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2:55 AM
@AdrianMole Hey! I'll have you know that I bring plenty of action!
@JeanneDark It's exceptionally rare that I, personally, will decline a VLQ flag. If it needs to be closed or deleted, then it's VLQ. I take the name of the flag literally. That I think it is not a good flag, that it doesn't scale, that it should be eliminated... that's not the flagger's fault. They're using what the system gives them to use.
What does get me, of course, is when people raise custom flags and type in "very low quality". That's a big head-scratcher. Sometimes they do it because the post is too old and the system won't let them raise an actual VLQ flag anymore. Other times, they do it because... well, for unknown reasons. I guess typing is easier than clicking the little circle.
@Braiam No, Jaydles (Jay Hanlon) left SE years ago. Although he does still have an account, and does still log in to MSE to contribute sometimes (virtually never on SO, but he never did).
@AdrianMole We don't allow bots to get moderator privileges. That was hashed out a long time ago. And nobody likes old hash.
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4:25 AM
@Shree NAA flags not working for you?
LQP can be a little unreliable when it comes to deleting those kinds of thanks answers in my experience.
and here I thought LQP just deleted everything
But more seriously: even with a comment noting that it's a "thanks" answer? Comments are shown to LQP reviewers.
I agree this particular case is set up for success, but checking the "other answers" tab seems challenging for some reviewers.
What I meant is that you can leave such a comment if one isn't already there ;-)
4:45 AM
@CodyGray Generally I flag as NAA, for that one I hesitate to flag.
@RyanM This. This is exactly what I thought. Also, I thought that one was pretty obvious. It took me less than a couple of seconds to realize it was a NAA, and I think I'm a bit more conservative than most of the LQP reviewers.
@IanCampbell Checking the "other answers" tab shouldn't be required. NAA flags are not for "this answer is a duplicate of an existing answer". In this case, the post clearly identified which other answer it was a "thanks" to.
Totally agree that this case should be easy, but previous experiences of "this worked for me" with a copy and paste from another answer may give one pause.
Obviously leaving a comment with a link to the thanked answer is a good way to avoid that.
5:21 AM
@IanCampbell Totally off-topic but why those kinds and not that kind? that kind of thanks answers makes a lot more sense to me.
@oguzismail As is evident from the later discussion, the exact type of thanks answer linked is likely to be reviewed properly, so I guess I intended "those kinds" to convey other related types of thanks answers which might be more ambiguous and less likely to be deleted.
I didn't realize my comment would be so controversial.
@IanCampbell My question was about the use of language, I didn'tread the surrounding discussion. I keep hearing these/those kinds of <plural noun> and that just doesn't make sense to me
5:36 AM
@oguzismail If I understand you correctly, I think you're asking why I chose "those kinds" over "these kinds," "that kind" or "this kind". It's nuance and maybe writer dependent. Also, I could just be wrong. I'm no authority on English.
@oguzismail It's relatively straightforward. "That kind" means that the author/speaker thinks there is only a single kind, that they're all identical and interchangeable, so they can be referred to collectively as a single kind.
"Those kinds" means that the author/speaker is lumping them all together for the purposes of discussion, although they recognize that there are some non-salient differences between them (i.e., that they're not all exactly the same kind, but they can be treated as if they were the same for the purposes of this particular discussion/point).
Yes, that's what I meant. Thanks for reading my mind. Are you available for translation in my day to day life?
5:52 AM
Heh, usually.
Translating English into English?
Translating mediocre English into English.
I'm almost always available for nitpicking.
6:20 AM
@CodyGray I know your stance on VLQ flags but it seems that other mods handle them differently, judging by the not so infrequent MSO posts about declined ones. I don't remember ever flagging a question as VLQ.
@JeanneDark Maybe if we join a Collective, we will finally all think exactly alike.
Maybe a SOCVR collective? ;)
Or a Moderator Collective!
It will be interesting to see how this works out, I mean when the community tries to curate contributions by "recognized members" and such.
6:30 AM
There was at least one fun answer meta.stackoverflow.com/a/408623 but it looks like we were not in the mood for that ...
@JeanneDark Or moderators do so. Hmm. I can't wait! Who's excited?
@CodyGray Not sure I would call it excitement
@JeanneDark Where is your sense of adventure?
