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12:30 AM
I would like some advice about this duplicate. I don't think it is useful, but I didn't find many similar duplicates so far. However, two of the answers are completely wrong and have no place being there. Should I vote to delete the question or ask to delete answers?
@Dharman the two wrong answers should be deleted. I think there's value in the question and correct answer.
@Dharman beat you to it! :)
Lol. Thanks
@Dharman the whole thing's gone now anyway... I was just editing in the class definition when it disappeared on me...
good riddance
12:42 AM
@desertnaut Thanks; understood. That's all I ask. I know some other tag communities have created FAQ posts on Meta describing how to create a minimal, reproducible example in the relevant tech. The R folks and the SQL folks have something along those lines. Do you think that would be useful at all for the type of ML questions you follow? Would be a lot easier than leaving custom comments.
@Machavity It does but it needs someone who's 10k+ to install a userscript and visit an admin page on rodgort
Running it now, should show up soon... there were only about 15 missing entries though
@Nick When it's nothing more than "testing", yeah, that counts as abusive. Red flags are a good way to get rid of that quickly.
@BoussadjraBrahim Why should that be a comment? Is it not attempting to answer the question (by proposing an alternative solution)? If not, which post should it be a comment on? One of the answers, or the question?
@CodyGray OK, thanks, duly noted for future reference.
@cigien I don't think mods reach out to users in those cases. At least, I don't. I only undelete the question. Like @mickmackusa said, the question-ban algorithm should take care of repeat offenders. I'd suggest only flagging these cases when you think that the question should actually be undeleted (i.e, you think it contains some value, or perhaps you just think the professor should have a chance to notice the academic dishonesty).
Machavity beat me to hammering one!
@πάνταῥεῖ Ok, I was fast asleep :) If you meant to ask about the choice of target, that looks correct to me.
12:50 AM
Good, you're awake now. Focus up; I'm reading the transcript. :-)
@cigien I 1st thought it should deserve another target, but it was that one at least.
I don't see another suggestion in the comments, but yeah, your choice looks good.
@JeanneDark I love how we continually refer to a post that starts with "So, I wasn't really trying to establish a new standard with that comment..." as a way of explaining the standard. :-)
Although, as long as the standard is "encourage common sense", I can get behind that.
@CodyGray Only partially. Still halfway through my coffee, and less than a quarter of the way through the transcript :p
@cigien Yes, you need to explain why you are raising the flag and/or what you would like to see happen as a result of the flag. If the content isn't valuable and doesn't need to be undeleted, then why should we care that the asker deleted it?
@Dharman Counter-point: which tag isn't a big voting ring?
12:57 AM
In PHP we have downvoting ring. We downvote all posts.
@RyanM Objectively wrong? Heavens no. I'd be sorely tempted to flag as rude/abusive, but NAA would definitely be defensible. (Edit: Hi Ryan!)
@Dharman I thought that was just all questions. Don't you upvote the answers?
No, answers encourage questions. :D
I see. I like questions.
@IanCampbell I'm not sure that's an answer. Would rephrasing that as a statement make it "make sure you have (don't have) a symbolic link to svn in your path" perhaps? It still feels like that should be converted to a comment.
@CodyGray Ah, I didn't realize that. I've just been assuming that since the flags were marked helpful, something was done about it, thought that's obviously not necessarily the case. I looked through my flags of that nature after the discussion with mickmackusa, and while none of them were ever declined, less than half were actually undeleted. I'll stop raising those flags then, or at least state clearly what I would like to happen.
@CodyGray Right. Like I said, to notify the OP that they're skating on thin ice, or something to that effect. But if that's not what happens, I'll stop. Thanks.
@cigien "I don't see another suggestion in the comments ..." That's why I thought I need you ;-)
1:10 AM
Oh, I see :) Yeah, you had it covered, for sure, so it's all good :)
There are several good (almost) canonical like questions, which cover that you can't pass any variables as template arguments.
@πάνταῥεῖ btw, this looks focused enough to me. OP just wants to run a git command via a system call.
Question sounded like that at a 1st glance.
@cigien system() probably isn't the right tool to control git, that's why.
@πάνταῥεῖ Sure, but that doesn't make the question unfocused per se. An answer could maybe explain briefly the issues with doing what the OP wants.
1:14 AM
@CodyGray I don't believe in "common sense" anymore.
