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Hmm, I guess there's little reason for a multimillion dollar multinational to be spamming their product on SO.
4:15 PM
@klutt Eric (the answerer) seems to have understood the problem. But I agree that it's a poor question.
@AdrianMole Maybe, but I highly doubt it will help anyone else
@klutt I won't argue with that.
@IanCampbell Yeah, and VLQ too
@DavidBuck Should we rollback that edit? It took me a good 45 seconds to realize the OP had edited in the missing second -
@IanCampbell I don't think so? I think that's a second typo. The primary issue seems to be the =. Either way, it's all there in the comments.
Slightly confusingly, though, the first answer was posted two years after the question was resolved in comments, and it uses the same syntax that the question says doesn't work...
4:31 PM
Do you think people are too harsh with this one? It's not a bad question per se.
@akuzminykh why is it useful to know that implementation detail?
@rene I can't tell you because I don't know. But maybe there's just more to it and it truly has a reason, which could be an interesting-to-know.
@rene + I think giving -10 for curiousity like that is just harsh. That's why I've asked. :')
@akuzminykh Exactly. Then that "more to it" needs to be added to the question first. Then it becomes useful.
@akuzminykh I think that is fine for questions that are asked "out of curiosity". Better suited for reddit or Quora.
5:45 PM
A click on a wiki answer's author link, if there is no revision, opens the revision page, but it works as expected on edited posts. Do you think it is a bug or a feature? This one is not edited: stackoverflow.com/a/301136/5468463, this one was edited: stackoverflow.com/a/300915/5468463
@Vega Can it be both? The edited posts have the extra line/link to get to the revisions, so maybe that's the reasoning?
Sorry, either I expressed myself not clearly either I don't understand :( Why the author's profile cannot be accessed on the click of the link with their name if the post edited?
6:01 PM
@Vega That is very strange.. It seems that if they are the only editor then clicking on their username just opens up revisions, but if there are multiple editors, then clicking on their username will open up their profile (which is what I would have expected for both)
I think it's a bug.. not a feature :)
6:15 PM
@Scratte Aah, there! ;) thank you :)
6:28 PM
^ (non-)answerer has now posted a question about the deletion ... on main. May I report?
I think they asked it before the deletion
Either way, extremely off-topic and open
I have my pending flag. The comment flag on the same post was helpful
Migrated now.
..but those tags :)
6:36 PM
Is there a way to view the question on its pre-migration site?
@JohnDvorak I don't think so. When I go to the url of the Question on main, I am redirected.
@JohnDvorak the link is in the timeline...
For me, "Migrated" points to the revision page (not to be confused with "migrated" in the line above, which points to the meta post explaining migrations), and "Return to question" points to the question URL that redirects.
yeah.... so go to the timeline for the post on meta and then it's under "from stackoverflow.com" for the migrated event...
Ah, thanks. I can't test it now because the post is deleted, but the ?noredirect=1 in the URL seems convincing.
Kind of hidden methinks.
I would expect the return to question to also not redirect
6:50 PM
@Scratte Sorry I'm late to the party. What question is being discussed?
@IanCampbell The trailhead starts here: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/399062/…
Ah, thank you
7:15 PM
We don't require askers to provide us with food
@JohnDvorak Well maybe we should
I second that idea
I third it - if beer counts as food. :)
Can someone explain why Roomba hasn't deleted this post?
35% of my calories come from beer. Definitely counts.
@bad_coder stackoverflow.com/posts/30237614/… shows that it was downvoted less than 7 days ago. It will be deleted on the next weekly cycle
7:29 PM
@IanCampbell ahhh ok. that explains it...
@bad_coder Are you using Romba Forecaster ?
@IanCampbell no, not yet.
9:01 PM
What do people think about this tag wiki edit suggestion? stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/26585094 It's not useless information, but I don't think I've seen that kind of content in many tag wikis. Not that I spend much time viewing them for content. I found this meta question but it's about logos. I also tried googling the image and wasn't able to find that it's plagiarized.
Actually, I found the content on another site. Reject. Nevermind.
@IanCampbell @bad_coder That the question was downvoted a week ago shouldn't have prevented it from being deleted by Roomba earlier today. The limitation that's been stated for the 30-day Roomba score is that the score needs to qualify two days prior to deletion (i.e. the downvote that puts the question at score = -1 needs to be cast prior to ~ 03:00UTC on Thursday). However, the question in its state prior to that downvote should have been deleted by the 365-day Roomba task years ago.
