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12:04 AM
I find that it's Thursday..
1 hour later…
1 hour later…
2:33 AM
What to make of this answer? stackoverflow.com/a/64038754
3:08 AM
^^ Please delete the above cv-pls, I think the question is perhaps answerable if the comment is edited into the post.
@Makyen, Could you advice/help me here, please? It is a duplicate of this one. Could you hammer it, even though it is wrongly tagged as JS? In general, is it OK to ask here gold badgers/Mod-RO's that are also SME, to hammer?
4:01 AM
that'd be spam, then...
@Vega np. Done.
I would expect it's not unreasonable for you to ping gold badge holders and ask for a question to be hammered, unless the gold badge holder has asked for that not to happen.
As to mods, as moderators, it's technically not permitted, as such a request is really them acting as a moderator. The room doesn't want to be a place where moderators get pinged just to get more moderator work. OTOH, if the moderator has said they are OK with you pinging for that reason, then it's alright, if done sparingly.
I expect, the most likely moderators to be asked in here or respond to such pings are @Machavity or myself, who are also both gold badge holders, in different things, who can, and likely will, dup-hammer a question, if we know enough about the technology to be able to self-determine that it's a duplicate of the proposed dup-target.
OYAH (on yet another hand), the general direction from Meta, both MSO and MSE, is that we (SO/SE) do not normally reopen questions, just to close them for another reason.
Personally, I don't see a lot of benefit for opening and reclosing most questions for another reason, with the exception of duplicates, which might have some lasting value as a signpost. For the other close reasons, maybe I'm just in a cynical mood, but I don't think the current differences in the post notices for the various close reasons is sufficiently differentiated to make it all that beneficial to be sure the question is closed for the "right" reason.
Prior to being a moderator, I would just leave a comment on a question stating my disagreement with the close reason and indicate to the OP what I felt was necessary for the OP to change to get the question into a shape where it could be reopened. Because I would give specific advice, even when it was relatively general, I believe that was probably more valuable than the generic text which users get from the post notices (which I haven't seen to be that helpful).
@Vega So, the short answer is that I don't, personally, have a problem with being pinged, relatively rarely, for such a reason.
Err.. a teensy-weensy doubt. Is putting your company name as your username a case of advertising? I have seen many usernames like that (but can't link to them publicly)...
@d4rk4ng31 Nope, that's fine. Lots of people do it, including one of the top 10 users by rep (who is a great contributor, this is not a complaint by any means), so it's not like it's flown under the radar :-) There's generally a lot more leeway for profile content, including username, as long as it's not offensive.
4:17 AM
Oh! Well okay. Thanks a lot :)
np :-)
@d4rk4ng31 It's generally permitted, assuming there's no attempt to decieve, but most users will automatically assume that there's intentional advertising involved somewhere. However, what is not permitted is to have a "company" account which is used by multiple people. Accounts on SO/SE are for a person, not a company.
@Makyen Hmm... but I don't think we can know if the account is being used by a company or a person, can we?
@Makyen Super, thank you for the detailed explanation, too :)
@Vega np.
@d4rk4ng31 Not easily. It's normally determined through their actions and statements.
4:24 AM
Also, (I can't see the deleted posts but still...) does the code from deleted posts still uphold the CC license? (Meaning can be used without the author's permission?)
@Makyen Oh! That's nice. Thanks :)
@d4rk4ng31 Generally, yes. Be careful, though, as it may have been deleted due to plagiarism or similar circumstances where the author did not have the right to grant the license to the code.
@d4rk4ng31 Yes, specific author permission for each use is not required. All user content contributed to Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange is contributed under a CC BY-SA license (any of 2.5, 3.0, or 4.0, depending on when posted). That does not change. It can not be changed retroactively, and the user can not withdraw the license. The only point which might create an issue is if the user did not have the right to grant the license in the first place.
ninja'd :)
Thanks a lot. Sorry for pestering :P
@Makyen We each emphasized different points :)
True. :)
4:57 AM
Sometimes I see a question with something wrong on OP's computer.
this meta question https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/373559/questions-that-require-a-lot-of-discussion-with-the-author suggests to close the question.
In this case, I comment on the op for some suggestions (I think they would not make answers because they're just guesses) (and I can't vote to close anyway)
But then, op solved the problem and delete the question. (I don't know what happened. It's also possible that someone else vote to close the question)
5:32 AM
@yivi why won't that roomba?
