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12:00 AM
@Dharman But are you further agreed that TypeScript, CoffeeScript, and those sort of solutions should remain?
@mickmackusa Truth be told, the javascript tag was added as afterthought, not originally.
But again, it was less than 5 minutes after the question was asked, so...
@CodyGray TypeScript is compatible with JavaScript, so I believe it can stay. I never worked with CoffeeScript, so I don't know.
@SotiriosDelimanolis The mind boggles at why that is such a commonly asked question.
@Braiam It was only added because it was mentioned in the question body.
I wonder if anyone has a TeaScript solution. I've never been much of a coffee drinker.
12:04 AM
@CodyGray There's tea, it's scripted, but not teascript.
"Features: 100% pure Java." Hmm.
Isn't Java Coffee?
That's what programmers did as a hobby back before Stack Overflow: continually invented new scripting languages.
That's it then. Java = CoffeeScript
@CodyGray Some times they ask about dd-mm-yy hh:mm:ss...it's staring you right in the face
12:07 AM
@SotiriosDelimanolis They don't know the wonders of ISO 8601? Poor lads...
I can see making that typo (although it is a pretty common pattern in all date-formatting functions), but once you run it, it becomes pretty obvious.
@SotiriosDelimanolis Exactly, it should be yy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
@Dharman yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss
Ahh, yes almost like PHP's ISO8601 php.net/manual/en/…
12:09 AM
Update your tools.
> Note: This format is not compatible with ISO-8601, but is left this way for backward compatibility reasons. Use DateTime::ATOM or DATE_ATOM for compatibility with ISO-8601 instead.
Haha, yeah, I noticed that too.
PHP doesn't like breaking old functionality, even if it means leaving bugs in place.
MySQL is doing that with utf8mb4 thing
"It's broken!" "Shh, shh, shh. It's backwards-compatible."
12:12 AM
Everyone does that with strings. Everyone ascribes meaning to code points. The world is not ASCII anymore.
Let thee never index into a string.
I'd say yes
@Dharman Meh. Probably so, but the real problem is the question.
I don't see it's any more NAA than the other answers which all point to off-site libraries
Right. Because that's what the question asks for.
So the answerers don't really deserve the blame for that.
12:18 AM
Yeah so the question should be closed as off-topic...
@CodyGray you're too fast...
Close banners are broken again. I don't see the reason why I actually closed it.
I thought Catija and I had this fixed some time back...
@CodyGray I was under the impression that it would be like that from now on...
@Braiam Me too. I thought we got rid of the reasons for good.
No, it's supposed to show the reasons to users with close-vote privileges and the asker.
@CodyGray You probably closed it as requesting off-site resources. That's been displayed as just "off-topic" since the new post notices were implemented. It's been reported and explicitly / .
12:25 AM
@Makyen I think it's
I've got a tool that allows me to preview the different close reasons (and allows a CM to edit them): i.stack.imgur.com/uU0kE.png. That's a preview of the close reason I chose, and this pretty clearly shows that it should be displaying the reason, just like for all the other close reasons.
@CodyGray I agree that those would be better, but I've never seen the new post notices display anything other than "off-topic" for questions closed as a resource request. I explicitly reported it in November when the new post notices were rolled out. Yaakov marked it . IIRC, it's been separately reported in questions on both MSO and MSE.
12:44 AM
@Makyen I know. That's what I mean. I think Yaakov and others have been confused about what you meant, thinking that you were complaining that the reasons weren't shown to anonymous users or something.
Which is definitely something to complain about, but something different.
I've never seen confirmation from any staff that the "recommendation" reason was intended to be an exception to showing the more detailed description to those users who qualify for it.
I have a to-do item to follow up on this, and even get back with a CM about some revisions to the wording, but I'm just too busy with work right now to be able to think about it or devote the time.
@CodyGray Just FYI, Typescript and Coffeestript are ways to shorthand JS (they're JS "compilers", in a loose sense of the word). Madara used TS a lot
@Machavity I knew that much.