@πάνταῥεῖ Ah, true. I think the OP's just confused with the terminology re passing variables as template arguments. Their code looks fine; just in the .cpp file instead of .hpp.
@mickmackusa Rarely more scalloped terms around these days :-P
1:53 AM
^ how should I format that request?
@Nick Something like [cv-pls] Duplicate (already cast my CV for non-English before OP translated) [link] should be just fine. Leave a comment under the post indicating the suggested target as well.
@cigien yeah - the comment was probably what I was missing... thanks for closing it.
2:33 AM
@cigien If there were an option to vote to convert to comment, I would. But alas...
Maybe a new 20k privilege to suggest.
I'm not sure, but I thought that's a flag that could be raised.
I am a man of few in need of moderator intervention flag. 7/727
Hmm, I'm not sure how to parse that :p Do you mean you rarely raise custom flags?
Those C\+\+[0-9]{2} tags must be frustrating.
I'll check, but I vaguely recall "convert answer to comment plz" is a reasonable custom flag. I don't raise as many custom flags as I should, so I'm not sure.
@IanCampbell Very :( Have you seen my Meta where I whine about it?
2:45 AM
Someone already thought of that and it's not allowed.
It's this one. I asked for a system level implementation. Turns out that's tricky and the advice is to just do it manually.
@IanCampbell Correct :) And with good reason. Too much potential for abuse I think.
I feel like the abuse potential is pretty low for adding python to python-2.7 and C++ to C++17, but sure, it's a slippery slope.
Yeah, exactly. As for the specific case of language version retagging, that could be implemented as an implied tag feature, so maybe that'll get implemented one day. Fingers crossed :)
Well, you could also just get gold badges in every version. Only 789 to go for 17.
Haha, true. I should work on that :D
3:43 AM
@mickmackusa just wait a few days and you can delete the question itself
@mickmackusa Hmm, I'm not sure that's a valid reason to delete a correct answer. Why not wait for a bit, and then delete the question itself as an unneeded dupe. It would take the same number of delete votes to do that. Also, if you use the Request Generator userscript, I think you can set a reminder so that you don't forget to cast a [del-pls] when appropriate.
@RyanM What's that big old smiley face? Is that your "insert emoji" button?
This chatroom has far too few emoji.
@cigien Likely, something was done: the mod undeleted the question, since that's how they interpreted your flag. At least, that's what I would have done, although I was almost certainly not the primary handler of such flags from you. (Although now that I read on, you say that less than half were actually undeleted. I guess the mod who handled the flag didn't feel, in their judgment, that the Q&A had any value.)
This is fun, though, because it kind of gives the lie to all that whining about flags being declined. You had none such flags declined, even though mods felt that no action was necessary. :-)
But, yes, feel free to raise flags in cases like that where you want the Q&A to be undeleted. Just make sure that you clearly state why you are flagging (the OP took their toys and went home after receiving an answer), and that you think the Q&A has value and should be undeleted.
@cigien We don't have a template for that, so it makes for a lot of effort. I'm not convinced that it's worth it. The automated question-ban will catch the worst of the offenders who are truly draining our resources. In other cases, assuming no value is lost, it's just people cleaning up after themselves, and I don't have a real problem with that. Nor do I think you do, either.
@mickmackusa Because you found out that it's not so common?
@cigien Perhaps, but no real need for it to be. A NAA flag serves the same purpose. If a mod thinks that there's anything worth preserving, they can easily convert the answer to a comment in lieu of deletion. I do this often for NAA flags. (cc @IanCampbell)
4:05 AM
Assuming it lasts long enough in LQP to ever roll across a moderator's screen.
Eeek. Have the stats on Rodgort just not been updated yet? I'm seeing way too few questions having been closed and/or deleted there. Looks like all we really did was remove the tag. I'm not thrilled about that... How does that help anyone?
You're breaking the fine crystal ware again? But I agree, I can barely get done 10 retags an hour. It's hard work. (Maybe I'm too slow)
Yeah, eeek with lots of e's is a very old MSO meme. There's probably a meme post about it somewhere on MSE now. (Ah, it is here.)
But yeah, I break a lot of glassware over burninations. So many problems.
@CodyGray For me, ever since McDonald's got sued for serving hot coffee, "common sense" has progressively shifted from reality to myth.
@mickmackusa As a lawyer friend of mine likes to say, "It sounds like you're getting the law confused with common sense." :-)
4:12 AM
Caution: burninations are served very hot.