6:06 AM
@Nick Not sure now, it's already deleted. The "roomba forecaster" said it wasn't roomba worthy. I've seen many times that closed as a dupe and answered do not qualify.
@yivi weird, it was downvoted, the answer was downvoted, I would have thought it would have been roomba'd. Anyway I vtd'd it...
6:56 AM
@user202729 author deleted the post themselves, really nothing we can or should do
Is that answer in my above request possibly spam? It was posted so quickly after the question had been asked and contains a link.
7:21 AM
@DavidBuck seems that is a valid powershell programming question?
@Nick I thought most shell/CLI questions should be on SU? If you think it's valid, I'm happy to withdraw
@Makyen Could you please remove this from the room
@DavidBuck I could be wrong... but there are 85000+ powershell questions on SO...
@DavidBuck I think this is a valid question too. Just look at tag
7:59 AM
@JeanneDark yeah, that's me there arguing with the respondent :)
3.3K rep and still "not sure" if recommendation requests are off-topic
@desertnaut I just noticed that the answer would no longer be useful if the links broke since they are named "list of tools", "this tool" and "link".
@desertnaut you forgot the - in tag:machine-learning
@JeanneDark :(
you can still edit, can't you?
nope :(
I flagged this question as "needs more focus" yesterday but it's still open. Am I wrong? The question ("Please, could you let me know if you have any idea in order to solve that problem ?") is a bit broad, but also seems kind of off-topic (it doesn't even have a programming language tag).
8:07 AM
@JeanneDark don't ask me, I'm the only one who CVed :)
yoy flagged it correctly indeed
@JeanneDark Do you normally get the post you flagged closed in less a day?
@Scratte No, not always. But I'm just curious if maybe I was wrong flagging the post in the first place (or the wrong reason), especially since I can't see close votes on posts.
@JeanneDark It could also be that you flagged it right, but the first two close voters picked another reason, no? :) If you want a user script that lets you know if there are close votes on a post, I'll find a link for you.
8:21 AM
@Scratte Thanks, but that's not necessary. If I'm flagging for the wrong reasons it might also be useful to know.
8:41 AM
@JeanneDark All three close voters picked "Needs details or clarity." I chose it because it seemed applicable (it is unclear) and I didn't feel like writing a custom "this isn't a programming question" close reason (in part because maybe it is and that's just unclear).
@RyanM Thanks, that close reason is also good. Sometimes it's hard to choose.
I wonder if it would make sense for the custom close reason to have that generic "... is not about programming as defined in the [help center]" as default text in the text box, so you only need to write something on your own if you feel like the question warrants it.
9:18 AM
@Jakye could it be considered as spam?
Actually, yes, because it only exists to promote a product, in this case, their repository.

Edit: The post has been deleted.
@Jakye yes, SD report was probably triggered by my flagging as spam
I reported it in another room but yeah that's spam
I'm never quite sure with Docker (or Kubernetes) questions as there's thousands of them, and most of them look off-topic, but this is General Computing, isn't it? stackoverflow.com/q/60711205
9:34 AM
@DavidBuck I don't read anything about programming there
@Vega Neither do I, but there are many Docker questions out there that are in the same situation with lots of upvotes.
@DavidBuck @Vega pure Docker- and kubernetes-questions are off-topic for SO alltogether and should rather be posted on superuser since they seldom are about programming. But the notion of DevOps-engineers somewhat blurs the line between programming and infrastructure. I know that is none of our concerns, just an attempt to explain the behaviour.
@Turing85 there is an devops.se site ....
@rene Could you please remove this from earlier. Consensus was that it was OK.
@rene of course there is. Yet, someone "familar" with SO will stay on SO, event hough their questoins belong to devops.se
9:47 AM
@Turing85 Or someone that doesn't want accounts on the different sites. If I know a post will be migrated I will not answer it.
Would you flag someone posting a long moan about someone else's answer as NAA or R/A?
@DavidBuck the wording is rude.
@DavidBuck just flagged it as such
@khelwood It's already got two "Needs Debugging Details" votes...
10:01 AM
@DavidBuck ... and now one "Duplicate" vote :P
@Turing85 Beat me to it. Still not closed as a dupe, tho.
@DavidBuck @Turing85 would you line to re-open it, so that I can close it as a dup with my mjolnir?
@desertnaut sure thing
@desertnaut I'd let it Roomba...
@Turing85 or is it really low value, and we should leave it to be deleted?