(inb4 "replaced by a sense of foreboding")
6:46 AM
Just expecting even more meta drama
Does that not also seem exciting?
No, and that's probably why I'm apparently so unwelcoming.
That cannot be the reason; for, if it were the reason, it would mean that I, who has the apparently opposite opinion, would be welcoming by definition.
Maybe your unwelcomingness (sorry for being so cruel to the English language) has different causes
That's hardly cruelty! You spelled it correctly and everything.
7:11 AM
Having users translate random sentences sounds like a bad idea. Translation depends a lot on context, without it the end result will be terribly inconsistent and/or non-sensical. A wiki-like approach should provide much better results. — deceze ♦ Jun 13 '10 at 6:10
Ah, how naive we used to be!
Crowd-sourcing is now a thing. It's still terribly inconsistent and/or nonsensical, but we now think it's a good idea.
That's progress ;)
I don't think it's impossible to get useful translations from crowdsourcing, but you have to be careful what your criteria are
a lot of open source sites rely on volunteer translators, with often rather dismaying results
just because you are a native speaker doesn't guarantee that you can write useful copy (or user interface text, or technical documentation, or whatever) in your language
theirs a price too pay if your to cheap too pay
In fairness, you can also pay good money for rather dismaying results.
7:29 AM
@RyanM That doesn't seem fair at all! :-)
8:28 AM
Errr, is this a programming question?
8:58 AM
I have installed so-close-vote-request-generator and Hide-Roomba-Bound-Posts user scripts. Those were working fine. But all of sudden last week the hide-roomba stopped working. The GUI of check boxes on 10K+ moderation tools page was not appearing at all. I today, tried many things including reinstalling script, disable/enable script, disable/enable tampermonkey, uninstall/install tampermonkey (and install scripts). Nothing works. Both the scripts are now not working.
Their respective GUI is not loading. Can anyone suggest what might be the problem?
@AmitJoshi I suspect the site layout might have been updated and broke them
I have the Cv-pls script and it loads up, however.
Which userscript manager do you use? Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey/Violentmonkey?
Not sure if there are more monkeys than those.
I think that's all the monkeys involved in userscripting.
I can't find a hide-roomba script.
9:14 AM
@VLAZ did you look under the couch? That is normally where the roomba gets stuck.
When I grow up, I'll get my own roomba, so I can experience the joy of under-the-couch-roomba.
Aren't roombas now supposed to learn where your furniture is and avoid it?
Ah, they are evolving self-preservation.
Yeah, they evolved a camera and spatial mapping techniques.
9:32 AM
@CodyGray Thanks, I guess I got it. Our languages are terribly incompatible, the Turkish word for kind is uncountable when used like that.
@oguzismail Does substituting "type" for "kind" help at all? Or is that also uncountable?
@tripleee plz send teh coffee
Makyen/EC2-num02: Goodbye, cruel world
9:38 AM
@CodyGray Yeah it doesn't work either. Not sure why though, those types and that type of guys translate perfectly fine.
Indeed, that seems to be precisely the same thing. Languages are weird, though.
@WiktorStribiżew Why is writing a regular expression "general computing"? Did you pick the wrong reason (e.g., in a script)?
9:58 AM
@IanCampbell Having reviewers do the sensible stuff and check out context is challenging? Haven't you heard that you should review without context at all?
not relevant, but that really does sound like a cursed regex engine if it supports lookaheads but not word boundaries... (context)
@CodyGray No. The question is about some software that uses some regex. It should be resolved via contacting the software developers, maybe they "coded" word boundaries in their own way.
@WiktorStribiżew But they seem to be asking for help in writing a regex. Why would the context (whether they're writing it for Perl code, or in some specific software package) matter when determining the on-topicness of the question? What am I missing there?
@CodyGray "regex" is not a univeral thing. There are a lot of implementations.
And some of those implementations are off-topic here?
10:12 AM
@CodyGray When there is a program written by someone who implemented their own regex, yes, off-topic.
@Dharman NO MCVE?
@Espresso Yes? I don't see a full code. I don't know if the code in the answer is that information or not.
@HovercraftFullOfEels I wanted to close that as a dupe of some sort of "how to write to console in Java" canonical, but shockingly, I can't seem to find one...