@CodyGray it is indeed. You can thank and/or blame Samuel 😉
@RyanM Hmm. I guess when you write a couple dozen userscripts, at least one is bound to miss the mark of sanity.
@mickmackusa As (one of?) our resident law nerds, I feel the need to point out that McDonald's was successfully sued for serving coffee that was specifically too hot for a human to be physically capable of consuming without harm.
@Nick Yes, I've heard this before, but I don't enjoy any userscripts on my work computer -- because it doesn't belong to me. Otherwise, most of my SO interactions are on my mobile phone (no userscripts possible there). I only break out my personal computer once in blue moon -- it has some userscripts on it. I hate leaving a bunch of tabs open just to remind myself to vtd later. It's just inconvenient and I often forget to return to the redundant page.
I prefer to handle things that will not change, asap.
Ryan, you're so tantalizingly close to 10k. Is tomorrow going to be the day?
4:17 AM
@IanCampbell Maybe...I'm so close to 10k I can almost taste it. Which is probably something I should see a doctor about...
It's probably too "on the nose" for Cody to nuke the page in its current state -- though it could be justified.
As long as you're not smelling blue, you'll probably be fine.
Which page am I nuking?
It's important to specify, otherwise I'll have to just nuke all of them for safety.
The glasses are extremely dangerous. Come into their field of view with utmost caution.
@RyanM Yeah, I just read this after posting my comment: vox.com/policy-and-politics/2016/12/16/13971482/…
4:21 AM
Doesn't getting the coffee that hot also ruin the taste?
I can't say for sure, because all coffee has ruined taste as far as my palate is concerned. But apparently some people like it.
Agreed, I cold brew my coffee every night.
@CodyGray I closed a dupe and wanted to expedite the deletion of the page. stackoverflow.com/a/65835272/2943403 One avenue was to delete the accepted answer. An alternative for you would be to nuke the whole page. But I am guessing that you wouldn't want to set that precedence.
@IanCampbell For brewing, it's apparently about right, though I can't speak to the effects of keeping it at that temperature for extended periods of time. I should probably disclaim that I don't drink much coffee, but that's about the temperature I brew tea at (my water boiler dispenses water at 195F).
I remember it being an issue that certain coffee-pot warmers (e.g., those used in 24-hour diners) would get the pot of coffee so hot that it would scorch and ruin.
I place my coffee into a French press with cool water dispensed from my fridge and then leave it in the fridge (+4ºC) overnight. Very easy, very tasty.
4:26 AM
Oohh... Better check with a tea snob, @RyanM. I don't think you're supposed to brew all teas at that temperature.
@RyanM aaaaand that was replied to the wrong message. Oops.
Ah, I was wondering how 195ºF was supposed to be "cold"
@CodyGray You're not, but I'm also impatient and want one temperature that works acceptably across many teas
Do you just drink mostly black tea?
I do
4:30 AM
Mostly black/herbal, with occasional green tea
Brewing it too hot can cause it to become bitter (because it extracts a higher number of flavonoids, especially tannins, which are astringent)
What is this "black/herbal"?
That's like "Java/Python".
I have been known to write Java and Python. Usually separately.
Although I do have some black/herbal mixed teas.
@RyanM Not in the same mug!
By the way, if you're looking for a tea snob to consult, I recommend Laura, who is a former SE employee from back in ye olden days.
@RyanM Those are interesting combinations.
4:35 AM
The first one is a little sweeter than I'd like, but still quite good. The second is a bit better tuned flavor-wise.
Oh, you've actually tried both? I assumed you just Googled for random examples.
I do like a black tea with pumpkin and spice around the fall time of year.
Ah, no, I actually do have and enjoy both of those.
What a nasty woman you are.
(If this offends you... get over it!)
The second one is a blend of two of their other teas, one of which is called "Cougar Tranquilizer." They're all interestingly named.
No Seasoned Advice profile? Just a lurker Ryan?
4:37 AM
Oh, they make all sorts of fun, sporty teas.
@IanCampbell I have most of my profiles hidden for sites where I don't really participate, though I've unhidden any where I've actually posted.
Hmm, good idea. It might be embarrassing if someone got the wrong idea about my Roleplaying games profile. (I made it just to flag spam, honest)
Most people only bother to hide the sites where they're posted, but are embarrassed by their participation there.
It's hardly worth bothering to hide the accounts you've created only to flag spam and have no activity.
@IanCampbell Might even make someone think I speak Russian...