That's why jQuery is so popular. It lets you condense your JS into compact framwork syntax
Not sure I'd call them "shorthand". Rather, I understood them more as providing syntactical improvements, including type checking, which is enforced by the "compiler". Being a huge fan of compiled, statically typed languages, they sounded appealing to me, too.
@Machavity Wait, what? jQuery is a framework. That's totally different from TypeScript or CoffeeScript.
yeah, JS and PHP are weakly typed. And JS is prone to crazy long command chains just to get something done (creating a DOM element is a major pain)
@CodyGray jQuery is interpreted inline, while CS and TS both build vanilla command chains
12:53 AM
Hello, one moment please:
.... and Vue.js?
@ArdentCoder Please feel free to interrupt at any time.
My single greatest gripe with JS is that it doesn't lend itself to short syntax. That's where you get frameworks and "compilers"
I don't know what to do of my question: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/348613/…. The person at fault seems to be upset after reading his profile "I'll see you around" means goodbye... Should I delete my post?
@Machavity That's your single greatest gripe? You're either a hopeless optimist, or you need to get out more.
12:55 AM
Mark twain once said “There is nothing so annoying as having two people talking when you're busy interrupting.”
@HovercraftFullOfEels It's a framework
@ArdentCoder The "you" in Daniil's profile is a link to https://meta.stackexchange.com/users/current. Note the "current" in there. It's not a link to your profile specifically, but will redirect to whoever is logged in. So, when you click it, it looks like he's talking about you. But when I click it, it looks like he's talking about me. It's just kind of a trick. It doesn't mean any offense, and it definitely doesn't mean he's upset with you.
@CodyGray Well, I've been having to rewrite the original codebase at work (uses Prototype.js framework, circa 2008) with more modern ES6
@Vega I interrupted just cuz I felt it was an emergency
No issue :)
@Vega, Thanks. I've been looking at toying with it. I understand that it helps make pages more responsive and allows for code that scales up better,....
12:57 AM
@ArdentCoder Regarding the actual Meta question... This rejected edit is not a big deal. It was just rejected because the reviewer didn't think it was significant enough. In other words, they didn't think it made enough of an improvement to bother with making the edit. Two other reviewers didn't think so, and it got approved. That happens all the time, and isn't anything to worry about.
@CodyGray Oh, I see. What if that means he's upset with everyone cuz my post wasn't closed or downvoted much?
@ArdentCoder It doesn't mean that...
It's been in their profile a lot longer than any encounter you may have had with them on Meta, and I've seen that person around enough to know it isn't what they mean.
@CodyGray Your answer looks like it will settle the issue, I'll tickmark it if you copy-paste it there
@CodyGray Or should I delete my post altogether?
@ArdentCoder Haha. Yeah. I can answer a large percentage of the questions on MSE, but I don't have time to monitor that site and Meta Stack Overflow. If you really want me to post it there, I can. Or you can delete the question, since I don't think it will actually be useful to anyone else in the future.
@HovercraftFullOfEels VueJS is based on JS, if you are looking for a the same features using a typed langage, like Typescript, there is Angular
1:00 AM
@ArdentCoder: do you believe that your post will help future meta visitors? If you strongly feel so, then leave it, otherwise delete it
@CodyGray There's one good thing that has happened out of this mess. I thought you were a bad moderator a few weeks ago, but I've changed my opinion now :)
Yes, I will delete it :)
@ArdentCoder Haha! Well, I imagine you will inevitably disagree with me at some point in the future.
@ArdentCoder The backstory there is he lost his account due to EU rules about data collection and age. When Brexit hit, the UK rules permitted him to have an account again. So I doubt he's going anywhere
@Vega: thanks for that. I was looking at that too, but have heard that its learning curve is a bit steeper than Vue.js. But again, thanks for your thoughts.
yw :)
1:01 AM
though I am used to typed languages (Java)
@Machavity One can have long syntax in compiled languages, too. For example: std::filesystem::recursive_directory_iterator. :-) I actually kind of like this. The advantages of compilers are type checking and optimization.