@RyanM It's likely because it is too basic a question to have a Q/A here. This site often does not have Q/A's that cover the most rudimentary topics
We have some users who are trying to help fix that.
10:24 AM
We have some users who are trying to fix those users.
Part of me wants to ask/self-answer it myself, but I feel like I'd be fired out of a cannon full of downvotes.
Incidentally, there look to be quite a few questions covering how to direct output to both the console and a text file simultaneously.
This question isn't even a good example for others to learn from. It's basically, "I found some code, I want it to do something else,... write it for me", nothing more, nothing less. Not a great example of what you're trying to do
Yeah, that question isn't a good one to turn into a canonical; I agree.
This is pretty solid.
10:27 AM
Agreed as well, it's not good.
@CodyGray indeed, it's a very well-researched and thought out question
@CodyGray Not quite the same, but solid indeed...directed a couple upvotes there.
Lots of questions about printing to a file and the console simultaneously in Java. Someone with a gold hammer and some time to kill should really take a look at those...
... or someone with a carbon hammer?
I don't know anyone with a carbon hammer who has time to kill.
You don't need a diamond for this.
10:30 AM
But unlimited close votes will surely help.
However, I actually agree with your general idea. I've thought about doing similar stuff in C++ ... but never had sufficient "killing time."
Ah, because the pubs have re-opened.
... a bit, yeah.
Okay, I wrote it. Bracing for downvotes.
@RyanM I approve.
@RyanM Fair enough. Now someone please use this as a dupe to close the other question
10:39 AM
It's a shame that moderators' upvotes aren't binding. (So, once cast, no-one else can cast a downvote.)
Not every question should be asked on SO.
@AdrianMole Would be good if moderators' downvotes were binding
I'd be happy to dupe-vote that other one, but it'd close as not-a-dupe due to the majority rule...so if Cody wants to hammer it, I'll hold off. Otherwise I'll vote in a few minutes.
This seems to be the move a turtle question all over again.
We have not learned anything from that.
@JeanneDark +1
@RyanM Done. Was busy editing some C stuff into your excellent Java post.
The turtle question was perhaps a bit too open-ended, but otherwise, nothing justified the irrational hatred of it.
10:44 AM
Not hatred, just not the kind of question I want the site to be about.
@JeanneDark That was implied (or at least, was intended to be implied).
If you believe that's hatred, you don't know what hates mean.
A lot of the value of simple questions, cleanly asked is that they make great dupe targets for bad questions.
Yeah, value that would bore people to death.
I'd much rather the site have easy questions than it be a "debug my code" site.
I wasn't talking about your hatred, @Braiam, but rather Jeff Atwood's well-known irrational hatred of that question, driven primarily by Joel Spolsky's professed love of it.
10:46 AM
Also when I was writing the question I did in fact have to search "write to console in language" to make sure I was giving the right examples.
I'm neither bored, nor dead, yet, so I think we're safe.
It's the sort of thing I have to do regularly when I'm using a language I don't use much, because apparently it's a rule of language design that languages can't be consistent about how you write to the console.
I have to look it up every time I use Javascript.
Thanks for the edits, BTW! @CodyGray @Tomerikoo
I had stomped on @Tomerikoo's edit, but I think I put it back. :-)
10:49 AM
Yeah, for some reason I'd gotten it into my head that JavaScript uses console.writeline... it's actually console.log.
@RyanM I'd say it fared better than you'd expected :)
It was in fact immediately downvoted, but the reception did improve :-)
@RyanM Repeat after me: Javascript is not Java. Or C#. :-)
Anyone for J#?
That (C#) is...probably where I got it in my head from.
They're both languages I don't use very much ;-)
10:51 AM
@AdrianMole No one anymore
@RyanM Gotta love Python here... print(...)
@Tomerikoo Kotlin is nice too; top-level print and println functions. Wonderful for quick debug output.
No love for puts? Y'all can't beat that in brevity.
#define p puts
Using C to beat C is... cheating?
10:57 AM
@CodyGray Jeff didn't hate the question, Jeff hated the fact that quality wouldn't be assured on the site. Jeff was pretty openminded to the idea that answerers should select the kind of answers they want to answer via closevotes.