I suspect the reason the question wasn't deleted years ago is that there are at least two comments which were deleted some time around when the downvote happened (probably after the downvote, in response to NLN flags). If there was > 1 comment, then the 365-day Roomba would not have deleted it and it wouldn't have qualified for the 30-day Roomba without score <= -1.
However, that still doesn't account for Roomba not deleting it earlier today by either the 365-day or 30-day Roomba task. Unfortunately, this is not the first question I've encountered for which there's no documented reason why it wasn't deleted by Roomba.
Other questions I've seen that haven't been deleted have appeared to have either of the following issues wrt. not being deleted by Roomba: A) some additional criteria that's not documented, or at least for which I haven't seen the documentation; B) some questions just get stuck and not processed. These often get deleted at the next run of the Roomba after I visit them, but appear to have not been deleted through years of being in a state that qualified for one or another of the Roomba tasks.
@Makyen How did you know there were comments? Data.SE?
All these poor quality R question and I'm out of votes...
9:32 PM
There will be plenty more poor quality R questions waiting for you tomorrow
@IanCampbell I don't know. I'm guessing at the reason which is within the documented criteria, but would leave the question in the state we see it. That's why I said "I suspect the reason". However, looking in SEDE sounds like it might be a good idea, if it took long enough for the deletion. A quick look on archive.org doesn't show any captures.
@Makyen If there were then you won't see them in SEDE because it has been refreshed already
@Dharman I thought SEDE doesn't refesh until tomorrow. In other words, if the comments were deleted within this last week, then they would still be in SEDE.
The downvote happened on 27th so I assume that whatever comments there were they would be flagged then and there before last sunday's refresh
Either way, they aren't available in SEDE.
9:45 PM
@Dharman I expected that it's likely they would have been deleted prior to the refresh. Maybe I wasn't clear that I thought I was stretching the likely deletion time when I said "if it took long enough for the deletion".
A doubt can this Still, why the downvote? Why not answer the question to shown the solution be flagged from stackoverflow.com/questions/62734742/…
@akrun What do you want to flag it as?
@akrun When the question is deleted, the "garbage is already in the dump", so there is no need to flag it as no longer needed. In the event that it were an offensive comment, one may flag it to ensure that the incident gets recorded.
For example "You are all <expletive>, I'm out of here!!11" and deletes the question.
I didn't know that the question was deleted.
Apparently it was deleted 2 minutes ago.
10:00 PM
@Dharman Flag as inappropriate or rude??
Nah. It's not really rude. It's just not needed
Seeing the tone of this particular one, I only rank it as "non constructive", only worth a NLN flag.
Coming from me, that's something.
@Dharman I got suspended with similar kinds of posts flagged as offensive.
It's not offensive.
Just flag as Not longer needed. Use the other 3 flag types in very rare situations.
I know, but in the moderators comments to my reply, similar posts were included as offensive o
10:04 PM
@akrun Even if I happen to have flagged some comments coming from you, I cannot recall them, and I doubt anyone but a moderator can. Still, one example of what could have gone wrong and for which there is a fine line, is name calling.
Again, I don't claim that you did this nor that this was why you were contacted, but there is a fine line between "Why the downvote and why don't you answer the question?" and "Is the anonymous coward going to explain the downvote?".
@E_net4ofthedownvotebrigade. I find Why not answer the question rude
@Dharman I noticed a string of VLQ on the review queue from around 2012....I was wondering:"who would've been wise enough to find and flag these?" At some point in the sequence came this thread...
If he had only asked why the downvote? it is fine because it is genuninely trying to understand the reason for it
@bad_coder Please explain, I don't understand what you are saying
@akrun I sense that as a mild form of childish begging. Moderators may or may not agree with a U/U flag.
@akrun That alone merits a NLN flag, though. See meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/393913/…
10:08 PM
@E_net4ofthedownvotebrigade I would agree that, but suppose if a group tries to flag it with 3 or 4 flags at the same time, does it matter?
@Dharman aahhh ok. Well, I saw a sequence of posts on the VLQ that seemed to follow a similar pattern. Then I saw that post I linked, and I thought because you had edited it, perhaps you might have been doing some flagging...
(because it would have been very good flags!!)
@akrun What do you mean with "does it matter"? Comments are automatically deleted when they collect enough flags, and "why the downvote" comments are ones which moderators will agree should be deleted.
@E_net4ofthedownvotebrigade I meant influencing moderator decision
@akrun But that's basically the only thing we do with flags.
Moderators rarely go about moderating if they aren't prompted by flags.
@akrun Can't have an authoritarian answer to that, but for this particular case, they don't need to see more than one flag to be sure. Also, what Braiam said.