Worse: you speak URL shortener
1 hour later…
@TomerShetah Looks like it to me.
The challenge is figuring out which other answer it's "re-enforcing"... I'm honestly not sure.
If I could tell, I'd convert it to a comment. Since I can't, I'm thinking to just delete it.
Is there another room that I can ask for an obviously Opinion-based page (with no recent activity) to be closed? I hate it when my cv's age away.
Kinda seems like that would be unfair double-dipping. Oh, I thought you meant your request here had aged away. Never mind.
@CodyGray I see you already deleted it, so I won't try to figure it out. But it is interesting who was the source 😂
6:16 AM
Why is that interesting?
@TomerShetah I won't try to speak for what others would say, but... that's of such low quality that I think it should be deleted.
I am always afraid to flag such posts because they have a slight of information
@CodyGray Not convinced it was reinforcing any individual answer, just the general consensus from all of the answers that LSTM is slower than CuDNNLSTM (assuming the obvious, need GPU to run)
@CodyGray Yeah, a majority weren't undeleted, and 2 of them even had explanations for why. Since my intent was not for most of them to be undeleted, it worked out :p I don't think I'll bother with raising those flags anymore. I didn't know that an automatic question ban kicked in until mickmackusa helpfully pointed that out. Definitely not worth it if mods don't have a template for those situations. Thanks for clarifying this.
Regarding the fear of declined flags: I'm not really sure why that's so pervasive. It's unfortunate I think, because that suggests that the riskier cases are not being flagged. Some, if not a lot, of those are likely problematic, and precisely the kinds of situations that should be flagged.
I've mentioned this before, but Sam's flag thing that lights up when one has an insanely high flag accuracy rate, is likely contributing to this feeling. Even if Sam doesn't explicitly say it, promoting that implies to people that a perfect flagging record is something to strive for. Which isn't a useful thing to incentivize I feel. And after all, there are already mechanisms in place to ensure that users don't raise too many unhelpful flags.
6:22 AM
@TomerShetah Yeah, that one I can understand being reluctant to flag as NAA.
@cigien Please do still flag if you want them to be undeleted, though! But I guess that goes without saying. You've seen the Meta FAQ on question bans, I assume, right?
@cigien Agreed, agreed, agreed. Many moderators have expressed concerns about that script of Sam's contributing to a harmful pathology. It's worth pointing out (again) that no moderators I know of even use that script or consider its "accuracy rate" statistics, including Sam himself.
@cigien I would say that a "perfect flagging record" would have to include some declined flags. Otherwise, we could all just be robots.
@AdrianMole Indeed. Very well put.
It's really important that people raise flags in the situations where they are unsure. Otherwise, potential problems just fall through the cracks, which defeats the whole purpose. While gamification is undeniably big on SO, the system is explicitly designed not to gamify moderation tasks.
@AdrianMole Yeah. I'm very suspect of a perfect flagging record. I would honestly assume that someone is a bad flagger because they're only flagging obvious things. Anyone can flag obvious things. That's a lot less helpful than someone who flags all the problems they see.
I've never had a perfect flagging record.
Multiple times, I've even declined or disputed my own flags.
OK. I'll put in an effort to raise some dodgy flags, over the coming days/weeks. Something to do...
I mean.
You're supposed to feel strongly that there's something wrong.
6:29 AM
@CodyGray I have, but clearly I forgot that particular case. Of course, I'll still flag for undeletion of worthy posts.
@cigien I wouldn't say it's a special case... Just that deleted questions still count towards the total quality score, and many of these questions tend to be zero- or negatively-scored.
But yeah, there's also this from the Meta FAQ: "Additionally, deletion itself counts against questions less than 30 days old when deleted if others have invested time into answering or moderating the question."
So I guess that is a special case.
My main issue with custom flags is whether or not it's something the community can deal with. Some cases are clearly outside that domain; others are more circumspect.
@AdrianMole In my opinion, that's best addressed by making it very clear in your flag message why you believe that the issue requires moderator intervention. See also: a diatribe on mod-flagging
As a specific example, it would generally be inappropriate to raise a flag requesting closure of a question. Obviously, the community can and should handle that for themselves, without moderator intervention.
However, if you were to raise a flag saying: "This low-quality, off-topic question has been through multiple rounds of community review, but the closure votes/flags keep aging away. It's a low-traffic tag, so never accumulates enough votes. I would like for a moderator to intervene and hammer it closed."