In other words: if something doesn't interest experts to answers, they should be able to close them.
I spoke with Jeff about it specifically (more like argued), so I kinda know what I'm talking about here.
They implemented that sort of thing on other sites; it wasn't implemented on Stack Overflow for some very good reasons.
I don't need to argue with Jeff to know what he means. He literally wrote it: unix.meta.stackexchange.com/a/595/41104
> If this means aggressively closing unworthy or uninteresting questions, so be it. Without a community of people willing to answer questions, it really doesn't matter if there are questions at all, does it?
Well, for this particular question, it did interest the answerer to write an answer for it...it just so happened that the asker and answerer are the same person here.
There's no need for anyone else to find it interesting for it to be answered, since it already is. Though if someone else does find it interesting, they could always try to write a better answer.
I found it interesting, so I tried to improve the existing answer.
@RyanM That's not excuse, every question has the same quality standard applied
Otherwise, I would start asking about pie recipes and self answer them.
Because that's what we want users to know they can ask about, pie recipes, right?
11:04 AM
Sure, you can do that on SeasonedAdvice.SE.
Nah, I heard that this site called Stack Overflow accepts any kind of question.
You literally never heard that.
It's a literary device, since I'm experiencing it.
Stack Overflow accepts clear, focused programming questions. Clear, focused questions about pie recipes are off-topic.
Clear, focused questions about pi recipes are, however confusingly, on-topic.
11:09 AM
That's irrational.
Also personally I'd rather click a Stack Overflow link when I've forgotten how to print to the console in whatever language I'm doing a one-off task in, rather than some ad-laden tutorial where I'm gonna have to scroll through pages of stuff I don't need just to find the magic incantation.
And, ironically, answering this single question solves the core problem of answerers not being able to find questions which they are interested in answering, because this can be used as a quick-and-easy way to dispatch such questions, with only a single vote, instead of requiring 3.
So, why does the user-card on an article show high reputation with more precision than on an ordinary post? ...
Bah! How can I stop the script automagicing my post?
Ha! It reacts to the word "answer!"
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Which bit? Article show FvP with 423.3k, the ordinary answer shows 424k.
11:23 AM
Got that part.
No idea why they are rounding differently. Obviously it's a different code-base.
I theorized it was cribbed from the old Documentation project, because it looks nearly identical, visually, from what I can recall, but I was told by a dev that they didn't reuse any code.
The other part was that the room script was changing "answer" (in toilet-link form) into "Answer to: xxx". So I changed it into "ordinary post".
Which... might be worse, because it means they wrote all this again from scratch, but hey, who's counting? :-)
I don't know Documentation, but maybe they just recycled all the old code from it?
This is precisely what I suggested, yes. Apparently not.
@AdrianMole I see. I am not aware of this "room script". I must not use it. It would be supremely annoying to have a script that would change my words into something else.
Yes, sorry. Now I noticed.
11:26 AM
Post a message with an [answer](link) in it and see what happens (use the word, "answer").
@JeanneDark You should have just blamed it on a script eating your words.
@CodyGray specifically, Adrian is referring to the URRS
You are confirming the bug, then?
I didn't see it that time since I wasn't looking before Adrian edited it, but I'm aware that it does things like that in general. 99 percent of the time, it's useful, but occasionally the heuristics make the wrong call
My next message will contain the following text: This: [answer](https://stackoverflow.com/a/68107159/10871073).
This: answer
11:31 AM
Aaand... it worked flawlessly. Mere øl, tak
I see it rendered as, "This: Answer to: Pyrebase, Firebase - Weird Behavior Error using Get - Provided string key index is invalid"
I see "This: answer" and "answer" is a link to... an answer
I see the same as Adrian
Yeah, it renders completely normally here. So that must be client-side rewriting of the message?
Wow, that's super weird.
It is indeed client-side rewriting. It's most useful for bare links, but occasionally useful in other situations.
Also it rewrites -pls requests into a more consistent format
11:34 AM
I see that your admiration of me has earned me dos diamonds.
That would be Makyen's admiration.
... they're actually very small coconuts.
Very pointy coconuts. Shaped like diamonds.
And anyway, why does 423.3 round up to 424?
