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1:16 AM
@khelwood looks like a typo (== instead of = resulting in the variable not being defined)
2 hours later…
2:47 AM
@Shree This seems like a straightforward how-to question
@RyanM yeah, it may be, but it is also very unclear (to be honest, I'd choose this reason): there so many ways one could drown in choice :) do they want a CSS-based solution (if so - flexbox, grid, or like the good old days)? JS? What's the markup?
@RyanM I agree. This question should not have been closed
3:26 AM
@RyanM Oleg(^) and Braiam (comment) already say what I think and now it's closed.
2 hours later…
5:41 AM
@Espresso Is that not a reasonably common mistake that others could make?
@Espresso What focus does that need? I don't see any obvious issues with that question.
5:55 AM
@CodyGray If only one of those answerers cared to explain why a dollar sign is not needed there.
@CodyGray +1 seems reasonable
@oguzismail Right? I still don't know.
The question could use an edit or two, though.
@CodyGray Its a typo + duplicate of this
You repeated yourself in saying it's a "typo". I got that. What's the typo? We only close questions as "typo" if they are unlikely to be useful to anyone else. Considering that looks like a fairly reasonable mistake, I don't think it's the kind of question that we would normally close as a typo.
It does, however, look like a duplicate. Which... suggests that it's a pretty common typo and probably shouldn't be closed on that basis.
The duplicate target is equally bad. @Espresso would you mind editing it (including its answers) into shape?
6:08 AM
The best answer is in a comment :-(
6:24 AM
Flag on question about time says to look at the timeline. And who says handling flags isn't fun?
Flagging is also fun
Only if you include the requisite number of puns.
Yes, hi SE staff, I need longer flag text for, uh, puns. Very important.
Agreed, of most urgent importance. Where's that feature request so I can +1 it?
6:34 AM
@CodyGray That'd be this one, I believe.
@DaImTo What focus does this need? it seems to ask a single question: how to generate the parameters?
@RyanM i have been thinking on it all night, Its really to broad but we dont have that option any more. Its a loaded question it would take a week to teach this person how to get a token, and they dont even say what language they want to do it in. I cant teach them to build an authorization server in a SO anwser. So thought i would send it here see what you guys think if you think leave it i can remove my vote.
@RyanM Dang. Reasoning is an even more persuasive argument than punning.
@RyanM I'm saying that asking about 4 different parameters is too broad. There are duplicates if you ask about individual parameters.
Fair enough
@DaImTo Some people say "needs details or clarity" is the new "too broad", others say that "more focus" is the same as "too broad" and can be used as the earlier one
I say, stop shuffling and re-dealing the close reasons.
6:40 AM
@CodyGray In addition to a 5th question in the title ("What is an 'oauth parameter'")
@CodyGray Glad that that flag is handled by a moderator who tends to delete more.
@oguzismail Eeek. Doesn't everyone accuse me of the opposite?
@JeanneDark yeah its hard to figure it out now.
I would love to have a "NO, just dont do that" reason sometimes.
@CodyGray Err.. No?
BBL thanks guys
6:41 AM
@DaImTo That reason is stealthily labeled the "answer" box.
yeah, I imagined a high-level answer to it ("you need to generate it via an authorization server that..."), but SMEs seem to think I'm wrong, so I'm not going to argue.
@RyanM If simply knowing what OAuth is makes me a SME, then it's a pretty simple technology. :-)
Maybe the argument is that I am a SME on SO's scope.
Anyone here who will admit to knowing enough Python to determine whether the edits to this question constitute an acceptable MRE?
@karel since you're here and participated in its closure, can you review the question I linked one message up?
@CodyGray It looks better now like it doesn't need debugging details anymore.
@karel Thanks. That's what I thought, but didn't want to mod-hammer it open without some sort of confirmation.
6:58 AM
Is this question suitable for SO? Maybe "more focus" (asks 2 questions)?
Seems utterly unintelligible to me... and not just because it's Python.
Thoughts on questions like this that ask what the best way to do something is, then link to a question asking generally the same thing, stating that they're looking for newer solutions, if any?
@RyanM They really need to have a better motivation than just "years passed". I think that's generally acceptable if you can say, "With the release of new standard XYZ and the introduction of blah blah, the old advice given here seems to have become obsolete."
