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@TylerH thx
7 hours later…
6:59 AM
voted @NisseEngström @misterManSam
1 hour later…
8:01 AM
@NisseEngström Nah, it is not you: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/300195/578411
1 hour later…
9:28 AM
2 upvotes on that question...
9:48 AM
@rene: Yeah, that Cliff guy is pretty awful too...
10:30 AM
That SmokeDetector is brilliant, great job @ProgramFOX and everyone onvolved
Thanks! :)
@ProgramFOX btw, I especially remember you because you edited my first answer on SO back in march 2014
Woah, good memory!
or was it nov 2013
@ProgramFOX here
Yeah, I just found it back, too :P
10:51 AM
fp .. fitness
Can't judge if what that OP claims is true, I dv the one that is obvious C
@rene it doesn't matter what they claim, it is simply not answer.
Yeah, flagged as NAA
It's basically a rule of thumb- anytime you see a very old question having a new answer, it is 95% NAA posted by some very new user.
@rene btw you can run a C/C++ code using R, it is actually very efficient and R provides a built interface for that and some good packages too
11:19 AM
@DavidArenburg OK, I'll try to remember that ...
@rene lol, you don't need to :) I was just trying to illustrate a point
But... I can't erase what I just learned.... R and C/C++ can go together...
@rene ok, I can't even remember what I ate for breakfast, so these things come easy for me
@DavidArenburg maybe you skipped breakfast, exited as you are for yet another day of joy on Stack Overflow?
@rene yes.... I wonder if I ever become less addicted to SO or will I need a rehab eventually...
It seems like we are in the same boat though :)
11:31 AM
12:08 PM
anybody for a final CV here
@rene if a new user answers a question incorrectly, should it be flagged or just downvoting + commenting is the correct practice?
@DavidArenburg Don't flag; your flag will get declined. Downvote + comment is correct here.
@ProgramFOX k, thanks
12:22 PM
@DavidArenburg depends if it is flaggable but a downvote is always OK, leaving a comment explaining your down vote is friendly...
@rene yes, likely the new user will ignore it though (from my experience), but I guess I can afford burning some rep
Ok, nvm, it seems Martin deleted it already
12:40 PM
one vote needed here and a NAA on the answer
morning, voted
@rene voted + deleted
ugh, no question
1:08 PM
@Closey status
SOCVR ChatBot version, running for 10 days, 16 hours, 27 minutes and 16 seconds.
oh wow
1:56 PM
@Calcolat, I appreciate your edit summary: "Ahh please don't scream at us. We'll be just as happy to help you if you type normally."
(not sarcastic)
Oh lol I didn't realise you had seen it
I wasn't sure what to write so I just wrote that
I check up on posts I handle a few times afterwards
It works for me
I'm glad you like it
plus, someone else wrote
@Plutonix - You forgot e) please don't type in ALL CAPS! :P — Chris Dunaway 30 mins ago
Yeah, I was kind of unofficially referring to that part when I edited my answer ;P
I mentioned Plutonix because his advice was solid. But I'm hoping OP will see Chris's comments as well.
1:59 PM
(hit up on keyboard will let you edit a previous message)
Oh sweet. Never knew you could do that.
Thanks for the tip.
no problem, there are a bunch of tips here: chat.stackoverflow.com/faq
Now that's a cool link as well
Never realised chat had its own FAQ either
A: What's the point of the "Very low quality" flag action, in "Help and Improvement" reviews? Where's the downvote / close option?

durron597First of all, I completely agree that the button is pointless when a question has been miscategorized in Triage. For now, what you should do is: Click on the link to the question itself Vote to close it there, possibly with a downvote Click Skip. However, it's obvious that this begs the pr...

I may not be able to say much on that yet but seeing how you guys handle them will be quite useful when I get access to those queues.
2:12 PM
Triage is....an art. Rene works it, I stay away. I'm good with CVing.
@gunr2171 Triage is the same as the CV queue. Just click Unsalvageable every time.
Funnily enough, triage is also one of the first queues we get access to.