10:06 AM
Yes it should be deleted
@DavidBuck yes, I think roomba is a better choice
story time! Do you have a favorite question on SO? If so, which one and why? Mine is this one. Some of the best comments I've read on SO ^^
@Turing85 That's mine too :) I particularly like the Answer with the 320 score.
10:25 AM
@Turing85 Hmm, this is a good "fun" one, but C# Float expression: strange behavior when casting the result float to int is great because I'm a huge fan of the "Raymond Chen explains why weird behaviors occur" genre.
@RyanM nice ones =)
@RyanM Noway.. that hunter2 cannot be. Please tell me that didn't happen.
10:43 AM
@Scratte That depends on how much you trust the veracity of bash.org quotes :-)
@Turing85 lol! Awesome :) But.. wasn't the IP public on some servers?
@Scratte Hm maybe, I never actively userd IRC. I am more of a Jabber/XMPP guy =)
11:05 AM
@tripleee That has a pending edit that needs one more reject.
@DavidBuck thanks, done
Should "Change @Bad_id to @Bag_id it's a typo." this be considered NAA? It is far better suited as comment and question to be closed IMO.
@AmitJoshi It addresses the issue with the question. The question in this case is the problem.
NAA should always be considered in light of the question asked.
an OP updated their question with a transcript which leaks their password, is it enough to flag for mod attention?
@tripleee probably, for redaction
11:12 AM
> I'm not attentive ... Thank yoy!
I would say, leave it as it is the answer to that typo question
I thought people were temporarily blocked after one post was deleted for spam?
@Vega Now you just have to remove "the click", since it seems to be there twice :) I may have the source of the error though. I can't edit on meta. I'm <2K.
It's a sliding window.
Done :(
11:18 AM
I don't know any blocking mechanism that activates with a single negative feedback
@Scratte Ah, I forgot! That needs to be corrected! (<2K, I mean) :)
@Vega I'm going in the opposite direction though, since I'm not answering at the moment, but voting :D
Then you need at least Jon Skeet's reps
@Vega Funny you mention that. My most upvoted Answer has a reference to a Jon Skeet post :D I'm sure it's the mention of the name that did it ;)
@Scratte That was your major error! Once you include a reference to a Skeet post in one of your upvoted answers, all subsequent upvotes on your posts are actually credited to Mr Skeet.
11:22 AM
what are the criteria for delv-pls again? I tried to check in the SOCVR FAQ but it only says "within 1 downvote from being eligible" but I can't find what that threshold is (-2 IIRC?)
For an answer, -1 is enough for a 20K delete vote; for a question posted today, it needs to be on -3 to allow a delete vote.
@AdrianMole Hmm.. only the upvotes, huh? :)
@Scratte Did that give you something like 25 "annoncer" badges? :D
@Scratte How very dare you even think about offering downvotes to Mr Skeet!!
@AdrianMole it's an old question, and currently at -1 with my downvote
11:25 AM
... save them for Mr Linoff. xD
@tripleee There's a bit more here: "That means del-pls requests are permitted for closed questions which have been closed for more than 2 days, or which have a score less than or equal to -2; or answers which have a score less than or equal to 0. del-pls requests for posts which don't meet those criteria are not permitted, because the request can either not be actioned, or imply a request for downvotes."
@Vega No. It didn't. I'm very puzzled by that, to be honest. When I read a post that I like or use that has a reference, I always click the link.
@tripleee Then if you can see the "delete" button, it's eligible for "del-pls".
nope, still needs one more downvote apparently then
@tripleee Was it closed more that 2 days ago?
11:26 AM
it's open but alas also not eligible for cv-pls
Is using "pdf" (rather than "PDF") acceptable?
@AdrianMole if I was editing for other reasons I'd probably correct that too, but I wouldn't edit just to fix that
@tripleee Nobody can delete a not closed question, if it is not spam, IMO
@AdrianMole What abount ".pdf"?
@Vega yeah the "within -1" was what I was seeking to clarify but I guess that means it needs -2
11:29 AM
-1 is for answers, not questions. Questions need to be close to be deleted
@tripleee There is also Roomba
oh well, it's in the close queue now; perhaps that will attract another -1
@tripleee Fair comment - there are other 'improvements' to be made, so I'll change the case as well.