10:11 PM
@Braiam I had seen some groups actively urging its members to flag a comment. So, it could have some impact
@akrun the only thing that they would achieve is getting the content deleted without moderator intervention.
The main impact is that the comment can go away faster than the moderator can handle the flag. They have a pretty large queue.
@bad_coder I have not flagged anything there. I do not know why anyone would flag these posts. They were all in a terrible state when I found them, but I decided to fix them up as much as I could. Not sure how much value they have, but at least now they are readable.
I have no idea what the question asked about or what these two answers suggest.
@Dharman I think you did good in fixing them. What probably happened afterwards, is that those posts were "bumped up" in the "recently active" sort order, and right after you edited someone else flagged :)
Here is where a power of immediate delete would come in handy. Upon encountering this thread I would not edit it, but nuke the whole question if I could. Instead the only reasonable thing I could do is edit them.
NAA/VLQ will be declined, because these posts appear to be answering the question. How they are meant to solve the problem I am not sure, but I am not even clear what the question asked for in the first place.
10:24 PM
@Dharman ok, I understand. By coincidence there was a straight pattern of 20 old link-only answers from around 2012...Because you have that very good NAA bot I thought maybe you had been searching&flagging a sequence...)
@Dharman yes, and that kind of question can certainly be deleted without fear of loss :)
@bad_coder No, I don't do it. There is another user who seeks them out, but I do not know how they do it.
@bad_coder The problem is that we can't delete it.
Well, we just need to get more 20k users, then we're in business. Also, I see link only questions deleted from LQP all the time.
@Dharman you need the SME gold badge :)
10:42 PM
@Makyen :49825985 the post had 3 comments which I flagged as "no longer needed" at Jun 27 at 3:29 if I recall correctly those flags were handled quickly (within 24 hours)...These are my first experiments in using the Roomba for effective clean up, so I'm still watching for the results to get some experience. I will keep your post as a reference, and watch how things play out with that thread in particular.
@bad_coder Roomba sometimes timeout, that's one of the reasons why the predictor exists.
@Braiam I'm still considering the implications of installing user scripts. I like my browsing vanilla as far as possible.
@bad_coder Please keep in mind that posts which don't otherwise deserve a downvote shouldn't be downvoted just in order to trigger the Roomba. However, if the post does, in your opinion, merit a downvote for other reasons, then that downvoting it also results in the Roomba deleting the post, is OK.
@bad_coder I'm at the other end of that spectrum. I want webpages to be the way I like them and that I find easier to use. Sure, it's their site, but it's a browser running on my computer. I'm not sure I'd be willing to use SE/SO without userscripts, for any extended period of time.
@Makyen I looked through the source code of your user script (I had heard of the Roomba assistant, but only realized today you are the co-author). I think that code is pure quality, but if I haven't installed anything for years, it's just a tough decision. (Call me a purist...)
@Makyen I've been using a heavily personalized FireFox for over 15 years and the thought of changing anything just hurts.
@bad_coder Thank you for the complement. Yeah, I can understand your point of view. Given that my argument is that the experience should be what each person wants, not something imposed upon them, and that's the way you want your browsing experience, I'm certainly not going to say you're wrong.
@bad_coder My desire to have things the way that I want them was why I started working on browser extensions and userscripts. At least one of those extensions grew out of changes I was making to the Firefox code. I moved it into an extension, because I got tired of having to update Firefox's code each time they released a new version. :; Unfortunately, that extension, well, actually, all of my released extensions, did things that just aren't possible with WebExtensions, so they no longer work. :(
11:09 PM
@Makyen I understand your points and I think you're right. I'm still considering it....Folks here have been influencing me to UserScripts but I haven't made up my mind yet...
@Makyen for example, last year a FireFox release had a bug that wouldn't allow drag&drop to my favorites...Suddenly my whole life felt like it had turned to caos (until I rolled back the update until they fixed the release bug...)
11:30 PM
Is Smokey broken?
@Dharman It's a new detection reason, which clearly still has problems.
Somebody has smoky bacon?
@Nick Congrats on 100k
@Dharman thanks! I got a massive leg up for the last part by two very generous 500 point bounties...
11:39 PM
@IanCampbell thanks
@bad_coder why not run userscripts with the FF developer edition?
Or.. install another browser, and install user scripts on that one :)
@Scratte FF Dev Ed is a different browser than FF
but has the same/similar feeling
I meant a completely different one, like Opera or Chrome :)
@Vickel my use of FF dev is strictly for developing, and these days I don't do much CSS/HTML...
11:44 PM
@bad_coder well than do like @Scratte suggested
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