{nm - it's 424.4 now, anyway}
@AdrianMole Because ceil.
Presumably, you don't want to ever round 0.2 to 0.
11:45 AM
In most places, rep is simply rounded to the nearest. You would never see 0.2(k) because that would be 200.
@CodyGray I've been doing this all my life! You say it's not good?
@JeanneDark Not when rounding reputation. Reputation isn't supposed to be 0.
Although... max would be a lovely way to deal with it.
If you give me a 350-rep (instant) bounty, we can test it. Will my 32,023 round up or down? :-)
Surely we can just find someone else with a similar reputation, without me having to give up any of my hard-earned reputation.
But 32023 looks so nice.
... 32123 even better, BTW. Make it a 450 bounty.
11:52 AM
Alternatively, I can get you to 12321 by deducing 19702.
12:46 PM
Why are employees allowed to have phantom reputation?
Surely, there must be a canonical dupe for this?
... looking, but not finding.
Are chromecast questions on topic? e.g. stackoverflow.com/questions/60196545/…
Don't know about Chromecast in general but that one seems off-topic (licensing).
@AdrianMole Don't you love it when you spend like 10-15 minutes finding the perfect duplicate target and the question author deletes their question?
@IanCampbell If that's sarcasm, you'll have to let me know. We don't really have sarcasm in Wales. ;-P
1:02 PM
@AdrianMole I'm pretty sure I've never written a sarcastic or sardonic thing in my entire life.
Hmm. How ironic, then.
I think the upvote is the suspicious activity
A lot of suspicious activity for sure
1:17 PM
What does it mean to intend the code?
Maybe the editor is dyslexic and swapped the t and the d. I'm a terrible speller, so I can relate.
@IanCampbell For me it's the opposite. I can spell many words correctly but can't remember what they mean.
@Dharman this question is off-topic because it's opinion-based
I don't know about Chromecast questions in general
1:42 PM
I hope that, when the dust has settled, I can just ignore the whole collective thing like it didn't even exist.
You'll need a userscript to remove the ever-increasing number of banners under usercards.
... or only follow unsponsorable tags.
this is off-topic?
@Espresso I don't see a programming question there. It seems like a "how do I use this business analytics tool?"
@AdrianMole so far display: none on .js-endorsements is hiding everything for me. Have an example of a post w/ collectives stuff in a usercard?
1:50 PM
@IanCampbell 2 upvote makes me confuse, thank you
@Espresso The only thing that gives me pause is the "i'm searching something like that in Power BI API" in the comments.
@AdrianMole banner overflow
@TylerH This guy seems to be the Big Boy in Collectives. Many of his answers have the banner...
... even his edits have the banner.
If they added a trophy for the R tag leaderboard, I think we'd have big problems.
Because just rep-chasing is not enough, we now have more stuff for people to compete in...
1:56 PM
Yeah, I reaaaally think those banners should only appear on posts that have a collective-related tag
@VLAZ Can one of ROs ban "ban banners" banter?
@IanCampbell R, JavaScript, Python/Pandas, SQL, regex.
who gives a rat's behind if someone is a Google employee when they answer a question in PHP?
anyone can be a google employee
Banner doesn't show if Q doesn't have one of the associated tags.
their turnover rate is in like the 5 digits annually
1:57 PM
@TylerH But we'll know when they got fired (maybe even before them)
Too many downvotes on your article ... You're fired!
Answering too many PHP questions
@AdrianMole wut, I don't see google-cloud-whatever in those tags
and clicking on them doesn't indicate any sort of association
The collective only has 132 tags in it. How can you not have memorized them all?
2:00 PM
wait, I see it on this pyrebase tag
why is it on pyrebase and not firebase since pyrebase is something for firebase
Can a Collective just arbitrarily 'claim' just any tag? If so, who'll get C and R? And who would want PHP?
they have to talk with the company about it
there's no automated way
So, to claim C, or C++, or R, they'd have to negotiate with whom? The relevant Standards Committee?
Somebody did sponsor the C++ tag a while ago ... caused a huge stink on Meta.
What if there isn't a standards committee?
@AdrianMole no, an organization would have to negotiate with Stack Overflow
2:07 PM
@IanCampbell Stack Overflow would provide one?