Would it thus be Duplicate (because it's the same question)?
7:02 AM
@RyanM Duplicate would certainly be a reasonable close reason.
Especially with a comment like, "No reason to think that the advice has materially changed"
The real question is whether the original question should stay open. I'm not entirely sure it's programming-related, and it seems broad.
It certainly seems programming-related. They're trying to do so programmatically, not, say, find an app that does it.
Meh. Just because I want to write code to compute the area of a circle doesn't make that a programming question.
If it was "how do I obtain", that would seem different to me. But this is "how do I calculate speed?", which is not a programming problem.
This answer seems to be a good overview of how to do it.
@CodyGray Hmmm...good point. I took a crack at editing it.
@RyanM I would have recommended the removal of "best", since it is a common trigger word for users with certain afflictions.
@CodyGray Good point again. Done.
7:09 AM
"Bro Please Help me Bro ."
I'm afraid it gets worse, dudebro. @RyanM likes it when you call him "bro".
On the plus side, it's been a while since anyone has called me...dangit Cody.
I didn't technically call you anything...
@RyanM Much more gooder. Me likey.
I'll let that comma splice in the first sentence of the second paragraph go for now. :-)
Oops. That's what I get for editing too quickly. Tweaked a little more.
Stay tuned for Ryan M getting a moderator message that says he is submitting too many small edits and bumping that post too many times.
7:18 AM
@JeanneDark I forgot to ask the most important question: did you help them?!
@CodyGray Depends on what you consider helping. I flagged it as NAA ;)
Seems helpful.
"that comment is misspelled. But code is write"
You want me to delete gems like this?
> 。◕‿‿◕。 。◕ ‿ ◕。 !⑈ˆ~ˆ!⑈ !(`・ω・。) (¬‿¬) (¬▂¬) (¬_¬) (°ℇ °) (°∀°) (´ω`) (´◉◞౪◟◉) (´ヘ`;) (´・ω・`) (´ー`) (ʘ‿ʘ) (ʘ_ʘ) (˚இ˚) P.S. Welcome to Stack Overflow!
@E_net4theflagger thanks, I hate it.
7:24 AM
@CodyGray I know, I'm asking a lot of you
Q: This tag should be [remove]d

Dane Brouwerremove has 531 questions, 43 followers, and no tag wiki. An arbitrary tag that seems too broad to add value to any given post. Most of the posts tagged with remove seem to be used by low-rep users. The first five questions are about: Removing DOM elements in Javascript An arbitrary error message...

8:12 AM
Is this page a bunch of broken images for everyone else?
...huh. am I just hitting a cursed server?
Maybe? Works for me.
Well, except for that one which says "USER REMOVED"
8:14 AM
It's reliably reproing for me across multiple browsers and computers
You forgot our names already? :-(
Interesting to see a bit more of SO's history
8:54 AM
Today's "easiest close vote" award goes to a question that started with "I have multiple questions." and ended with "which libraries should I use?"
That doesn't sound easy at all... Which reason would you pick?
Honestly, I picked "Needs more focus" because that problem was the first one that became apparent.
But then you read all the way to the end anyway, while you were fiddling the close dialog? I relate to this.
9:26 AM
:52480937 If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck... Let's eat it!
@CodyGray Ahah, indeed, you're right.
Just curious. This question just came to me in the Reopen review queue but it has no edit and no reopen vote on it, and was closed just 1 minute before appearing in the review. Is that normal?
Apparently "popular" questions are sent to the reopen review queue.
Ah. That explains some other odd ones I've seen in review.
Nobody can ever remember this, including the person who first documented it: meta.stackexchange.com/a/196078/153008
9:36 AM
but uh, shouldn't that question be reopened actually? It's...not a debugging question, so it can't possibly lack debugging details.
@RyanM See why the review is useful?
The system works! Sort of. And in mysterious, roundabout ways.
The best of all ways!
@RyanM Sshh! Don't let the devs know, or they'll want to fix it.
Yes, please. Let's fix it.
Get rid of the mystery, eliminate the roundabouts, make things consistent and predictable.
9:44 AM
No fun.
You and I have a different definition of fun, evidently.