Thanks to all who took my interruption and helped me positively:)
@ArdentCoder Of course; any time. I would be remiss if I didn't remind you to "assume good intentions". It was definitely appropriate here. No offense was meant by what you found in the profile (it was just an unrelated joke), and no offense was meant by rejecting the edit. (It's an ongoing controversy how "minor" of an edit is "too minor". Different people have different opinions, all along a spectrum, and all for good reason.)
@CodyGray I see many reasons why you are a diamond moderator; the way you handled this issue without upsetting both parties is amazing!
I'm a diamond moderator because your peers were crazy enough to trust me with the job. But I do my best. :-) Thanks for the compliment.
Oh, you're the person I asked to post this feature request. I actually still think that's a good idea. I already upvoted it, but I'd been meaning to post an answer endorsing it. I just haven't had time.
1:11 AM
You can earn more praise by clearing out the custom mod flag queue hint hint
@Machavity 348 of 'em at the present time. Not sure about this "clearing out" of which you speak.
Well, I heard tell there's a userscript for that, although Adam Lear might not like you very much afterward
He already knows what buttons to click now
And maybe Sam can write a userscript to help expedite the process
@CodyGray Oops I didn't see your message. No worries, you can help settle such disputes and answer only whenever you're free of other important issues.
Btw, I came here to ask how did someone bookmark this after I deleted that: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/348613/…
@ArdentCoder Deleted posts can be bookmarked. (I just double-checked.)
1:16 AM
@CodyGray Lol, why would someone do that?
As for why someone would bookmark it, well, who knows. Best not to even try and speculate. There could be zillions of reasons.
The "favorite" feature was recently renamed to "bookmark" because many people were favoriting questions for reasons like planning to return to it to delete it, so they wanted to eliminate the positive connotations of "favorite".
@ArdentCoder For reasons
You have to have enough rep to see deleted questions. That's 10k+. A couple of more answers for @ArdentCoder to go yet. :-)
@dbc While you were trying to get the formatting correct on that cv-pls, I went ahead and closed it. Didn't need to repost. :-)
Here's a <10k taste
1:18 AM
@Machavity Of course, are there any reasons for those reasons
Basically, he's giving you an example of a joke/fun question that, although it has been deleted for being inappropriate on Stack Overflow, you might still want to return to for the laughs (assuming you have the privileges to see deleted questions).
@CodyGray Thanks. New keyboard meant it was taking me more than 2 seconds to fix, so not surprised I got beat. (LOL)
Other reasons for bookmarking include a plan to come back and answer it, intentions to follow up and make sure it gets closed/deleted/reopened/edited, and so on.
@dbc Ooh! New keyboards are fun.
@CodyGray Cool, how nice it would have been if everyone explained like you do instead of kicking
@ArdentCoder Who is/was kicking?
1:22 AM
lol, nothing
If I speak more then @Vega will ask @Machavity to kick me
OK. If you were wandering into other random chat rooms and asking, I thought that might have gotten you kicked. Different rooms have different policies regarding what is on-topic and when you're allowed to interrupt. Here, questions about moderation are almost always accepted, and you should always interrupt idle chit-chat with business.
Also here, you will often find myself and Makyen, who are more than happy to write excessively long, detailed explanations. :-)
Cool, I'll be back here when I start reviewing first posts. Have a nice time!
@ArdentCoder If you haven't already, please read the official FAQ on reviewing First Posts and Late Answers. It should answer most of your questions. If you are unsure, just Skip. If you want to follow up and get opinions on how others would have reviewed it, such questions are generally welcome here.
@CodyGray I didn't mean that. I actually meant that some bad first posts have tags that have low watchers and it doesn't get closed. So, I bring them in here :)
@ArdentCoder Oh, I see. Also good. Carry on.
1:34 AM
@ArdentCoder Huh?
@CodyGray Except when they are bad new keyboards, and they aren't yours but your work, and they are mushy and you hate them :D
@Vega I have a very good memory. While I was giving rene a taste of his own medicine, you shouldn't have interrupted Nathan and Machavity who were calming things down.
@Braiam Yeah, I always bring my own keyboard. I can't stand anything that doesn't have clicky keyswitches.