...then I think that is very likely to be accepted. (Unless it's an edge case, and the mod can't see why it should be closed and/or can't justify hammering it closed. But I'm assuming you'd only flag like that in obvious cases.)
6:33 AM
@CodyGray Yeah - I saw that. I always try to make my case clearly, subject to the limitations of the message length.
Sorry for interrupting your rant flow.
This is normal, and nothing to worry about.
@cigien I'd also note that it's been said in a few places that deleting a question shortly after it was answered is considered by the question ban algorithm as actively hostile and that deleting your question in that state is the worst thing that you can do wrt. not getting a question ban (i.e. it's the thing that's given the most weight towards triggering a question ban).
@Makyen That's good to know, and definitely makes a lot of sense. Even less reason for me to raise those flags if the system is handling it so well. Thanks for pointing it out explicitly.
@cigien Post bans are my favorite feature of all time.
Followed closely by downvotes, which are arguably even better, because they enable post bans.
Why am I not surprised to hear that? ;)
6:48 AM
I don't know. Am I that predictable? I'm a bit skeptical that you would have correctly guessed my favorite feature before I revealed it.
Nah, I wouldn't have guessed it a-priori, but now that you mention it, I'm not surprised.
Hmm, a priori is not supposed to be hyphenated. Oops.
7:04 AM
@cigien I was bothered and slightly irritated. I'm heartened that you realized.
@CodyGray Yeah, it was quite an egregious mistake. I was worried you'd never talk to me again.
Would have been more ironic if you'd misspelled "egregious".
Darn, I always miss those opportunities :p
This is a feature request right? stackoverflow.com/q/63499297/11573842
I edited out the request part but I thought it would invalidate the answers so I rolled back
7:33 AM
@Yatin I don't think it's ever a problem to turn a closable question into a non-closable one.
Resource suggestions are valid answers to how-to questions anyway, so it doesn't invalidate anything.
8:12 AM
Any idea why stackoverflow.com/… only return 1 result?
@user202729 Why would you assume it should return more than 1 result?
@MrUpsidown That has JavaScript code... What's it lacking? Do you think it needs a full HTML and CSS demo?
@CodyGray that's indeed what we usually require + there is 0 debugging details
Meeehh... I'm not enthusiastic about "needs MCVE" becoming that restrictive. But it's outside of my subject-matter expertise, so I won't comment further.
@CodyGray the code takes values from HTML elements that are not present hence it's impossible to reproduce / debug
8:17 AM
@MrUpsidown I see. Thanks; that makes more sense.
@CodyGray Without the quote there are many answers, many of them contains that exact phrase.
@user202729 How many of them contain the exact phrase not in a code block?
@user202729 The others are all preceded by a pound sign (octothorpe). The search for the quoted phrase is finding the only one that isn't preceded by an octothorpe.
Nope, adding the number sign doesn't change the result set.
8:23 AM
@CodyGray The results with/without the hash will be the same either way, the search doesn't care for it, but, it does care about the code blocks when in quotes
Well, stackoverflow.com/… works at least.
Yeah, you need both code: and the octothorpe.
Because it does care for the hash when looking at code but not when looking at just text...
Guess I'll have another bunch of questions to duplicate flag.
They tend to age away anyway. There are too many new questions for people to review old ones, and the close vote queue are flooding.
On a related note, the recent bug (https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/359705/url-text-box-is-no-longer-autofocused-in-duplicate-flag-dialog) makes duplicate flag harder. I should figure out a local fix.
Well, where I'm from, the # is a hash and £ is a pound sign.
8:28 AM
@user202729 No repro on that bug on FF here btw, the text box is definitely focused when opening
You see, that Firefox report was from someone else. I didn't try reproducing it myself.
Broken on Chrome, though.
Maybe userscript related?
I don't run any
Oh, weird. I only repro when going through "flag", as in the MSE bug report, not when I go through "close". That is, m -> c -> 1 works fine.
Question, what if i have a web site with Language-XYZ, book recommendation. And I post comment linking to it. Like [Improve your Language-XYZ].
Is 3% of all my comments ~1.500 to mutch or? Is an average of 3 per days too mutch ?
When is it spam and self promotion
8:34 AM
@Nick did you go Flag -> Duplicate or Close -> duplicate?