@CodyGray Regarding your answer: is it possible to flag to reopen?
@RyanM I thought so? But I really have no idea?
What I meant is casting a reopen vote. That's essentially a flag.
I asked because of the "Someone casts a flag or vote to reopen the question" phrasing that implied there were both
I probably just assumed some parallelism that may or may not actually exist.
9:48 AM
and also because I didn't think low-rep users could flag to reopen, which could be a useful thing to have
Apparently it does not exist
> This idea has an immediate appeal to those of us who appreciate symmetry.
I guess I upvoted for that line alone.
...honestly, we probably should have that, since we have flagging to close...
Maybe some of the other words in there, too.
I don't like that specific proposal, because I'd want it to mirror the requirements for flagging to close. I think.
9:51 AM
Does it not?
Oh, you can raise recommend closure flags at only 15 rep.
You think recommend reopen flags should also be at 15 rep?
(Keep in mind that rep level has been lowered since the question/proposal was eventually asked/proposed.)
(In part, thanks to yours truly writing some Meta answers.)
Sure, why not? People can already flag their own posts for reopening unintentionally via edits.
One misfeature need not beget a second misfeature.
How much worse could it get? We haven't been completely overwhelmed despite edits triggering review, so I don't think an explicit indicator triggering review would be a problem, especially if they fixed or killed the edits triggering reopen review.
And when the post is not reopened, the flag is declined?
I'd say same rules as closure: if everyone thinks you're wrong, declined. If the votes split, disputed.
9:55 AM
Really, disputed in case of voting split? Or not just in case of Triage disagreeing with you?
I like splits.
It's also worked pretty well for closure: the main problem isn't that 15-rep users are submitting too many bad close flags, it's that there are too many posts that need closing.
@E_net4theflagger Only the ones with banana.
@RyanM They don't find them because they are under option "Needs improvement"
Incidentally, I tried to decline a "recommend closure" flag today, saying that a question should be closed for lacking debugging information when it was not actually a debugging question, and I found that I could not decline such a flag. That was interesting. I thought mods could decline those manually, just that we didn't normally look at them, so it almost never happened that way.
9:57 AM
@CodyGray You might be able to decline it by pulling the review item (which I think you can see as a moderator) and casting a binding review vote on that.
My only option was to find the associated review task and dispute it. Which didn't accurately reflect my true assessment.
...ah, well.
This was even with a userscript in play, so if a decline was at all possible, it should have worked. (I wasn't trying to work around anything with a userscript. I just normally use one to show flags inline on posts, instead of elsewhere, and to add some canned decline reasons.)
@JeanneDark So true. Neither do around 1/4 of custom flaggers, who use custom mod flags to type in [things nearly equivalent to] various standard close reasons.
I remember when I was first starting out flagging with the old UI I thought that it made sense to use that when the standard reasons didn't fit.
Didn't the old UI have a "blatantly off-topic" reason, though? Wouldn't you just use that?
Rather than the "summon the angry hordes by scribing thine message here" option?
10:02 AM
Well, it wasn't blatantly off-topic.
It was just a link to another question. So I wrote in the space, "This is just a link to another question"
Then why would you be flagging it for closure?
@RyanM Would that... make it a duplicate?
Heck if I know
it was this one if you're really curious
Yes. "Previous question if someone can help answer"... that's a duplicate.
Martijn declined my flag (correctly), as well as closed (needs details or clarity) and deleted the question.
That's nice; declined for the reason "StackOverflow.StackHtmlContent"
I'm sure that was supremely helpful in teaching you how to use the system.
10:06 AM
@CodyGray weird, looks right for me, interestingly enough.
Oh, hmm. That's a bug I sometimes see when the decline reasons include hyperlinks.
I vaguely recall someone (Glorfindel?) reporting the StackHtmlContent thing somewhere, but I'm not immediately finding it.
OK, it renders correctly on the timeline, but not on the flag history page.
Yeah, it's been a problem for years.
Oh, here it is. Thanks for nothing, SE search.
I previously worked on a userscript that would allow me to include hyperlinks in my canned custom decline reasons, but it never worked properly due to that "StackOverflow.StackHtmlContent" reason.