@Scratte Not dots involved, nor any probability distribution function. xD
Ahh.. I usually call them ".pdf files" not "PDF files" or "pdf files" :)
Do you think a rollback here to revision 3 will rollback the duplicate list, too?
@Vega Why don't you apply the Scientific Method? You can always undo the rollback, I guess.
11:44 AM
@Vega I'm pretty sure that we mere non-Golden diamond-lacking mortals are unable to affect the duplicate list, but I'm interested in the results of this test if I'm wrong.
@Vega experiment done
@SurajRao So.. a rollback also rolls back the edit of the duplicates. How unexpected.
And it rolls back to the duplicate target that wasn't the target at the revision?!?.. Even more unexpected.
@Scratte I don't think it did - the displayed duplicate in the blue box is the new one made after the dupe-list edit, is not?
@AdrianMole I don't think so. See the the timeline
Original dupe was "Using Canvas..." which was then changed to "clearRect..." After the rollback, the second is still shown as the dupe target.
11:54 AM
@AdrianMole Yes, that is very unexpected. Also.. the revision is prior to the closing.
It's like it completely ignores the actual close target. And it doesn't even care to mention it in the timeline. I expect this is a bug.
@Adriaan Looks a bit pink and porky, to me.
I can't remember what became of the discussion we had about leaving a comment saying "This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful" on a post. Is it something that should be custom flagged if it's something a user keeps doing?
@Scratte I think we decided that you had shown insufficient background research before raising the issue for discussion, then moved the whole conversation to /dev/null xD
@AdrianMole Perhaps I forgot to link to the meta post about why commenting "-1" was not allowed?
12:09 PM
^ +1
@Machavity 👋
@SurajRao Thanks :)
@AdrianMole Ah, I didn't want to make a mess
@Vega It's not really a mess. With my comment the other one is in the Linked right sidebar and the post will Roomba in 30 days, no? :)
12:21 PM
Yes, thank you :)
I never look to that right sidebar, but I should
@Vega I use it a lot when I'm looking for solutions or trying to find out about something. I'm a big fan of duplicates ;)
12:41 PM
Nice to see attempts to be helpful being rewarded. Pointed out to a user that gratuitously linking to their GitHub repo on every single answer is likely to lead to them being closed as spam. "I provide my git repo for help if you don't like it just move on man"
Should have just spam flagged everything.
@DavidBuck I have seen that and flagged
@Scratte Is it the same list as proposed when you cv/flag as duplicate? I feel it not very convenient being down the page, could be on the top, before all others
@DavidBuck I flagged the comment and it's gone
@Vega It's obviously arrogant but wasn't sure if it was bad enough to flag as R/A.
12:45 PM
@DavidBuck I am not sure it will not be rejected, I felt I had to
It was 'Helpful' :)
@DavidBuck may we ask for the post in question?
@Vega Did you mod flag or spam?
@Turing85 No...
@Turing85 I'm not sure. I fear it may breach the 'moderating the user' room rule.
@Turing85 If you want to see then you can ask to move this conversation to Charcoal or check in SOBotics
12:55 PM
Please review this question. Should it be deleted? It is broad for sure; I also do not see much programming part in it. I am confused because one of the answer has bounty awarded.
@Vega Any other post that is mention in the thread is put into the "Linked" box in the sidebar. So, yes, once a post has been flagged or voted as a duplicate, the target will appear in the list. But if the comment is removed, the post will no longer appear there.
What an awesome answer: stackoverflow.com/a/64045705/1839439 I have no idea what they said but the cover up is awesome.
No troll worse than a cheese troll, eh?
... the parent Q just came up in the Reopen queue. I got cheesed off with it and left it closed.
... if anyone else wants a shot: stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/27236918
1:23 PM
Waffles, again
@Vega I think {cheese trolls} have become the new {waffles}
@AdrianMole but waffles are tastier than trolls!
Really fighting the urge to comment here that 'all linux distros are just reskins of one another anyway, aren't they?'
@AdrianMole Along with if some horses and golbins(?) ?
@Nick Have you tried a waffle with a troll? Instead of maple syrup?
1:39 PM
@Scratte you know, I have to confess I haven't. It's a bit hard to find trolls here in sunny (well, not today) Adelaide...
I must also confess that I'm not sure if local trolls are as tasty as imported ones..
Down here we have a definite preference for local. But I do think some countries just do things better than we can e.g. France and cheese...
@Nick you surely mean Switzerland and Cheese or the Netherlands and cheese instead?
