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12:06 AM
@TinyGiant good night
Have fun :)
1:06 AM
The OP included the scripts in the wrong order.
1:55 AM
@TinyGiant so flag it? :p
I didn't see the link at first, so I flagged VLQ
Ahh okies... nuked
Thanks :)
@TinyGiant boom
@TinyGiant there needs to be a canonical post for that sort of problem
Uhhh, a canonical for a simple error question? Then if we duped them instead of simple-error-ed them, they would stick around forever.
2:04 AM
no, I mean, "you need to load jquery before loading libraries that depend on jquery"
but yeah, meh
I understand where you're coming from. Questions that get asked all the time should be duped to a canonical. But, if the question is that simple, then IMO it should just be vtc-ed as simple and gotten rid of.
I want to start a blog for the worst upvoted-garbage that I see. It's hilarious what people will upvote.
2:24 AM
nvm, that one was quick
9:15 AM
@Ajoy yes, but what would be good reason...?
You could argue it is a tool used by programmers where I have to stretch the meaning of tool beyond its capacity...
Off-topic superuser seems to be the best option...
1 hour later…
10:43 AM
@rene I flagged it as Blatantly off-topic. It is too-old to be migrated. But I think super-user is the right place.
Tnx, and voted
11:32 AM
OP didn't bother to run the code:
1 hour later…
1:34 PM
@JonClements not sure if ChrisF will inform you but I left a comment here about a flag that I think was handled by you.
2:32 PM
@hoss You flagged correctly. I'm afraid for some reason I can't fathom out I declined it incorrectly. So my apologies and if you do see posts like that in the future, then yes, please do spam flag them. — Jon Clements ♦ 24 secs ago
@rene thanks
2:54 PM
looks like a normal user
Hey what do you guys think of this question?
Q: Translate C# code to VB.net

John.PI previously worked on a C# project but now I'm working with Visual Basic and what I want to do is simply translate the C# code to Visual Basic and it's going fine except for one piece of code of C# that I have no idea how to translate to VB The C# code is: private void ReadInput(Animal animal)...

There's about 3 answers just posting the same type of url's. Is that okay? O.o
No, that is not ok
Ahh I see. Thanks for clarifying.
I cv-ed the question as a dupe
me too
2:59 PM
and flagged the link only answers as NAA and downvoted
Nice to know for future reference. Sorry I'm out of flags today otherwise I would do the same.
3:20 PM
SmokeDetector here, too? So, Closey got company?
Better safe than sorry. We don't want to get burned or die from fumes.
@ArtjomB. :D Bad posts can really produce some dangerous fumes...
4:15 PM
Smokey is in report mode only for stackoverflow. It doesn't listen here for commands.
4:47 PM
@Deduplicator voted
2 hours later…
6:33 PM
@durron597: done
@Deduplicator Source code is under 700 questions now. Nibbling away!
@durron597 How did you try to close it?
@Deduplicator tool /resource request
@durron597 can't see how that'S a tool request. But it's certainly outside the scope of SO. Closing as general software, as there'S no way to migrate to any of the Unix/Linux sites.
@durron597 needs 3 more
@Deduplicator I love the ones that get 3+ different close reasons ;)
It's just like "nope. just... nope."
gotta run, take it easy
6:41 PM
have fun
6:55 PM
@durron597 done
7:19 PM
@JonClements: Someone got review-suspended, seems a bad audit. Can you take a look? My analysis of what happened: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/300235
The only person that's passed that audit appears to be @durron597 :)
@JonClements I guess he peeked...
7:35 PM
Are we exploiting the review audits?
@rene ...more than a view badges? Did you mean few?
7:52 PM
In my head it sounds the same ...
just nearly ;)
ok, I'm out for today. Cya!
@Closey starting
@rene Happy reviewing!
@Closey next 5 tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@rene The next 5 tags are: 106, 98, 95, 90, 89
8:22 PM
interesting answer @Deduplicator ...
@Deduplicator I peek often but not that one. Wordpress questions are almost always terrible and that one is unclear / no mcve
passed c++ audit
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
@rene Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
I do recall being surprised it was an audit, though.
8:30 PM
@rene Your last completed review session ended 10 seconds ago and lasted 24 minutes and 14 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 36 seconds.
For me, anything that I would CV is " unsalvageable". I know that's not SE dogma but they don't give me the CV dialog for anything else.
I'm out
1 hour later…
9:48 PM
@durron597 there is "other"...
@TylerH The fourth button in Triage is "Skip"
I see lots of things that are CV-worthy that are definitely not unsalvageable
oh you're talking about only in the Triage queue
I thought you were talking about just coming across a question in general
A: We should clean up posts that should be improved but haven't been and won't be

durron597This is less about the automatic deletion (which I wholeheartedly agree with) and more about the idea of "Should be Improved" in general - early on in my Triaging, I was marking a lot of stuff as Should Be Improved. But it quickly dawned on me that "Should be Improved" was really for the rest of ...

I don't really touch the triage queue
@Deduplicator @JonClements Extended thoughts on the matter
@TylerH I used to not touch it either, but now that I have copy editor I'm trying to start making progress on some of my other steward badges.
10:01 PM
I think I'll get Marshal before I delve into any other queues
I have a smattering of reviews in each queue, but the only one with a large number besides the CV Queue is Suggested Edits
Where I have 1,232 reviews
I'm pretty close to Reviewer in LQP, Triage I have close to 500
Suggested edits about the same
I have 89 in low quality, 7 in triage, 1 in help & improvement, 82 in reopen, 6 in first posts, and 5 in late answers
and of course way more in close votes
3300 or so I think
I have about 2500 in CVs but these days if there isn't a tag we're actively going after I just 10k snipe.
10k snipe?
In the 10k tools there's a page where you can get a list of posts with lots of CVs.
10:05 PM
to maximize your vote efficacy
There are almost always around 30 questions on the list that have 4 cvs
(and then when you close those and refresh, there are more)
yeah I wish that feature was available in the normal CV queue
@durron597 I want to fix some of the moderator tooling first, because it's even more long overdue. That's an active initiative as of next week. The 10k tools were designed to facilitate more oversight, which at our current scale, is a function that they fundamentally don't provide very well. You need to be able to drill into those lists more conveniently at a much deeper breadth, and (optionally) filter out the stuff you can't act on, even if just seeing what's ultimately happened to it is interesting. — Tim Post ♦ Jun 27 at 4:08
I'm okay with having the extended CV searching / filtering being limited to 10k+
but I can't filter the 10k tools by tag the way I can the review queue
so I usually put a few tags into the queue (but ones like , not ones like ), and if it comes up empty I snipe.
oh, I am one vote away from my first silver badge, too
I should answer a question
10:13 PM
Your filter was ?
@TylerH That was a reopen audit
I tend to open a good 60-70% of my questions in a new tab
it helps with handling audits
Yeah that's what I meant by peek
10:14 PM
@durron597 I don't know C++ so I don't feel confident in voting on that one
That duplicate is not related to this question. Qt has its own reflection capabilities by use of the Meta Object Compiler. — RA. 13 mins ago
Anyway, I put in the fourth vote so it's open again.
11:44 PM
@durron597 done. Three still need one more DV

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