@Calcolat Yet it has the least helpful help text.
What about LQ Queue? Those should be all at 500rep
2:13 PM
Click those three links in my answer linked above. There is such massive support for changing the help text and/or adding a fourth button and it just never happens.
@gunr2171 In the LQ queue I just click recommend deletion every time.
Yeah and based on what I was reading in that thread you linked, it seems to be one of the harder ones to get right.
(no, I mean you should have access to LQ at the same time as triage)
LQ queue is available at 2000 rep
I agree. From what I've seen, LQ looks a lot easier than triage.
2:15 PM
A: Difference between Should Be Improved and Unsalvageable in Triage

Tim PostShould be improved Contains everything (or almost everything) needed for folks to answer the question Could benefit from some edits for clarity, grammar, punctuation, English mistakes, code formatting, etc Could really use a better title so that folks can tell what the question is about Might b...

stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/access-review-queues oh, you get Late Answers and First Posts at 500
and Triage :/
I guess they need to add that to the page
Good point. I was looking at reviews itself as it shows me the limits there since I haven't reached them yet.
this looks like not an answer to me... but i am wondering if the question should be closed as well (tool request): stackoverflow.com/a/31644296/1652962
2:18 PM
@durron597 I think the main problem is SE dissagrees with us as Yakk points out.
A: What's the point of the "Very low quality" flag action, in "Help and Improvement" reviews? Where's the downvote / close option?

YakkOpen Triage. Click more details on the flag types: Should Be Improved for questions where edits by the author or others would result in a question that is clear and answerable It blatantly tells you to send questions where the author could fix it to Help and Improvement. In Help and Improveme...

I don't get why SE staff doesn't listen to you guys though. You've all got stacks of reviews and plenty of community support for the changes you mentioned above. Don't really understand why they don't do it.
@NathanOliver I just edited my post to say something to that effect.
@cimmanon voting too broad
@Calcolat Changing things means dev time. Therefore if they don't like a solution for some reason, they won't do it.
but tool request also works (for last sentence)
2:19 PM
Preferring to wait for a different solution that doesn't have whatever particular flaw.
True but I don't think changing a simple wording should take them that looong xD
@Calcolat famous last words
@gunr2171 yeah, but i dont think its too broad. "how can i make libraryA work with libraryB" isnt too broad.
For example, everyone agrees that the incentive structure for finding duplicates is totally wacked (because there isn't one), but all the suggestions to do things like "penalize people for answering questions that get closed as dupe" had other problems. That's why they liked this solution:
Q: Award accepted answer reputation for finding duplicates verified by OP

durron597Consider the following theoretical situation: New user asks a question: Why does my program process a sorted array faster than an unsorted array? I see this question, I can: Vote to close as duplicate Answer the question with a link to the duplicate, with possibly a little bit of extra e...

> Is this possible at all? If yes, how can I migrate the joi/strongloop validation libraries to the client?
2:21 PM
the tool request at the end is just spambait for link only answers like that new one
> Is there a way to use the joi NodeJS library in AngularJS?
All that is written is program requirements, and the question "how do I do that?"
(durron edited, my close vote stands)
@cimmanon I edited it. It's not a tool request anymore.
I don't think it's too broad either, and I've upvoted it.
Questions that have one sentence of tool request in an otherwise fine post should be edited, not closed as tool request.
@durron597 That post of yours seems to have some good support from SE. Maybe they might end up acting on that one.
2:36 PM
@Calcolat I hope so
Well I like your idea and think it would make it fair for everyone, so I hope they do something about it.
Oh by the way, do any of you guys have the power to lock a question so the OP can't edit it anymore?
@Calcolat They probably will in about 6 to 8 weeks
@Calcolat Only moderators have that power.
If a user is defacing a question or something, just flag it.
@Calcolat What is the user doing?
Oh I just had to edit 2 questions from a guy who defaced them. But when I checked the edit history it seems his got a bit of a history of doing this in the last few weeks.
Should I flag for a mod instead?