@CodyGray Ahah, tell you why I didn't repro, I went Flag -> Needs Improvement -> Duplicate, instead of Flag -> Duplicate
@DragandDrop Questionably valid. People tend to post cppreference link regularly.
that's a reasonable workaround (one additional key press versus tab tab tab)
@CodyGray, always revelant people alway need to improve their skill and the question are all poor and closable.
@user202729 The way I proposed is the same number of key presses: m -> c -> 1
As if I have 3000 rep.
8:36 AM
@DragandDrop I would consider how many of them are relevant.
@user202729 Oh, sorry; I don't know how much rep you have
@CodyGray, always revelant people alway need to improve their skill and the question are all poor and closable.
@DragandDrop I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean.
@DragandDrop You aren't disclosing your affiliation. 1 is spam by the definitions which SE uses, and any additional such are also spam.
How to deal with questions like: "I am trying to do xyz with this API" - but xyz is simply not supported by that API? Should an answer be provided like "This API doesn't support xyz"? Or should it be closed? If yes, for what reason?
User and me share the same hour of activity and i can't click a question without finding a comment linking to his site. perhaps pure luck but i see at least 3 every day. some times it's not bad, sometimes it's juste useless.
8:41 AM
@MrUpsidown The first thing. Unless it's just absolutely absurd that someone would want to do thing xyz with that API, in which case I guess you could close as typo/no-repro.
Ok thanks... I often fear that this kind of answer might get downvoted for its quality...
My question is simple I need external advice to evaluate the behavior as Im getting a bit annoyed. I was about to recommend users to get a hithub or something More like I-Downvote-you-because.
@DragandDrop Then, as with most things where you think there's something wrong going on which doesn't have a direct way which the community can handle it, raise a custom moderator flag (on the post) and clearly explain what you see is going on.
@MrUpsidown Well, make it high quality :-)
yeah... ;)
8:44 AM
In all seriousness, proposing an alternative way of doing it (like an alternative API, or some other approach) would make for an ideal answer.
But even if it's not possible to include such an alternative, I don't think a downvote would be warranted for a "This is not possible" backed up by evidence. Although I wouldn't expect any upvotes.
Sure, that makes sense.
"Not in scope of package as outlined in documentation here. Package Y has that functionality"
Have to do that often in since it's actually got a documented scope. Maybe not so useful in other packages
On the other hand, it would be somewhat-annoying if Google implements it later and the answer is currently at +100 and the newly-posted answer is at +0 and you deleted your account. (the same thing happens in other languages too, and people can edit others' posts to add "note: this answer is outdated* anyway)
sigh They pushed an update that messes up the breadcrumbs on the flagging/closing dialog.
I found a guy copied answer from another question.
8:48 AM
@maltoze link?
@Makyen In what way? Seems fine to me still.
@maltoze always type some other text with a hyperlink to prevent "one boxing".
Sorry for that...
@maltoze generally, in this case raise a custom flag for plagarism and link the original answer
8:51 AM
@CodyGray I'm seeing: i.stack.imgur.com/VoA0d.png
@CodyGray Here is a screenshot: i.imgur.com/rt8dY5u.png
For cases of suspected plagiarism, please raise a custom moderator flag on the answer. Use the textbox to provide a link to the answer you suspected them of copying.
@maltoze ^that
Oh, no repro on my current build of Chrome on Windows 10, @Makyen @VLAZ. Interesting.
@Makyen Aww, your screenshot is better - it has hand drawn circles. Mine is just a rectangle.
8:53 AM
@CodyGray answer provided - hope it's good enough to not attract down-votes... stackoverflow.com/a/65841986/1238965
@VLAZ :) I've learned my lesson: always respect the red circle meme. :)
@CodyGray it's VERY recent - I tried it in a tab I've had open since maybe 30-60 minutes and I had the correct breadcrumbs. Maybe caching or A/B testing affects you.
@MrUpsidown Multiple paragraphs, a couple of links... passes my smell test.
2 messages moved to SOCVR /dev/null, this is something to be flagged. There's nothing regular users can do about this.
haha good!
8:54 AM
@Makyen I got that too, looks like a cross-origin thing.
@VLAZ I just opened in a new tab to check, so... no. Seems like a very weird thing to A/B test: "Do the breadcrumbs work better when they're broken or functional?"
On the other hand, there was a time I enable "alternative JavaScript provider" or something, so...
9:11 AM
Broken Breadcrumbs on Edge/Chromium and Windows 10.
Maybe it's because I haven't updated my Chromium in...forever.