@Braiam I also just bring my own keyboard. It's a lot easier than trying to get some place to buy the "right" one. :;
@Makyen Yeah, that's not going to fly where I was. It was as a consultant and was for specific stuff that they needed me.
@CodyGray Mine is too bulky for my backpack :(
And also blue switches :D
1:39 AM
@Braiam Backpack? Do you have one of those awful "hotelling" office policies where you aren't even dignified with your own desk where you can leave a keyboard?
@Braiam That's usually easy to handle by just putting it in the contract. They almost never notice. :)
@Makyen Are you the same person? Lol your messages are very short today
Yeah, I have Cherry MX Blues at work. My main driver at home is an IBM Model M, with the buckling springs. During this work-from-home situation, I just bought a keyboard with Cherry MX Greens. I quite like it. Slight improvement over the Blues because they are slightly stiffer, which means I'm less likely to accidentally actuate and I can rest my fingers more on the keys when not typing (instead of hovering just over them, which takes more muscle exertion and results in more fatigue).
@CodyGray It's more complex. I don't work there, but elsewhere. My boss got promoted and kept both positions (they are both state institutions, just that the promotion was to a vice-minister) and he asked me to help putting up the epidemiology office up to stuff with covid
@Braiam You work in epidemiology? Or just IT?
1:42 AM
I was supposed to just offer guidance. But I got involved.
Heh, that's a familiar story
"I was just supposed to help, but now I'm doing most of it."
@CodyGray All the above? I work in research, that's my department. But I usually am the techy-est guy that automated all my processes.
Wanted my expertise in the other side.
@CodyGray Nah, it wasn't that bad. At least there was someone else doing the heavy lifting, I was just sad that most of the work went to a single person.
I just threw them a bone sometimes, so we could get out earlier.
Moral of the story: never do a cutoff for reports at 6 pm!
I had no idea you were an epidemiologist. That's cool. So that was your formal education, I assume?
1:46 AM
@CodyGray Nope, economist :D
Haha, of course. Well, data is data.
I'm very resourceful.
Compared to my peers in the country.
@CodyGray Medical data is awful.
Tons of unstructured data.
And every time you start talking about "controls", you get hit with an ethics violation (or at least dirty looks)!
"yeah, that's the ideal solution, but we want things fast"
My face met the desk several times :D
@ArdentCoder I'm doing some stuff in Real Life™ that requires my attention every 5 minutes for a couple of minutes. It means I don't have all that much time to get into things. Fortunately, it's getting close to being done.
1:51 AM
Yeah, this is the original Mayken
@CodyGray Curiously, there wasn't any ethics issues. Just that everything is an urgency and the building is on fire and nobody goes home until we finish here.
@Makyen That's a very short compile cycle!
@CodyGray Yeah, it's unpleasant. :( I've basically had to table most things that require real work, as the interruptions make larger tasks a bit frustrating.
1 hour later…
3:01 AM
@ArdentCoder Now who is givings lessons?
@Vega What lessons are you talking about?
On the other hand, I am glad you have a good memory
On the same hand, I am glad you replied
right or left?
up or bottom?
3:04 AM
I couldn't find the meaning of "Lakshmi?"
@Vega Alakshmi?
@CodyGray I think it's only on Saturdays
@Vega I don't know about you, but Saturdays are not days of inauspiciousness or grief for me.
That's most of the rest of the week...
I love Saturdays for that too
I'm not replying because I didn't understand the original meaning
Lakshmi has four hands, left, right, up and bottom, while Alaskshmi is feared for her 'nasty' behaviour, specially on Saturdays. I hope your google is back
3:28 AM
I know the goddess. But I thought that it was something related to coding and I got confused lol.
"something related to coding" Hah!
Well, if our earlier discussion is any indication, it could be some new JavaScript-based framework...
Actually, Alaskshmi would be the perfect name for a JS framework.
Now I need the patent
@Makyen What's your say on this lol
@ArdentCoder It's the gripping hand.
@Makyen Everything here is licensed under at least one version of CC BY-SA, depending on when it was posted. As long as you comply with the license, which is largely providing the required attribution/copyright/license info, then you're going to be OK, regardless of anything I might say. If you want to use my comments in a way not consistent with that license, then you're going to need to give me more information in order for me to be able to evaluate granting an additional license.