This guy:
His asked 2 questions and everyone needs to keep editing them to fix it.
I would. looks the user is doing it a lot and intentionally
2:44 PM
I flagged one of his questions.
Yeah I just wasn't sure because technically the questions look okay. So deletion seemed a bit extreme. Just for some reason he seems to want to keep defacing his questions which makes no sense O.o
dupe-hammer closed
@Calcolat When catch someone defacing the question, roll it back. If they do it again, flag.
Cool will do. Still surprised though. This is the first time I've seen someone whose actually defaced something not once, but multiple times on different occasions.
first time you've seen it. This behavior is a form of "rage quitting"
2:49 PM
It seems the only reason his coming back to SO now is just to deface his posts. Like what?
Ohh lol
"Rage quitting"
But his only got 2 questions.
shrug, the reasons we may never know
True. Although sometimes I'd love to know what goes through some peoples minds when they do some of the things they do.
If you do get that power, work for SE and stop the spam and terrible questions
> This account is temporarily suspended to cool down. The suspension period ends on Aug 26 at 14:52.
2:55 PM
my flag was marked as "helpful"
@Calcolat My flag text was:
> This user appears to be defacing their questions on multiple occasions.
That's it.
Wow that was fast.
Will be interesting to see how he responds in a months time.
my guess is he will forget about this site / his account
@gunr2171 ^^^ This
one could only hope. hopefully their web browsers doesn't remember there login credentials.
I hope you guys are right.
3:02 PM
well, I set a reminder for myself, so I'll take a look when the user's time is up (though I don't expect much)
Please visit this question and share your thoughts @gunr2171 @ProgramFOX @TylerH
Interestingly enough if you check the edit history he actually came back 3 times this year to deface it.
Once in April and then again 2 times this month.
@rene I have no idea.
? you close voted one of those questions...
@rene That doesn't mean I know where someone can go for such advice.
3:08 PM
I'm finding the reviews from the CV queue
oh wait, of course I don't have this one, didn't vote in it
@ProgramFOX Ok, I was more wondering if you still feel the question should be closed
@gunr2171 sorry, yes the votes were spread among us
Full transparency: here is one of the review items: stackoverflow.com/review/close/8722655gunr2171 25 secs ago
sort of combined close vote mob havoc
want to add the other?
yes, let's go all the way now...
3:17 PM
Well, the way the question is worded, it still seems to be too broad, but I guess because of the tech it's not. 5 people voted to close it and 5 people voted to reopen it. That's the way the system works.
I posted the other review item
@gunr2171 yeah, memory management is hard and if you want to answer that you'll need two exe's and a common assembly and then ask why the dll isn't in shared memory, or something like that...
That could be reproducable
But no, I'm not going to fight to keep the question closed
Nah, it is fine like it is. It is just to see if we are completely detached from reality or not
3:24 PM
well, that's the fear when you have <10% of the population do >90% of the work
I don't want to need to do 7 days straight of reviews to help keep the queue level, but we don't have a lot of help
I'm voting to re-open because although there is a lot of somewhat tangentially related information in the question text, the question itself is well defined and really quite narrow. There are very few scenarios where an OS process and/or AppDomain will share assemblies and memory with another. — redcalx 53 mins ago
@gunr2171 We're not the ones keeping it level, close vote aging is.
Don't kid yourself. 2000 reviews a day is barely a dent.
@durron597 unleveled*
@durron597 Close vote aging should not be a permanent fix, fully completing a review task is the correct way to do things. We just don't have the resources.
@gunr2171 I didn't say I liked it, I was just describing the universe. Our sun will go supernova eventually.
3:31 PM
true, and I agree that close vote aging is doing most of the leg work (because of lack of human involvement)
@durron597 well now I'm depressed
@durron597 - Hi! I'm back looking at source-code. Q... Why do some of the questions I look at in the "delete list" not have a "delete" vote action, when others do?
@Mogsdad Probably because they were closed too recently.
@durron597 - Silly me, that makes sense, and jives with the close times. Carrying on...