It also explains why I have 2 zillion declined flags on MSO.
That feeling when you always tell users to search... and they probably did. :-)
10:10 AM
Is that a US zillion (10-to-the-zee) or a UK zillion (10-to-the-zed)?
@AdrianMole It's a made up quantity, as far as I'm aware, so the difference cannot possibly be relevant
But if you're asking how to properly pronounce the letter Z, it's definitely "zee".
"Zee" is "zee" correct way to pronounce "zee" "zee".
Blatantly false.
"thru" is never the correct spelling, regardless of continent.
10:16 AM
thru that
If not incorrect, at least non-standard.
If "thru" == "through", is "thorough" == "thoru"?
Now you're just playing ru.
User has posted this link three times in a row, spammy stackoverflow.com/a/68097865/2227743
Could 5 self-promoting posts be considered as excessive?
10:30 AM
Yes. So could 4 or 3 ... especially if posted in fairly rapid succession.
Depends on the context, but it certainly could be. Especially if it constitutes a large proportion of the user's posts.
If, say, you've only posted 5 answers total, across 4 days, and they all promote your project, and they're all off-topic because your project is a command-line tool and you're posting them on answers to questions on a programming site...
That would certainly constitute excessive self-promotion.
@Adrian Mole, @RyanM Thank you! Three were in a row, two others were posted three days ago
@CodyGray Not to forget the VLQ flag, judging by the many MSO posts about declined ones
If they are otherwise decent answers, I would be inclined to (maybe) add the canned comment 'warning' about spam. Maybe.
@RyanM It is the exact situation
10:37 AM
@Vega Then it appears to be spam.
@AdrianMole I left a comment (not canned)
though, honestly, a number of these questions are off-topic general-computing questions...
Which already exist on other site, so why not delete them?
@AdrianMole Let it go!
10:56 AM
Is Jaydes still involved with SE?
@JeanneDark I suspect that was not the intended link
11:15 AM
Is this an answer?
Errr, why did Smokey delete that second post? It's still up. This was the report.
@JeanneDark Not really. Comment, at best.
@RyanM Look-ahead?
11:33 AM
@JeanneDark It looks to be an answer: it is a bug; but the questions is off-topic, they ask for a support?
Thanks! I wasn't sure the question's even on topic
April fools or Christmas?
Who knows what these new features will be. Watch out for a return of the "thank you" button ;)
Smokey is right, this is spam
Looks like I'm not allowed to even mention Smokey's initials, he doesn't like it...
11:58 AM
@EricAya yep, the bot watches a few phrases
@rene I though you needed to start with sdc (not just SD) for it to be taken as a Smokey command.
so sd k is "the last post was spam"
k is for plagiarism I believe
12:03 PM
... and "is", "right" and "this" are unrecognized but "spam" was seen as an attempt to report a post.
"k" is for "kill the post and blacklist the user", IIRC.
k is an alias for tpu-, so it's suitable for any sort of thing where you'd want to blacklist the user and mark it as a true positive
the system doesn't care which alias you use, just the feedback and whether or not to blacklist the user
right :(
Smokey blame Nathan
12:19 PM
12:41 PM
Same spammer again...
The system will learn the IP address(es) after a while.
Maybe Smokey should run for moderator on all sites? Then the Bot could nuke users without needing help.
1:20 PM
The badges is the profile have changed
Collectives, eh? Seems... Interesting.
Oooh - very pretty. Is that one of these new features we were warned about promised?
@Spevacus Resistance is futile.
Look like back to USSR
... and clicking on that new button also appears futile. :)
whoa whoa whoa
@Vega those badges in the profile are a lot
1:25 PM
I feel like I'm at the olympics
Just remember to keep your 2 metres distance from the other athletes. (Tricky if you're in the 400m relay, but...)
aaand the actual important content, the badges, are much smaller now. Yay
and wow, divitis out the wazoo just for that crap i.stack.imgur.com/qnQys.png
@TylerH div-ide and conquer?
and it's not a link anymore to all their badges
can I bang my head on this desk any harder
1:33 PM
@TylerH You want the "Headbanger" badge?