For some things I've written on SE, including in chat, I've already granted additional licenses, but I'd have
CC BY-SA - "When a thing has been said and well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it." ?
3:37 AM
@Vega I don't know anything about it, I've simply copy-pasted one of his old messages
1 hour later…
4:52 AM
1 hour later…
5:57 AM
TFW you get a Leave Open audit in which two of the highly upvoted answers start off with "This is (certainly|going to be) a matter of opinion"
it seems to have quality content in the answers, so I'm not voting to close, but it's an awful audit.
You mean that audits are sometimes more tricky than non-audits? :)
@RyanM Well, it won't be an audit again.
@Makyen yep, a single downvote is enough to remove it, right?
(or an upvote for a you-should-close question, but I've actually yet to see one of those be wrong)
@Scratte It's not even tricky! It just expects the wrong(-ish) answer. Although I guess I didn't actually vote to close, so maybe it is just tricky and it's a good test... But I'd probably have skipped it, not voted Leave Open
Honestly I'm very uncomfortable with up/down voting a post just to take it out of an audit. It just seems like voting not on content, but by a lack of better system.
@RyanM Yes.
@Scratte If you feel something should be closed, downvoting is often reasonable, and sometime more effective than close-voting.
6:15 AM
@Scratte I'm mildly uncomfortable, but I am voting on the content: the post is clearly opinion-based, which is against the rules/guidelines. It has been saved by good answers because I don't want to remove good content, but the question is not flawless, and the downvote represents that flaw.
@Makyen Yes, I know Roomba is positively charged and attracted to anything with a score of -1 :D
6:31 AM
But it takes longer for Roomba to work on "charge" along. Example which will not Roomba for another 24 days. So then there's a balance of hoping that no one will post an answer in that timeframe. Since it's 7 days old, I think it's unlikely. I also check to see it the user posting is frequently active. If they're not, I assume they'll likely not accept an answer even if it's given.
7:23 AM
@Scratte Yes, but Roomba is more assured than that a question which should be closed is seen and close-voted by three people. Basically, there are a lot of questions which should have been closed, which don't get closed, but also don't get Roomba'd after 30 days, because nobody voted.
@Makyen I usually keep a list and check up on them. But it's a little annoying and time consuming. I think I'm starting to become affected by the general room-frustrations ;)
Does anyone know if there's ever been a meta post about non-imaged users in chat? As in users that do not have an avatar and seem to be rendered weirdly?
@Scratte Don't despair! :; BTW: The request generator has the ability to schedule revisits to posts after a time that you specify. This might make it easier to check up on posts. There's also another userscript which keeps a similar list.
@Scratte Ahhh... Do you mean the users with <20 reputation?
@Makyen No. Those will have a special non-person image. I mean this as can currently be seen in Samuel's "Bad Stack Overflow Reviews" room
@Scratte That's an image which failed to load from Facebook.
@Makyen I despair!.. I'm not currently using a script for curation. Most of those are tailored to >3K'ers..
7:34 AM
That's not a "special" image. That's a broken link. Probably caused by someone's avatar being linked to Facebook, and your fancy-pants browser blocking Spyware By Facebook™
@Scratte Well, at least the Request Generator should work fine for users with <3k rep.
Apropos the previous discussion: downvoting is goood, and more of it needs to be done. If you don't think a question is good enough to be an audit, then you should of course be downvoting it.
Ahh.. but either way. I would think it would be nice to default such broken links / missing images with the normal <20 reputation default ones :)
fancy-pants browser. Are we all using curl here?
Not sure about you. I upgraded to Lynx.
7:37 AM
@CodyGray Oh.. it's my browser?.. ahh.. I get it. I need a userscript then :) Never mind. My brain is lagging.
Depends. Is your browser spyware-friendly?
All the cool browsers nowadays are.
I block everything that has a social stuff by a separate extension. I've eased it on the main page because it also block the "share" link. I'm using uBlock for the "Know someone who can answer? Share a link to this question via email, Twitter, or Facebook."
eek! Now you just need to block everything that has a bad grammar.
