the second delete vote on a bunch of questions today.
Silly question: How does tag burnination work when a deleted question has the tag?
Or does the system just push them into if the question only had that tag?
deleted questions don't count
I have an even sillier question. What's a burnination and what are the steps undertaken with it?
Ha! Take that silliness in your face!
Q: When to burninate

CDspaceUpon seeing this question, I took a look at the [user] tag, and it currently has 1366 unanswered questions, and 4326 total questions. Seeing as that's quite a lot, I thought I'd help with the burnination (am I correct in thinking the burnination is done by users?). However, I can't really tell wh...

5:31 PM
CV event, huh?
@SmokeDetector tp
oh, that makes sense
Well, the bikeshed gave me another upvote. I guess I don't have to write a tag wiki now. Ty if it was one of you.
If Google Translate can't translate this, then there is little chance this is a good post. — gunr2171 just now
@durron597 had delv delv +delv
@SmokeDetector So I got helpful on my VLQ flag but the answer is still there. Weird.
5:45 PM
@Kyll nice avatar
@TylerH Thanks. I also have the swordsquirrel version
@Kyll Still, I bet he wouldn't last 5 minutes against a badger lord from Salamandastron
Pfrt. Let him come.
6:16 PM
Q: How do I moderate my own chatroom?

Jon ClementsThe vast majority of time in my room - everything is fine and no action is required. However, occasionally there's a bad apple that disrupts my room in one way or another. What can I do about this?

Well if you don't like us talking about squirrels and badgers just say it >.>
It was asked in response to someone in the HTML and CSS room possibly
chat.stackoverflow.com/users/3577236/matthcw this guy was being a bit dramatic
@Kyll Ha!
6:31 PM
@rene Meanie.
@TylerH I always seem to miss the drama
@Kyll sometimes, yes. I'm used to it by now...
I doubt anything was flagged
but he was kicked at least once
maybe twice
^ OK
fancy words
Bayesian probability is one interpretation of the concept of probability. In contrast to interpreting probability as the "frequency" or "propensity" of some phenomenon, Bayesian probability is a quantity that we assign for the purpose of representing a state of knowledge, or a state of belief. In the Bayesian view, a probability is assigned to a hypothesis, whereas under the frequentist view, a hypothesis is typically tested without being assigned a probability. The Bayesian interpretation of probability can be seen as an extension of propositional logic that enables reasoning with hypotheses,...
but yes, fancy word
and I don't care to read that to figure out what it means
6:38 PM
I like Keynesian
he! smokey listens!
3 hours ago, by ProgramFOX
SmokeDetector now listens to commands in this room! I have given privileges to the people who appear on the "frequently in room" tab. For those who haven't worked with the commands yet, head to the Commands wiki.
@gunr2171 Btw you can add - to the end of the command to silence the response
6:40 PM
@KevinBrown yep, learned that today
He really ought to be called "Smokey" in this room
in alignment with Closey
Smokey is the unofficial nickname, but yeah
6:56 PM
@durron597 And who should do that? I'm all out of delete-votes.
I don't have delete votes
When do you get delete votes? is it 10K or 20K?
When you've proved your worthiness to the Gods
(I thought it was 5k?)
6:58 PM
and then you get one more with each 1k
(Neever mind)
up to 30k
@Kyll 5 at 10K up to 30 at 35K
@Deduplicator Got it
6:58 PM
Okay then. not too far away then
@Kyll 5K is approving tag wiki edits
@Deduplicator I was hoping @rene
@NathanOliver I wouldn't be so optimistic if I were you
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