In "About," I see "© 2021 Microsoft..." ... what do you see, "© 1984 IBM"?
© 1978 DEC
Broken on Firefox as well...probably you need to clear caches?
9:19 AM
@CodyGray is there a way to un-duplicate this question and move it to latex SE instead? it is has nothing to do with question it is linked as duplicate and it is latex-only
@Ruli Unfortunately, no. We can't migrate questions that are more than 60 days old.
Note that the asker agreed that it was a duplicate.
Maybe you can re-post it on Latex.SE if its going to be valuable there. I believe you can do it with appropriate attribution.
I am curious why as the linked question is clearly irrelevant to the question asked, linked question is R and this one is Latex only, weird stuff happens
Is it possible that they have the same answer, despite one also involving R? They both seem to be using Latex.
@user202729 Yep. The error is Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at https://cdn.sstatic.net/Img/stacks-icons/ArrowRightAltSm.svg. (Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing
9:25 AM
Ill check out later when ill have more time, need to find correct answer to my latex problem now :)
The evidence suggests you should ask a question with the tag :-)
Will that give me an answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything?
9:47 AM
Search this tag: .
10:20 AM
IMO, this question should be closed as POB/Not About Programming. Active bounty on it; casting CV is not allowed.
@AmitJoshi I believe you can raise a custom flag for that. There's not much regular users can do.
@AmitJoshi The bounty is over. It's only waiting for the up to 24 hours for the bounty grace period to expire + the ~12 hours from the bounty being awarded to being eligible for close-votes. Moderators aren't going to cancel the bounty at this point. Just set a revisit and submit a cv-pls in 24 to 36 hours.
@CodyGray OK. I will confess that I do not have any clear ideas for such a FAQ post; at the end of the day, R & SQL questions are programming ones, which is not exactly the case with such ML posts. Moreover, I doubt for the actual value of such a post - evidently people who need to read them do not read at all, and people who have actually read the existing guidelines post well-posed questions w/o the need for additional guidance
@AdrianMole There are no questions tagged 42. :(
10:30 AM
@Makyen Ahh... Slightly late to read that. Just raised a custom flag. But looking at your advice, I just retracted it.
@desertnaut The value is in being able to provide a reference for people. Some people are genuinely reading those. Maybe not when they first post but will amend their question after they are pointed to the correct resource. The number is small but not zero.
@VLAZ as said: I do believe that for such people the existing guidance is more than enough, and a tag-specific one is highly redundant and unnecessary.
IMO, always
10:50 AM
11:48 AM
... or maybe not a typo but basic misunderstanding (OP has now commented on my comment). Tricky.
12:37 PM
1:01 PM
1:21 PM
This question has quite high score, answer as well, it is off-topic and kind of broad but it seems to be helpful, I am not sure if there is consensus how to deal with such questions but personally I don't see deletion as necessary
that's however just an opinion, others might not agree with me :)
@MrUpsidown Well it was last active nearly 3 years and seems to be helpful
why would you want to delete it?
Because it's closed and has already 4 delete votes?
That's not a reason to delete something
@Nick I don't see it as relevant either. As the comment said: drupal 8 changed stuff, so most of the information is irrelevant
Because it's off-topic to me
1:25 PM
Because it is Too Broad?
That in my books removes any value it may hold.
Also, it isn't a good question for SO.
@Braiam That's like saying delete all python2.7 questions
@Nick If they are irrelevant, yes!
@Braiam... it partially disagree with what you said. If you're still using Drupal 7, some topics will obviously still be relevant. Not in this case though.
Just because you're using something up to date doesn't mean the world is, historical code and questions will always be helpful to someone, even if not you
1:26 PM
I must agree with Nick in this
Alas, so must I.
@Nick A high overview of a old framework, which also is no bueno for SO
There is so much new crap to delete, I think we should concentrate on that
@Vickel We can do both.
I agree too. The problem is not Drupal 7, the problem is the form and content IMO
1:28 PM
Either way, I'm sure the ROs will agree with me, no it wouldn't be appropriate to post a for that post
There are valid Commodore 64 questions on SO ;)
@MrUpsidown That's irrelevant. This question wasn't valid from the start.
If it's closed, it's a fair game to delete. The only exception to that is if it holds any value.
This holds no value for people that wants to know how drupal works now.
But it does for people who want to know how drupal 7 works
What's irrelevant? I basically said the same than what you said...
@MrUpsidown No. This is not a programming question in any stretch.