I've blocked the "edit" as well. I live fine with bad grammar :D
Is "Know someone who can answer?" still a thing? It's been years since I've seen that. Either it went away at some privilege level, or I've become completely blind to it.
7:45 AM
@CodyGray It's only there on Questions with no Answers.
That's where I just looked. I don't see it.
Oh wait.
Haha, yeah, it's right there.
8:23 AM
@CodyGray you need to clean your glasses ;)
I don't see a glare. I think it's just a frame. May be a posh thing :)
8:41 AM
@CodyGray I think the problem is that you left your glasses in your profile picture. You can see better if you wear them :P
9:23 AM
@Lankymart the proposed duplicate doesn't have an upvoted answer
9:44 AM
@tripleee it does now.
10:00 AM
I think perhaps this request should be binned, as it's identical to the other one.
10:13 AM
Should I flag for possible compromised account?
Dunno. Something does seem off though
@JohnDvorak yeah, that seems wise
10:57 AM
@mickmackusa As you're here ... I think, since your 'dupe' post on Meta (and the other, 'featured' one), I've been gradually (but steadily) drifting into your school of thought. (Even though my answer to your post may not have seemed very supportive.) Possibly, now that the idea has been activated in my head, I'm noticing more posts from very high rep., 'habitual' dupe-answerers. (And, IMHO, the same thing goes for answers to obvious 'typo' questions - lots of those, too.)
I've also become considerably more self-conscious about voting to close, rather than answering such questions ... but I'm not 'perfect' on that score, yet.
We are here to delete closed question. You know as long as they have been visible on the site for 2 days.
11:13 AM
@Adrian Honestly, I knew my Meta question that bars new and bad answers for the first 3 hours would be downvoted to oblivion. I know it rocks the boat, but I think it would ultimately be very effective in helping to groom the community. I can only hope that one day, enough people get tired of the insane content bloat and consider my terribly wild suggestion.
I wish someone would have told me earlier in my SO journey that closing close-able questions is better than answering them. But the point winning scheme works against that logic. No trust points for closing.
11:47 AM
Logged back on to SO after a few years, and noticed that popular questions like this one get marked as off-topic: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17795546/display-current-path-in-terminal-only

SO used to be *the* place for questions like that, what changed? What discussions did I miss?
@Baumr because that is not a programming problem?
It seems like a problem a non-programmer could easily have
Yeah, it's a fairly basic question. Is there a new SE community for those? Are these kind of things going to get migrated?

(That question I linked is ranking high in Google)
There is Super User, which seems like a good place for shell usage questions.
@SmokeDetector I went with spam, but if not that then NAA
11:53 AM
@tripleee it's their second; I went spam as well
Anyways, I would like to recommend this room to not delete the question.
The one I posted?

Can it get easily migrated to another SE site? (And the votes/edits etc. preserved?)

Sorry for all the questions, just want to catch up on the latest rules here
It's too old to migrate by closevotes
11:55 AM
@Baumr "easily", no. At all, yes. Use a custom modflag, because someone with database access needs to do that. I don't give you a large chance on that happening though, expect to have your flag declined.
Interesting. Thanks!
Just moving it to Unix & Linux would mess up the rep balance there, and resetting all votes also seems a bad idea.
Oh interesting
I see Quora's appeal over SE/SO in these kind of matters, and probably why they (sadly) dominate Google search results
Is there a push to make these kind of things smoother on SE/SO? Any metas that I can add my voice to?

I really like this network and prefer it over Quora
@Baumr I guess you can add your voice or votes on either MSO or MSE on one of the existing topics. I mean, you're not the first to bring it up. And I personally don't think it is a problem things get closed.
12:08 PM
@Baumr Oh, you can always add your voice to Meta. The key there is getting them to listen
@rene completely agree. Leaving the fridge open gets me warm beer bleegh
Glüh beer ...
@rene oh man, now I need a proper, cold local beer to get that thought out of me head
@Adriaan Cheers guys, gotcha. It's Friday eh!