3:34 PM
@Mogsdad wow. the site of the robotics team you mentor has so many images in its slideshow
@TylerH - Big on enthusiasm, not so much on listening to advice.
That site used to be hosted from a student's home with very slow uplink. Even on better hosting, it's just too much, imo. Next fall, new kids, new site.
My high school got a robotics team (and started doing that kind of competition with ROVs etc) the year after I graduated... I'm still a bit salty about that
I wish we'd had something like that when I was in HS.
I'm also a bit salty that my high school stopped offering Latin as a foreign language the year I got there
Always handy if you build a time machine...
3:39 PM
I'm the opposite of salty. I took two years of Latin in middle school and hated it.
too much remembering
@Mogsdad I suppose it doesn't matter when I build one, only that I do
@gunr2171 I would much rather have learned Latin than Spanish
I see a lot more Latin than I do Spanish in my life
@TylerH - and then just go back to the year before you started HS, and take Latin! Problem solved.
Anyone have any reason why I shouldn't merge (27 questions) into (111 questions), of which 7 questions have both tags
@Mogsdad that's actually more reasonable than my idea--stealthily assassinate the person who decided to drop latin support
@durron597 If there was a wiki on both, and they were clearly different, there would be a problem. As it stands, I say go for it.
3:41 PM
@durron597 well they seem to be about different things I think
@TylerH I'm the opposite. I live in Texas.
code-converter probably shouldn't be a tag
code-conversion could apply for someone trying to write a code converter
I mean, I'll VTC any tool requests in the former. Probably post them here while I'm doing it.
@durron597 I mean, there is tons of Spanish here in GA, but I just spend way more time/place more value on Latin things than on Spanish
@durron597 you out of votes?
3:46 PM
@Deduplicator whoops I thought I clicked it. It's cved now
only needs one question del-voted, and one aged away (roomba) to stop existing.
@Deduplicator It needs to be closed or take 365 days
I burned it from the open one, and del voted the closed one.
@durron597 Why a year? No answer, negative score, open and not locked => 30 days meta.stackexchange.com/questions/78048/…
@Deduplicator Oh, you must have downvoted it.
My bad
I looked at the date and drew the wrong conclusion
@SmokeDetector yeah, that's the definition of NAA
3:52 PM
@Deduplicator gone
That delete needs one more
did my part
Lol, obvious audit in Low Quality queue... I'm filtered for only answers, and then a question came up
It even said "Question" in bold...
not trying very hard, are we, Stack Overflow?
@rene Can you delete that question
@TylerH Still questions there? I think that's a bug then.
oh, crap
Make a new version of .NET. Doesn't do the one thing it's supposed to.
@durron597 done?s=1|4.7010
4:17 PM
is burned. If you review this tag today, please instead review
ugh, could you remove one of the tags in that message, it looks ugly on the board :(
or wait, never mind, you can't really
code-converter is burned. if you review this tag today, please instead review code-conversion
@gunr2171 swap it out for that one
Do cancel stars on the first one
whoops, done
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[code-conversion]"
That was easy
@TylerH It hasn't been 15 minutes yet
You always ruin my fun
I wish it would say what the bad keyword was
@TylerH Coincidentally I just implemented that today :P
upsidedown question mark?
4:26 PM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 11 secs ago, by SmokeDetector
@ProgramFOX Body - Position 492-502: fitness.co
I was thinking it was the mydomain.com thing
To check it, just go to Charcoal HQ and reply "why" to Smokey's report.
(only works in Charcoal HQ and Tavern on the Meta)
but I don't see fitness.co anywhere
4:29 PM
Hm... I don't see it either...
Perhaps an edit during the grace period?
@ProgramFOX Could the user have ninja edited?
Yeah, it's probably that.
ok, that's too broad
4:58 PM
> P.S.: I know TFS is SourceSafe under the hood, but it is way better
@Mogsdad I may have already tagged those
I might be going through the same questions you are.
I'll go through source-code today so I'll pick those up when I review
@durron597 Likely, I'd already vtc your previous ones. There are at least 3 of us going through the pile at the moment.