I like french cheese better too :)
@Scratte Bavarian cheese ("Obatzda") and italian cheese are great aswell
1:51 PM
@Turing85 Never had that. Does it go well with trolls? :)
@Scratte hmm... one could say that bavarians are trolls... x)
Reminds me of those little cute ones with orange hair :)
@Scratte Trump?!
@Scratte Yes!!! :D
2:07 PM
@Turing85 Not so much.. I was thinking about the smaller ones. It's so cute! :)
@Scratte I see no difference x)
2:44 PM
well, does the "exact duplicate" functionality work only for questions by the same user?
I am trying to close this as an exact duplicate of this (different user account, though), but it will not let me since the latter does not have an accepted/upvoted answer
@desertnaut yes, it only works for the same user account. Modflag if it's different accounts posting the exact same question
thanks, already did
@AdrianMole Congratulations on your Reviiewer badge for Help & Improvement :) Only 750 to go now :D
3:14 PM
Gotta love Stack Overflow... I was writing a question and halfway through writing the steps to reproduce I realized the answer. One of the side benefits of requiring enough question details I guess.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica Indeed
yep. +1
Happened to me a few times as well
When explaining your problem to a rubber duck doesn't cut it, trying to formulate it in a way that won't get you crucified by Stack Overflow usually will :-P
3:33 PM
@JeanneDark saw it before, but I'm out of CVs... ;)
@desertnaut Don't worry, already closed
@JeanneDark yes, many good people around :)
3:45 PM
I thought that last spammer was Mogsdad for a sec
same avatar
^ edited to add a hilarious image
4:09 PM
Hmm, I keep getting the same audit item in the cv review queue
@TylerH please wake up
Hi... anyone here frustrated with the review system, or who like unpopular topics, or adding popular or model answers to them? lol. why am I even asking :-D
You guys are all doing awesome work BTW... keep it up!
@TylerH Did you vote to close it as a duplicate?
@AndrasDeak stackoverflow.com/review/close/27150967 and stackoverflow.com/review/close/27150967 -- pretty sure there is a 3rd one somewhere because yesterday when I saw it, the link color was already set to the a:visited value then
@AdrianMole No I don't think so.
@TylerH those links are the same :)
4:15 PM
looks like Scratte hit it twice in other queues as well :-)
What is this new code syntax highlighting D: someone tell me it's a bug or something
I like the new colors better, though I've only seen them in one screenshot so far
@JohnDvorak really? function names, constants and numbers have the same color...
Feel free to bug the new library's authors about it ;)
Presumably that would be language dependent?
4:23 PM
@TylerH I don't know. That went live one week ago. Why am I only seeing changes now? Seems odd, seems like this is happening again.
@JohnDvorak see this post for example, we have variables (stdout), constants (NULL), function names and numbers with the same color. D:
I smell a bug.
This feels like a deja vu
Different library though, so it would be a fresh one, though related
I'll ask a question on MSO later tonight if nobody does so before me.
4:27 PM
possibly even related in cause
@DavidBuck if it's any comfort, that user now has one fewer answer and has comments from a moderator inquiring as to the relevance of their answers on the remaining ones...
4:45 PM
@MarcoBonelli I see color changes too. A page that was opened about an hour ago, after a refresh has a the syntax highlighting color change
@Vega heh, something fishy is going on.
The highlight.js syntax highlighting change was just rolled out network-wide.
If you're really intent on not getting caught take a username starting with "Marketing"
@RyanM are you suggesting that as the culprit for these strange new colors?
I don't like the colors, especially that swamp green :(
4:58 PM
@MarcoBonelli I believe so. The before and after screenshots in that MSE post suggest that turning it on would have exactly that effect.
Goddammit. That is just hideous D:
Don't even need to complain on MSO then.. since it's
I think it's bearable in light mode, but not in dark
My only problem is functions, variables, numbers and keywords getting the same color.. just doesn't make any sense.
@TylerH I'm not sure why there's no check to see if a user has seen an audit before. I think it's a bit silly.
@RyanM Yes, I did notice that a moderator had been busy with their posts. Not a great start to their relationship with the SO community.
5:10 PM
@Scratte Or if the user flagged/CVed the question/answer before proposing it as an audit
Is this R/A or just plain ol' NAA?
@Vega Heh.. yes, that's even worse :)
@AdrianMole I'm not sure if it's not promoting an agenda. I went with NAA though.