@Machavity Ha, fair. Thanks
Wait.. someone got over halfway to 10K by typing "pwd" :D
12:11 PM
@rene although Schultenbräu tastes best at room temperature
@Scratte I won't mention the other secret word
@Machavity :D
"Oops! Something Bad Happened!" <-- review is broken.
12:26 PM
@Scratte you broke it!
What did you do? Close voted a Haskell question?
I just reloaded the statistics overview. I think it may be an SSOO (Stack Statistics Overview Overflow)
Did you overflow the statistics?
It says "It’s not you, it’s us. This is our fault." But I trust rene more :) I broke it.
Always trust rene.
12:46 PM
@Scratte the main /review or the stats page for a specific queue?
in the latter case, which queue please.
@rene It was the First Post "stat" tab page, but it seems to be back now. I've seen the same thing happen quite often with my flag-summary. Sometimes it's back again after a few minutes.
Okay. It is not un-common things break / timeout in that area.
I had no idea Copenhagen had timed out :)
Copenhagen was sent to its room to think about what it did.
The Sql Server gets at most 5 seconds I believe to return a result. If it doesn't it goes to the error page. /review and other pages there run complex queries that sometimes don't make it in time. re-running resolves it as most data is probably still in cache / near by.
12:54 PM
@Vlaz This Copenhagen?
@rene The software equivalent of hammering a nail until it's flat with the surface.
@AdrianMole no
Ah! København.
Interesting, the v is apparently pronounced u, according to Wikipedia. I wonder where the g sound came from. Older name?
@JohnDvorak basically, yes.
1:04 PM
@Vlaz Typical English corruption of nasty foreign words, probably. Or maybe the 'g' was silent in some other/older language?
@VLAZ Heh.. the v-sound is pronounced differently depending on context. Vask or hjemvent does not pronounce the v as a u. It's the vn that makes it sound like a u.
IIRC there was at least one word/name that was corrupted because of a spelling mistake. Something like one person's g was transcribed by another as y. I can't remember the exact letters but it resulted in some rather different sound afterwards.
Gothenburg/Göteborg? (Swedish G is pronounced like English Y.)
@AdrianMole "y" as in yet, not "y" as in "crunchy"
@Adriaan it's the same y
1:13 PM
@Dharman but not in pronunciation
Please be aware that there are two g's in Göteborg :)
If you say "Yotterborg" it sounds a lot like saying "eeotterborg."
@Scratte both are pronounced as y as in yet. G before long vowels (ö in this case) and at the end of words (berg) are pronounced the same
@Adriaan I think perhaps I've talked to very drunk Swedish people.. the last g sounds silent.
1:16 PM
But very drunk Swedish people just speak Danish, IIRC.
@Scratte it's the same g, but indeed pronounced softer/with less sound
@Dharman not really "ee"; ö is pronounced as "u" as in "church". The other letters (t,r,b,o) are pronounced more or less as in English
I also seem to recall that people actually from Gothenburg (and nearby) have an 'odd' accent compared to most other parts of Sweden, and pronounce their city's name a bit differently from the standard.
@AdrianMole Heh.. insulting two nationals in one go :)
@AdrianMole well, anything south of Stockholm sounds like Danish to me
@Scratte mer öl
1:37 PM
@Adriaan and even more south it starts to sound like Dutch ...
@rene meer bier meneer
@AdrianMole wise thought that
1 hour later…
3:44 PM
What should I do if some relatively new account is getting suspicious immediate upvotes on terrible questions/answers? Mod flag and specify that their activity looks like they have sockpuppets voting up their stuff instantly?
@MihaiChelaru That would be the usual conduct, yes. Assuming that the posts' quality indeed does not align with the votes they're receiving.
@E_net4theRustacean Okay I will give that a shot, thanks. There seems to be a history of that going on as well, so hopefully that helps.
4:15 PM
@MihaiChelaru In such situations, the only thing available to do is to raise a custom mod-flag and explain what you feel the issue is/what you find suspicious. Regular users can't see the information needed to investigate. Moderators can see information about patterns of votes, which is usually sufficient to catch sock-puppet rings. If someone needs to know exactly which account voted where, then it has to be escalated from the moderators to an employee with appropriate access.