@Mogsdad Those two I just put the first one down seconds ago.
This one should probably not be closed. The question is fairly open ended, but the answer is good. stackoverflow.com/questions/2980030/…
5:09 PM
@Mogsdad It's not being closed as too broad, it's being closed as opinon based.
@durron597 Understood - but I'm saying the question asks for opinion, but the answers provide objective examples and explanations. The whole package is better than the question. (The question should be edited, instead.)
@Mogsdad If you edit it, I'll retract.
@gunr2171 My ability to retract ages away?
Or maybe my CV aged away.
The edit should have put it into the "reopen" review queue, no?
5:12 PM
the post is not closed
True - nm
@Mogsdad @gunr2171 What should be done with this one? stackoverflow.com/questions/2700550/…
well, "tool" unless this is a trick question
@durron597 close it - tool, and all answers are crap
If you can edit it to not be a tool request, than it isn't.
Though, I suppose editing it to not be a tool request would be "too broad" so fine.
5:16 PM
I don't see how you could edit the post to not be a tool request
"How do I convert SQL into a class"?
It's 5 years old. Viewed 139 times, including our views today. If it's useful, someone will ask it again.
@durron597 meh, yeah. Would be too broad.
How many questions in that s-pile have been for android source?! Apparently, if you want android source, you don't know how to search.
5:23 PM
While editing tags on a question, noticed 3 or 4 variants of "source-organization". Don't put away the flame-throwers just yet...
@Mogsdad source-code closed:no hasaccepted:no is down to just 56 questions
These are the ones that will take 9 days to roomba post-closure
I've been retagging about 2/3 of them.
Me too, A few for the close queue, but most just need better tags. I've also been forced to do edits on a few whose content would not pass the current filters.
@Mogsdad Well I try to follow the rule that edits should fix all problems with a question, not just a "bad tag"
Yeah, but. Killing off a useless tag is a Good Thing. Editing low-traffic questions is a distraction from that, so I'm less-than-religious about doing all edits.
@Mogsdad did you tap this one yet? stackoverflow.com/questions/17066585/…
5:36 PM
@durron597 Yep, it was in my earlier list.
@gunr2171 if you need mental backup to overcome that trauma, let me know...
I'm all up to date - none in queue.
@durron597 needs one more
now it doesn't...
@rene are you going to GIT me some help? :)
5:39 PM
Nah, I'll Clear your Case
uh, that one went over my head
@durron597 - Buwahahahaha! You're evil.
@durron597 Copy, sir! Operation completed, sir!
5:42 PM
@Unihedron Really? It's a good question?
I must not understand minecraft forge very well. Or at all.
Ok, what to do with this one? Big answer, in response to a bounty, but imo the question is unhelpful because it's about debugging a VS installation but doesn't include the relevant information, and even if it did the questions is broad. stackoverflow.com/questions/6435317/…
@SmokeDetector uh, 15.5k, and I don't see a question mark
@Mogsdad I think it's fine. burn the tag.
@gunr2171 55 gold badges.
yeah, i'm about out of "caring power" for today, I'll leave it alone
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 2 mins ago, by SmokeDetector
@Undo Body - Position 61-70: Skin Care
5:47 PM
I figured it was something in his first code block, just surprised there was no question mark
Some men just want to watch the world burn.
I'm uncommon.
Not a rare? Discarded
@TylerH And surely, as a Latin aficionado, you know cv means Circum Vitae...
@SmokeDetector too broad?
5:52 PM
@gunr2171 yup
@Mogsdad Curriculum*?
@TylerH See - you passed the test. Click "next" to continue editing...
though I never said I was a Latin aficionado...
@TylerH Well, I figured if you missed Latin at school, you'd surely have learned it on your own. Works for sex ed...
5:59 PM
Hm, just peeked at the room-owner list. Why did closey get that status? The 1 rep user is also somewhat puzzling...
Not saying that closey does not pull his weight... ;-)
Closey's got explicit write access
not RO
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