@AdrianMole I flagged
I gave it NAA and a double-DV
@AdrianMole You really like those new powers, huh? :D
5:21 PM
Yup! I think I deserve a second term to practise more!
@AdrianMole Needs to go away
@Machavity Power-Sharing amongst mods - that's nice to see! ;-)
Wait? You think your powers make you a mini-mod?
5:56 PM
@Scratte it's not that big of a deal if a user sees an audit item twice, but it would be another batch of expensive lookups
6:19 PM
@Machavity Is that irony?
@Braiam Irony would be the new CM being named Shog10
A little funny it says "Great office w/ espresso bar, games, and free daily lunches" but I can't find an actual address.
@Machavity no, no, no, then I have to change my hat again
lol!.. it even says "Remote" from the Our open positions page. I guess they deliver those free daily lunches :D
6:37 PM
Transportation The action or practice of transporting convicts to a penal colony. Clearly, they're not looking for a literate UK citizen.
@Machavity Stock Options? I'm in :)
Stack stock? Now I'm stuck.
It is Stack Exchange, not Stock Exchange
6:39 PM
I'd consider applying, but I think the commute would be horrible.
@Machavity lol
really, the job should require some programming knowledge if it's for stack overflow
Shog knowledge of programming was a critical bridge so many times
... and the ability to properly Capitalize Words?
@Scratte their offices are at 110 William Street, New York City, NY
literally right next door to a FedEx shipping center, but shipping t-shirts and mugs is still too hard for them for some reason
@TylerH If they offer me the job, I'll bring back swag ;)
Shog9 being a Dev and CM was a major bridge. Catija is good, but there's times she has to wait on a Dev. Shog9 didn't
As such we got used to CMs having powers they didn't actually have
6:50 PM
Does this need quick action?
But even if a new employee has a developer background, they still need access. As per my understanding Shog9's access wasn't "normal".
@AdrianMole Doesn't look like it. Just a regular NAA.
@Scratte Poster just had their previous NAA mod-nuked.
@AdrianMole Isn't there some auto-trigger for when a user has multiple Answers nuked?
I have a canned "wait to comment", if you'd like to add that.
6:54 PM
Sam deleted previous NAA (it was a new question) without a specific comment; however, there were two comments given that explained why it wasn't acceptable.
(1) This looks like something I would read in a discussion forum. SO is not such, and this is definitly not an answer. Probably getting deleted and downvoted soon.
(2) Hi Simon, welcome to Stack Overflow! Different questions or requests for clarification should not be posted as answers. If you have a new question, please use the Ask Question button instead. Please review the Help Center before posting.
I see, but I think they may be confused by the difference between comments and answers. They seem to think that other user's questions are not removed.
@Scratte Well, that's another Double-D! ;)
If you don't mind, I'll post a comment explaining it.
Do we have a canon close reason for questions that are easily answered by a basic tutorial?
@Scratte Feel free!
7:02 PM
@Turing85 No. Because there is no such thing as a question that is too basic or too simple. If you can find a duplicate, then close it as one :)
@Scratte there absolutely is. Although it might not be a valid close reason.
@AndrasDeak Which is my point. Is it not a close reason at all. Lots of basic things are here on Stack Overflow with more views than I have atoms in my body. But I'm just a squirrel ;)
@Scratte Now you're in a conversation! Good luck with that one!
@AdrianMole I'm pretty sure it was just a misunderstanding. Who knows.. maybe they'll get swag in 10 months :)
If so, then OK.
... but there's a loophole, of course: posting an answer (that isn't) enables subsequent commenting!
7:13 PM
@AdrianMole That's not a loophole. That's by design. One can always respond to comments on one's own post.
No! Posting a real answer and then being allowed comment privileges is by design. Posting a non-answer should never grant otherwise not-have rights.
... however, in this case, it seems there is no malice aforethought.
@AdrianMole Pffff... the Answer will be gone in less than an hour, and how they have a little guidance.
BTW: It is a well-known fact, to those who study such things, that squirrels can't say "Pfff(f)..."
I remember when I was new here and I had at least a million questions. Lots of them were answered in here btw :)
So, you're just using this whole dang website as a chat forum, huh?
7:19 PM
goes up the tree and into my hole
7:31 PM
Did code highlighting break?
Today it was changed to highlight.js
@Dharman Yes.. :)
7:44 PM
Rare, I know, but dream on ...i.stack.imgur.com/PGc4c.png
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