4:43 PM
Is this something that should be migrated to meta? And if so, do I just flag it and pick "belongs on meta.stackoverflow.com".. and that's it?
@Scratte it wouldn't be on-topic on meta.
Ohh.. so just blatantly will do :) Thanks :)
I suspect it is spam. I wouldn't even know what SE should do to "whitelist" a server.
I hadn't even thought of that. I suspected they may have had a few NAA's on it and somewhat misguided on blacklisting/whitelisting.
4:48 PM
@rene I doubt the gov.in domain is a spam domain.
@MihaiChelaru I have done that recently without knowing what the sock puppet account is and my flag was marked helpful and the user suspended for 7 days. Votes were not reversed, because I assume mods couldn't identify the account, but maybe they escalated to CMs
@Braiam that sounds reasonable but I still hold the position that some government sites are pretty spammy ...
5:31 PM
@Dharman You had broccoli for lunch?
@Scratte I do not understand your humor at all.
@Dharman I just noticed the image on the post. And I figured maybe you weren't feeling well.
I was being sarcastic. and obviously I am not eating well. I can't cook.
5:54 PM
@rene at least not in kick mode (why did you edit that message?)
I can handle a std::error
return -1;
6:31 PM
@M-- It will roomba, why delete now?
@Dharman oops, I downvoted, so it will roomba now. Missed that part. So, no reason.
6:47 PM
I think they need at least 20rep to talk here, so I'll send the question link: stackoverflow.com/questions/62073466/…
7:03 PM
@ArdentCoder not only do they need 20 rep but we do not allow requesting actions on posts you are involved. So at best we can give advice but they do have an option to ask on meta about their own question.
@ArdentCoder Please don't leave comments like you did here, which offer this room as a place for an OP to "appeal" the closure of the OP's question. We are willing to discuss with an OP the closure of their question, the potential reasons why people might have voted to close, and what might be needed in order to make it reopen-able, but we're not a forum for "appeals".
An "appeal" should be taken to Meta. We also explicitly don't permit OPs to request here in SOCVR that their question be reopened. Directing them here to to "appeal" the closure of their question is very likely to set them up to violate that rule.
Under the circumstances of that question, it would have probably been better to inform them that their edit to the question will have resulted in the question being put in the Reopen Review Queue, where it will be reviewed.
(ninja'd) :)
Oh no, I think I misused the word "appeal"
I'll keep that in mind henceforth
I think perhaps you should re-read the FAQ about "Can I invite users here?"
Ok, I'll stop helping them understand why their question got closed
Why? If you know and want to help them?
7:12 PM
@Scratte "I know": yes. "want to 'make them understand'": I'm not very good at it, but some people in this room are very good at it. So I thought that someone might help them understand better.
@ArdentCoder I see. That makes sense. Can you explain to me why their Question got closed?
@Scratte I had already left a comment before voting to close. The problem is that OP has edited it but it still doesn't qualify to reopen (imo), and I'm not sure if my new comment there convinces them enough.
@Makyen Well done!
I prefer that the system messages do the explanation part ;)
I've noticed that sometimes even the best guidance is left unused. So even if you tell them exactly what they need to do or exactly what document they need to read, they may not do it.
@Scratte Also, the problem of scaling.
There are many orders more questions that need to be closed, than people capable of explaining.
7:21 PM
@Braiam Though I have had some good experiences with it, as you correctly point out, it does not scale.
But.. on answers I'd say about 1% respond to a comment. About half of those do not take the advice. Then there's the 0.5% that makes me smile :)
7:54 PM
Frankly the system messages are terrible explanations. For that question, I'd generally leave this comment:
Your question is quite broad, and answering it would require describing how to do many things and/or designing a sizable program. While there's likely a way to do all of that, you're more likely to get an answer if you start implementing it yourself. When you get stuck, include what you've done so far (with code!), and which specific part you're stuck on. Describe the exact behavior you want for that part, as well as how that differs from what you have so far. Include the text of any
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