Seems like there's a lot of alpha testing that wasn't done before this beta release. :(
... 12 angry Mods and a small tree-full of Meta-Monkeys?
Yeah, definitely a MSFT-style process
make the users beta test it
There is a company that sells the most popular IDE for R. I wonder, between them and the open source project, which has more money to buy a collective...
2:25 PM
R you saying that there's a problem?
If a Collective buys R, then we would no longe be able to use that lette in ou posts (without pemission), which would be a poblem. If somebody then bought C, that would be wose - atastophi, even.
@AdrianMole You just can't see the plus plus they would bring
@Wolf ╳ You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
2:46 PM
@Wolf now that you know you're not privileged I don't want to see that again, nor any other messing around with Smokey in this room.
@Wolf thanks!
3:15 PM
@EricAya Agree that it's deletable, but just remember not to target individual users in this room.
@IanCampbell I did not. I didn't mention it was the same user, on purpose. I guess maybe I should have not used the word "another" either? English is not my first language, sorry about any awkwardness, the idea was not to target anyone.
But I understand what you say and will pay attention.
I'm sure a room owner can provide more guidance, but I agree that it's easy to come across the same user's posts organically when someone else flags their answers into LQP.
@IanCampbell Oh I get it, you're talking about hunting a user. Sorry I didn't interpret your comment in that sense earlier. I understand and agree. :)
This looks like spam, but the link already exists in another answer, so maybe just a confused user? Not sure: stackoverflow.com/a/68117660/2227743
3:39 PM
@EricAya I think they are just thanking the other answer.
@IanCampbell Same, in the end I've just voted VLQ, despite my first impression it could be spam.
Benefit of the doubt - deleted but no red flag.
@EricAya You don't need to post a request for that. A single flag is sufficient for it to be handled; multiple flags won't help here.
2 hours later…
@WiktorStribiżew You've previously voted to delete that, and the action was completed. You're not allowed to vote to delete it again, and nor are you allowed to make a request for others to do so in this room.
@WiktorStribiżew Please see FAQ #15. Requests are not permitted for actions where you have voted in a successful action to change the state of that post to the same state for which you are posting a request.
6:37 PM
@Jonas I've edited a couple of your messages which were missing the tag: portion of [tag:cv-pls]. I'm happy to revert those edits if you'd prefer.
6:58 PM
Q: Burninate [kubeadm] tag - its off-topic

Jonaskubeadm is a command line tool for installing Kubernetes clusters. These questions are almost always off-topic for Stack Overflow. Let's us review the last 12 questions with tag kubeadm: Choosing Public IP or VPC IP for creating Kubernetes cluster - belongs to Server Fault. kubernetes master nod...

1 hour later…
8:37 PM
omg, Teams in W11 will not run on Electron, YES
8:58 PM
Teams will run on Chrome?
9:20 PM
@Braiam I mean there is a web version too so that will work
but they are replacing all Electron and Angular code used to run Teams with React to match the rest of Office
it just means that Teams will be far less of a resource hog
@Makyen Don't want to start a fight ... but maybe a new (explicit) "Room Rule" to avoid folks coming here with attempts to get round the new "one-(un)delete-vote-per-person" policy may be in order?
@AdrianMole We already have an explicit rule that prevents that.
OK - Fair enough. Just thought about making it more obvious (in the light of the recent policy change).
.. i.e. "Don't come here to get round the rules..."
@AdrianMole I'm not sure how more explicit you want us to make it. It already says "If you've delete-voted the post and the post was deleted after your vote, then you may not post a del-pls."
9:37 PM
Of course. But I'm (mostly) waffling but have a concern that Meta regulars will see this room as a place to use to get past the new rule. And we don't want that...
Maybe if that bullet point had sub-bullet points to clearly enumerate close, reopen, delete and undelete?
... ultimately, it's up to the ROs/curators of this room, but just 'thinking aloud'...
@AdrianMole I'm not too concerned about it. The rule is abundantly clear (there's always scope to clarify it further, of course), so Meta regulars can only complain if the room actually allows invalid requests like that to be acted upon. I think we're doing all right with catching mistakes like that before it's too late.
This room hangs on a fragile thread. It needs, sometimes, pre-emptive actions in order to prevent inadvertent misuse.