Commodore64 can have programming questions.
1:30 PM
calm down guys, wait for an options from ROs
"This question wasn't valid from the start." that's what I think too. I said the problem is with the form and content, not the fact that it's about an old version of Drupal
@Braiam keep it cool and read my messages again. You apparently got my messages wrong.
@MrUpsidown No, I did not. I am very specific with my words, yours simply do not fulfill the same meaning as mine does.
great ! have a nice day everyone, sorry for disturbing
Some people in this room should really take some vacations!
If you want to say the same thing, you need to be semantically equivalent, your words leave room for other interpretations.
yeah, obviously teacher
thanks so much for pointing that
1:35 PM
I'm saying "this question wasn't a valid programming question which is enough grounds to delete, but also is obsolete which removes even the little value it could have".
You were saying "old/obsolete things can have valid programming questions"
I will repeat myself, calm down guys, its just a question, no need to bring in emotions
I don't see anyone getting emotional here, just defending their stances.
@Ruli I'm not sure you should bring emotions here, is pure semantic analysis
1:39 PM
I don't agree that old versions of things should be deleted. You never know what crazy person will decide to try to launch a Joomla1.5 application -- just as a silly, personal challenge. Old on-topic questions may benefit someone ...possibly. The bottomline is that this old question was sensibly closed (and could have been closed for a couple reasons) and is not a good fit for SO. For this reason, I support its deletion and have personally voted to delete.
That's funny because every time I ask a question here, I get the same kind of arrogant and contemptuous replies (only from some people though, don't get me wrong)
I don't know where you are reading arrogance. I'm not reading that from any of the discussion.
@MrUpsidown I don't see that here. I'm not sure what sounds arrogant. One can have arguments where people disagree
You sound arrogant, sorry if that wasn't clear
@mickmackusa Yes, it was sensibly closed, and no it's not a good fit for SO, but it has clearly been of value to people over the years and don't see it causing any immediate harm that requires it's deletion
1:41 PM
It is healthy debate from my perspective.
@MrUpsidown well, sorry for that. But I assure you, is not arrogance. Is just that I like to be very specific with my words and really get frustrated when other misunderstand me.
@Nick that is not a criteria/factor for me. I see lots of bad Q's and A's upvoted that should be downvoted and/or deleted. That's not enough. Opinion-based questions might invited great answers, but they are still Opinion-based and must be purged according to what is on-topic.
Which is why people claiming to say the same as me, have to actually do it.
@mickmackusa That's fair, I just don't expect it to fly for requests in the room
@Nick You are entitled to that opinion. I am on the other side for this one. I would encourage that type of request 100% of the time.
Folks found this question "helpful", but I WILL be requesting its deletion in a couple of days. stackoverflow.com/q/303609/2943403 BECAUSE it is off-topic.
1:45 PM
"No, I did not. I am very specific with my words, yours simply do not fulfill the same meaning as mine does." - this honestly sounds arrogant to me. In other words: I know how to speak and you don't. That's why I asked to keep it cool. And English is not my mothertongue so my words might not always be the best choice. All I said is that we basically agreed it wasn't a good fit in the first place and you start making noise... so please let's keep it here.
@MrUpsidown Okay, clearly you are triggered by that statement, but that is the kind of fine-tooth-comb commentary that occurs here from time to time. You should not take that as an attack. I didn't think less of you when I read that comment.
Easy. It was just a simple question and I think there are ways to keep it cooler than that. Never mind.
Just compartmentalize that portion of chat as misconstrued dialogue.
Its not arrogant to me, it is explicit, it means that he told something else than you and you have misunderstood it possibly, I believe he was still trying to answer your original question and gave a valid opinion previously
Specially the last one. If you find that information elsewhere there would be less push back because it finally found its better place, since it didn't fit SO's
@MrUpsidown In case you don't know, I'm not a native english speaker either, despite what it may looks like.
1:53 PM
@MrUpsidown The key to SO is assuming good faith. If you're not sure, asking is a good way to find out intent. A truly rude person will come through the more they talk
Now the RO turns up ;)
well and what about the question @Machavity, should it be deleted or not? :)
bring the light to the darkness
Hello, what are we arguing about today?
Deleting things!
@Dharman Your favorite topic, deletions and what can they do for you
1:58 PM
Not just anything either, PHP!
@Dharman how's the php hammer treating you?
I like the hammer, but I don't have enough CVs. :D
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