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6:42 AM
Q: What is the difference between the regression and linear regression tags?

Shawn HemelstrandQuick Summary I was looking at some of my badge progress tags and noticed two peculiar tags. One is [regression] and the other is [linear-regression]. I didn't find anything immediately on their difference on the Meta, so I tried taking a look at their descriptions. For [regression], I found this...

7:09 AM
Should this question be closed as opinion based?
Or not about software development.
@SunderamDubey seems to be about IOS development specifically
and I don't see how any of that would be opinion-based; it is a technical question about how to accommodate the user's preferences in your own app
I was wondering roughly the same about this recently spammed question: stackoverflow.com/questions/19856802/…
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8:57 AM
Should I flag this answer or the entire post? See the comment thread, OP seems agitated that I keep reverting their rant-edits
@Adriaan flag the question so a moderator can revert the edit and lock it for a week to prevent that user from continuing the rollback war.
9:51 AM
Is this NAA, or worth a red flag given the copious amount of religious commentary?
@Adriaan I don't think it's red flaggable, look like what passes for "thanks" in some cultures
weirdly their other post refrains from that
@tripleee a comment on their question doesn't
10:08 AM
@tripleee Ahh, I understood thanks. ;)
@Adriaan It seems NAA only.
@Adriaan I agree with @tripleee - not R/A but also not an answer. So I made it go pink, instead of giving a red flag. (Should please certain large, pink mammals.)
But it seems to have attracted at least one red flag, as it is now content locked.
Heh - I got my first spam answer on my latest Meta.SE question. Shouldn't there be a badge for that? :-)
Ooh - What to do (in the Reopen Votes queue) with a post, single-handedly closed by its poster (who is a moderator) as a typo but which has an accepted answer. Also, both Q and A are well upvoted. here ;)
Spoiler: I skipped it!
10:45 AM
It doesn't really look like a typo, as much as a logical error. The code in the question could be made a little more minimal, but it's not an excessive amount of code. If there isn't an existing duplicate it seems reasonable to reopen.
Up to you, if you wanna mess wi' da mods, man!
Looks like the system sent it into the reopen queue automatically because of a recent upvote.
Nah, the user being a mod is irrelevant in this case. It's a curation issue, not a user issue, so mods and regular users have equal say basically :) If the mod feels strongly that regular users shouldn't muck around with the question, they can delete/lock it.
11:09 AM
@gre_gor good read
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12:12 PM
12:55 PM
@Adriaan did you mean to link to a review?
@tripleee I'd like to, but forgot how to find the review from the question page
1:17 PM
With regards to Burnation handling - is it 100% okay to simply remove the tag and move on?

Can the edit message just be Burnating "insert tag"?

Does this not artificially bump old questions since they're being edited?
@DaneBrouwer It's usually a bit more complex and you should also fix all other issues with the post as good as possible, including flagging/voting to close off-topic questions etc.
@JeanneDark Okay thanks - will make sure to do so when contributing to the burnation effort.
1:57 PM
@user692942 I think it's fairly clear what OP wants, but they misunderstand the feature a little bit. It does currently need a bit more info from OP, so I voted to close as needs detail/clarity.
I edited the question as well and flagged most of the comments as NLN
2:23 PM
Think I might hop into the review queue... it's been a while
hold a glass up in memory of Closey
@TylerH it would be good and fun to have it back indeed
2:40 PM
2:55 PM
4:02 PM
@SotiriosDelimanolis I am learning from your recent list of del-pls posts this week to never mess with Scanner in Java :-P
@TylerH Kindly bin this request(question updated by another user): chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/55324688#55324688
binned per your request
5:07 PM
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And that comment, so thoughtful!

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