Also wth is this "invite to collective" button?
ah, found a uselessly vague "we are gonna be changing stuff" post on meta
seriously tempted to close as not seeking input & discussion -_- grumble grumble
@TylerH Probably shouldn't be visible if you're not in a Collective.
I would assume, anyway...
Is "Collective" the same as a "Teams"?
My profile says that I "have not created any articles". Probably related to this Collectives thing...
1:37 PM
SO becomes a social network in 3... 2... 1...
Articles have been a thing in private Teams for a while I believe
lol and I can see this "invite to collective" button on my own profile
@TylerH same here
Does collective refer to sock-puppets? ;)
Yeah looks like an oversight.
@Vega Oof, that raises an interesting concern...
1:38 PM
I'm guessing that's a rebranding of Teams because you can't really have the same product name as Microsoft (unless you want confusion and the horrible reputation)
Even Microsoft shouldn't have named their product that
the button to invite someone doesn't seem to do anything though
"hey join my Teams ... team..."
@TylerH God darnit.
1:40 PM
quick Duck Duck Going gets me stackoverflow.com/collectives
hmmm it's something different
Apparently collectives is another tag implementation
And apparently it is not new, there are already two opinions
let me award you some reddit gold for that
And "Collectives" is now also in the LH side-bar panel.
1:50 PM
Wonder if we will still be able to flag stuff as spam for lack of affiliation disclosure...
... and Theresa has posted about Collectives on Meta.SO. TL;DR - it's a big post.
The badges now look somewhat nicer, don't they?
Is there now a Q&A site within a Q&A site?
2:04 PM
I'm trying not to be overly cynical, but I have a hard time as seeing this as anything but the company taking money from project "owners" to influence the perceived value of questions and answers that until yesterday were completely controlled by the community.
@IanCampbell You would like the answer I posted indeed.
@Braiam the sudden downvotes are unfortunate bc your answer is right. My gut reaction is "why didn't they just develop tag grouping and parent tags instead?"
@TylerH And in spite of that is the thing I am less bothered about.
I wonder if it was inspired by the Borg Collective.
@JeanneDark I hope it is.
@JeanneDark That's the first thing I thought of when I read it (I'm outing myself as a Star Trek fan). I was thinking to myself, "resistance to the GCP collective's answer is futile."
@IanCampbell that would go perfect as a comment under @Braiam's answer ...
What am I? Chopped liver?. xD
2:31 PM
See, neither of us is as witty as we think we are. =P
We think with one mind.
See, it already works
collectives is just sponsored tags under a different name
big brain
2:34 PM
Meanwhile they still can't make the 5 minute change to unpin accepted answers from the top of the page
@JeanneDark So speaks the Borg Queen.
@TylerH it is not in their collective ..
@TylerH I can't help but feel that this is their solution to that problem. No need to unpin the accepted answer if everyone just learns to scan down the list of answers to find the recommended one.
@AdrianMole Yes, 10871073of16299221
2:44 PM
I wonder if we can still vote to delete a recommended question or answer. Will Roomba still hoover them up if they meet criteria?
I don't see why not. Teresa implied that the underlying way SO works won't change.
@JeanneDark Adrian is clearly 5561 of 678929
just looked at my profile, looks like the badges (image of badge) got upgraded... like it +1
@Vickel you're the only one :-P
@IanCampbell it better
2:57 PM
@TylerH what, how, why, did I miss something?
They snuck the change in with Collectives so no one would complain while they were distracted.
@IanCampbell In my local regeneration centre, I'm known as "13 of 5."
before it was a dot, a big dot, if I remember correctly
@AdrianMole Orders 13 beers, pays 5?
... if only.
3:02 PM
Are there no sponsored tags anymore? Have I missed something?
Sorry Jeanne, you'll need to upgrade to Collectives. Cost is 500000 USD.
That's pretty expensive
I'll take two. Cheque's in the post.
Interesting how many people must google "Missing space before function parentheses". That's about the most descriptive error message I've ever seen.
If the extra space after the quote mark is ... darn it!
3:12 PM
I thought about leaving it as a joke but it was unintentional.
3:26 PM
OK, got the profile sections back in the right order and badges looking like they used to... i.stack.imgur.com/WewcU.png
Did not need this distraction from work this morning...