@AdrianMole hangs on a fragile thread ? what thread are you referring?
9:44 PM
if only we had a way of... dealing with people who, break the rules,
@AdrianMole That's fair. I take it you would prefer wording that explicitly mentions the "one (un)delete rule" in FAQ#15?
@Vickel Sorry ... linguistics. "Thread" in the sense of a piece of cotton/string/rope that prevents you from falling over a cliff.
@IanCampbell Well, I've been thinking of adding links to each of those bullet points, so that's a possibility too. That particular issue is fairly buried in the rules, so I'm not sure if we're going to be all that more successful at making it more obvious. I expect that we'll need to point a few more people at it, but I don't expect it to be all that big of a issue.
Yes, I really like the link idea.
@cigien Maybe, in the light of this new rule on SO, a "banner" notice to remind folks of what we don't do.
9:47 PM
My problem with sub-bullet points was that if we go that route, it would feel like we would need to enumerate every possibility, rather than just have a general rule with a couple of examples.
@AdrianMole I'm not sure I follow. Where would that "banner" be added? To the FAQ?
Meh. Who knows. On the top-right panel, where it says what we do do?
@AdrianMole I understood thread, but not the context why you are worried about and saying that this room hangs on a fragile thread
@Vickel There are (apparently) certain staff members (and mods) who are uncomfortable with this room's existence. We don't want to add strength to their arsenal.
... even some of our "blessed few" have reservations.
Sometimes I'm uncomfortable. But Adrian's witticism keeps me coming back for more.
9:52 PM
@AdrianMole well, that's a strong bullet you are throwing, and I've read through some of the meta content concerning that, but lately, I think the opinion is quite positive...
@IanCampbell Meh. My wit is not so good that I ever get decent batches of upvotes. xD
You should post on humor.se
Why do you think I don't?
I mean, "that would be wose - atastophi, even"? You can't buy comedy gold badge like that.
9:55 PM
hek you spell-heke
... oops
Looks like spam, smells like spam...
@IanCampbell atastophi would be Germany loosing against England, or the other way around...
@AdrianMole I can't quite tell. I just delete voted instead of red flagged.
@Vickel No need to add superfluous Os just because you don't have Rs and Cs.
... "loosing" != "losing"
what's Rs and Cs? in that mix?
@IanCampbell I gave it an NAA flag (link-only) and a delete vote.
10:06 PM
@AdrianMole More convincing evidence has come to light in Charcoal HQ if you care to take a look.
... I shall...
10:23 PM
@AdrianMole That's some loose comparison. Use !== instead.
10:39 PM
@AdrianMole wow, I finally got it :) must have had my blond moment of the week
"loose" versus "lose" is a very common spelling error, even among native English speakers. No shame. In "loose" (meaning not tight), the "S" is pronounced like the opening consonant of "circumspect;" in "lose" (meaning don't win) it is pronounced as the opening consonant of "xenophobia". But, on reflection, I wouldn't expect a foreigner to understand that. xD
@AdrianMole we are all foreigners somewhere
I am an alien ... everywhere.
@AdrianMole welcome to Portugal, whenever you can, we are benign , even illegal aliens allowed
I love Portugal.
10:52 PM
@AdrianMole thanks man
... and (most of) the Portuguese. :)
best red wine, white wine and beer in the world, paired up with best fish and seafood as well as Alentejo cattle
Fish, wine, happy lunatics.
and if you surf... best waves of your lifetime, every day
... others have said that Portugal is to Spain what Scotland is to England. Analogies are never quite right, but I know what they mean.
10:55 PM
it's nice here :)
... I'll be looking for a flight, soon. Once I have had my second vaccine jab.
P.S. all this rivalries are from the fights of the "nobles" centuries ago.. so, who cares? but interesting to find out about it, I read a lot into it
... exactly! There's so much "hatred" around that's based on what our distant ancestors did or didn't do. Pointless waste of life's energy.
@AdrianMole come to Ericeira, best surfing town, unique world surfing reserve in Europe
Can I drink beer and surf at the same time? :)
10:59 PM
no Irish Pub anymore, there wqas one, but it got burned and feathered
just kidding, normal pubs with half the price of an "IRISH" pub
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