4:04 PM
@TylerH Huh, I liked the new look
@oguzismail to each their own. I think it puts way too much emphasis/celebration on badges
that and i have 0 control of it
They're neat but they aren't useful to other users, so they shouldn't be above a user's top tags and certainly shouldn't be above the user's top posts
i don't want to emphasize that i have a jquery badge
They are just ordered by rarity, right?
4:11 PM
Especially when it's a case of "this user hasn't earned any badges yet except maybe the edit-your-profile one". OK great why are you putting this information above their posts and tags then if the section is basically blank anyway?
@IanCampbell You can choose how they are ordered, but I can't remember if that setting is for how others view your tags or how you view everyone's tags
e.g. "most recent" or "by class"
yea, rarity
i have jquery > reversal > javascript
at least, I thought you could do that previously... maybe that's always only been on the activity page
4:29 PM
So much work went into the tour for collectives, why can't we have the same effort for normal tour? stackoverflow.com/collectives-on-stack-overflow/tour
@Dharman I smell a FR
I really hope they bring the new design to main soon. The wider page, the better buttons, etc.
@Dharman If using SO were to cost 500000 per user, I bet there'd be a much fancier tour.
But isn't the new feature free?
4:42 PM
"Your company’s homebase on Stack Overflow." in the tour indicates the target audience very clearly in my opinion.
free as in freedom, not free as in beer
@Dharman I took the tour, but didn't get a badge :)
5:04 PM
A sanity check: Is this really seeking a recommendation? It is more like: I have Go and Emacs, how do I make these work nicely together? Most of the answers point out where to find the bits in your local install folder and then configure your 'editor'.
@DavidW [tag:cv-pls]
@rene thanks- I do know that but obviously managed to miss it this time
yeah, it isn't 100% right with my attempts either. no harm done
@rene Seems easy enough to edit that into an on-topic question
@IanCampbell okay, both emacs and go are out of my comfort zone I'll not be the one editing
Same, I know nothing about Go, so... I'll leave it to the professionals.
@rene Emacs modes are usually distributed via repositories, if you don't have the mode included in the installation, you are asking for one.
@IanCampbell Oh boy ... Can you re-open my question? Nope, we now have paid professionals to do that for us, a whole collective
@Braiam In my opinion, if you're going to extend that argument, any question about an IDE functionality that isn't implemented by the authors would be off topic.
@IanCampbell Well, if you are asking for a theme for VS, yes, that's off topic.
5:31 PM
@rene I saw that in Discord and it didn't seem all that resource-y to me either. I think it was easily mistaken for one, tho
@IanCampbell BTW, it's emacs the topic of the question, not go.
Yeah, I know, but I know something about Emacs, and nothing about Go. And also that wouldn't have set up my Collectives™ joke.
I need a TLDR on Collectives
sponsored tags
Cynical TL;DR: SO creates expensive product to give companies direct influence over how questions and answers are perceived by the community. They provide tools to the company to award users, questions and answers special flair.
5:43 PM
Yeah, what's up with the whole ™ everywhere?
SE has the google problem, it has a good product but doesn't know how to make it generate revenue.
Google search by itself isn't a revenue generating product, sponsored searchs are.
I'm not against anyone paying the bills, but you have to treat the core tenant of the community with a lot of respect.
@IanCampbell Thanks. I wonder why google.SE is not a thing yet, it'd be way better if they just took their crap elsewhere
i'm against ads that are expressly designed to be unblockable, such as everything collective related
@Machavity yeah, I'm asking for a friend.
6:29 PM
@Dharman wow, they fully reworked that in less than a day
Is it spam? link
@AdrianMole yes, OP is the author of the article
does not disclose affiliation
They also had a spate of recent answers linking to that as well
Good to have sensible mods about. More fun, but less action, with the less-than-sensible mods.
6:56 PM
@KevinB PS I use ol.nav-links li > ol.nav-links li:nth-last-child(3), ol.nav-links li > ol.nav-links li:nth-last-child(2), ol.nav-links li > ol.nav-links li:nth-last-child(1) { display: none; } for sites starting with stackoverflow.com to hide the Collectives sidebar links
I have some other styles too removing other side menu links so that code right there might not work smoothly on its own... haven't tested that
for now i'm using the leave/join class
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